May. 11th, 2012

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Tony DeZuniga passed away early Wednesday, at the age of 79, as a result of a stroke, heart failure, and brain damage. May he rest in peace. He was the co-creator of Jonah Hex and Black Orchid.

10 Things You’ll See In Almost Every Tim Burton Movie.

10 Fictional Scientists We Wish Were Real.

Joss Whedon picks top 10 Buffy episodes for an all day Logo marathon on May 19th.

Confirmed release dates for Ghostbusters Ongoing #’s 9-11.

The Ghostbusters Tour of New York.

An interview with Piers Anthony.

Hugh Dancy Talks About NBC’s Hannibal.

According to TV Tango, if you have Chiller, there’s a Dark Shadows marathon (original series) tomorrow.

Ain’t It Cool News’ video review of Dark Shadows. Blog of Dark Shadows invites people to post their responses to the film. I love Io9’s brutal reaction.

Dark Shadows brought in just $550,000 at midnight screenings this morning. Understandable, given the reviews—but ouch.

Yahoo Movies interviews the original actress to play Victoria Winters—Alexandra Moltke-Isles.

ABC has renewed Revenge and Once Upon A Time for second seasons, while Castle will also get another season.

Random Roles: Jackie Earle Haley.

Pop culture mysteries, and whether we want the answers.

Archaeologists Find Oldest Known Mayan Calendar.

The surprisingly complicated legacy of Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee.

10 Avengers Comic Stories That Could Make The Perfect Sequel.

Stephen King reveals the plot of his Shining sequel. Dan will be “aided by a prescient cat.”

Praised Zombie Script Maggie Bites Into A Cast.

A clip from Superman Vs. The Elite.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch: Little, Green, Brilliant.

Behind the scenes video for Snow White And The Huntsman.

The Fairy Tale In The TV Age.

MGM Plans To Adapt Ray Bradbury’s From The Dust Returned.

On May 14th, at 1 PM EST, PBS will host a live chat with Mark Gatiss.

Casting Crowley And Aziraphale For Good Omens. A list that could come in handy for those in RPG’s.

Two International Posters For Prometheus.

R2-D2 Rain Barrel.

Way More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Animaniacs.

A new image of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.

Tom Wilson answers all of your Back to the Future questions in one handy postcard.

First look at J.H. Williams’ cover for Batwoman #12.


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