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Yuletide's Brainstorming Post

The yearly Yuletide Fandom Brainstorming post has gone up. I added my comment about who I’m willing to nominate here. I’m open to nominating whoever people wish to see in the Dracula fandoms. With Dracula (1968), I’m now going back and forth on which I should toss into the nominations for that particular fourth character slot.
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Btw, I have started watching Count Dracula! I am only about 15 mins in, but it's very good so far. :-D

(Slightly amusingly, I had just been watching (for the first time) Doctor Who's State of Decay before it arrived - DW's vampire serial that would have had Four and Leela if the BBC hadn't forced them to shelve it so they wouldn't look as if they were mocking their shiny new expensive Count Dracula! The appropriateness was entirely accidental, though.)
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Aside from some of the weird 70's effects, it's definitely a good one.

LOL, this is me; I've just been watching 70s Who! (Besides, I've watched Blake's 7.... ;-p) I shall cope!

I'm not even quite that far in, but I am definitely expecting to enjoy it.
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As long as a bunch of Michelin Men don't walk in, I shall be fine. ;-)

(c.f have watched waaay too much ancient BBC SFX.)