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Posted by Zack Sharf

READ MORE: 'Hannibal' and 'Louie': David Lynch and Dreaming Through Life in 2014's Best Television

In celebration of April Fools everywhere and in preparation for next Thursday's Season 5 premiere, FX has made every episode of "Louie" Season 4 available to stream on its FXNOW app. The ambitious 14-episode season will be available for viewing through Thursday, April 9.

As fans and critics of Louis C.K.'s half-hour comedy already know, Season 4 was one of the television auteur's most daring installments yet, featuring multi-episode story arcs for the first time in the show's history. While standalone episodes such as the dream-gone-awry "Model" and the Emmy-winning "So Did the Fat Lady" proved the comedian's knack for constructing episode-long punchlines, it was prolonged narratives such as the "Pamela" and "Elevator" arcs that really pushed C.K.'s storytelling abilities and the show itself into new and exciting territories. The...

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Posted by David Canfield

READ MORE: Stephen Colbert, Richard Gere and More Announced for Montclair Film Festival Conversation Series

This year's Montclair Film Festival (MFF) has announced its full lineup, and it features a slew of acclaimed titles currently making the festival circuit.

MFF, which is executive produced by Stephen Colbert and takes place in Montclair, New Jersey, is headed into its fourth year, and will be handing out jury prizes in major categories for the first time. 

In addition, two special awards will be presented. The David Carr Award for Truth in Non-Fiction Filmmaking will honor a filmmaker, selected by the festival, who utilizes journalistic techniques to explore important contemporary subjects. Established by the festival in memory of late New York Times journalist David Carr, this award will be presented by his friend and colleague Brian Stelter ("Reliable Sources"). 

The Bruce Sinofsky Prize, in honor of the eponymous documentarian, will be...

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Posted by Matt Klein

OS X’s Finder seems pretty simple by all outward appearances, but it’s actually got a lot of different parts that you have to know about to effectively use it. A good way to master the Finder is to take advantage of its preferences.

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Posted by Janelle Asselin

Hire This Woman is a recurring feature on ComicsAlliance that shines a spotlight on female comics creators, whether they're relative newcomers or experienced pros who are ready to break out. In an overwhelmingly male business, we want to draw your attention to these creators --- and to raise their profile with editors and industry gatekeepers.

Agnes Garbowska is an artist best known for her adorable work on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comics, but she's also done a lot of covers for other series, like Powerpuff Girls and Red Sonja, some children's book illustration, and a little bit of everything else as well!

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Posted by Ernesto

openbayAfter the Pirate Bay was raided last December hundreds of clones appeared online.

Many of these sites used the open source “Open Bay” project, which allows people to set up their own clone in just a few clicks.

Now, several months later one of the clones has gone rogue. As reported by Malwarebytes, several compromised WordPress blogs are being injected with an iframe that loads thepiratebay.in.ua.

At first sight this seems odd, since the site looks just like any other Open Bay clone. However, this one is being used to offload a rather dangerous exploit kit.

“We found the real reason behind this pretty quickly. The Pirate Bay clone is actively pushing the Nuclear exploit kit with an iframe and will infect vulnerable visitors via drive-by download attacks,” Malwarebytes senior security researcher Jérôme Segura writes.


The malicious content is passed on to users’ computers via a known Flash exploit. The payload being pushed by the Pirate Bay clone is linked to a banking trojan.

Interestingly, most other sites relying on the Open Bay project are experiencing issues as well. The main oldpiratebay.org site is currently down, and other clones don’t have any content.

TF asked the people behind the Open Bay project for a comment and we will update this article if we hear back. For now, we haven’t heard any reports indicating that more Pirate Bay clones are pushing exploit kits.

At the time of writing it’s still unclear how the iframe is being injected into the WordPress sites. A likely explanation appears to be outdated WordPress code or an old plugin.

People are advised to avoid the compromised Pirate Bay clone directly and WordPress users should make sure that they’re running the latest version of the blogging platform.

“To avoid getting their sites hacked, WordPress users need to check that they are running the latest WP install and that all their plugins are up to date,” Jérôme Segura notes.

“Other proper hygiene tips such as strong passwords and avoiding public wifi when logging into your site should also be applied,” he adds.

More technical details and analyses can be found at the Malwarebytes blog.

Photo: Michael Theis

Source: TorrentFreak, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and anonymous VPN services.

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Posted by Dennis Mersereau

Welcome to April! The next month looks like it'll be interesting, with warmer-than-average temperatures for much of the country, except the Northeast, where winter clings like tangy marinara to a plate of cold pasta. Sorry. This is no joke, either—we don't play those games. Nature really does just hate you.


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Posted by Joe Gonzalez

Dragonball fans, unite! Fox has just announced Dragonball: Evolution II and has released a promo image. The image shows Justin Chatwin as Goku, who appears to be in his Super Saiyan form. With the success of the recent DBZ anime movies, it seems Fox wants to join in on the action and catch the wave while it’s still hot.

No word yet on the release date, or who else will be returning from the first movie, but it would be safe to assume that we may see Vegeta and Freeza in the next movie. Stay tuned!

Source: FOX

Sataan is Real

Apr. 1st, 2015 08:51 pm
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Posted by mondozilla


‘Sataan is Real’ is a 1992 song by British band Terminal Cheesecake from their album Pearlesque Kings of the Jewmost released by World Serpent Records. Terminal Cheesecake are an English alternative rock band, originally formed by Gary Boniface (formerly of The Purple Things and The Vibes), Russell Smith (formerly of A.R.Kane and MARRS), Mick Parkin and John Jobbagy (also from The Vibes and Purple Things) in 1988 in North and East London. The band ceased activity in 1995 but reformed in 2013 with Neil Francis from the band Gnod replacing Boniface as vocalist.

This track is rather good, especially played at very loud volume:

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Posted by Kevin Jagernauth

Today being April 1st, it can be somewhat frustrating to constantly pause and make sure a piece of information is legit. So when Slashfilm dropped this bit of intel, my first instinct was that it was yet another April Fool's Day gag and that I could get on with the rest of the my day. But it turns out it's legit.

With "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" slated to debut later this month in the U.K., the red carpet premiere details are being put together, and details are being sent out, and something curious has been noticed: Julie Delpy (the "Before Sunrise" trilogy) and Linda Cardellini ("Freaks & Geeks," "Bloodline") have been listed among the cast members. And yes, Disney have confirmed they are part of the cast, but of course, the secret isn't being let out of the bag. Latino Review claims to know exactly what the roles are, but they aren't spilling. Any guesses? Maybe the forever rumored Captain Marvel (who will appear or not, depending on who...
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Looking to combine the ’60s ambience of Mad Men with the military camaraderie of Band Of Brothers, History Channel is developing The Boys Of ’67, a scripted series about the First Platoon of Charlie Company, 9th Infantry Division. Charlie Company was one of the last units raised, trained, and deployed en masse to service in Vietnam. Jeb Stuart, writer of Die Hard and The Fugitive as well as several unproduced Indiana Jones screenplays—including Indiana Jones And The Saucermen From Marshas been tapped to write as well as executive produce the project.

The new mini-series will be based on Alex Wiest’s book The Boys Of ’67, for which he interviewed more than 50 officers and enlisted men who served with Charlie Company as well as family members of the veterans. The battles that Charlie Company saw in 1967 were nearly as bloody as better-known battles like the infamous ...

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The idea of R2-D2 needing a love interest may seem a little half-baked, especially since the little guy clearly already has a companion in C-3PO. But let’s get real: It would never work out in the long run for R2 and his adventure buddy. R2 is short, rounded, and speaks in bleeps and bloops. C-3PO is tall, golden, speaks with a British accent, is uncomfortably neurotic, and a bit overbearing. It was just a matter of time before R2-D2 found someone a little more his speed.

And that’s where this little fan film begins, with R2-D2 looking for love on the streets of San Francisco and finding someone that’s closer to his height and color scheme. Usually when sparks fly, it means R2 is shorting out, but not today.

Titled “Artoo In Love” and written and directed by Ethan Atherton, R2-D2 meets a USPS mailbox and woos ...

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Posted by Dan Van Winkle


In addition to providing motion capture work for the film, Andy Serkis will play a live action part in the Age of Ultron, and he’s finally officially revealed the character he’s playing who has ties to the future of Marvel’s cinematic universe.

At the Empire Awards, UPROXX reports that Serkis confirmed rampant reports that he’d play Ulysses Klaw in the upcoming Avengers sequel, saying,

Well, I think I can absolutely confirm it’s Ulysses Klaw now because I think the news is out. I sort of noticed that people on the red carpets sort of knew that I was Ulysses Klaw, so I thought ‘It must be out then.’ It was [a really minimal role], but I just loved doing it. It’s a great character.

So that’s it! Confirmed! Our rampant speculation can finally stop, right?

WRONG. No, new information just stokes the rampant speculation fires. Stand back, spoilerphobes—here be some potential upcoming plot points.


Ulysses Klaw is a Black Panther villain who figures into that character’s origins, so while it was already likely that Ultron would be setting up the future of the MCU, Klaw’s appearance is a pretty clear sign it’ll at least set the stage for Black Panther. Beyond that, Klaw has also been known to have a run-in with Ultron as well as steal vibranium, a metal Ultron will probably use to make himself indestructible in the movie that is also used in Black Panther’s costume—so far, it’s only used in Cap’s shield, but the material is found in large quantities in the fictional nation of Wakanda, Black Panther’s home country.

Add all of that together, and you’ve got a pretty good sense of how strong the ties are likely to be between Age of Ultron and Black Panther. Only one month left to wait!

(via Comics Alliance)

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Giveaway: Gravity Rerelease Blu-ray!

Apr. 1st, 2015 08:31 pm
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Posted by Jill Pantozzi

gravityCourtesy of Dolby, The Mary Sue has a special edition of Gravity, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, to give away!

The Oscar winning film has recently been rereleased on Blu-ray with a new special feature called, “Gravity: Silent Space.” It’s also go an introduction by director Alfonso Cuaron.

GravityGiveawaySo, how do you win? First, you have to be following us on Twitter. That is non-negotiable. If you’re not following us and you win, we’ll realize we can’t direct message (DM) you and have to move on to someone else. So keep a close eye on your DMs soon after the contest ends. Secondly, you must tweet this, and only this, in its entirety and with no alterations:

I’m entering @TheMarySue’s Gravity blu-ray giveaway because I can’t get enough #SpaceSandra http://goo.gl/VGyU6D!

You have until Friday, April 3st 2015 – 10:00 a.m. eastern to get your entry in—and sorry, you must have a valid address in the U.S. or Canada for us to ship the prize to you. However, if you live internationally and have a friend in the U.S. willing to forward a package along to your location, we’d be totally cool with that.

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What Are You Playing This April?

Apr. 1st, 2015 08:30 pm
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Posted by Kirk Hamilton

It’s April, the official month of dumb pranks , getting sick from too many Cadbury eggs, and spending an entire day smoking pot. Also, the official month of playing video games, because every month is the official month of playing video games!


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Posted by Mike Fahey

“Players now take 10% less damage in PvP.” “Players now deal 10% more damage in PvP.” “Players now act like they take 10% less damage in PvP, but they really don’t. They’re just kidding around.” You haven’t failed me yet, annual fake World of Warcraft patch notes.


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Posted by Evan Narcisse

So it's here: the beginning of the latest installment in a long cycle of DC Universe publishing events. Unfortunately, the first issue of Convergence doesn't hold up the legacy of its best predecessors and might just wind up annoying the fanbase it's supposed to energize.


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Posted by Damon Lavrinc

That's right. If you want to impersonate your favorite dictator or oil baron, you'll need nearly $220,00 just to get in the door. And that's before you start ticking the option boxes.


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Posted by Meredith Woerner

Last October, the Homestar Runner gang emerged from obscurity , and now it's the moment we have all been waiting for! Strong Bad is back to answerin' emails. Sort of. Kind of. Hey, at least he hates April Fools' Day too. Bless the return of Homestar Runner!


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Posted by Esther Inglis-Arkell

Putting little blindfolds on turtles has gotten to be a widespread scientific pursuit. Find out all the different ways, and reasons, why you might want to blindfold a creature that's too slow to run away from you.


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Posted by Ghost in the Machine

On this week's episode of Face Off it's a straightforward horror themed challenge - to make "an evil, demonic doll character." At least one of the contestants is glad it's not a "whimsical" challenge. Which contestant creates the best nightmare fuel and who has a nightmare week? Results ahead.



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