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I Have A Few Openings

In my Yuletide considerations, I still have a few blank spots for who I plan to nominate in each source. Currently, it looks a little like this:

Count Dracula (1977)
1. Renfield (as I promised [personal profile] sovay, and I love the character, too)
2. Jonathan Harker
3. Dracula
4. Mina Westenra Harker

Three and four are up for grabs, though I’m leaning towards throwing the Louis Jourdan version of Dracula into the third slot at the moment. Are there other character requests from those who have seen it?

Dracula (TV 1968):
1. Jonathan Harker
2. Mina Harker
3. John Seward
4. Lucy Weston

The fourth character slot in Dracula (TV 1968) will either be Lucy Weston, Dracula, or Van Helsing. It depends on who is wanted more.

Dracula—Bram Stoker (the original novel):
2.Jonathan Harker
3.Golden Krone Innkeeper's Wife

As I asked over in that Yuletide comment the other day: Is there anyone in particular that anybody is desperate to see before I added anyone else? Because if someone would love to see (in that last one) the Brides of Dracula, Van Helsing, Mina, Lucy, Quincey, Seward, Arthur, or even Sister Agatha nominated I'd be happy to throw whichever two in when things open on the 8th.

Should anyone have any character requests, I'll edit them in.

(Hit random icon, and get Dracula about to bite Lucy's throat in Dracula (1968). Heh.)
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1. Renfield (as I promised sovay, and I love the character, too)


Three and four are up for grabs, though I’m leaning towards throwing the Louis Jourdan version of Dracula into the third slot at the moment. Are there other character requests from those who have seen it?

Definitely Jourdan's Dracula, but I would also opt for Judi Bowker's Mina. She is much less passive than many screen versions.
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If anyone else wants anything, let them have it, but I have been toying with the possibility of requesting novel Mina/Seward, so I'd be glad to see them both in the list. But I don't know if I really would, so let anyone else's requests have preference!
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Thank you! As I said, I'm not sure - it's a little odd and specific, and I prefer to be a bit more open-ended in my requests!

As to Drac 1968, as you say, it's a tough call! I'd definitely go for Lucy or Van Helsing over Dracula, though (which isn't to say I wouldn't want him in if I could). If I request it (which I'm sternly telling myself not to, heh!), I'd probably want Lucy again; more generally, I just think (as you know well by now) that there is so much about Bernard Archard's rather cold Van Helsing that's very interesting to play with. But I think, with that one, you should go for whichever you feel more led to, which is why I didn't say anything about it.

I am nearly through the 1977 one now - it's lovely (if that's not too inappropriate a word for Dracula) and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It does also, though, make me appreciate some of the decisions made by the shakier 1968 - this one is very stodgy on its shippy options, where 1968 is quite happy to ship all the things, potentially and canonically! :-D
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I don't really write or read fanfic (just a little Snape drabble ten years ago), and I only half-understand Yuletide (people submit prompts and if they're lucky someone will write them a story about it for Christmas, right?), but I do know Dracula and it looks like you need some input.

Actually my instinct is to go for some of the minor, fleeting characters who must nevertheless have their own perspective on Dracula - e.g. the old woman at the Golden Krone in Bistritz (what previous experiences have she and her husband had which make them react so strongly when they hear the name Count Dracula?) or the Szgany man who takes Jonathan's coins and letters and passes them to Dracula, and is presumably later in the gang which takes Dracula's boxes to Varna and fights to protect him at the end (why are he and his companions so loyal to Dracula and what does the story of the novel look like from his perspective?).

But I don't know if those are too obscure for Yuletide. If so, I'd vote instead above all for Van Helsing, as I think he tends to get overlooked in this kind of context, but again there's a lot of backstory potential there - especially around the incident with Seward saving his life by sucking gangrene out of his wound, presumably during Seward's student days.

Hope that's of some help, and doesn't instead just make things more complicated!
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OK, cool! Well I hope someone picks her up, then. Meanwhile, I will read the fic you've linked over my lunch. :-)
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[personal profile] strange_complex 2017-09-04 12:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Yep, read that now and it was great! I liked the little hint in the middle that she might have lost her own son to Dracula. Thanks for the link. :-)