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Nov. 30th, 2015 03:47 am
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So I need to enable cookies and I make the changes in the options, BUT THERE'S NO BUTTON TO ACCEPT CHANGES OR CONFIRM CHANGES OR JUST AN OK BUTTON OMFG IT'S KILLING ME! Ehm...So I tried closing the browser and re-opening it to see it if would make the changes but NOPE! HELP?! GOD.

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So a couple weeks ago i had an issue with font awesome not working which caused a lot of symbols on websites to stop working.. I ended up restoring my pc which fixed it. Now it happened again! WTF Mozilla...

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Posted by Terek Puckett


Horror short films are a vital, if undervalued, part of the horror cinema landscape.

No one would think about discussing horror literature without including horror short stories in the conversation but horror short films are rarely brought up as an integral part of horror cinema.

This is due in no small part to the fact that there is little commercial application for a horror short outside inclusion in a horror anthology film.

After doing extensive research for a trio of articles collecting great horror short films for PopOptiq/Sound on Sight, I decided to create my own site dedicated to showcasing the best in live-action horror short films available online.

While some readers may disagree with my exclusion of horror-comedy and animated horror shorts on The Brief Macabre, I strongly feel that live-action horror with a serious tone, horror-comedy and animated horror are three distinctly different viewing experiences.

While very well served in great genre film festivals and stand-alone events in many countries, the horror short film is not properly represented online in terms of a one-stop, curated, ever-growing collection of truly outstanding work in the field.

The Brief Macabre is not a video channel a viewer has to search through to find the gems.

Each horror short on the site is carefully selected. If a horror short film is on The Brief Macabre, a reader can have complete confidence it is a must-see.

-Terek Puckett

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Posted by Chris Evangelista

Ash vs Evil Dead, Season 1, Episode 5, “The Host”
Written by Zoe Green
Directed by David Frazee
Airs Saturdays at 9pm (ET) on Starz

Ash takes a step back and Pablo takes the lead in “The Host”, the latest episode of Ash vs Evil Dead. This turns out to be a mixed blessing. On one severed hand, Ray Santiago’s performance as Pablo has been consistently enjoyable since the series began and seeing him receive more focus this week doesn’t disappoint. Yet on another demonic hand, this show needs Bruce Campbell’s Ash. No matter how hokey or uneven Ash vs Evil Dead can become, Campbell never fails to elevate things with his performance. Indeed, Campbell seems to have a better handle on the Ash of Ash vs Evil Dead than he ever had in the Evil Dead films, almost as if all the years of waiting to play the character again instilled a new confidence in the actor.

Last week’s episode ended with the reveal that Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) was possessed by that coffee-jitters demon Ash was foolish enough to have summoned in “Books of Blood.” “The Host” starts off with Pablo and his uncle Brujo (Hemky Madera) convinced by Demon Kelly that it’s Ash who is possessed, and Brujo wants to exorcise the demon. And if that doesn’t work, there’s the option of performing a lobotomy on Ash.

As Brujo goes about his fruitless ritual, Demon Kelly attempts to seduce Pablo while also tempting him to smoke pot through the barrel of Ash’s shotgun. Her plan is to quickly insert a shell into the gun while Pablo is distracted and blow his brains out when he takes a hit. Luckily for Pablo and his brains, he catches on and soon he, Ash, and Brujo are attempting to get the demon out of Kelly while the demon follows the trademark demonic possession movements: cussin’, bodily injury on its host, and yes, projectile vomiting. Apparently practical special effect vomit wasn’t in the budget, though, because director David Frazee opts to use terribly distracting CGI vomit.

Ash vs Evil Dead The Host

There’s nothing strictly wrong with any of this, but it’s all too predictable to fully enjoy. While it’s slightly interesting to see an attempt at exorcism in the Evil Dead universe, there’s nothing new brought to the proceeding to make it stand out. The best element of all of this is that that DeLorenzo is clearly having fun playing the demonic Kelly.

The more successful moments of “The Host” come from Santiago’s handling of Pablo’s emotional journey through the episode. Pablo left Brujo behind years ago, dismissing his uncle’s beliefs as nonsense, but now he knows that Brujo was correct. Pablo feels guilty that he shrugged all of this off, but Brujo consoles his nephew by pointing out that Pablo still recognized that there’s a brief flicker of hope buried deep inside Ash. Santiago gets to be more than just comic relief because of all of this, and by episode’s end he’s given more than one emotional moment to shine. Speaking of emotional moments, Ash apologizes to his two new friends when the dust and blood has settled, and it’s a believable moment of contrition. Ash is continuing to grow as a character, and this is a well-handled moment to remind the audience of that. It’s also interesting that while both Kelly and Pablo acknowledge that most of this is indeed Ash’s fault, they’re not holding a grudge.

The same can not be said for Lucy Lawless’ still-mysterious Ruby Knowby. Ruby and Officer Amanda Fisher (Jill Marie Jones) are still in pursuit of Ash, using Ash’s severed demon hand as their guide. This happens in the briefest of brief moments and feels arbitrary, as if the producers were worried if they didn’t throw in a quick scene in with Ruby and Amanda we might forget they existed. Here’s hoping Ruby and Amanda catch up with Ash and the gang sooner rather than later, so the two ladies feel less marginalized.

“The Host” is another mostly disappointing episode of Ash vs Evil Dead, coming across less as its own beast and as more of a conclusion to last week’s “Brujo”. But it’s hard to stay mad at a show with so much silly charm, and as Ash and his Ghost Beaters hit the road to the blasting notes of Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold”, you can’t help but want to continue on the journey.

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I often think about the initial impetus creators had when conceiving a television show. Matthew Weiner wanted to tell the story of how a man could have everything and still be unhappy. David Simon wanted to show the Baltimore he had seen from his reporter days — bleak and full of corruption on both sides of the law. It is unclear exactly what drove Smallville creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar to tell this Badlands story. “White Stork Spreads Wings” lacks an internal urgency and Badlands has begun to lack a discernible raison d’être. This episode marks the halfway point of the first season (it’s only six episodes) and instead of speeding up, the plot languishes, mired with rehashes of former conversations and feelings.

Let’s look at what actually changes plot-wise from the beginning of the episode to the end: The Widow and her crew are driven out ...

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Well, that was certainly something.

This is an episode full of important firsts for The Affair. The first time the show drops the perspective device. The first time all four main characters have separate stories in one episode. And for the first time, I don’t quite know what to think about it all.

When a show breaks in format so drastically, there is an obvious purpose behind it. Whether it’s a one-episode diversion or a permanent change, shifting storytelling devices in the middle of a show’s run is a decision that can lead to both great and horrible things, depending on the execution. The Affair’s decision to drop its perspective device in this episode is a deliberate, momentous decision, even if it does turn out to be a one-time thing. The part that’s more difficult to parse is what the episode itself actually means.

The ...

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Jennifer Lawrence recently made a bold declaration to director David O. Russell that comes across a little bit like a threat: “I’ll do anything with you until you die,” Lawrence said following a screening of Joy, their latest film together. She then added that her sentiment is “sweet and f—ed up,” with that last part probably meaning “fucked up.” Joy is the third film that Lawrence and Russell have made together, and since the first two were the highly acclaimed Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, it’s easy to see why Lawrence is happy to keep working with him. Russell presumably feels the same way, but what if he decides to shake things up for his next movie and casts Emma Watson or Kristen Stewart instead of Lawrence? She says she’ll work with him until he dies, but she didn’t specifically ...

Best Video Game GIFs of the Week

Nov. 30th, 2015 04:00 am
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Posted by Edwin Garcia

Hello, beautiful people of the internet. I hope your Thanksgiving was filled with a whole lot of turkey (which, of course it was) and enough downtime to play some video games. After having my fill of mashed potatoes, I spent quite a bit of time wandering the wasteland of Fallout 4, and even returned to the macabre city of Bloodborne‘s, Yharnam.

With both of these games on everyone’s collective internet fingertips, and GIFs of all sort floating around, I’ve compiled some of my favorite GIFs of the week, which include a look at what one of Bloodborne’s infamous bosses does on her down time, and a trash can being used in a new imaginative way in Fallout 4. You’ll also be surprised to see in Star Wars: Battlefront, Darth Vader’s son being... well, I won’t spoil it. So, without further ado, enjoy.

HT: Skylerdurden

That’s certainly one way of enjoying the wasteland.

battlefront img gif 1

HT: Thengobrainer

Come at me, bro!

HT: kingsballs

This is what happens when you try to melt steel with Jet Fuel in Fallout 4–nothing. 

HT: imgur

When things get too scary in Bloodborne and you dip as fast as possible. 

HT: inthedawg

Would you take a bullet for your ghoul friend?

Vicar Amelia Bloodborne Gif

HT: Giphy

Vicar Amelia on her off days. 

HT: SithRuleofTwo

The best way to take out a Death Claw is to set up traps, and bring out the big guns. 

HT: Loudnoyeses

Spoilers: Don’t t-bag Darth Vader’s son.  

That’s it for this week, but I’ll be back with more next weekend. Make sure to let us know which one of the above was your favorite, and don’t hesitate to share awesome GIFs in the comments below.

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Posted by JonathanBarkan

A new two-minute preview from the season six second half of “The Walking Dead” introduces Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha to the evil, conniving, and vicious men of Negan, the evil tyrant who extorts supplies from local communities in return for protection. The men explain that everything that the three own belongs to Negan, no exceptions. The tense clip, which followed the midseason finale, can be seen below.


Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan (“Supernatural”) was confirmed for the part of Negan earlier this month, a move that drew a lot of support and love from fans. However, he apparently won’t make an appearance until the last episode of season six. I’m hoping we get at least a full season of him and his insanity, perhaps some more.

The Walking Dead” returns to AMC this February.

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Posted by Rich Johnston


Amazing Spider-Man #1 artwork by Mike Del Mundo (A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Marauders)

Much has been made of Marvel’s recent decision to publish a publish of variant covers for their comics featuring Marvel-themed versions of famous hip-hop covers.

There have been allegations of appropriation, and of outright theft, but it hasn’t stopped them from being popular.

Well on January 6th (same day as Secret Wars #9 is finally published) The New York Times reports that Marvel will be giving away a free collection of 14 of the covers, as part of new sampler.

They quote occasional Bleeding Cool contributor Joe Illidge as saying,

The bigger issue is the lasting promise of Marvel’s commitment to diversity, which is of greater import and impact than the Avengers posing like the Roots.

And Marvel EIC Axel Alonso as saying,

“Whenever we do something that’s new or controversial, you can anticipate that there will be negative feedback first and foremost out of the gate…That’s what happens when you make Thor a woman, Ms. Marvel Pakistani or Captain America black. You can’t be deterred by that. All we can do is put our best foot forward and let the actual work speak for itself.”


Marvel To Publish Free Collection Of 14 Of Their Hip-Hop Variant Covers

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Check out our guide to BLACK FRIDAY deals here!

Check out our guide to BLU-RAYS AND DVDS here!

Check out our guide to BOOKS here!

The onslaught of sales continues with Cyber Monday! The only difference is you don't have to fight with crowds in a GLADIATOR-style arena (i.e. entrance to Wal-Mart) to get in on some money-saving deals. is running a number of specials that kick off their...
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This month on Blu-ray and DVD, Marvel has another smash with ANT-MAN, Tom Cruise reprises Ethan Hunt in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION, the MINIONS get their own movie, Mark Wahlberg reteams with a vulgar bear for TED 2, FANTASTIC 4 tries yet again, AMY Winehouse gets the doc treatment, Danny Boyle flies with PAN, Tobey Maguire plays chess in PAWN SACRIFICE, HITMAN: AGENT 47 reboots the series,...
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Last week, we took a look at the career of the excellent Elizabeth Banks, one of the most talented actresses working today. This week, we examine the storied career of one of the great legends of our time...

Michael Caine

I can't believe it's taken me this long to get to Michael Caine. In fact when I was looking at potential subjects for this week's column, I quickly dismissed...

Review: Youth

Nov. 29th, 2015 10:39 pm
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PLOT: Two old friends – a retired composer (Michael Caine) and a legendary film director (Harvey Keitel) – come to terms with growing old while on vacation at a luxury health spa  in the Swiss Alps.

REVIEW: They might has well just have called YOUTH “Beauty” for all the sumptuousness of the visuals on display in this – director Paolo...
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Click here to read our previous reviews for Marvel's Jessica Jones

EPISODE 7: "AKA Top Shelf Perverts"

SYNOPSIS: Malcom, Simpson and Trish go rouge to prevent Jessica from carrying out an extreme plan to outwit Kilgrave.

BREAKDOWN: Jessica Jones had her plan to incarcerate Kilgrave thwarted, so her new plan involves incarcerating herself. If that seems...
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Now, to tackle an opponent that actually MADE it to the Supergirl TV show: Reactron.

Paul Kupperberg, who was writing Supergirl at the time, was also trying to promote his version of the Doom Patrol. Like the then-new X-Men, he created an all-new team with one character carrying over--in this case Robotman--and like most cases trying to make a group as popular as the Wolverine/Storm/Nightcrawler X-Men, it fell pretty flat. (See the current attempts to make the Inhumans a substitute for the X-Men.) (Grant Morrison had better success, because Grant Morrison made them all freaks again, instead of just superhumans who were hunted, which was Kupperberg's schtick.) I mention all this because Reactron was pretty clearly intended to be a Doom Patrol villain, but never made it into Kupperberg's original run on the Doom Patrol.

His origin is very DP-centric, because his origin was central to the origin of the new DP's Tempest.

Read more... )

Quantico Recap: Trapped Pupil

Nov. 30th, 2015 03:59 am
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Posted by Kimberly Roots

Let’s hope you’ve recovered from your turkey-induced tryptophan coma, because this week’s Quantico requires all of your wits (and a stuffing-sized serving of suspension of disbelief) to keep abreast of what goes down. Alex is tortured without having one hair on her pretty head touched. Shelby and Caleb are publicly a couple (can you guess […]

PSI Bitchkill

Nov. 29th, 2015 09:59 pm
shamanicshaymin: Like a vampire AU but not. (Kyouko/Mami :: Gothic)
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So I wanted to finish my second playthrough of the Halloween Hack so I could write a big essay comparing its themes with Undertale's.

So how does it hold up? Spoilers: Halloween Hack, Undertale, and Madoka Rebellion. TW: Brief paragraph where I talk about a scene in HH that reminded me of sexual assault. )

Anyway, what I did with this guy was incredibly fanfictastic and I really really doubt that in reality (in Itoi's mind) that he is like this AT ALL. But he's just one of those characters that's boring and not explained at all, so I fleshed him out a whole lot and here we go he's cool now.

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The Leftovers is magical. Not only in the sense that it flirts with magical realism and whimsical ideas, but also in the sense that its narrative sleight-of-hand tricks are unparalleled. It’s television as close-up magic. You can look and look, and still not see what’s happening right before your eyes. “Ten Thirteen” ends with what has to be the most brutal gut punch a television show has pulled off all year. And it’s all a result of the deliberate, unorthodox storytelling approach The Leftovers has taken since the season began. Damon Lindelof insists season two is not a reboot, and I’d agree that the description doesn’t fit. But just like a rebooted show or a brand new one, season two of The Leftovers has had to train its audience how to watch it, for example, not to take for granted that you’ll see the ...

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As Bryan begins to infiltrate Claire’s world further and further, she attempts to get in touch with her sexuality through Sergei’s strip joint. But Bryan’s appearance shows exactly how intrinsically linked her sexuality and the violence she’s experienced are (including Bryan’s beating that precedes Claire’s breakdown on her client’s lap). Hey, wasn’t this supposed to be a show about ballet and a ballet company? Instead, we’re getting the travails of ballerina-turned-stripper who seems more interested in the club than the studio. I’m losing patience the more time they spend off the barre. As evidenced by the “Bulling Through,” an episode of television I thoroughly enjoyed (more than most) and saw great potential in, there is quite a bit of drama that can go on inside the ballet studio that has little to do with kindly Russian mobsters, tough-talking momma strippers ...

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“The Litvinov Ruse” is the episode Homeland’s fifth season has been slowly, steadily, sometimes frustratingly building toward. It’s a natural extension of everything that led up to it, and yet it still feels like a corrective to a season with too many countdowns and too few launches. It’s also completely worth the wait. After “All About Allison,” even with only four episodes left I wasn’t prepared to take for granted that the pace was about to pick up. After all, Homeland has never been a show with predictable or traditional rhythms, and it probably never will be. Season four built to the shocking reveal of Dar Adal consorting with the enemy, then immediately shifted to Carrie and Quinn’s romantic feelings and Carrie’s attempts to make nice with her estranged mother. There was nothing to suggest that the Allison reveal would kick the season into ...

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Posted by Mike Worby

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters
Developed by From Software
Published by Sony Computer Entertainment
Available on PS4

With the release of any DLC, the first question that comes to mind is almost always of the same nature: is it worth it? It’s a valid question, particularly for those who have already plunked down their cash on the full retail value of a game to begin with. When it comes to Bloodborne, and indeed any From Software game, the question takes on an additional variable that few other titles struggle with: do you really want to do this to yourself again?

For From’s die-hard cult following of masochists and perfectionists, the question is nothing more than a moot point. Of course we want more, and we’re willing to put down our hard-earned money to get it. However, there are other players who may not be able to justify the $20 price tag, especially after six to eight months away from such a demanding and visceral title. That Bloodborne is the first truly must-have game of Sony’s runaway successor, the PS4, is beyond doubt at this point but can the majority of gamers be bothered to come back for more?

Well, there’s certainly a few reasons they might. For one thing, there’s an amazing new assortment of weapons to try out and strategize with. From a legendary sword that blasts projectiles out upon each swing to a double-edged power saw mounted on a pole to the torn off arm of an infamous demon, the methods you can use to cut, beat, and smash your prey have never been more diverse or rewarding.

Another major point in The Old Hunters favor is its staggering onslaught of new bosses. The expansion packs a five finger death punch of devious and dangerous adversaries, and three of the quintet number themselves among the hardest in Bloodborne‘s entire rogue’s gallery. Another way of putting it is that players will absolutely get their money’s worth in terms of time spent but a large swathe of that time might very well be spent lobbing 4o tries or more at one boss or another. Again, for Souls afficionados this is par for the course, but if you’re not ready for that level of perseverance than this expansion may not be for you.

One arguably uninspiring dynamic is that roughly 25% of the new areas to explore are directly lifted from Bloodborne‘s proper campaign as originally introduced. Now granted these areas have been completely redesigned with a new look, new enemies, and even new paths to explore but its hard to shake the feeling of familiarity that comes with running through these sections once again, new material or not. This element is definitely the most disappointing aspect of the new additions, even if it does make for some interesting lore and storytelling tidbits as far as fans are concerned.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t some amazing sights to see in The Old Hunters. On the contrary, the expansion comes packed with decadent architecture and haunting vistas galore. A blotted out sun bears the cadence of an ink splattered tangerine as it hovers in the sky above and one area draws the most Lovecraftian scenario yet as its maddened breed of cultish fishmen appear to be lifted almost wholesale from the gothic-horror tale: The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

The enemy design is also fantastic, with many of the first breed of Yharnam’s hunters appearing as enemies throughout. The Old Hunters also continues the hilarious trolling tradition of introducing tiny insignificant enemies who can one-shot you in a heartbeat. You’ll know what I’m talking about when a 12 inch slug suddenly bursts out with a flurry of damage-inducing tentacles just as you are about to dispatch it.

If you loved Bloodborne, than chances are you’ll find a lot more to love in The Old Hunters, especially if you have yet to dive into Bloodborne‘s robust New Game + additions and bevy of Chalice Dungeons. A lot of the fun of a From Software DLC pack is taking the add-ons and trying them out in the original game once again, and that hasn’t changed a whit with The Old Hunters. If you’re already back-logged though, and the concept of sinking another 15-30 hours into this disturbing and discouraging world is one you can’t quite acquiesce to, you could be forgiven for giving it a pass.


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Playing Bonuses In Online Slots

Nov. 28th, 2015 03:06 am
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Posted by Kyle Reese

Avid slot players all over the globe have only one goal when playing their favorite game–to hit a jackpot. Although jackpots have been awarded once the winning combination appears on a pay line, there are other ways to hit a jackpot in less time through bonus rounds and free spins. Here are a few things to keep in mind when playing a bonus slot game online.

  • The random number generator determines exactly when a bonus round is due to start, so there is no specific number of plays that will trigger a bonus round.

  • If a bonus coupon is used, a playthrough requirement is usually attached. For example, a $20 bonus may require a $500 worth of wagers before any winnings can be cashed out.

  • Betting all of the pay lines is more important than the amount bet per line when playing for a bonus round.

Free Spin Bonuses
Free spin bonuses differ in each slot game. Depending on the type, a certain number of symbols is needed on the pay lines to trigger the<a href=> free spin bonus round</a>. Sometimes, the number of winning symbols is higher than what is necessary to start the round, so additional spins are added. For example, Game X may require three identical symbols in a winning combination to receive ten free spins. Player A gets four winning symbols instead and wins five additional spins, for a total of fifteen free spins in the bonus.

Read the machine’s pay table to see if a retrigger is possible in a bonus round, A retrigger is the act of setting off another round of free spins or free picks while the game is in bonus mode. The same set of symbols required to begin the round would reappear and cause a retrigger, extending the bonus round for a longer period of time. In some cases, a retrigger increase the value of the game symbols. A player’s bank (credits) can quickly increase if a trigger occurs.

Wild Bonuses
A wild bonus involves a substitute symbol in a winning combination. Instead of three or more symbols paying out a win, two symbols plus a wild symbol pays the same amount. For example, in Game Z three jeweled crowns pay ten credits, but a wild symbol plus two jeweled crowns pay the same.

There are three types of wild symbols:

  • Standard Wild – Substitutes for each symbol in a winning pay line

  • Expanding Wild – When it appears on a reel, it expands to cover the entire series of reels, replacing the remaining symbols

  • Stacked Wild – Does not expand but appear as independent wild symbols one on top of the other on the same reel

Mystery Bonuses
Mystery bonuses are awarded during active game play and are random. Sometimes, there is no required symbol combination in order for a mystery bonus to appear. The value of the bonus is either equal to or a greater than the total bet made.

Start by trying out for free online, at <a href=>gratis slots</a> multilingual website, and use the free bonus codes, before playing with real money. You’ll find more than 1000 slots to play for free, most come with no deposit bonus. Casino reviews, tips and strategies for casino games, and also interesting information about online slots.

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Confession (Magazine'verse)

Nov. 29th, 2015 09:36 pm
sam_storyteller: (Alternate Universe)
[personal profile] sam_storyteller
Title: Confession
Rating: Gen
Summary: Peter Parker doesn't have to make a decision between his two callings -- but he thinks it's probably time he should.
Notes: It came to my attention that the Magazine'verse had exactly 55,555 words filed on it at AO3, so I thought I'd do some entertaining short writing for it. Someone suggested "You could add a 1,234 word story" and thus...
Warnings: None.

Also available at AO3.

The Truth, by Peter Parker )


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