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Fannish Items of Interest

Barry Cahill passed away on April 9th, at the age of 90. May he rest in peace. He was best known for originating the role of Sam Powers, during the early years of The Young And The Restless.

FCC wants to fine Google $25,000 for WiFi investigation.

Megaupload’s hosting company might be sued next.

A cake made to look like the Eye of Sauron.

The next movie for Svengoolie is Dracula’s Daughter.

Batman: False Start.

Talking to Dan DiDio about Wally West.

Exclusive: Screenwriter John Spaihts on the Mummy Reboot.

Marvel’s Saturday at C2E2

The trailer for Monster In The Closet—featuring a very young Fergie and Paul Walker.

New international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man.

Benedict Cumberbatch wins an Olivier acting award.

Cosplay of the 1980’s versions of Rogue and Psylocke spotted at Wizard World Toronto.

The Cabin In the Woods came in third place, with an estimated $14.85 million at the box office.

Hunger Games wins box office 4th week in a row.

Matt Fraction Takes Aim At Hawkeye.

Is this the greatest obituary ever published in the history of death?

Ferris Bueller’s further days off: 14-plus short-lived film-to-tv adaptations.

Broke? Go to India and catch a vampire.

Fan Art: Stay Puft Marshmallow Spread.

New Gambit Ongoing Comic Launching In August.

Steven Spielberg’s Advice.

The Countdown To The Avengers Comment Ficathon And Drabble Fest.

The Sherlock/Shakespeare Challenge.

The Avengers DVD will have over 30 minutes of deleted scenes.

The proton pack flash drive.

Robot cakes: Includes K-9, R2D2, Optimus Prime, Daleks, Cybermen, and several others.

Kris Anka’s redesign of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

Baby Chewbacca.

What if Google had launched in the 80’s?

Kimberly Peirce making Carrie relevant for today.

Top Ten Vampire Death Scenes From The Movies.

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