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Fannish Items of Interest

An explanation of the issues with LJ in the last couple of days. If you can't get to the post due to those issues, it's basically caused by "a technical failure of our Memcached system." Instead of the regular DDOS issue.

Copyright Lobby Hires Pro-ACTA Demonstrators.

Dimestore Dames spotlights Harley Quinn.

Writers hired to create something that can ostensibly be called a script for Stretch Armstrong and Ringling Bros. movies.

Judge Dredd will be getting an R rating.

Jonathan Frid tribute planned for upcoming Dark Shadows Festival.

New Dark Shadows trailer spotlights Elizabeth and Roger.

Jonah Hex Co-Creator Tony DeZuniga In Critical Condition. Neal Adams Talks About Tony DeZuniga.

Five Reasons To Watch Clive Barker’s Nightbreed.

From Think Geek: Victorian Rotating Triple Locket. RPG Class Scented Oils.

New promo art for The Dark Knight Rises.

Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Wedding Invitations.

New tv spot: Who’s Who In Snow White And The Huntsman.

Marvel Comics Makes Agent Coulson Part Of The 616.

The creator’s position viewed through the lens of Alan Moore.

From Cracked: 5 Clearly Fake News Stories That Fooled The Media.

A new clip from The Avengers, featuring Agent Coulson and Captain America. An extended spot, featuring Iron Man.

What if the Avengers came out in 1978?

The Ark of the Covenant Cake.

Mysterious Rainbow River of Pills Appears In China.

Pixar Developing Dia de los Muertos Project.

Fox’s 25 worst shows of the past 25 years. I watched Stacked—because Christopher Lloyd was in it.

Tor Books goes completely DRM-free.

Lizzie Borden’s House For Sale.

Nominations are almost over for the Not Prime Time Ficathon.

Dalek Dress Documented.

We Hate Movies Podcast discusses Rocky IV.

Now Playing Podcast: Thor is this week’s topic.
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Think Geek is copying BPAL with their RPG Class scents - BPAL has had Character Class and Alignment scents for ages.

I really appreciate the link to the Nightbreed article. I've always adored that film, and have been so sad it didn't see greater popularity.
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I've had that triple locket since high school, so since at least...'86, I think? It's part of the 1928 collection. They still sell it, in fact (