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calliopes_pen ([personal profile] calliopes_pen) wrote2012-03-16 01:05 pm

Fannish Items of Interest

Livejournal is doing a few new things—they’re adding special tags (a good thing) for spoiler cuts, discontinuing games like Sim Hospital, and will be removing Writer’s Block questions. I haven't found out if this will retroactively mess with anyone who answered questions, by breaking coding in the aforementioned entries. They’ve also changed the way that tokens work. I don’t know if this other bit in the FAQ regarding tokens was ever mentioned in their news posts, but I just stumbled across it when I was checking for more information on the change for tokens. I’m sticking the code for that into my post, to see if it actually shows up.

Watch the full trailer for Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows. Four different Youtube links this time, so if one vanishes, you might be able to catch one of the others. Dread Central also hosts it here, while io9 has it here.

You can buy your own Hobbit hole.

Watch a new trailer for The Ultimate Spider-Man.

Dimestore Dames spotlights Karen Page.

The due date for stories written for [ profile] dark_fest is March 30th.

The WWE and Lionsgate are teaming up to remake Leprechaun.

Jurassic Park will get a 3D re-release for it’s 20th anniversary in 2013.

Whedonesque rounds up all the interviews from SXSW that relate to The Cabin In The Woods.

Listen to Darth Vader wheezing for ten hours straight.

28 Things We Learned From ‘The Last Starfighter’ Commentary.