Jun. 28th, 2017 09:30 pm
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Posted by Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

Please join me in giving a huge paws up for our newest Star Kit, Pookie. She is 9 weeks old from Virginia.


Pookie was brought in from outside, She was the only one out of her litter and she’s extremely fluffy and lovable.



Lesson #3220 - The States, Part IX

Jun. 28th, 2017 10:30 am
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Goodbye from Columbus, see you in Massachusetts on Thursday (and I really should do Massachusetts at some point here).

ASEE was a very good conference and I highly recommend it for most educators! And this was also the first conference I'd been to since the first comic I did for Chemical Engineering Education was released in May, and it was weird to suddenly be known by so many of my peers in the chemical engineering community. I never would have thought that comics would be driving my career like this, and I am grateful to all you readers who helped make this possible. Thank you!

Lesson #3219 - Vigilance

Jun. 28th, 2017 10:30 am
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The health care bill will be back. Keep at it with your silver bullets and/or stakes and/or sun and/or whatever else it takes. Don't give it a moment's breath even as it retreats for now.

Lesson #3218 - Winners vs. Losers

Jun. 28th, 2017 10:30 am
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Here's a comic for Chris Cilizza. If I spelled his name wrong, I really don't care, he's does such willfully ignorant disservice to political reporting that I'm not sure he deserves correct spelling of his name.

This is the second of two comics today.

Lesson #3217 - Health

Jun. 28th, 2017 10:30 am
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Have you called your senators?

I remember when I used to make mildly fun and very mildly amusing mini-chalkboard comics in these hotel rooms when I was on these trips, possibly under the influence of a beer or two, and now everything is depressing. Hurray for nothing.

This is one of two comics going up today.

Writing memery

Jun. 28th, 2017 03:18 pm
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Via [personal profile] tree_and_leaf:

Pick any story I've written, or, in the case of my longer, chaptered works, any chapter from any story I've written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you the equivalent of a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you’d expect to find on a DVD commentary track.

I'm happy to babble on whatever for however long, seriously. My other occupations right now are watching voice actors play D&D and reading dense semiclassical mechanics theory papers. My fic is here on the AO3.
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Posted by Marykate Jasper

A new fan campaign is asking Google to honor Jack Kirby, the “King of Comics,” with a Google Doodle on what would have been his 100th birthday. Under the hashtag #doodleforJack, fans are calling on Google to remember the artist and writer who co-created Captain America, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Black Panther, the original X-Men, and more on August 28, 2017.

While white men are certainly well-represented on Google Doodles already, this has been a particularly painful and memorable year for one of Kirby’s most famous creations. Captain America, co-created by Kirby and Joe Simon as a superhero child of immigrants who literally punches Nazis, was revealed in Marvel Comics’ Secret Empire event to be an agent of the Nazi-esque organization Hydra. Fan outrage was swift, loud, and 300% justifiable.

While Marvel has since hinted that Cap may eventually be “redeemed,” fans are unlikely to forget the fact that Marvel turned a character created by two Jewish men, during World War II, into a pretty-much-Nazi. In addition, while the nature of corporate comics necessitates an eventual redemption arc, it will be almost impossible for many readers to ever really get over this change to the character’s core. The Secret Empire reveal changes who Steve Rogers is, and what he represents, in a real way that will make it hard for fans who loved the original vision of the character – the one based on Kirby and Simon’s creation – to reconnect with this new, anti-hero(?) version. The symbolic power of the character has been fundamentally – pardon my French – fucked with.

Given what Marvel has done to Kirby’s intellectual property – from robbing him of royalties to betraying the spirit of one of his most beloved characters – I totally think it’s time to highlight this remarkable artist on August 28. May the Doodle inspire more anti-fascist art, and may the creators of that art be treated with the respect that Kirby was denied.

(Via CBR; image via Marvel Comics)

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Posted by Kaila Hale-Stern

Infamous Vancouver-area corvid Canuck is up to mischief again. This time, he attacked a postal worker and completely halted the delivery of mail to one neighborhood for months. Canuck has made headlines before for defying societal bird norms with acts like riding the SkyTrain and messing up crime scenes.

Without a doubt, Canuck is the coolest bird on the block. In May 2016 he gained notoriety for stealing a blade from a the scene of a crime, and is well-known to the police for grabbing a computer button straight out of a patrol car. When not living life on the edge of the law, Canuck hops on the Vancouver metro system and swoops down to grab anything shiny. We know that so much badassery has been perpetrated by a single bird because Canuck wears a red tag on one leg, which locals joke is his ankle monitor.

Mail service has finally resumed. But the man who runs the wonderful Facebook group Canuck and I, Shawn Bergman, reported that threats were made to Canuck’s safety because of the mail carrier incident, and that the Canada Post was unhelpful in response to suggestions on how to resolve the situation. Bergman also says that Canuck only attacked because it was nesting season, and the corvid—which are as territorial as they are crafty and brilliant—was protecting his next. Anyway, hopefully the most recent Canuck drama has been resolved, because this bird is my very favorite bird on earth. I’ve been laughing at the above picture for at least the last thirty minutes and I show no signs of stopping. (via Global News, image: Canuck and I on Facebook)

  • TMS Contributor Zack Budryk wrote a “dark book about revenge,” called Judith! That book got a write-up! You should go and read both of these things. (via StyleWeekly)
  • Call 911:

  • The Academy invited 744 new members to join their ranks, including the Chris trio of Evans, Hemsworth and Pratt. We freaked about about the seeming neglect of Pine until discovering that he joined back in 2015. I guess we know who’s the best Chris now.  (via THR)
  • LeVar Burton’s new Podcast is like Reading Rainbow for adults, so it must be essentially perfect. (via Nerdist)


What you spot with your eyes, you murder of Mary Suevians?

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Posted by Teresa Jusino

BOYS, BYE. Wonder Woman is gearing up to lead the DCEU. Because, of course she is.

As reported by CBR.com, Wonder Woman made $3.9 million yesterday, bringing its domestic total to $325.1 million, allowing it to inch past Suicide Squad. By tomorrow, it’s likely that Wonder Woman will surpass Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($330.4 million) making Diana of Themyscira the Queen of the DCEU.

At least, domestically.

Wonder Woman has been breaking records left and right here in the States. And yet, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is doing less well overseas. As of yesterday, Wonder Woman has made $657 Million globally, so “less well” needs to be defined.

As THR explains, “Revenue in the U.S. and Canada accounts for $322 million, or 49 percent of the bottom line, compared with roughly $336 million to date internationally, or 51 percent of total revenue (hardly a poor showing). Still, in many cases a Hollywood tentpole collects 60 to 65 percent of its total take from the international box office.”

So, in this case, “less well” means “compared to other tentpole movies of its type that generally make more of their money internationally than they do in North America.” For example, Captain America: The First Avenger made 52% of its profit internationally. Deadpool made 54% internationally. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman has, as THR puts it, “vastly overperformed in the U.S, which is great, but also makes the difference between its domestic earnings and its international earnings more stark.

Wonder Woman being about a female superhero is certainly a factor in why the film has been received differently overseas. Russia’s Exhibitor’s Bulletin reported that, “Superhero movies with a woman as the main character are rather untypical, which has had some impact on the box office performance of Wonder Woman.” There’s also the fact that overseas audiences place more value on big-name Hollywood actors, so casting Gal Gadot, who was relatively unknown before this role, could also be contributing to the box office.

And what of our largest overseas market, China? Box office analysts there report that Wonder Woman isn’t well known in China expect to hardcore geeks. That, and movies from DC Comics haven’t been able to match Marvel titles there.

This is all very interesting, but what I really appreciate about all this is that Wonder Woman isn’t doing much worse than her male-led DC movies overseas. AND, American audiences have demonstrated that they want more films like Wonder Woman, perhaps indicating that studios wouldn’t need to worry so much about making money overseas if they deliver more films like Wonder Woman for the American movie-going audience to throw its money toward.

Give us what we want, Hollywood, and we will give you all our money.

(image: Warner Bros./DC Entertainment)

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US orders tougher airline screening

Jun. 28th, 2017 09:33 pm
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The feared extension is not included in a raft of strict new screening rules on flights into the US.

YouTube book shooting ends in death

Jun. 28th, 2017 09:17 pm
[syndicated profile] bbcnewsworld_feed
A teenager killed her boyfriend as he held a thick book to his chest, believing it would stop the bullet.


Jun. 28th, 2017 05:59 pm
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Posted by <a href="/users/nanuk_dain/pseuds/nanuk_dain" rel="author">nanuk_dain</a>


Steve hitches a ride back to the tower with Tony. Of course they're much faster than the rest of the team following in the Quinjet, and Steve has plans on how to spend that time.

(Kissing Tony right there on the landing strip of the Tower is definitely part of his plan. Steve quite likes how Tony can easily lift him up when he's in his armour. He also doesn't mind at all showing his appreciation for Tony's strength and makes good use of the fact that Tony can support his weight as long as he's suited up.)

(Tony never imagined Steve would want to climb him like a tree, but he sure as hell isn't going to complain. He loves it too much how Steve is wrapped around him, legs and arms and all, and rests with his entire weight on Tony in a way he never dares when Tony isn't wearing the armour.)

(Clint: "Ahhhhm, guys? We're trying to land, here. Could you move it elsewhere?")

Words: 0, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 25 of Avengers Slash Fanart

Anthony: I Miss Her

Jun. 28th, 2017 05:51 pm
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Posted by <a href="/users/atheagryffinpuff/pseuds/atheagryffinpuff" rel="author">atheagryffinpuff</a>


Based on this headcanon: Tony doesn’t hate people calling him Anthony because his father used to call it him. Actually, it was his mother who always insisted on Anthony, and hearing people call him that makes him miss her terribly.

Words: 582, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 6 of Stony One-Shots from Tumblr: capxtony

Commentary meme: Under Her Skin

Jun. 28th, 2017 09:13 pm
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[personal profile] moetushie asked for any part of Under Her Skin that I liked. But I'm feeling indecisive, so I'm doing the whole thing. Aren't you all lucky?

(I keep meaning to get an additional YOI icon. This does not actually make me wanna barf.)

Under Her Skin, under a cut )
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Okay so I spent a few days in June reading a bunch of Courtney Milan. Apparently she's a "betcha can't eat read just one" kind of author for me. I read ten. Most were rereads, which I don't have anything new to say about, but this time I did get around to reading a few books of hers that I hadn't read in November when I last did this. Namely: the Carhart series, the first romances that Courtney Milan ever published! This was back when she was being conventionally published by Harlequin instead of being a self-published author.

This Wicked Gift, by Courtney Milan (Carhart #0.5)

cut for discussion of rape )

Proof By Seduction, by Courtney Milan (Carhart #1)

And so I continue with the Carhart series despite the extremely inauspicious beginnings. This one, well, at least it didn't have a rapist main character? I still didn't love it though. I dunno, I didn't write down my thoughts soon enough after having read it so I don't remember all the reasons. But it doesn't have the things I like about later Courtney Milan (such as strong female friendships and interesting families) and also doesn't have a romance that I enjoyed reading about. And the leading man was pretty uninteresting to me, and the leading woman kept making baffling life choices.

Trial By Desire, by Courtney Milan (Carhart #2)

The Carhart series continues to improve! This one was actually mostly enjoyable. I liked the leading woman's mission in life, and I enjoyed the nature of the romance being one of having to develop a relationship between a husband and wife who don't really know each other and have been on different continents for years. But although this is closer to the Courtney Milan I know and love, this book just didn't get me excited the way her later books do.
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It's been a really wet summer so far - this is the only day this week we haven't had/aren't expected to have thunderstorms. Water was coming into D's apartment at one point so we dropped some money credit on getting some additional waterproofing in the basement, and cross fingers/knock on everything, it seems to have done the trick.

Apparently I have a peak number of words per week or something, because the more I write outside of DW/LJ, the less I write here. So yay for being non-blog productive I guess, but I do feel like I should be making some attempt to keep up with the posting. Especially since this is pretty much the only social thing I really do these days.

June was the month of Working All The Overtime, but that's not being offered in July. So instead I signed up for NaNoWriMo again. Because I am allergic to spare time or something.
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I originally wanted to do another bullet-point list to cover a bunch of things but the first thing about kids turned out to be a full entry on its own, so let's try this again...

- Politics. I've been on the phone a fair bit. Living in MA means I mostly call my Congresscritters to thank them and encourage them to keep #resist -ing. Still, I called the Governor about the Paris accords (yay, let's get this sh*t done and maybe have a planet to leave to our children because fuck DJT).

I called three state Senators and three Reps who are on the committee trying to pass marijuana legislation because the Senate version is a lot closer to what I and the majority of others voted for last time around. The House version seems to be a repeal-by-legislation effort that I think is BS. I also want the Lege to tackle some of the crucial issues that weren't defined in the referendum, such as establishing a uniform standard for intoxication, drafting rules for part-time residents or people who live outside MA but commute here for work or entertainment, and so on.

I'm still nominally involved with the local ACLU "People Power" group, which seems to be about 4-5 of us. We did meet with the Burlington Chief of Police, who's an interesting fellow, and found him much more receptive than I expected. We already had a good reception from the Middlesex County Sheriff so this is more heartening. We're unlikely to go on a full sanctuary city route like, say, Somerville. But we seem to have more law enforcement support than not. I'm all for tackling our Town Meeting in the fall when it reconvenes but getting the other people in the group motivated is proving challenging. Sadly, the ACLU doesn't seem to have a lot of skill or organization behind this so a lot of people are sort of floundering.

- Work. It sort of is. We're starting the annual review cycle which is always stressful for me and is going to be more stressful for my minions if only due to them being junior and not used to this kind of thing the way I am. I'll have more to say about work in a locked entry at some point.

- Car, house, big stuff. We're on the verge of finally getting the house painted. You'd think finding contractors to do this stuff would be easier but I find myself wandering the virtual hallways saying "someone please take my money to do this work" a lot. People are busy, just don't show up, or turn out to be incompetent. On the other hand, sometimes it's really nice to have a professional on the job, as when we called a plumber to deal with a backed-up sink and it turned into $1300 worth of work. Yay project creep; yay having people with the right skills and tools on hand to get it done in a few hours.

I continue to find my car "OK" six months in. I doubt I'll ever be bowled-over excited about it, but it's functional and it gets the mileage I want. As noted in the earlier entry, we're going to have to replace Pygment's car soon so shopping for that has commenced.

- Project Social continues to be a dismal near-failure. I am just not able to arrange time with as many people as often as I'd like. People be busy, y'know? It sounds silly to write this just before I head out the door to a social evening with one of my favorite people but over the long arc of weeks and months it's clear I'm not doing enough right things in this space.

- Arisia is moving along at the slow pace you'd expect from summer. I'm working hard to fill all the important jobs in my half of the division. Once I have those in place I'll feel better and may be able to relax a bit more. Yah, right.

- Looking forward to vacations in July, one to see the g/f and Gettysburg and then a getaway with Pygment. Lots of my cow orkers are taking at least July 3rd off and many are taking the whole week but it doesn't hook me that way. I hope we can make it to some good fireworks on the 4th and maybe one or two of the parties that traditionally happen that day and that will be enough for me.

How about you guys? What's your top bullet point (or two) right now?
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Posted by Kris Seavers

A Texas school board member and police chief both stepped down this week following the arrest of a former Miss Black Texas who was allegedly called a “black bitch” during the altercation.

In May, the board member, Michael Beane, and 23-year-old Carmen Ponder entered a heated discussion in a Walmart parking lot after Ponder drove Beane’s 15-year-old daughter off the road during a driving lesson, according to the police report.

Ponder told Beane his daughter shouldn’t be driving. Beane responded with “Oh whatever, you black bitch,” according to Ponder’s lawyer, S. Lee Merritt.

In the police report, Beane said he only called her a “bitch.”

After Ponder walked into Walmart, Beane saw Commerce Police Cheif Kerry Crews, who was off-duty and not in uniform, in the parking lot and told him the story. As Ponder left Walmart, Crews approached her.

According to Merritt, Crews told Ponder that she could either apologize or go to jailA cell phone video shows Ponder calling 911 as two uniformed police officers arrive on the scene. Crews instructed them to handcuff Ponder as she tried to leave.

Ponder spent 24 hours in jail, but the charges were later dropped due to lack of evidence.


Crews announced his resignation Monday with a letter read by the mayor during a city council meeting about the incident, according to the Daily Beast.

“As a result of being off-duty I was unprepared for the response I received from Ms. Ponder, and I became emotional,” Crews wrote.

Beane resigned from the Commerce school board Tuesday.

“He said that it was an unfortunate situation,” a spokesperson told the Daily Beast. “He has apologized for some curse words, but he has nothing else to apologize for.”

Crews, who was cleared of racial motivation by an outside investigation, is stepping into a new position as assistant to the city manager, according to the Root. Both him and Beane deny any wrongdoing.

H/T the Daily Beast

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Posted by Andrew Couts

If you’re using this week’s new Project Veritas videos about CNN to bolster your argument that the mainstream media is conspiring to hurt President Donald Trump, there are a few important details that you should know.

The undercover videos, produced by conservative-provocateur James O’Keefe and his team at Project Veritas, aim to bolster Trump’s war against the media, which the president regularly characterizes as “fake news.” The president’s son Donald Trump Jr. and White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders both praised the first video, released earlier this week, as proof that CNN is nothing more than an anti-Trump rag trying to make a quick buck by harping on the federal investigations into Trump’s team and Russia.

But the videos prove nothing of the sort.

As a journalist, I’m hesitant to share these videos further at the risk of spreading what is very clearly O’Keefe propaganda (more on that later). But for the sake of context, here they are:

In the first video, CNN Health producer John Bonifield tells an unidentified Project Veritas operative that CNN is covering the Russia controversy because it’s a ratings boost and says the whole thing “could be bullshit.”

“I just feel like they don’t really have it, but they want to keep digging,” Bonifield says. “And so I think the president is probably right to say, like, look you are witch hunting me. Like you have no smoking gun, you have no real proof.”

In the second video, CNN commentator Van Jones says, “The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger,” when asked by Project Veritas operative what he thought was going to happen that particular week regarding the Russia investigations.

So, that’s the gist of what you encounter in these videos. However, it’s the context that’s left out that really matters. And it is due to this and other related reasons, which I’ll outline below, that many news outlets either choose to ignore these videos or cover them with condemnation, as I’m doing right now.

  1. O’Keefe has a history of purposefully editing videos to leave out key context that doesn’t fit his narrative. In 2013, he was forced to pay a $100,000 settlement to an ACORN employee for doing just this. And you can see how heavily the videos on CNN are edited, which, given O’Keefe’s past, calls into question the veracity of anything in them.
  2. O’Keefe is willing to break the law to carry out what he calls “stings,” as was the case when he broke into the office of former Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.). Journalists are not permitted to break the law to get a story.
  3. O’Keefe ignores crucial journalistic ethics. Beyond selectively editing the CNN videos, they also fail to identify Bonifield as a CNN Health producer who lives in Atlanta, falsely implying that he’s involved in the outlet’s politics coverage, which is primarily produced out of Washington and New York; the Project Veritas operatives do not identify themselves as journalists, which is a major breach of ethical standards in all but a few journalistic pursuits. Failure to follow any of these basic rules of journalism means you don’t get to be considered a journalist, as O’Keefe has dubbed himself.

All of this makes it irresponsible to take these videos at face value. Further, there are questions viewers of these videos must ask before drawing any conclusions from them. For example:

  • Does a single CNN producer’s off-the-cuff comments about the network’s Russia coverage prove CNN is intentionally conspiring to harm Trump or is otherwise “fake news?” No, it obviously does not. To do that, O’Keefe would need evidence, not just some remarks by a random employee of the company.
  • Does Van Jones’ comment prove he’s being hypocritical in his commentary on CNN? No, he’s been critical of both Trump and the Democrats regarding their reactions to the Russia controversy.
  • Do either of the videos prove the Russia controversy is not a story? No, there are currently five ongoing investigations into Russia’s attempts to meddle in the 2016 election and/or ties between Trump’s team and Russia. This includes a criminal investigation into whether the president obstructed justice in his interactions with, and firing of, former FBI Director James Comey.

So, am I trying to say Trump did collude with Russia to throw the presidential election? No, absolutely not. There is no publicly available evidence to show that he did, as Bonifield rightly says. We’ll have to wait until Special Prosecutor Robert Muller finalizes his investigation to have a better idea of what all the facts are.

Does this mean CNN ignores ratings when considering its coverage? No, although I have no knowledge of how the network chooses what to cover or discuss at any given time. That said, CNN is a business, so having good ratings is certainly a consideration.

Does this mean media outlets are unbiased? Absolutely not. But evidence of bias does not mean CNN—or any other news outlet—fails to produce good journalism, and O’Keefe’s videos show no evidence of journalistic malpractice.

In short, believe whatever you want about Trump, Russia, CNN, and the media in general. But the Project Veritas videos are, as Jones might call them, nothing burgers.

The post How to watch Project Veritas’ CNN videos—and why you shouldn’t appeared first on The Daily Dot.

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Posted by Phillip Tracy

A zoo in Sweden is filling its exhibits with virtual animals to bring awareness to endangered species. Parken Zoo in Eskilstuna, Sweden, is using augmented reality to create digital animals, or what it calls “Digimals,” to teach children about the importance of caring for our environment.

The sobering reminder of our threatened wildlife was created to show how animals will need to change to survive new threats they face, which include deforestation, poaching, and climate change. The Digimals show the necessary adaptations that would need to occur for certain animals to survive. For example, the video below shows a monkey with parrot-like wings.

Tävla med Digidjuren

Du har väl inte missat att Parken Zoo fått nya djur? Ett av dem är den flygande regnbågstamarinen, en färgrann blygis som håller till i djurparken. 💞🐒 Dela en bild från parken på ditt favorit-Digidjur och hashtagga #parkenzoo så har du chansen att vinna en fribiljett till ditt nästa besök! #digidjur #eskilstuna

Posted by Parken Zoo on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Then there is this adorable mini elephant.

parken zoo sweden Parken Zoo

A turtle that saves the ocean’s coral.

parken zoo sweden Parken Zoo

An extra sneaky (and cute) chameleon.

parken zoo sweden Parken Zoo

And this intense lion-dinosaur guy.

parken zoo sweden Parken Zoo

Parkgoers can see the Digimals in their enclosures throughout Parken Zoo using the “Digidjur” app. It is available free on both iOS and Android.

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Not seen in the New York Times

Jun. 28th, 2017 01:57 pm
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... but sent to it, this biting and incisive letter from its copy editors.

After we were compared to dogs urinating on fire hydrants when we edited stories, in an internal report that called for the elimination of "low-value editing" and made it all but clear which stages of editing this referred to — so much so that it became a running joke among the copy desks for months ("How's the low-value editing going in your section today?") — along with the report's implication that copy editing was merely finding "easily identifiable errors, such as spelling and grammar mistakes";
After some of us were recruited for "editing tests" to streamline the process, or, as it turned out, figure out how to make our own jobs obsolete;

After we were told that to remain employed, we would have to apply for new "strong editor" positions meant to be a hybrid of the two types of editors at The Times, backfielders and copy editors, and realized only copy editors had to be reevaluated categorically;


After we were told that this "restructuring" would also reduce our numbers by more than half;

After completing a first round of interviews, some held by interviewers who clearly had not even read our résumés and cover letters, and competing against the very colleagues we are leaning on in these times;

Read the whole damn thing.

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So much has happened since last update it's not even vaguely possible to try journaling it.

I'm just going to talk about the kids here for a bit )
So that's my kids - how about yours?
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Title: Twilight
Fandom - Pairing: Law and Order: SVU - Barba/Carisi
Length: 898 words
Summary: Barba’s voice was sharp when he asked, “Are you planning on transferring?”
Content Notes: Romance, banter, secret relationship.
Author Notes: Written for the 'moodlight shadows' square of my [community profile] fffc card.

Twilight )


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