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Go ahead and complain if you will- but tonight, we again run the movie we have ALWAYS gotten the most requests for here at the Sven program- the legendary monster mosh pit- “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein”!

Bud and Lou are Chick and Wilbur, two railroad baggage clerks, hard at work- while Wilbur’s new sultry girlfriend drops by for a brief visit, confounding Chick as to  why such a doll would be interested in his pal. An odd warning phone call comes in from one Larry Talbot in London-and the connection seems faulty due to the full moon rising there!  Chick and Wilbur have to deliver a couple boxes to a “house of horrors” museum owned by the irascible McDougal- the supposed actual coffin of Count Dracula, and the Frankenstein Monster! On a dark and stormy night, the boys bring the exhibits to their new home- only to have Wilbur discover that Drac and the Monster are indeed for real, in spite of the disbelief of his partner! When the gruesome twosome (not Chick and Wilbur !) take their leave of the place, the owner comes by with his insurance inspector, and blames the boys for his new properties being missing- and has them arrested!

Meanwhile, Wilbur’s girlfriend, the lovely Sandra , turns out to be a surgeon with an island castle sanctuary- where Dracula and the Monster go to take advantage of her knowledge of Dr. Frankenstein’s notes. Sandra has a devious reason for playing up to Wilbur- she wants to use his brain to transplant into the Monster!

Wilbur and Chick are bailed out of jail by a female- and , while they think it was Sandra, it ends up being Joan- a new entry in the friendly female department. Little do they realize, she is actually working for the insurance company, and hopes to learn what the boys did with the two missing display items. The arrival of Larry Talbot puts them on a new track- he wants them to help him find the two legendary creatures, so he can destroy them and save mankind from their evil!

Things really get complicated when the boys invite their new gal pal to join them and Sandra at a masquerade ball. Wilbur and Chick, upon Talbot’s urging, check out a secret basement area in the castle, where Wilbur runs into the monsters, but they’re always gone by the time Chick shows up.  Later, they meet Sandra’s associate, Dr. Leighos- who resembles Count Dracula- who urges them all to go enjoy the costume gala!

Before long- EVERYBODY is at the masquerade ball- including mean Mr. McDougal, the Doctor/Count (complete in a Dracula “costume”) and Talbot. This all leads to monstrous mayhem- with some of our friend falling under the hypnotic spell of Dracula, being endangered by the Wolf Man- and fearing the restoration of the Frankenstein Monster to full power! The island castle becomes a battleground, with good versus evil- and even EVIL versus evil!

Yes- it’s a classic, and arguably one of the very best horror-comedies- with legitimate scares and laughs. We’ll go over  some of the film’s unique features and moments- and- watch for a couple stories and photos we were sent by none other than Lou Costello’s daughter, Chris!

“Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” is presented on MeTV tonight at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or, check your local listings for time. Chicago gets a final look at Paula Dupree’s swan (or ape) song- “Jungle Captive”- on our sister station, WCIU, the U, at 11 am.

Just a half hour after that start time, you can meet me at the big C2E2 comics and entertainment convention at Chicago’s McCormick Place. I’ll be signing at table # 16 from 11:30-1:30 pm. Make sure you visit my friend  Jerry “the King” Lawler at Ink Fusion booth, and tell him Svengoolie sent you! Find full information under our “appearances” tab on this site.

I just want to thank all of you who sent your kind condolences to us upon the passing of my father, Ray Koz. It’s been a tough week and  a half, and your support has meant a lot to me and my family.

We definitely need some lighter moments- and Bud and Lou will deliver them tonight!




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A lot goes on in the sequel so if you missed some stuff then here's this handy Den of Geek article. Needless to say, if you haven't seen the movie yet then you will be horrendously spoilt for it.

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Here's a video that went viral this week - reminding everyone of the fairy tale "golden age" of Disney of the 90's - but with an R&B feel and hooks from other pop songs thrown in there to mix it up a little. The costumes are cute tribute updates too. Clearly Todrick Hall had a lot of fun with this.

This is much better done than I expected and the Aladdin tribute it finishes with is fantastic. Just try and keep your feet still. (And boy can Shoshana Bean sing!) Take a look:
Todrick Hall has become (very) famous for his edgy takes on Disney songs, tales and characters - most of them being fairy tales. His 'revisionist' takes (there's that word again!) are incredibly popular and create a lot of conversation about fairy tales and how they're told today. (So much so, I think it's about time I gave him his own tag!) His Cell Block Tango mixing Chicago's amazing murderesses sequence with Disney villains was inspired. I'll link you in case you missed it. HERE.

Spoiler Filled: ‘Fido’ Discussion

Apr. 25th, 2015 08:00 am
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The Spoiler Filled Film Conversation Hooray choosing wheel has spun around to Ant once again, who on this occasion has brought in ‘Fido’ from 2006. It’s a Canadian comedy domestic 1950s melodrama? Yes, that sounds right. What is this strange world where they had a zombie apocalypse instead of World War II, and now everyone zombifies when they die? And how did it come to pass that controlled zombies are now the slave class? How strange is all of this? Listen in as Rich, Ant and Abi chatter on about the ethics of enslaving the undead, keeping your servant even after he has murdered one of your neighbours, and whether it’s not just a little bit icky to keep a zombie as your love slave. Did Abi and Rich take it all too seriously? Perhaps, but it did make for a nice chat. Oh, and that was Billy Connolly. Be astounded.

Recorded: 26 February 2015.


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This time on Film Bin Commentaries, Abi has brought in ‘The Wedding Singer’ from 1998, and the Crew have become locked into 1980s nostalgia with a vengeance! Hang on, though, as is that a tinge of cynicism and criticism of the era embedded in the film? Just a smidgin? Listen in as Abi, Oli and Rich ponder just what’s going on in this classic Adam Sandler / Drew Barrymore matchup. Is it the best Adam Sandler film? We’re not brave enough to say, but it’s certainly in the pack.

‘The Wedding Singer’: An exercise in extremely skillful restraint, and Fonzie references. Not only is the Wrong Man slowly elevated to his status, but there’s careful Buscemi bookending, a very well calibrated use of the Sandler supporting company, and the maximum shock value of Jon Lovitz at his best. Yes, the Lovitz is back! The Crew like this film, and generally just chatter about the narrative, with some analysis of the Sandler’s comedic chops and his films in general.

Points of interest: Steve Buscemi, the truth of whether Vegas is the romance capital of the world or not, the Rob Scheider castoff theory, the perils of extended cuts, lots of cynicism about weddings, and some subtle putdowns of Christopher Nolan and Tom Hardy. Do the Crew care about public opinion? Nyet! If only weddings and their parties could be as nice as they are in this film…

We were paused at 00:00:00 of our region 2 PAL DVD versions of the theatrical cut of ‘The Wedding Singer’, poised to begin. For more fan commentaries from around the world, check out www.zarban.com, Zarban’s House of Commentaries. Could Zarban be a Billy Idol fan? Is anyone?

Recorded: 15 April 2015.


Welcome to TORn Founders Day – 2015

Apr. 25th, 2015 07:16 am
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FoundersDay16TreeWhen TheOneRing.net marked its 10th anniversary in 2009, we celebrated in style. In fact, we had such a good time, we decided to continue to celebrate every year on April 26, the date that TORn was established.

Founders Day is TheOneRing.net’s official holiday, filled with the best that a virtual party can offer. If you’re new(er) to the site, it’s a chance to find out about the roots of the site, about the four founders, and to say thanks to the people who keep this place going.

If you’ve been around for a bit, it’s a great day to reminisce, tell war stories, and reflect on all the adventures and friendships that have been forged over the years.

Look for a few special party threads on our message boards (mostly on Main, Off Topic and Feedback) — so don’t be shy! Hunt around, find a party game you like, or a conversation you enjoy, and dive in!

Plus Barliman’s is always open. While we understand they don’t currently have a special event planned, they always welcome both old friends and new visitors, so why not drop in and say Hi!

Here’s to our Founders (from left to right below: Corvar, Xoanon, Tehanu, Calisuri).


Happy 16th TORniversary, TheOneRing.net!


As part of our celebrations every year we reprise posting the TORn ‘Valequenta’ below. The TORn ‘Valequenta’ was written by member Alassëa Eruvende and set most beautifully to paper by our dear friend Daniel Reeve, calligrapher and artist for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies. Enjoy!




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Christian Cawley is a writer at Kasterborous Doctor Who News and Reviews - All the latest Doctor Who news and reviews with our weekly podKast, features and interviews, and a long-running forum.

Titan Comics have confirmed the details of a special Doctor Who Free Comic Book Day signing at Forbidden Planet (London Megastore) on Saturday May 2 at 12PM.

Writers Al Ewing and Rob Williams will be signing copies of the Free Comic Book Day Doctor Who edition as well as copies of Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor volume 1: Afterlife.​ ​Also, writer Cavan Scott will be on hand to sign copies of the brand new Ninth Doctor comic series, while there will also be a 2000AD sampler on offer with some of the talent associated with the most successful run of progs in British comic book history.

Here’s the planned schedule, which is no doubt subject to change:

12:00 to 1:00 – Doctor Who Comics: Two brilliant writers, Al Ewing,and Rob Williams will be signing the FREE* Titan Comics Doctor Who comics – featuring the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors – as well as the new Doctor Who Graphic Novel, Afterlife. Also the fantastic Cavan Scott will be on hand to sign copies of the brand new series of comics featuring the adventures of the Ninth Doctor!

3:00 to 4:00 – 2000AD Droids: A zarjaz line up of talent comes together to sign the FREE* 2000AD sampler. Editor and writer Matt Smith is joined by artists Pye Parr and Ben Willsher – plus a rare London appearance by legendary Judge Dredd artist Mike McMahon.

Head to the Forbidden Planet website for full details.

The post Doctor Who Signing @ Forbidden Planet Next Saturday! appeared first on Kasterborous Doctor Who News and Reviews.

Smartphone Security Shootout

Apr. 25th, 2015 07:59 am
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Smartphone Security Shootout
azurelunatic: "Fangirl": <user name="azurelunatic"> and a folding fan.  (fangirl)
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Despite it having been timechange weekend, I had got to bed early, and then woke up disgustingly early, fully perky and ready to get things done. I had a leisurely morning where I did not feel obligated to do any of the things, just get dressed and pack. It was fortunate that I'd woken early, as all of my alarms were set to only go off when I'm at home, and be silent when I'm elsewhere (like at work, but also at hotel). I hauled my stuff downstairs, checked out, and then realized that the valet queue was ridiculous. I promptly found a chair, parked my bags, and joined lobbycon.

I got a chance to chat with Wendy; that was nice.

I saw [livejournal.com profile] ckd; the name on the badge didn't mean much to me, but the blue shark picture did. "Oh!" I said. I know that shark! You are a helpful person who I have known in passing for years! So that was nice. He passed along greetings on behalf of [personal profile] aedifica as well.

Having seen him sillydrunk and being a fucking perfect unicorn the night before, it was no surprise that Naamen was gloriously hung-over.

The next little circle over was having a fascinating conversation about Supernatural. I had thoughts and feelings. It was thus that I met [twitter.com profile] geardrops and [twitter.com profile] doriangrayscale.

For the record, my feelings about Supernatural season 5 episode 22 are as follows:

I was recommended "I Feel Better", by Hot Chip, which is … a bit surreal. I think this was around when lunch arrived, because Carrie had fries, and they were very very hot. There was basically nothing vegan on the menu, which is unfortunate.

Seanan had been Out of Town, but made an appearance for Lobbycon, in all her mantis shrimp rainbow hair glory. It was very good to see her!

We got around to exchanging twitter handles, and mentioned our strategies for dealing with some of the low-content sorts of people who seem to exist to recycle the same five links every three hours on Twitter. I was abruptly reminded of something I'd seen during an [off-topic] discussion of home automation.

"They're -- tweeting like a lightbulb," I said in disgust, and then had to explain.

Emma and Cynthia came back through, and that was great. Topics included Janelle Monae (yay afrofuturist art) and so many books and shiny things. There is a tool that will let you know when bands you like are going to be local to you, but I am not sure where to find it. I need to check out http://www.elizabethwein.com/sunbird . I did not know that Ellen Kushner had written not just one but several Choose Your Own Adventure books: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellen_Kushner#Choose_Your_Own_Adventure_books

At some point after the valet line had cleared out, I retrieved Vash to load most of the heavy things.

Shweta and husband re-appeared also, and I went fishing for mippos with my party cane. (I have a cane with a rainbow tie-dye scarf attached to the front, and I had added a little book of paper for the con.)

Eventually it came time for the wrap party. That included some review of what had gone well, and who needed to either be sat down with a sock in his mouth or shown the door.

So there was a panel (which I didn't wind up going to, but sounded very interesting if I'd actually been making it to any panels) about how Whitey Brings Civilization is a toxic meme in general, and maybe when we're writing we might not want to do that thing.

So Whitey McMansplain in the audience stood up and started talking, apparently. Read more... )

Eventually the wrap party too was wrapped. Wendy and some guy who also had some muscles carried some soda down for me, as I was willing to take some home, but was sort of limited in what I was willing to carry at once. We loaded it up into my car. The valet dude on duty observed that the car sort of felt like he was going to die when starting. This was a Known Problem.

I headed home, not being quite up for Dinner With People after such a delightfully social weekend. This is such a lovely fun con, and I'm planning to return next year.

I curled up in bed early (for me). Before I fell asleep, I remembered that Aahz had been wearing an "I Break Rule 6" button, so I googled the phrase to see if I could find out the backstory. The backstory is amazing: http://rule6.info/timecon.html

My unexpected early rising schedule would continue for some time yet.
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"The Golden Arrow and Other Tales"

Review by Sarah Lawson

Editor's Note: The author of The Golden Arrow and Other Tales is also an accomplished musician, recording and performing as a professional violinist. She composed and recorded the soundtrack for the trailer for her book, which I am including below. You can check her Facebook page for her performance schedules, new recordings and for additional updates and details on her book release.
Jacket description: 

A forsaken princess must leave her room for the first time in her life... to rescue her father’s kingdom.

Three knights are bound to protect a city... by satisfying a ravenous dragon’s thirst for blood.

An old widow’s handsome new companion never speaks... but that’s the least mysterious thing about him.

An enchanted weapon bestows unlimited power upon the one who wields it... but at a price.

In this debut collection of short fiction, Samantha Gillogly weaves a quartet of original tales from the threads of classic European fairy story tradition. Freshly imaginative, yet evoking a bygone era, The Golden Arrow and Other Tales enchants with new stories about timeless archetypes that feel as though they’ve always been with us.

Coming May 1st, 2015 from Artistic Media Associates, Inc.
Like most of us here, while I adore classic fairy tales, I’m always curious about new ones. So imagine my excitement when I was given the chance to read The Golden Arrow and Other Tales by Samantha Gillogly--a collection that I can sum up in one word: delightful. Four stories weave together classic motifs and I quickly fell in love with each character, even the dastardly ones, because they were at once both familiar and new.

Gillogly’s anthology cover a wide variety of tones--sometimes enchanting, sometimes ominous, and once or twice they are downright gruesome. However, from the first page, it’s clear she has mastered the fairy tale narrative voice. The first line, “The princess had sight, but she had no eyes”, instantly grabbed my attention. I wanted to read more about this princess who was born with blue flowers where her eyes ought to be and her arduous quest to save the kingdom. Out of all the stories, though, my favorite was Dragonsblood, which includes a monstrous woman (a theme I’m currently studying) and knights straight out of Arthurian tradition. My inner medievalist was thrilled! For other fairy tale scholars, you may be interested to hear I was particularly impressed by the author’s use of the Rule of Threes. It came up multiple times, but always slightly differently so that it never felt boring or repetitive (a tricky thing to do with that particular motif).

Incidentally, the author, who is also a professional musician, wrote and performed the music for the trailer. The track, “Telling Tales” is skillfully done, with a distinctive Celtic feel. I think it accompanied the collection well and was very fantasy-esque, which was perfect. 

If I had to criticize anything about the book, I’d say that the dialogue seemed a bit heavy at times. Since dialogue tends to be sparse in most fairy tales, the amount of discussion Gillogly included in her stories occasionally tripped up the pace. Of course, this is a small criticism and rarely takes the reader out of the action.

It truly was a pleasure to read this collection. Gillogly does more than just play with fairy tale themes; she fully engages with them and creates fleshed-out, compelling stories so rich that it’s hard to believe that they were written in this century.  I wholeheartedly recommend The Golden Arrow and Other Tales to any Once Upon a Blog reader.

Disclosure: A complimentary copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Sarah Lawson is currently earning my Master’s Degree in Literature at the University of Rochester and will be writing her Master’s Thesis on the Brothers Grimm. On a non-academic level, she has been working on a series of fairy-tale retellings for about five years.

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Online Cash Bitcoin Could Challenge Governments, Banks
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Google provides detailed analysis of Github attack traffic
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Posted by hayc59 (01/04/2015)
The professional edition of your favorite defragmenter. Now delivers even more speed to your hard drive, thanks to new optimization algorithms and boot-time defrag technology. Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro


- Defragments system files (MFT, pagefile, hiberfil, etc.)
- Offers a choice of 4 disk optimization algorithms
- Not only defrags, but prevents further fragmentation
- Uses special algorithms for SSD...

Auslogics Disk Defrag Professional Released

A small middle of the night rant

Apr. 25th, 2015 07:09 am
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Reading people say “Who is Bruce Jenner?” (mostly on main pages) and suppose maybe Bruce was some sort of athlete of some sort, but mostly a reality star is driving me up the fucking wall. Bruce Jenner spent a lot of time as one of the most famous athletes in the world, winning the decathlon, a victory that is counted as one of the great Olympic victories of all time and also setting several world records in that sport. Jenner’s record wasn’t surpassed for 15 years. I mean, fuck, if I’ve heard of Peggy Fleming, I’m not sure why people have no knowledge of Bruce Jenner’s immense fame and accomplished athletic career.


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Posted by Gareth Jones

With sci-fi military actioner Mankind’s Last Stand (aka Alien Outpost (review)) out now on DVD in the UK, we thought we’d get some conversation going with an exclusive new infographic that puts the film’s ‘Heavies’ in a line-up alongside some other hard-to-kill aliens from the world of cinema.

Who’s the ‘Baddest of the Bad,’ and which other alien antagonists do you think would fare well stacked up against each other? Sound off in the comments!

Related Story:  Things Get Heavy in This Exclusive Mankind’s Last Stand Clip

Mankinds Last Stand - Dread Central Exclusive

Mankind’s Last Stand is directed by Jabbar Raisani and stars Adrian Paul (“Highlander: The Series,” Dark Shadows), Joe Reegan (The Crazies, Jeepers Creepers 2), Reiley McClendon (Pearl Harbor, The Flyboys), and Rick Ravanello (Hart’s War, The Cave).

In 2033, mankind has barely survived a war against an alien force known as ‘Heavies’.  Now, with the planet battered and scorched, military forces fight against the last surviving Heavies who remain on Earth.  When a documentary crew joins an elite band of soldiers at the dangerous Outpost 37, they soon discover the alien menace is planning a second invasion – and they’re the only ones who can stop it and ensure the survival of humankind!


The post Heavies Join Famous Aliens in this Exclusive Infographic for Mankind’s Last Stand appeared first on Dread Central.

AIMP v3.60 Build 1492

Apr. 25th, 2015 06:55 am
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AIMP v3.60 Build 1492 Released

Whats New:
• Common: the "jump to file" function does not create a new process of Windows Explorer now (thanks to Alex)
• Player: Playback quality have been improved for tracker music
• Plugins: The Analog Meter visualization is now distribute as separate plugin
• Plugins: Last.fm - scrobbler status is now displayed at notification area icon
• Fixed: Audio Converter - the "Move output to" option -...

AIMP v3.60 Build 1492
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Posted by RCGuy

I wasn't sure if a topic like this goes here at this forum, but here it is anyway.

Does anyone know of the various ways that websites that you visit spy on you?

Now I know the basic ways that websites spy of you, such as cookies, spyware, malware, viruses, and trojan horses, etc. And I know not to set things up where you are automatically logged into a website when you visit it. And I generally know how to prevent or delete cookies, spyware, and viruses and the like(and I basically use...

How One Gets Spied On From Websites They Visit
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There is not a lot of joy in my life right now. This is a fact. Almost everything about my life is very stressful and the future is very uncertain. I have things that make me happy, but they are mostly contingent or transient; the general instability is very bad.

I just spent a day in an academic environment and met a friend for dinner. It was really nice.

The conference went really well. I was running slides for the paper presented by Nicole Jordan, concerning the German use of poison gas on the Eastern Front and the transformations of the Battle of Bolimów in André Malraux's Les Noyers de l'Altenburg (1948); other presentations especially of interest to me were by Heidi Tvorek and Santanu Das. I heard about the Australian capture of the wireless station at Bita Paka and the travel writing of British nurses in Serbia and the songs of Indian sepoys in German POW camps. I had never been inside Busch Hall before yesterday, so I had never seen the murals painted by Lewis Rubenstein in 1936—Hitler-moustached Alberich, Norse gods fighting Ragnarök with flamethrowers and canisters of chlorine-green gas. A member of the audience was a veteran of World War II who vividly remembered drilling with gas-masks. I was asked what university I was from and it was frustrating, but not devastating to have to answer none at present. I did not have to explain David Jones' In Parenthesis (1937) to anyone. I don't know if I can make the companion conference tomorrow at Brandeis, but I keep thinking about it.

I was (reasonably) not invited to the dinner afterward, so I walked around Harvard for a hungry five minutes and then called [livejournal.com profile] schreibergasse and met him for dinner near South Station. He had never had Malaysian food before, so I was pleased to introduce him to Penang. I continue to value the presence of a restaurant in my life that will serve me a durian shake, no questions asked. I came home and the cats trailed me hopefully around the house because I smelled like delicious ginger duck noodles.

There is a lacuna in the original post here, because [livejournal.com profile] derspatchel came home and we watched George Washington Slept Here (1942), a pastoral comedy of home renovation starring Ann Sheridan as an impulsive buyer of antiques who falls in love with a tumbledown Colonial farmhouse in Pennsylvania and Jack Benny as her husband who is firmly in love with New York City, thank you very much. Percy Kilbride as the laconic handyman who comes with the property steals most of his scenes by mentioning each new and dire issue—tree blight, the rising price of gravel, a cavalcade of insects from termites to seventeen-year locusts—without cracking so much as an absence of expression. Meanwhile the relations have descended in the form of hellraiser nephew Douglas Croft and world's most stultifying uncle Charles Coburn, kid sister Joyce Reynolds has transferred her latest affections to an actor in nearby summer stock, and Hattie McDaniel quite reasonably objects to cooking in a kitchen which also contains a peripatetic horse. Charles Dingle doesn't have enough of a mustache to twirl as the overbearing neighbor, smugly asserting his rights to what feels like ever more of our heroes' property, but he'd almost certainly take up the practice if he grew it out a bit. The part of the decrepit farmhouse is played, at least in the interiors, by the set of Capra's Arsenic and Old Lace—I recognized it by the staircase up which John Alexander's Teddy charged so many times in my childhood. (I was delighted. Actors, I get to recognize from part to part; I've never had the experience with a fictitious house before. I remain proud of the spontaneously uttered phrase ". . . and dilapidated the crap out of it.") The role of Sheridan's destructive yet adorable terrier is performed, uncredited, by Terry of "Toto" fame.

I don't know how closely the script follows the original stage play except in one crucial respect: it's genderswapped. As written originally by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart, the wife is the skeptic and the husband the cracked history buff. Switching the roles around gives the film the opportunity to run on Benny's slow burn and Sheridan's resolute wilting optimism as the true state of the house makes itself inexorably clear, from disintegrating doorknobs to a distinct lack of plumbing to a surprise vertical route from the back bedroom to the kitchen. (Benny is unbelievably unsurprised to hear that local legend has it wrong—it wasn't George Washington who slept there, it was Benedict Arnold.) It's generally a smiling comedy rather than the bruise-your-ribs-laughing kind, but it has its moments, and there is a nice vein of surrealism running throughout, best exemplified by Kilbride's periodic reports on the digging of the new well: "We just struck cemetery" pales before the eventual "We just struck quicklime." If it's not the sheer brilliance of Benny's other starring role from 1942, I don't hold it against any film for not being Ernst Lubitsch. I don't even hold it against Mel Brooks. George Washington Slept Here is more than worth your time if it turns up on a TCM or a library shelf near you. This review sponsored by my generous backers at Patreon.

So that was also pleasant. I should round out this day by sleeping. Ideally without nightmares. I'd still like some more joy.

Poem: "Fate Misnamed"

Apr. 24th, 2015 11:55 pm
ysabetwordsmith: Damask smiling over their shoulder (polychrome)
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This poem is spillover from the January 6, 2015 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from [personal profile] siliconshaman. It also fills the "accidental mating for life" square in my 7-31-14 card for the [community profile] hc_bingo fest. This poem has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette. It belongs to the Calvin/Calliope thread of the Polychrome Heroics series.

Warning: This poem features some touchy topics. Highlight to read further warnings, some of which are spoilers. There is canon-typical supervillain activity, a superpower mishap resulting in a mental link, nonconsensual drug use, a whole heap of boundary violations and other consent issues, really awkward interactions, a supervillain trying to do at least some of the right things and getting smacked down rather hard, and other angst. There are some hopeful notes, but folks are by no means out of the woods yet. If these are sensitive issues for you, consider your headspace before clicking through.

Read more... )

JFD's May Calendar

Apr. 25th, 2015 02:07 am
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Posted by Junk Food Dinner

Hello, Junkies!! We have a hell of a May planned for you! We'll be welcoming a few members of Kissing Contest to our gym to assess their talents in case we need to sign any free agents or make a trade. We're also doing a show curated by Paul, the dude who drew the first JFD shirt you probably already own and the upcoming JFD shirt that we would love for you to own.

JFD261 w/ guest Mark Freado, founder of Kissing Contest

  • Judex (1963)
  • Murphy's Law (1984)
  • Intent to Kill (1992)
JFD262: Sex Comedy Week!
  • Porky's (1982)
  • Revenge of the Nerds (1984)
  • Takin' It All Off (1987)
JFD263: w/ guest Doan, founder of Kissing Contest
  • Bring me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman (2012)
  • Supermensch (2013)
  • Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)
JFD264: T-Shirt Designer Paul's Theme
  • Happy Birthday to Me (1981)
  • Revenge of the Ninja (1983)
  • Red Sonja (1985)

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Back in the 1990s, Ultron decided he should look beyond his "Kill all humans" philosophy.

ultronpreview (2).jpg

Ultron may be a genocidal murder-bot, but he thinks ahead. "Plants and animals might someday evolve to be a threat to me. Better kill them all, too."

Three pages from WEST COAST AVENGERS #90 after the cut. Written by Roy and Dannette Thomas with art by David Ross.

Ultron collects himself )
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Love. In some ways, love is the key to Childrens Hospital. There was definitely a voiceover about it in the first season. Almost everyone on the show has slept with each other at least once at this point, and they will continue to sleep with each other again at some point. In fact, according to “The ‘70s Episode,” Glenn’s first day at Childrens ended in an orgy. Childrens Hospital (the place and the show) means love and then some. So that also means love for Blake Downs, who, if we’re keeping score, might actually be the most reprehensible character on this series (it’s a toss-up between himself, Chief, and Val, really).

Depending on the particular episode, it’s impossible to believe that Blake is a functional human being, let alone a functional doctor. In “Just Like Cyrando de Bergerac,” Blake can’t even come up with simple ...

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Back From The Grave

If you enjoyed what you heard while tagging along on Jason Heller’s guided tour of fuzzy, filthy garage rock, might I suggest Crypt Records’ series of Back From The Grave compilations for your next trip? Unlike Nuggets, the prototypical garage comp, and the many series that followed, Back From The Grave never drifts from its explicit focus on the rawer, dirtier side of mid-’60s rock. But what it lacks in stylistic diversity, it makes up with chutzpah and consistency. Crypt founder Tim Warren put the first volume (still one of the best in the series) together back in 1983 and followed it up with seven more LPs full of primitive, angsty teenage punks until 1992. (The eight volumes were later reissued across five CDs as Parts one, two, three, four, and eight. Yeah, it’s a type-A collector’s nightmare.) This year, after 23 ...


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