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Posted by /u/Enlide

I want you to give me some of, what you think, are the greatest movie soundtracks ever made.

Add a little bit on why.

Bonus if you can give horror album/ep names.

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What are the films that so angered you most after watching them? Reasons can vary from villains that got away with it to victims too stupid to survive. I'll start with a few...


The Strangers


Just about every Recent M Knight Shyamalan

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Poem: "Just Over the Horizon"

Feb. 23rd, 2017 08:20 pm
ysabetwordsmith: Damask smiling over their shoulder (polychrome)
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
This poem is spillover from the November 8, 2017 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] sweet_sparrow. It also fills the "recreation" square in my 10-4-16 card for the Games and Sports Bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette. It belongs to the Cassandra thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

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This Date in MSTory

Feb. 24th, 2017 05:01 am
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Posted by Sampo

1906: Aleksandr Rou, director of the movie “Morozko,” seen in episode 813- JACK FROST.
1918: Leonard Hicks, who played Kimar in the movie in episode 321- SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS.
1920: Don L. Cash, makeup artist for the movie in episode 201- ROCKETSHIP X-M.*
1921: Abe Vigoda, who was played by Mike Nelson during an invention exchange in episode 211- FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS.
1922: Angela Greene, who played Dr. Julie Benson in the movie in episode 701- NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST.
1923: Ross Ford, who played Major Bill Moore in the movie in episode 109- PROJECT MOON BASE.
1923: James F. Liles, who did the special photographics effects for the movie in episode K20- THE LAST CHASE.
1924: Manfred Barthel, screenplay writer for the movie in episode 323- THE CASTLE OF FU MANCHU.
1929: Molly a.k.a. Mollie McCart, who played Terry Marsh in the movie in episode 522- TEENAGE CRIME WAVE.*
1932: John Vernon, who was mentioned in a host segment in episode 523- VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS.
1934: Frank Brana, who played Burt in the movie in episode 303- POD PEOPLE.
1938: James Farentino, was mentioned in a host segment in episode 305- STANDED IN SPACE.
1939: Marisa Mell, who played Charity Farrell in the movie in episode 504- SECRET AGENT SUPER DRAGON and Eva Kant in the movie in episode 1013- DIABOLIK.
1947: Rupert Holmes, whose “Pina Colada Song” was discussed in a host segment in in episode 421- MONSTER A-GO GO.*

1967: Franz Waxman (age 60), one of the uncredited musical score composers for the season two serial THE PHANTOM CREEPS.
1973: Art Smith (age 73), who played Pilot Pete in the movie in episode 510- THE PAINTED HILLS.
1992: Gilbert Marchant (age 63), music editor for the movies in episodes 407- THE KILLER SHREWS and 623- THE AMAZING TRANSPARENT MAN.
2006: Don Knotts (age 81), whom Crow impersonated during a host segment in episode 305- STRANDED IN SPACE.
2008: Gunther Rucker (age 84), who was one of the screenwriters of the movie “Der Schweigende Stern” seen in the movie in episode 211- FIRST SPACESHIP ON VENUS.

1996: episode 704- THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN first shown.

1999: Best Brains Inc. announces that the Sci-Fi Channel has decided not to order any more episodes of the series.

This Date in MSTory is written and compiled by Steve Finley, Chris Cornell and Brian Henry. Copyright © 2017 All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce This Date in MSTory items in any form without express written permission from the authors.
* = According to the IMBD this person is alive. If you can supply evidence that he or she has died, and when, please let us know.
** = If this appears next to a birthday, the IMDB indicates that the person has died, but the IMDB does not have a full death date (probably just a month and year or just the year he or she died). If you can give us the exact date (with some sort of proof we can check), please let us know.
** = If this appears next to a death date, the IMDB does not have this person’s full birthday. If you can provide it (with some sort of proof we can check), please let us know.

New church, new choir.

Feb. 24th, 2017 12:36 am
mollybarton: (gag)
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I went to my first choir rehearsal at St. Paul's. It's good to be singing in a choir again. The director is the same woman who did the Fredericksburg Community Chorus Messiah every year for many years...until my sister took over for a couple of years. Anyway, she's been trying to get both Katie and me to join St. Paul's Masterworks choir for years, and now she has us in both regular church choir and Masterworks! We're doing the Brahms Requiem in June. I'm excited to be able to do a major work again, and I've never done the whole Brahms. 

I was a complete moron yesterday and forgot to take my meds. I was sick as a dog today. I just can't do that. 

The Dark Shadows Daybook: February 23

Feb. 23rd, 2017 11:53 pm
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Posted by Patrick McCray


Although Carolyn always expected a grand wedding, she realizes that all she wants now is Jeb. They marry in the drawing room, with Liz as witness and a reverend who looks like John Tesh. Jeb flaunts convention by refusing to name where they will go or for how long they’ll be away. In reality, he is escaping Angelique’s shadow curse. Sky Rumson visits Barnabas, angry that he is now the vampire slave of Megan. Through this, Barnabas learns that she is sleeping somewhere in the East Wing of Collinwood. He instructs Julia to keep working on Megan’s cure while he searches for her resting place. Meanwhile, Jeb is increasingly paranoid about his shadow as he leaves with Carolyn. In the East Wing, Barnabas discovers an occupied room that should be as empty as the rest of the area. Instead, he finds Elizabeth and Hoffman, now a maid, arguing about whether or not the room should be prepared for the new mistress of if it should remain the property of its owner. It’s clear that the owner is dead, but Hoffman insists she will return. The room shifts and is suddenly abandoned. He has gained his first glimpse of parallel time. 

For a show that could crawl at a pokey pace, DARK SHADOWS moves breathlessly when it decides to, and this episode is panting. For Jeb, things are just a matter of time, and in some ways, waiting for the end is a strange cruelty for both him and Carolyn. During the wedding, I was struck that it was a rare appearance of a Christian clergyman who wasn’t trying to kill someone. They cut away during the actual vows, but I just imagined what was going on, on a cosmic level, as Jeb took his vows to the Judeo-Christian God. For one thing, what strange bedfellows. What brought us to this? A shikse. To many, the most potent and forbidden power in the universe. She alone truly brought down the Leviathans. So many mothers’ warnings were correct. But beyond that, it really is a bullhorn reading of the Riddle of Epicurus. You’d imagine that the Leviathan Messiah, pledging himself in his love to the God of the Bible, would be shielded from Shadow Assassins. But no. I would have thought that God might have protected him, if only for bragging rights. Sorry, Jeb. Yes, somewhere, Christopher Hitchens is looking up and smiling, I guess. 

Just remember, Tina Fey is wrong. Women are no stronger than the rest of us poor slobs. Shikses, however? Whole other story.

We also glimpse Parallel Time. With this, more than anything, I can feel DARK SHADOWS growing full circle, to where we were when I began nearly a year ago. The scars of PT are fresh enough that I can still recall how profoundly disappointing -- and time consuming -- it truly is as a storyline. This is the first place where I feel like the breath of creativity was seeping from the balloon. Yes, yes, I know you have a movie to make, but if ever the rules of, well, anything didn’t apply, it’s now. What would you have done with PT, Gentle Reader? In her fanfic, Adriana Pena looked at their dark, fascist politics. I would have sent Barnabas into a world of vampires, where humans were both the ultimate prize and a daywalking threat. I can hear knuckleheads in the peanut gallery clearing their throats to tell me why that wouldn’t have worked, but I have a newsflash… neither does what’s here. DARK SHADOWS has few cheerleaders more athletic than I. Still… I am also not its Dr. Pangloss. I also dread it a bit because I know this is where Don Briscoe made his final exit. I still contend that he had everything necessary to the the breakout star for the 70’s. 

Behind the scenes at DS, all were gearing up to shoot HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS. About 23 days out as I see it. Also, Guyana became a republic, and the Catholic Church thumbed its nose at convention and, upstart revolutionaries that they are, allowed women to give out the host at worship ceremonies. It’s all too much for me to handle. 
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Just wanted to share my experience of me racing my 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. It was also my first time out on a track in general racing so it definitely was a new experience!

Some information down below:

Track: Summit Point West, VA (Shenandoah Circuit)
Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3
Configuration: Morning and Afternoon runs ran partial track with morning running the karousel.  

Video: Video of me Racing 

Review: Car handles amazing, it definitely has a flair for oversteer. Since it was my first time out on the track I wasn't trying to go for any FTDs though I came 34 out of 65 overall which is respectable. No complaints the car is fast and I just need more seat time. Sticking with time attack style events as I'd rather not deal with others on the track when it comes to HPDE.

Also sorry about the 2nd angle, was hard to get everything perfect while racing haha.


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Posted by Alanis King on Black Flag, shared by Alanis King to Jalopnik

The Daytona 500 isn’t until Sunday, but Denny Hamlin and pole-sitter Chase Elliott already lead the points standings in the the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. That may sound odd, because this is the first time since 1971 that drivers have received points in qualifying races prior to the show on Sunday.


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Posted by Alanis King on Black Flag, shared by Alanis King to Jalopnik

The Daytona 500 isn’t until Sunday, but Denny Hamlin and pole-sitter Chase Elliott already lead the points standings in the the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. That may sound odd, because this is the first time since 1971 that drivers have received points in qualifying races prior to the show on Sunday.


Considering what car to buy ..?

Feb. 24th, 2017 05:03 am
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Posted by /u/rqxxx

so im looking to buy my first car and i have a couple ideas of what im trying to get. I only just recently started to become interested in cars but I suppose I have an ok understanding of them. My price range is pretty low, the max im looking to spend is around $2500. Im looking for a car that has a nice appearance, decent speed to it, and one that I can do slight mods to over time. The ones that I am currently been considering and looking at are the oz rally lancer, Jetta w/ the turbo, or the GTI. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

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Posted by Minimalist

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Posted by /u/ninjagamerx

I want to watch a lot of anime and cartoons but I don't have access to them. My parents pay for Netflix and plex already and they have entered a shaky situation recently. Plus, I don't like getting them to pay stuff. I also don't like consuming content from unofficial sources. I have a Hobson's choice here I think and idk wtf to do.

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Posted by /u/_KoingWolf_

It's a 1996 Acura Integra RS, Black, 2 Doors, with a dent in the passenger side door and a rust spot on the same side, but back quarter panel. It was snatched in Orlando, off of North Goldenrod and University.

Story-ish time; Went to work today, got dropped off by my girlfriend, not even 20 minutes later she comes home and I get a text that makes my heart sink.

"Uhh... Babe... Your car is gone."

Tell my boss I need to go and I can't even recall what their response was, but I walk out the building and start making calls. My first thought was that it might have been towed, it must have been towed. It was too quick of a gap, I have no enemies, and it's a fucking gated apartment complex, there's no way this is actually happening!

Make the first call to the police and ask if a tow order has been sent out, but nothing. They also tell me I can't file any police report until I get home. Rush home after getting picked up and my gut absolutely drops. The car really isn't there, this isn't a joke, this isn't a surprise new way of getting a new car, it's literally gone.

I call the police again, file my report with the two very personable and awesome deputies, and sit down to stew about the situation.

She was my FIRST car, and a DREAM car. I wanted it since I was a child and saw it racing around a track. This little Integra I planned to keep with me until it broke down, so that I could build it back up and track it for life. It was my main source of transportation, a home when things were particularly rough, and brightened up my day anytime I got to drive around the city with it.

Now it's probably in a hundred pieces getting parted, to add some salty truth to the joke that every Integra and Honda out there is just a combination of other peoples rides, duct taped together.

My question for you guys is what are some tips to try and get your ride back, if it was just a joy ride situation and not a "I'm gonna strip this thing to the frame" type of deal? I saw an earlier post about bribing garbage men and am on my way to do that tomorrow morning, anything else I should be aware of?

Album of the car; http://imgur.com/gallery/gHV9O

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License Plates

Feb. 24th, 2017 02:58 am
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Posted by /u/Dumbcaveman

I don't honestly know where to post this so ill try here. Can I use a license plate from a trailer on a car in the state of FL?

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Petey Wheatstraw (1977) concludes Blaxploitation History Month with the return of Rudy Ray Moore. He’s a man who’s sold his soul to the devil for revenge. Will he end up getting caught as the devil’s son-in-law? More importantly, will RRM make a coherent movie? (Spoiler: NOPE.)

After the break Chuck talks about Arrival (2016) and The Girl on the Train (2016) while Harlo continues the Pinball Project with The Shadow (1994). We also take some listener e-mails. Enjoy!


Game & Talk Ep. 34: The Dood Abides

Feb. 24th, 2017 04:12 am
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Posted by Joey Ferris

First off, we wholeheartedly apologize for this episode being so late. Chris was busy doing top-secret things like saving the earth. Because of him, you’re still alive. You’re welcome. Anywho, we’re back talking about NIS America’s Event last week where they showcased their slew of games and re-releases for the PS4, PS Vita, Steam, and Switch. I was there and I played a few of these games including Disgaea 5 Complete for the Nintendo Switch, which was also my first time playing the system so I give my brief impressions in this episode.

Speaking of Switch, Alan has changed his mind and decided NOT to get one at launch. If you know Alan, you know that he is not being himself right about now. We go over his poor excuse as to why he changed his mind.

SoundCloud link is below, but you can also listen on iTunes and Google Play. Leave us a review and topic recommendations!

WARNING: Strong language.

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Posted by Jeremy Konrad

As I do pretty much everyday, I was out toy hunting the other morning and recieved a tip that the new wave of X-Men Marvel Elgends was swinging from the pegs at a local Target. Consuming my every thought as a worked that day, I drove right over after work only to find I had been beaten to the figures except for one, the Old Man Logan figure.This was second on my list from this wave for most-wanted figure behind Dazzler, but nevertheless I was happy to pick him up and bring him home with me.

I love the current packaging for Marvel Legends. I love the giant window box, the art used on the side panels is always stellar, it is easy to open without damaging so you can save it. A small detail I appreciate is the list of figures for that specific wave that tells you which build a figure piece comes with each figure as well, I constantly stand in the store forgetting which figure I still need, or which piece I need to collect. I am glad they include it and I hope it never goes away.

Marvel Legends Old Man Logan Packaged 1 Marvel Legends Old Man Logan 2 Marvel Legends Old Man Logan Packaged 3

After removed from the package, the first thing you notice about Logan is that the sculpt kicks ass. From the scowl on his face, to his little belt buckle, down to the rips on the back of his jacket, they really nailed this one. The bomber jacket really ads to the look of the figure, and it does not limit his movement at all. His claws are bendy, and that I don’t like, on his left hand one of the blades was bent, but that was an easy fix. I would have loved a pair of extra hands without claws, especially since he is the only figure in the wave without a build a figure piece, but it is not a dealbreaker.

Marvel Legends Old Man Logan Loose 1 Marvel Elgends Old Man Logan Loose 2 Marvel Legends Old man Logan Loose 5 Old Man Logan Loose 3

As far as poseability and standing the figure up, mine had some loose joints, but I have had no problems getting him to stand in many different poses. As I said above, the jacket does not affect the movement of his arms or torso at all. If anything, all it does is show off how great a job they did sculpting everything so that it does not hamper the figures playability. As far as paint aps go, mine has no problems other than where his claws attach to his hands, but that has been an issue on every Wolverine figure I have ever owned, so I expected that. The real standout here is the head sculpt, and boy is it a beauty. the added wrinkles to his forehead and muttonchops look amazing, and the scowl he shoots you feels perfect.

Marvel Legends Old man Logan Loose 5 Marvel Legends Old Man Logan Loose 6 Marvel Legends Old Man Logan Loose 7 marvel Legends Old man Logan Loose 8 Marvel Legends Old Man Logan Loose 9

Overall, this figure needs to be owned. Marvel Legends collectors: this one is a no-brainer, but casual buyers that may be looking for a figure after seeing Logan next week should pick this up as well.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Old Man Logan Needs To Be Added To Your Toy Shelf

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Posted by ddog9

Full drive encrypt external USB hard drive. I was using it and had a power failure. Since then I get 'incorrect password or no truecrypt volume found'. Tried checking 'use backup volume header if available' to no success. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


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