Cold-cache Sequential IO Benchmark

Jan. 22nd, 2017 02:08 pm
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Posted by angstrom

So I was building myself a new rig as a Christmas present. One thing led to another and I ended up writing an little, but very pedant benchmarking tool that measures maximum read/write rate for any given file system location.

Cold-Cache Sequential IO Benchmark --

Unlike other benchmarking tools it automatically searches for the best combination of IO buffer size and count, and it iterates over several different IO...

Cold-cache Sequential IO Benchmark
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Posted by Zarnyx on Talk Amongst Yourselves, shared by Riley MacLeod to Kotaku

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader run community: Hands-On Impressions Of The Nintendo Switch’s Snipperclips: It’s Creative, Cutting Edge Fun Blue Exorcist - Kyoto Saga: Episode 2 Impressions Dark Aether’s Favorite Games Of 2016

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Posted by /u/dedokta

A friend told me to watch this show so I searched the usual sites and found nothing. I wonder if the search engines can't search for the percentage symbol or if the show just isn't listed anywhere.

If it's a search issue then will this sort of thing become more common?

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Posted by /u/LegoNickD

If you don't feel like reading a ton skip to the last sentence.

So one of my computers that had windows 10 but came with windows 8.1 but it broke with windows 10 and didn't come with a product key (or came in one of the many manuals I didn't read) so I got an iso of windows 8.1 pro that didn't require a product key. So is there a way to activate windows 8.1 or at least get rid of the annoying "Activate Windows" watermark?

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Should I avoid this Prius?

Jan. 22nd, 2017 01:45 pm
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Posted by /u/ygdrssl

Here is the Prius in question:

Red flags: 3 owners, no service records, much higher mileage than national average (~20k/yr), small (+ hence less trustworthy) used car dealer, price is a bit high given mileage but I think I could get it for 8k

Pros: The interior and exterior both look immaculate. There is not a single scratch anywhere or even a minor tear or stain. The high mileage could indicate it was used for a long highway commute (common for prius drivers) which would generate less wear and tear than city driving, unusual to find this nice of a prius in this price range, pretty much the perfect car for me just based on the features and look.

The nice thing about this car is I could get the nice prius I want, but pay in cash and keep it for at least 5 years driving at my standard 8-9k miles/yr doing regular maintenance. Insurance would be cheaper, and I would be hit less by depreciation since it's already undergone a large part of its life depreciation.

So my question for you is this: If I had it checked out by an independent mechanic, verified VIN and checked the carfax (which they claim is clean), and checked all the features and for fluid leak and rust, is there any reason I shouldn't buy this car? If I do, what might I expect to replace over the next 50k miles?

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Posted by Ryan Schwartz

Master of None‘s Aziz Ansari made his Saturday Night Live hosting debut this weekend, presiding over the first episode since Donald Trump was officially sworn in as president of the United States. The Parks and Rec alum wasted no time mocking the new commander-in-chief, which more than made up for the absence of impersonator Alec Baldwin. The episode also featured an […]

AhaShare hacked?

Jan. 22nd, 2017 01:26 pm
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Posted by /u/n3tman - isn't opening - NS servers are "", updated on January 17th - latest tweet (first one since 2011) is some spam link, posted on Jan 17th too

Same link can be found on other Twitter accounts (look up in Google), posted on the same day: January 17th. Looks like many abandoned/old accounts were hacked.

If it's true, it's really sad. This public tracker had some unique content that couldn't be found anywhere else (like ginofamussa's HD classical music concerts / theatre play rips).

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2017 Accord V6 EX-L VS 2017 VW GTI SE

Jan. 22nd, 2017 01:23 pm
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Posted by /u/npanth

Hi all. I have a 2005 Civic SI (EP3) and I'm looking for a new car. I've narrowed it down to two cars, and I'm at an impasse. I'm hoping you folks can provide some insight into my choice.

I would like to improve a few things about my SI. I'd like a limited slip differential (GTI). Both cars have VSA. I'd like the motor to deliver it's torque lower in the RPM range (Both). I like the larger road presence when driving the Accord. I would like an easier step in/out (Accord). I like the feel of the driver's position in both cars. I think the Accord has a better infotainment system (not super important to me)

The SI has been super reliable. I got 100,000 miles out of the brake pads (I drive like your grandfather). The hatchback is very useful for carrying awkwardly sized items. I transport printers, computers, routers, switches, etc for work.

I guess I'm asking... should I stick with a hot hatch, or get a luxury coupe? Thanks!

x-post r/vw

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Posted by woody

I have a series of messages from CT: Have you noticed any problems accessing MS or NIST Time Servers. I run in to this problem here in Calgary, AB, Canada Friday. when I was trying to Upgrade to 15014. I usually have my PC’s and NAS on but it always gives a TimeOut error […]
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Posted by mondozilla


Ozone: The Attack of the Redneck Mutants is a 1986 ecological horror film written [as Brad Redd] and directed by Matt Devlen (Tabloid! and co-producer of SoulmatesBody PartsThe Invisible Maniac).


The film was co-produced by Devlen and Bret McCormick (Repligator; Highway to HellThe Abomination) and stars Scott Davis (The Abomination), Blue Thompson, and Brad McCormick.

A hole in the Ozone layer caused by toxic pollution turns a group of rednecks into flesh-eating mutants…




“The acting is low-budget quality, but not horrible. There’s lots of toilet humor and gross sound effects to keep the immature at heart giggling a bit. Like I said before, some of the blood and gore scenes are quite well done […] There’s a bunch of good to go along with a handful of bad…”


“This would have been campy fun in the vein of H.G. Lewis but the comedy is very lame, and the splatter occurs mostly at the climax where rednecks go on a rampage in a karaoke gathering and in people’s homes, tearing people apart. The rest of the gore consists of blood splatter and a lot of multicolored goo oozing and vomiting.” The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre


“This movie does take full advantage of the fact that it was filmed in such a precious format as Super 8. It even has fun with itself, as all the sound is dubbed in post-production (the lips don’t match the words half the time, as if a rewrite of the script was done in post-production to add more jokes, once they figured out how ridiculous the whole concept of the film truly was).” Jaime Grijalba, Desist Film


” …a good example of what you can achieve what a backyard filmmaking team can achieve when it sets out to do something squarely within its means — not much, to put it kindly, but the kind of “not much” that’s done with enough passion, heart, and balls that it ends up having its own kind of demented, but thoroughly watchable, charm.” Ryan C., Trash Film Guru







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Posted by VicSage

While the name of Bob Peak may not be familiar to you. I can certainly assure you that you’ve seen at least one of his amazing pieces of art in your time. In particular if you are a lover – a connoisseur of films. For example Bob Peak is the one responsible for the iconic […]

The post Check Out Some One Sheet Art Of Bob Peak! appeared first on The Retroist.

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Posted by /u/foo_m0nkey

I use Tree Style Tab. I run into slowdowns from time to time. Downloads slow down the browser to a crawl. about:performance says Tree Style Tab may be the cause.

I tried the Gecko Profiler. Nothing would show up in there. It had pauses of about 2 seconds. Nothing stood out in the profile. It's like it didn't pick up whatever was causing that problem.

Huge downloads lead to janky GUI and they stall the UI. This makes the browser a pain to use.

I was able to get around this issue a while ago by enabling e10s. That made this issue less noticeable for a while.

The Tree Style Tab project has some unsolved performance issues on GitHub.

Can anyone help, please?

OS: Windows 10 Firefox: latest beta, 64bit

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Now that it’s been announced that Good Omens is real, and that I will actually have some say in casting, we move into a sort of a huge I can’t say anything about casting zone. I can’t say who we are interested in or not interested in. I can’t say who we want. I can’t say how we got the people we will get. 

( Given that no casting has even begun to begin, I do not mind writing this next bit. But wouldn’t dare in a few months because by then some of these would be true. ”Well, X wanted to do it but was already overcommitted this year, Y turned it down as too weird, Z said yes but only if we could move shooting three months later and we couldn’t do it, and Q said yes, but he was already signed up to do a movie then, and we couldn’t risk it, and S said yes if we could pay him twice as much as anyone had ever got for doing TV before and if we could also guarantee that 15% of our special effects budget would be spent making his neck look younger, which was why M, who was nice and sane and available, seemed like a perfect bet…”)

So now, it’s all, wait, and as people are cast, we will tell you, when the time is right. Make your dreamcasts and post them and enjoy them, and, bearing in mind that we cannot cast all of the people you want as Crowley and all of the other (or the same) people you want as Aziraphale, we will try not to let you all down.

The Rise of the Mara

Jan. 22nd, 2017 01:05 am
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Posted by Setsuled on Setsuled, shared by FrankN.Stein to Observation Deck

Through a low brow, tacky reality show arises a malevolent force that reduces a powerful industrial civilisation to primitive clans of religious zealots. The 2010 Doctor Who audio play The Cradle of the Snake finds the Fifth Doctor and his companions encountering the Mara once again, the possessing spirit who menaced…


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Posted by dnewhous

No pop-ups and no ad slider across your screen thingis. I've got it to work with Edge, Firefox, and Opera, no problem. Also, it works with Windows firewall rather than replacing it. I once got a message that Windows firewall had blocked something when using Firefox.

When I say it works great I mean no pop-ups and no slide across your screen nuisances either.
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Posted by Minimalist

Employer Did Not Owe Legal Duty to Protect Employees' Hacked Personal and Financial Records
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Posted by Minimalist
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Posted by /u/krispyfriez

This is different to me asking "where do I download ms toolkit halp plz". Also, wall of text.

Right. I want to pirate Windows 10 on a new PC, with a Kaby Lake processor. What I planned to do was to install Windows 7, use Daz Loader then upgrade to Windows 10 using the accessibility workaround. But I found out that Kaby Lake chipsets don't have drivers for Windows 7, making it extremely difficult to get running.

However, I remember reading something (I believe it was on this sub) that you could run some kind of application from Windows 10 install media on Windows 7 that produces a file, used in the 7 to 10 upgrade process, that can be placed into Windows 10 to activate it. I wanted to do this in a Windows 7 VM, so I could extract the file and place it on Windows 10.

If anyone can help me, or even understand what I even asked for, I'd appreciate some help.

Also: Reason I want to do this is because I want a permanent activation on my Windows 10 machine, not a KMS alternative.

EDIT: I believe this was it: And this:

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