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Posted by Derrick Rossignol

You’ve probably heard the oft-repeated fact that bugs outnumber and outweigh us humans. Even still, it’s tough to imagine just how many tiny insects it’d take to add up to such a colossal weight. If you are having trouble with the image, perhaps this video of a locust swarm in Russia will help to get things rolling. (via RT).

The video, taken from inside the driver’s moving vehicle, shows what initially looks like a dust storm ahead. However, once we get into the thick of it, it turns out that this brown cloud isn’t made up of dirt, but by thousands and thousands of locusts. It might be unsettling to look at, but the problem goes a lot deeper than that: Authorities in the southern Russian republic of Dagestan declared a state of emergency last month when 114,000 hectares of agricultural land have been impacted. Despite efforts to stop it, the locusts have been very detrimental to the area. Listen to one resident’s account, from the video below:

“They devour everything. They destroy green fields and there is nothing, just bare ground. There are the greens over there, which they have not yet reached. It makes no difference for them: trees, shrubs or grass. If they devour it all, the cattle will have nowhere to graze. We would not know what to do then.”

It sounds like they’re talking about a merciless alien fleet that’s come to destroy Earth or something. Have you ever heard of anything like this happening? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Featured image: Bruno Cordioli/Flickr

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Posted by Michael Ausiello

Sarah Chalke will play D.J.’s wife in ABC’s forthcoming Roseanne revival… is an icky, incest-tinged, so-wrong-it’d-be-right theory I posited to Becky No. 2 over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con. And while I’m likely wrong — Chalke’s dumbstruck reaction all but confirmed as much — the actress strongly hinted that her top-secret character will have a […]
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Posted by Kimberly Roots

Much like Westworld‘s titular amusement park itself, the HBO drama’s presence at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was vast and all-encompassing. So much so, we had to split the sci-fi series’ massive cast in two just to be able to fit them in our interview suite. And that was probably a good thing: After all, who […]
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Posted by Peter Sciretta

Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer breakdown

A new trailer for Stranger Things season 2 (or Stranger Things 2, as Netflix is calling it) was released during San Diego Comic-Con International on Saturday afternoon. If you haven’t yet seen it, please click here now to watch it as it’s definitely one of the most exciting things I saw in Hall H this week in San Diego. Now that the /Film team has returned home, it’s time to delve in and unlock the secrets in our trademark trailer breakdown analysis. Hit the jump for the Stranger Things Season 2 trailer breakdown.

stranger things season 2 trailer breakdown

The trailer begins with three of the kids riding their bicycles to an arcade; nothing can be more 1980s than this. Entering the local Hawkins gaming establishment is Finn Wolfhard‘s character Mike Wheeler, Gaten Matarazzo‘s Dustin Henderson, and Caleb McLaughlin‘s Lucas Sinclair. It’s curious that Noah Schnapp‘s Will Byers is not with the group.

stranger things season 2 trailer breakdown

The kids are playing the 1983 arcade game Dragon’s Lair. The game featured animation by ex-Disney animator Don Bluth and was notable for using LaserDisc storage to overcome storage limitations of traditional games of the era.

Dragon's Lair

This is probably not just another fun 1980s homage/reference and is most likely a metaphor for the adventure the boys are about to embark on, much in the same way that their D&D game was an encapsulation of the first season. Remember, in the Dungeons & Dragons game in Chapter One, Will uses fireball against the Demogorgon, which foreshadows Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve setting the Monster on fire in Chapter Eight.

So let’s take a look at the story of the game: Dragon’s Lair followed a knight named Dirk the Daring who is attempting to rescue Princess Daphne from the evil dragon Singe, who has locked the princess in the foul wizard Mordroc’s castle. Could Princess Daphne be Eleven stuck in the Upside Down?

stranger things season 2 trailer breakdown

Notice that Will Byers joins the trio at the arcade in this reaction shot. Perhaps Will’s mother is overprotective of him and dropped him off? Or maybe the trio met Will at the arcade? Dustin is sporting a t-shirt featuring the periodic table of elements, which has been featured in the show previously (albeit, they incorrectly included elements that weren’t discovered until the next decade). Ten elements have been added to the periodic table of elements since 1984, with Hassium being the only element added the year in which this story takes place.

stranger things season 2 trailer breakdown

The kids die in the game with the evil dragon burning the heroic knight alive, something that doesn’t seem like a metaphor. The next shot shows Will looking at something outside the arcade.

stranger things season 2 trailer breakdown

Outside, it appears to be snowing. Or is that the debris that floats in the Upside Down?

stranger things season 2 trailer breakdown

Remember, last time we saw Will Byers at the end of season one, he coughed up a weird slug-like creature and was still having visions of the Upside Down. It appears these “daydreams” happen involuntarily. And notice that the other kids inside the arcade have disappeared.

stranger things season 2 trailer breakdown

A flicker, and it’s now abundantly clear that Will is in that other dimension.

stranger things season 2 trailer breakdown

A door swings open, drawing Will towards the light outside.

stranger things season 2 trailer breakdown

Red lightning comes from the sky outside the Arcade.

stranger things season 2 trailer breakdown

As the lightning lights up the landscape, Will sees a huge six-legged creature that looks like something out of Lovecraftian tales.

stranger things season 2 trailer breakdown

Will is knocked out of his inter-dimensional day dream when Mike comes outside to ask him if he is okay.

stranger things season 2 trailer breakdown

Will looks back up at the sky which previously had the huge creature, and everything is back to normal. What exactly is going on in the Upside Down? We know that the kids killed the Demogorgon, so what is this new creature? Could it have something to do with the eggs we saw in the Upside Down in the first installment of the series?


After the Netflix logo, we are shown a car driving by a sign that says “Leaving Hawkins, Come Again Soon.” We have been told by series creators The Duffer Brothers that this season will leave Hawkins a few times, including the opening scene of the first episode. We also know there is a new character played by Linnea Berthelsen named Roman, who is described as “an emotionally damaged, magnetic young woman who suffered a great loss as a child. Although she does not live in Hawkins, she is mysteriously connected to the supernatural events at the lab.”

Whose car is this? The next shot may provide the answer.

stranger things season 2 trailer breakdown

Mike is peering over at an empty seat, which seems likely it is Will’s old seat in the classroom. Has Will moved away from Hawkins? Is it possible that his mother decided they needed a change of scenery? Or did something else happen that kept Will out of school? Mike seems concerned about the predicament.

stranger things season 2 trailer breakdown

Joe Keery‘s character Steve Harrington walks away from Natalia Dyer‘s Nancy Wheeler, who doesn’t seem too pleased. What has happened here?

stranger things season 2 trailer breakdown

Winona Ryder‘s character Joyce Byers looks worried about her son Will, who is laying in a doctor’s office or laboratory. Maybe this is why Will was missing school that day.

stranger things season 2 trailer breakdown

It’s revealed that the lab is being monitored by video, and we pull back to reveal that not only is that room being videotaped, but all the hallways and the whole facility.

Continue Reading Stranger Things 2 Trailer Breakdown >>

The post ‘Stranger Things 2’ Trailer Breakdown: Comic-Con Trailer Secrets Revealed appeared first on /Film.

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Posted by David Ian McKendry

Recently, dark content documentaries have captivated wide-spread audience attention, as shows like MAKING OF A MURDERER and THE KEEPERS became regular water cooler discussions. The new movie DELIVER US aka LIBRA NOS (currently playing at the Fantasia Film Fest) will no doubt garner an equal amount fascination and is a must for an dark content documentary […]

Dream Daddy, As Told By Steam Reviews

Jul. 24th, 2017 06:03 pm
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Posted by Gita Jackson

Dream Daddy is the best dad-oriented dating simulation game out on Steam right now, and its Steam users declare, “I’m gay.”


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Posted by Cyrus Farivar

Enlarge / Phazzer's Enforcer weapon retailed for around $600, compared with $900 for a comparable Taser weapon. (credit: Phazzer)

Axon, the company formerly known as Taser, said Monday that it has successfully defeated a Florida company in a patent lawsuit over its electrical stun gun design. For Axon, the victory is the third against knockoff rival firms in the last seven years.

Last Friday, a federal judge in Florida found that a company called "Phazzer" (yes, like "phaser") "engaged in a pattern of bad faith behavior" as the case has unfolded. Phazzer made a product strikingly similar to the Taser. And the case involving Axon was first filed in 2016, shortly after a Florida county sheriff decided to switch from Taser weapons to Phazzer (largely over cost reasons).

To further punish the company, US District Judge Paul Byron ruled in favor of Axon and hit Phazzer with a permanent injunction to make, sell, import, or distribute its own stun guns, likely marking a death knell for the Kissimmee, Florida-based company. For now, Phazzer's website is still up and makes no mention of the lawsuit.

Read 3 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Posted by Beth Elderkin

It was the final day of San Diego Comic-Con, and the cosplayers went out in style. Day 4's round-up includes the uncanny Gru above, some giant Lego superheroes, a stunning Princess Mononoke, Optimus Prime in his formal wear, and much more (including, uh, Darth Trump was there, too). Check out io9's final San Diego…


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Posted by Gavin Sheehan

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is out, and with it, a brand new experience in Valerian: City of Alpha. This is a mobile app game that was released in conjunction with the film, and to help celebrate the release of it, we’re giving away copies of the prints below!

These are lovely fine pieces of work from locations you can play in the game, which is also in relation to the series and the film. If you’d like to win these prints, all you have to do is Tweet a photo of you playing the game, along with the hashtag #ValerianAlpha. We’ll choose winners randomly on Thursday, July 27!

Tweet #ValerianAlpha

This promotion is not valid wherever prohibited by law, and is only available to individuals within the contiguous United States. 

Win These Custom Prints From ‘Valerian: City of Alpha’

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Posted by Joshua Davison

Bleeding Cool’s Hilton Collins writes:

At one time, Heidi MacDonald was a huge fan of X-Men comics. MacDonald, a comic book journalist and former editor of Vertigo and Disney comics, was captivated by Christopher Claremont’s classic X-Men stories — until he messed them up.

MacDonald told the story during the Friday morning panel Writing About Comics: From Fan to Pro, which she moderated, at San Diego Comic-Con. She didn’t say which Claremont X-Men issue started the downward spiral or during which year, but she was pretty clear that she didn’t like it.

She had criticized Claremont’s work on her blog, The Beat, and he got pissed.

“He contacted me and he was nasty,” she said. And then, after a pause, she continued. “But I still didn’t like X-Men.”

MacDonald used her story to illustrate the pitfalls comic book journalists face. An audience member wondered if comic book journalists faced pushback for harsh opinions. All of them said yes.

It was the session’s most thought-provoking audience question. Panelists Jamie Broadnax (Black Girl Nerds), Graeme McMillan (The Hollywood Reporter, Playboy), and Alexander Lu (The Beat) discussed examples of tense situations they’d had with creators.

Lu said that it’s tough for some creators to take criticism these days because we live in tense times. It’s easy to trigger people, but they shouldn’t be overly sensitive.

“You’ve got to grow,” he said. “That’s a whole part of this journey.”

He added that criticism riles stirs up such strong emotions because people usually focus on negativity more than they do positivity.

Although that’s not always the case. MacDonald pointed out that the Wonder Woman movie’s positive reception has garnered a wealth of attention.

But above all, criticism should be sincere, whether it’s positive or negative. Fake analysis can be easy to spot when it’s over-eager to praise.

“A lot of people are just cheerleaders,” McMillan said. “You can tell who the cheerleaders are.”

Another audience member wondered if comics journalism was a wise career choice for people who wanted to work in the industry. Would companies hire people who tore their work apart?

Yet, the answer to that question only matters for people who want the job. Some panelists had no interest in becoming creators. Broadnax said that she doesn’t even know if she’d be good at it.

MacDonald wasn’t interested, even after her stints at Disney and DC.

“Been there, done that,” she said.

Ironically, criticizing comics actually led to her getting her first professional comic book job with Disney. In those early days, they gave her an editing test where she had to critique kids comics. She pointed out problems with a Chip ‘N Dales Rescue Rangers story, and a staffer was impressed with her guts. MacDonald was only one brave enough to say anything bad about the content, and she was offered a job.

She hoped that Broadnax’s website, Black Girl Nerds, could serve as a launching point for creators of color. Broadnax didn’t mention any situations where her site caused someone to get a job in comics, but she said that she’s used it to feature people of color who already work in comic book or related entertainment.

Black Girl Nerds has also been the touchpoint for viral criticism. Broadnax vaguely referred to a situation where she and other women of color critiqued a “certain cover” for its depiction of a young black female character. She didn’t name names, but it seemed obvious that she was referring to the controversial original variant cover J. Scott Campbell drew for Invincible Iron Man #1. It featured an image of Riri Williams, a teenaged black girl, wearing a tight red tank top. Broadnax and other fans felt it played into negative stereotypes of black women.

“Black women are often hypersexualized,” she said.

comics journalism

Broadnax started prodcasts where she and other black fans can discuss black characters. Podcast titles are themed around hair, like Storm’s Silk Press and Misty Knight’s Uninformed Afro. Episodes are golden opportunities for her and other fans to analyze characters of color and learn new things about them.

“It was really great to learn about the characters,” she said. “We really dive into these characters’ stories.”

Black Girl Nerds highlights how comic book blogs and journalism can be great ways to get attention. Broadnax started her site to be a beacon for comic book fans who don’t get much spotlight. Years ago, for example, she searched the term “black girl nerds” in Google, and the only images she saw were ones of women with black sunglasses on. There was no outlet for black female voices in fandom, so Broadnax started one, and it took off.

MacDonald mentioned creators who got their start in comics after running fansites or holding jobs as journalists. Veteran Legion of Superheroes writer Paul Levitz, for example, had a fanzine when he was 13 before he started working at DC Comics. Novelist Alex Segura was an editor for Wizard Entertainment and the Miami Herald before he got jobs with DC Comics, Archie Comics, and Dark Circle Comics.

Comic Book Journalists Discuss the Pitfalls of the Job And How To Break Into The Industry

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Posted by Lacey Jackson

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Wynonna Earp: Season Zero is the new five-issue tie-in to the hit Syfy show Wynonna Earp.

wynonna earp

Wynonna Earp: Season Zero isn’t quite a prequel, though the main focus hinges on our titular character’s shady past. Instead, it’s meant as supplemental material for the show, answering some burning questions that don’t quite fit in the main storyline.

Creator Beau Smith assures that for questions concerning the Banditos (the gang Wynonna once ran with), the mysterious key Wynonna wears around her neck, and the past that is coming back to haunt her, the answers can only be found here — making it a must-buy for any diehard fan of the TV show.

From an outsider’s perspective, this isn’t the easiest place to begin your journey with Wynonna and her crew. There is a bit of an attempt by writers Beau Smith and Tom Rozon to give you some crucial background on the characters, but it just comes across as wordy and unnecessary. Having characters sit around and reminisce about their past actions is too often clunky, and as in this case, fills what could be an interesting page with way too much dialogue. It would have made more sense to forego the attempt to grab the attention of a new reader or viewer in order to progress the story a little faster.

The art, by Angel Hernandez, is crisp, clean, and consistent. There isn’t much in the way of action in the first issue, but what’s there is translated well to the page. Some panels come off a bit stiff, but I’d chalk that up more to the unnatural actions of certain characters than the art itself. Character design between the TV series and this run of comics matches well, too. Even without the sometimes-ridiculous garb each character sports, there’s never a question as to who is who.

Altogether, despite being rather wordy, it’s a strong first issue. There’s a burst of excitement in the middle that makes up for the drag in the beginning and transitions well to later flashbacks. And while there’s some rather flawed logic, I find it easy to handwave, considering the nature of the show and series. If you’re a fan who loves jumping into the background of your favorite characters, it’s a no-brainer to pick this up.

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Wynonna Earp: Season Zero #1 Review: Delving into the Past

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Posted by Dan Wickline

There was a boatload of news coming out of Comic-Con this weekend for just about every comic, television series and movie. Not only was the news overlapping each other, but some of the announcements overshadowed other important things said for the same series. Arrow was one of those panels that had so much news that some of it might have been lost. So here are the things in a nice recap.

Arrow season 6

The big news was that Michael Emerson of Lost and Person of Interest would be joining the series as a villain. It’s not clear who he will be, though from his past roles it seems he’d be a good candidate to play Cayden James, founder of Helix.

Also announced at the panel is that David Nyki would be back as Anatoly Knyazev, who has been a recurring character since season 2. Knyazev is also known as the KGBeast in the comics.

Another villain confirmed for Arrow Season 6 is Richard Dragon, though who will play the role has not been announced. This was something we mentioned as possible last week.

From what executive producer Marc Guggenheim said during the panel, these three will be working together as the true big bad for season six will be a team of big bads, something they haven’t done before. Richard Dragon is known in the comics for putting together a team called The Longbow Hunters. The Arrowverse may be assembling their own version of that team. Guggenheim insinuated there would be more on the team and some of them will be new characters.

Other confirmation is that not only will Slade Wilson/Deathstroke survive the island, but Manu Bennett will return for a two part storyline later in the first half of the season.

And finally, they once again affirmed that there will never be an musical episode of Arrow. Stephen Amell seemed very adamant about that.

Richard Dragon Confirmed As Upcoming ‘Arrow’ Villain

HBO Streming Quality

Jul. 24th, 2017 06:22 pm
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Posted by /u/Thecharuman

Hey guys I don't understand a thing. So what kind of quality is the stremaing when paid for watching on hbo?. I don't understand how u can torrent or download blueraly quality episodes already know fx. game of thrones episode 2. How is it possible for the torrent quality to be better than the official streaming quality when they haved releases the blue ray of seaons 7 yet?

submitted by /u/Thecharuman
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Posted by /u/Greentail12

So I haven't torrented in quite a while and am wondering what are the best torrent sites for shows and movies with HD audio quality, (Dolby TrueHD/Atmos, DTS HDMA, DTS:X), and what are some good uploaders to those websites or any I should make sure to avoid downloading from? That can go for other sites like pirate Bay, kick-ass, etc.

submitted by /u/Greentail12
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Posted by /u/Rutujsg

So until recently, I was subscribed to Apple Music.. But now I've switched to Android, and unsubed from it ( I know there's an android app)... I used to pirate my music from Deezerloaded before it shut down.. All the music from there was properly tagged with the right album artwork. Now I get my music from various sources and so it has annoying tags and wrong album artworks. I wanted to know of a good script to organize and tag all my media properly.. iTunes is good but it isn't automatic.. And plus it doesn't save the album artwork ( I think)... MusicBrainz Picard never worked for me either. How do you do it?

submitted by /u/Rutujsg
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Posted by John Squires

They cannot take our money fast enough.

The most anticipated horror movie of the year is unquestionably Mama director Andy Muschietti’s new take on Stephen King’s IT, which will bring us back to Derry on September 8. We were hoping the new movie would bring Pennywise back into the Funko POP! line (the Tim Curry version has his own vinyl toy), and indeed it’s going to!

Set for release in September, just in time for the movie, is a wave of (at least) four different new IT POP! vinyl toys that depict actor Bill Skarsgard’s new version of Pennywise. First up is the standard toy of Pennywise holding Georgie’s boat, which will have a rare 1-in-6 “sepia” chase variant.

In addition, there will be a couple of store exclusives. “Pennywise with wig” is headed to Walmart stores, while “Pennywise with balloon” will be a Hot Topic exclusive.

Check them all out below!

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Posted by Ryan Felton

Parking is a tedious task, and frankly most humans just aren’t very good at it. Thankfully, Daimler and Bosch are working together to take this task out of humanity’s very flawed hands. The two companies debuted a service on Monday that takes a stab at what such a system might look like, calling it Automated Valet…


[syndicated profile] jalopnik_feed

Posted by Michelle Woo on Offspring, shared by Patrick George to Jalopnik

More states are enacting laws allowing people to break into hot cars to save a child or pet without having to face certain legal liabilities. Oregon enacted one this summer. Arizona’s goes into effect on August 9.


Five Books About Extreme Worlds

Jul. 24th, 2017 06:00 pm
[syndicated profile] tordotcom_feed

Posted by Michael Johnston

The essence of a great science fiction or fantasy novel is the world. There, I said it. Feel free to disagree. But I haven’t fallen in love with a novel without first falling deep into the author’s imaginary world. So naturally it was the most extreme worlds that became my favorites. And in the hands of the best authors those unique worlds produced not only memorable places and stories, but fertile ground for things like social and political commentary as well. There is something to be said for taking things to their limits. In each of these novels the author has taken ideas about our humdrum world and pushed them to the extreme (as if I hadn’t already overused that word). In doing this, in seeing these exaggerated versions of our world, we are allowed glimpses of possible futures or of alternate versions of the present or even the past.


The Drowned World by J.G. Ballard

To grasp the significance of J.G. Ballard’s novel it’s important to remember that it was written in 1962 because it sounds like a novel that was written in the last few years. In fact, more than one book has been written in the last few years with a similar premise. The Drowned World was the first book I read in what I’ll call the “scientific expedition into an unknown world” genre. A kind of global warming has devastated the world. The polar ice caps are melted, flooding the northern hemisphere, transforming the land into something that resembles the Triassic period (now that’s extreme). But what’s truly great about The Drowned World is the way in which this transformation shapes and affects the characters. Our protagonist literally finds himself regressing into an earlier state, feeling more primitive and impulsive, devolved like his world. It’s a perfect of example of the interplay of character and environment and a keen commentary on the fragility of our society.


The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi

Here we encounter another world wrecked by flooding and eco-disasters, a world in which biological plagues wreak havoc on the population and strange, genetic experiments run wild (a population of feral Cheshire Cats). We are in the drowned world of 23rd century Thailand, a place that is powered (literally) by springs (check the title of the book). Food sources are controlled by vast global conglomerates (this one is just a fact of the modern world) and the last remaining seed bank is a treasure our protagonist will do anything to acquire. The Windup Girl might just be the future of agriculture or our present.


The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin

There is a point in the novel where the narrator, Genly Ai, wonders whether the peculiar nature of the people of Gethen—also known as Winter, the perpetually cold and snowy planet in Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness—are a product of the extreme environment or some sort of genetic experiment long ago abandoned. We never discover the answer. Rather, Le Guin’s novel is a meditation on the nature of the Gethenites’ sexual identity. See, the people of Winter have no fixed sex. They shift from male to female in a cycle and choose partners to suit their current sex. Our narrator is an envoy, a man from another world trying to make first contact with Gethen. He is ultimately thrown out by one faction, embraced by another, betrayed, befriended, and saved. The novel concludes with one of the more memorable segments in science fiction, a month’s long journey across a glacier that leaves Genly (male) alone with Estraven (alternately male and female). The two are trapped, isolated as they move across the ice. In this private world we confront the notion of what it is to be a man or a woman and how we define our relationship between the two.


Dune by Frank Herbert

Arrakis, also called Dune, is a planet entirely devoid of surface water, a desert from top to bottom. And everyone who lives there—the native population, the freeman—is entirely focused on conservation and desert survival. The desert of Arrakis is merciless, but it’s also the only place in the universe where the spice, mélange, exists. Born of sandworms, the spice is a kind of catchall mystical, pseudo-scientific, quasi-religious super drug. Control of the spice equals control of the empire. And the spice is born out of this extreme environment, as are its spice-consuming, blue-within-blue-eyed population, the freeman. These folk are the true children of the desert. Their stillsuits turn every man or woman into a walking ecosystem, a self-sufficient, recycling machine in stylish brown leather. There are a hundred different reasons to praise Dune, but it was the severity of Herbert’s depiction of desert life that most struck me when I first read it.


Solaris by Stanislaw Lem

Okay, I saved this one for last because Stanislaw Lem’s Solaris gets the prize for most extreme world. Solaris, the eponymous planet, contains only one living organism. The planet wasn’t populated by a billion life forms that rose out of the ocean, rather the planet-sized ocean became a single life form. As the novel opens we learn that scientist have already spent decades studying the ocean. Volumes have been written about it. Generations have studied Solaris, but the ocean remains a mystery. The people of earth are unable to communicate with Solaris and it’s not for want of trying. Even the planet wants to communicate with humanity. It creates grand structures and humanoid figures, using mimicry to attempt communication. It doesn’t work. Contact is never achieved. Solaris is about the limitations of our species. It’s about trying to understand something that is completely different from you. It’s a contemplation of what is alien and thus human as well.


Michael Johnston has always been an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy. He studied architecture and ancient history at Lehigh University and earned a master’s degree in architecture from Columbia University. Michael worked as an architect in New York City before switching to writing full time. He is the co-author of the YA Heart of Dread trilogy with his wife, Melissa de la Cruz. His new book, Soleri, is now available from Tor. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter. You can find him online at his website and on Twitter @MJohnstonAuthor.

[syndicated profile] avclubdaily_feed

Welcome back to AVC Sessions, our new series where we bring in an artist, band, musician, singer, rapper, etc. to perform three of their own tracks. This week, we’re joined by a fellow Midwesterner Pokey LaFarge. Originally from Bloomington, Illinois, LaFarge brings his classic folk stylings to the big city. Today, he performs “Riot In The Streets,” a track from his newest album, Manic Revelations.

Pokey LaFarge is on tour now. Dates are available here.

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It’s amazing what a legendary art team can bring to a comic series. Mother Panic wasn’t a bad title before artist John Paul Leon and colorist Dave Stewart jumped on board for a three-issue arc, but the series has been significantly elevated by their arrival. Some of that is due to Jody Houser’s story threads coming together more tightly in this storyline, but there’s also a sense that she knows she’s working with two masters that can handle anything she throws at them, so she’s giving them meatier content. “Victim Complex” features Mother Panic’s creepiest villain yet, a killer who wears a Gotham City Coroner body bag and goes after people who have already been victims to test their capacity for survival, and it’s allowed Houser to delve even deeper into Violet Page’s personal trauma, from the murder of her father ...

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On Saturday, Steven Spielberg unveiled the trailer for his new sci-fi epic Ready Player One. Based on Ernest Cline’s novel of the same name, it came touted in the trailer as a “pop culture holy grail” set in a virtual reality world in which The Iron Giant, Ninja Turtles, Freddy Krueger, and many other licensed action figures appear to, um, fight each other or something. The film doesn’t come out until March 2018, but its pedigree—both via off-camera talent and on-camera fictional wattage—is about as high as a sci-fi flick gets.

But the response has been… not good. Indeed, while Cline’s novel is beloved by a certain subset of fandom-obsessed forum-dwellers, and its brand of hyper-referential nerd-canon reverence has become increasingly mainstream as a result of Marvel movies and shows like The Big Bang Theory, many people find its take on games and so-called genre ...

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There’s an Intel sticker on basically every PC, generally impossible to remove without leaving some nasty residue. Macs also use Intel processors, so why don’t they have stickers?
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Summary from Günter Born on his BornCity blog. KB 4025336 blocks the client’s connection to WSUS After installing KB 4025331, no more Office and Windows updates could be installed from clients via SCCM. In both cases, uninstalling the updates solves the problems.
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Two weeks ago, Dark Shadows: The Complete Series (the DVD "coffin set") was on sale for a few hours at Amazon for $265. Today, it's available at the same online retailer for the low, low price of $9,999.99. What gives?

Well, it's probably not time to panic. When you see these fantastically insane prices at Amazon, it's almost always a sign that the product is simply out of stock from all available vendors. Rather than update online inventory whenever a product is temporarily out of stock, some vendors will use bots to quietly boost their price point above their competitors. The idea here is to keep you from ordering something that's out of stock. After all, why would someone order the most expensive item when there are identical units for sale at the same site?

When everybody sells out, though, the bots go on a rampage. Prices expand rapidly as the bots compete to stay ahead of the other vendors in hopes that nobody orders anything, leaving us gifts like a $10,000 price tag for a $300 (give or take) product.

I've got my concerns that Dark Shadows: The Complete Series will go out of print someday, but it doesn't appear that that day has arrived. Over at MPI Home Video's website, you can still grab a set for $375. That's not quite the bargain that Amazon was offering a few weeks ago, but certainly better than $10,000.

Via: Amazon
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Lion Forge, for all their best intentions, has had a hard time finding its voice in the comic book industry. When I first encountered the publisher at smaller conventions about five years ago, their books were promising but nothing different from what BOOM! was doing at the time. I believe I still have one of those […]


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