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2015-04-25 01:36 pm

Rest In Peace, Lois Lilienstein

Lois Lilienstein has passed away at the age of 78, after a battle with cancer. May she rest in peace. She may be most known for Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Elephant Show, which I watched and loved when it aired on Nickelodeon in the very early 80’s.

According to IMDB, the show started in 1984, so I would have been 3. I mostly remember Bram’s beard (perhaps it scared me, I don't know. I was 3)--the strange elephant, and a bit of the Skinnamarink song.
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2015-03-17 09:11 am

The 'Fanfic You Identify Me With' Meme

If you had to pick one story of mine that is the one you identify with me, what would it be and why?

You can find some of my fanfic (mostly the stories that were written for Yuletide) here, and the rest through this tag, if a search is required.
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2015-03-12 12:29 pm

Rest In Peace, Sir Terry Pratchett

Sir Terry Pratchett has passed away at the age of 66, after a battle with Alzheimer’s. May he rest in peace. I heard the news just as I was about to re-read Good Omens for the first time in years…so I’ll be doing that later. He will be missed.
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2015-03-05 12:07 pm

Too Much Snow

So yesterday, the foot of snow that came down a couple weeks back washed away thanks to some torrential rain...which then had too much come down, flooding several areas. This was immediately followed by sleet, which then changed into between a foot and 15-16 inches of snow for some areas--based on what I see piled on the trash cans outside, I can believe the latter struck here.

Since they couldn't put down anything due to the rain, beneath all the snow is a layer of at least an inch of ice.

They've shut down I-24 and the area has been declared a disaster area. According to the local news, the National Guard is here. So it's almost 2009's mess all over again, minus the trees falling (there aren't any now in the spot I'm in) and power outages (which hopefully stays that way).

The day before this hit, I went to Wal-Mart, and a couple other places, so we currently have enough food. Dad is trying to dig a small path to the van, in case of an emergency. (It hits -4 degrees tonight) We can't open the front door just yet, so it's required. A quick check shows the snow is too high to back the car out of the garage.

I rescheduled that dentist appointment (canceled due to closing for too much snow) to next Wednesday. I wonder if I have to cancel that one, too...then again, it's supposed to be 56 that day.

ETA: Okay, the depth of snow behind the van is 20 inches. Dad measured it. So it's all the snow that fell, plus more that blew back there besides.

ETA 2: A snow plow attempted to navigate this terrible road. He's now in the ditch, unable to get out, and waiting for a rescue. Usually they wait until we're thawing out before they get around to plowing around here.
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2015-02-27 02:17 pm

Rest In Peace, Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy has passed away at the age of 83, after suffering from chest pains a few days ago. It was a result of his long battle with COPD. May he rest in peace. When I was small, I loved watching him as the host of In Search Of, and enjoyed his part in the 1978 version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I didn’t truly become acquainted with Star Trek until 2001, aside from a brush with the animated series when it aired on Nickelodeon in the 80’s. Thanks to Me-TV, I recently had the chance to see him on Columbo--and courtesy of FamilyNet, saw him on T.J. Hooker.

Here—in memory of him, have that old (incredibly surreal) Ballad of Bilbo Baggins music video he did, rather than his funeral from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. In his memory, I shall watch Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Then, I’ll try to track down his Night Gallery episode, as I have never watched the show.
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2015-02-17 11:05 am

Winter Storm Neptune

So we ended up with 11 1/2 inches of snow Sunday night/Monday morning and a dash of sleet at the start of it. A half inch is due for tonight, just so we can get it to an even foot of snow. Later this week, we get a bit more, and then either sleet or very cold rain around the weekend.

Having been through that type of thing in 2009, my thoughts go out to anyone that received the ice storm portion of Winter Storm Neptune. I believe Tennessee had that aspect of it.

Tomorrow the plan had been to head out to a dentist appointment. That plan is scrapped for at least another week. There’s really no possible way to get out the front door right now, since I can’t even see the porch, and so everything seems to have been shut down since it started. It’s quite deep in the driveway.

I have a list of heating centers and hotels that are bed bug free, just in case of a power outage at both houses.
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2015-02-08 01:50 pm

The Fifteen Characters Meme

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2) Ask your f-list to post questions in the comments. For example: "One, nine, and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?", "Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?", "Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?"

3) After your f-list has stopped asking questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.

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2015-01-30 11:58 am

The Never Will I Ever Meme

Never Will I Ever meme: Name three fics you think I will never, ever, ever write. In return, I may attempt to write a snippet of one of them.
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2015-01-25 02:25 pm

The Time Stamp Meme

Give me one of my stories, and a timestamp sometime in the future (after the end of the story), or sometime in the past (before the story started), and I'll write you at least a hundred words of what happened then, whether it's five minutes before the story started or ten years in the future.
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2015-01-25 08:59 am

Rest In Peace, Edgar Froese

Edgar Froese has passed away at the age of 70, due to a pulmonary embolism. May he rest in peace. He was the founder of Tangerine Dream—I’ve heard their music in Legend (1985), Near Dark (1987), Firestarter (1984), and The Keep (1983). I listened to enough of the Tangerine Dream bit of Legend’s music for a particular scene when I was writing the Yuletide story Blood Begets A Curse Anew a couple years back. He will be missed.

I have been meaning to watch The Keep or Near Dark again, so this could be the time for it.
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2015-01-11 01:08 pm


Taken from a few people, and mostly just wanted to spread it to others:

If you were asked to pick one scene, one shot, one detail, one moment of some kind out of all the things I've written and say "This, this, for whatever reason, I remember, this is something that struck home with me, that I wanted to keep," what would it be?

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2015-01-04 11:23 am

Fic: Give Your Soul To The Night (PG-13)

Title: Give Your Soul To The Night
Author: calliopes_pen
Written For: [ profile] beren_writes, for Yuletide.
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Fright Night (1985)
Characters: Charley Brewster, Billy Cole, Jerry Dandrige, Amy Peterson, Ed Thompson, Peter Vincent.
Word Count: 21,632
Author’s Notes: The prompt was this: “I'd love to see a story where Charlie doesn't save the day and ends up a vampire with Jerry. I'd prefer it if he was happy with the situation, either because they come to an understanding, or he goes completely vampire evil and enjoys it.” The title comes from a lyric in Come To Me, when it’s sung by Deborah Holland for Fright Night Part 2 (1988).
Beta Readers: A huge thanks to both [ profile] persiflage_1 and [ profile] seandc for beta reading
Summary: Charley and Peter don’t save the day, and Jerry offers Charley a choice. Charley takes him up on the offer to become a vampire, despite Peter’s warnings. While the change is painful, the bite is exquisite, and Charley comes to enjoy...well, everything, really.

You can see your friends again, Charley. You would have them back,” he whispered seductively into his ear. “Without fear. You would be safe. You wouldn’t need to fear the unknown, once it’s claimed you. )

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2015-01-01 10:46 am

Fic: Give Your Soul To The Night

Give Your Soul To The Night (21788 words) by calliopes_pen
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Fright Night (1985)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Charley Brewster/Jerry Dandrige, Charley Brewster/Amy Peterson
Characters: Charley Brewster, Peter Vincent, Jerry Dandrige, Billy Cole, Amy Peterson, Ed Thompson
Additional Tags: Vampire Bites, Vampire Turning, Evil Wins, Alternate Universe, Never Bite Billy, Blood Drinking, Everybody Lives, Horror, Hurt/Comfort, We Need More Coffins
Summary: Charley and Peter don’t save the day, and Jerry offers Charley a choice. Charley takes him up on the offer to become a vampire, despite Peter’s warnings. While the change is painful, the bite is exquisite, and Charley comes to enjoy...well, everything, really.

This would be the fanfic I wrote for Yuletide. I’ll post something about the process of writing this long story either later today or tomorrow. Given the length of this fanfic, it’s probably too long to actually post the whole thing to Dreamwidth.

Anyone know of any (LJ or Dreamwidth) Fright Night groups that aren't long dead?
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2014-12-25 08:58 am

This Year's Yuletide Haul

For this year’s Yuletide, I have received three stories. One was for Sleepy Hollow, another for Bewitched, and the third was for Ghostbusters. I love them all, so thank you to the wonderful anonymous souls who took the burden of writing something for me, after my prompts were sent to the pinch hit list.

There’s a Room Where the Light Won’t Find You (6790 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ichabod Crane/Katrina Crane, Ichabod Crane/Nick Hawley, Ichabod Crane/Abbie Mills
Characters: Ichabod Crane, Katrina Crane, Jenny Mills, Abbie Mills (Sleepy Hollow)
Additional Tags: pinch hit, Demonic Possession, evil!ichabod, sexy!ichabod, abbie being exasperated, magical happenings sure

When an evil person uses an evil sword against an evil demon, all that evil has to go somewhere, doesn't it?

Halloween (1414 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Bewitched
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Darrin Stephens/Samantha Stephens
Characters: Endora (Bewitched), Doctor Bombay, Samantha Stephens, Darrin Stephens

How does one cure lycanthropy?

It's Betty from Apartment 2204 (1578 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Ghostbusters (Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Dana Barrett, Peter Venkman, Louis Tully
Additional Tags: Epistolary, Original Character(s), Yuletide Treat
Summary: This is the management office of Crawthorpe Apartments. Our regular office hours are Monday through Friday, eight a.m. to six p.m., and Saturday from noon to five p.m. If you are a tenant with a maintenance request, or if you are calling with a complaint, please leave your name and unit number along with a detailed description of your problem after the beep.
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2014-12-12 10:20 am


I came up with another moment during a scene for my Yuletide story, and went back into the story to work it in...and then to edit what I already put into the archive. So now I've actually gone beyond 20,000 words. To be exact, the word count looks to be 20,308.
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2014-12-06 09:27 am

My Fandom Stocking

If anyone wishes to leave anything in it, my stocking is hung here. I couldn’t think of very many fandoms that I would want anything from this year, but it’s there.
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2014-12-02 01:50 pm

The Story Is Posted!

I am finished with my Yuletide fanfic. It has now been posted to the archive! All that's left is to come up with tags and assorted warnings for it, unless I spot an error between now and when stories are revealed.
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2014-11-24 01:00 pm

Fandom Stocking Sign-Ups Are Open

Due to wanting to expand a scene just a bit more with a particular moment, and rearranging something that happens, and then fiddling with something else, the word count (until beta reading begins tomorrow, so could be far more, could be a bit less after that) for my Yuletide fanfic is 18,409 words. I made a joke at some point that maybe it’ll hit 20,000 words. I’m hoping that doesn’t come to pass, if only for the sake of anyone that may volunteer to be the second beta reader.

Also, for everyone that’s interested: fandom_stocking is now open for sign-ups.
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2014-11-22 10:29 am

And With That, It Comes To A Close

I'm reasonably certain that my Yuletide fanfic has reached a natural ending point, and that I'm going to resist the urge to throw in a long epilogue. The next step is to read it over two more times for issues before I send it on to my first beta reader. When that's done, I'll check the beta reader list at Yuletide, and see if anyone mentioned this fandom. As of the last I checked a few days ago, they hadn't.

How long is it? 17,338 words.