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Posted by /u/aarnkay

I had kept one old cell phone and one portable battery pack for emergency as outlined in many car LPT.

As the title suggest isn't the inside of car too hot for battery? One day after leaving the car in sun for the whole day I went to check the portable battery in the evening and it was extremely hot.

I don't keep them anymore fearing they will get too hot and become fire hazards.

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Posted by /u/redditsucksusevoat

How can I minimize my risks in buys a rebuilt title car? The dealership I am looking at offers a 6 month warranty. If I go and ask for details on how the car was salvaged and what was rebuilt/replaced and maybe hired a mechanic to do an inspection on the vehicle will I be saving any money in the long run?

Is there anything I can do to minimize the risks in buying a rebuilt?

I know resale value is virtual 0, but I don't intend on selling this vehicle.

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Pilgrims in an unholy land

Jul. 25th, 2016 01:57 am
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Posted by /u/jzzsxm

There are very few things I love more than my 2-month-old Model S. He already has over 7k miles and I drive him every chance I get.

Every time I make the drive down to Indianapolis I pass this water tower. This time, since I wasn't in a hurry, I stopped to grab a picture. Then I continued on my 500 mile road trip without paying a dime for gas :)


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What kind of car is this?

Jul. 25th, 2016 01:40 am
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Posted by /u/Clumsy_Cadet

Simple post. I know nothing about cars, but I saw this one in a parking lot and liked it a lot. What is it?


Sorry for the poor photo, the sun was right behind it. Thanks in advance!

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Changing turn signal bulb

Jul. 25th, 2016 01:40 am
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Posted by /u/ornn

How do I change my right turning signal light on my 95' miata? When I turn on lights, right signal, hazard it doesn't seem to work and the blinker is also fast which people say could be a busted bulb. I got the 1157a bulbs and just wondering what do I do to change the car's bulb? Appreciate any help!

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Stranger Things - Netflix

Jul. 25th, 2016 01:25 am
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Posted by /u/Kryptonslast15

I have been captivated by shows before to where I had to watch the next episode and the next etc. but this show really had me, I couldn't stop, I finished it in one day.... Anyone want to talk about it?

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Preacher Recap: Relationship-Shape

Jul. 25th, 2016 02:05 am
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Posted by Charlie Mason

Heading into what promises to be an action-packed finale next week, Preacher’s penultimate episode was all about its couples, from Jesse and Tulip to DeBlanc and Fiore. Which ones took turns for the better, and which took turns for the much worse? (R.I.P., name withheld!) Read on and find out. NEXT STOP: HELL | After […]
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Posted by Michael Slezak

Well, that settles it. After this week’s installment of The Night Of, I’m swearing off even the most innocuous misdemeanors, like jaywalking or tossing a martini in the face of Ann Coulter. COMIC-CON 2016 Exclusive Videos, Casting News, Scoop and More From the opening images (rolls of barbed wire dotted with fluttering plastic bags) right […]

Power Recap: Trigger Scorning

Jul. 25th, 2016 02:00 am
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Posted by Kimberly Roots

Need to catch up? Check out last week’s Power recap here. For months now, Power has been telling us that “Ghost must die.” This week’s episode brings home the point that if/when James St. Patrick goes to that big nightclub in the sky, Tommy probably won’t be the one who holds the velvet rope aside for him. […]
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Posted by Luke Y. Thompson

When you hear pizza places talk about their brick ovens, you probably don’t assume the bricks in question are LEGO.

Well, okay, technically this li’l Pizza Hut from Astonishing Studios doesn’t function as an oven, as there’s no heating element. But that’s not a knock, since what it actually does is so cool. Put in five dollar bills, and out comes not just a personal pan pizza, but 71 cents in change as well, to match the establishment’s set pie price of $4.29. The device even holds two pizzas, so you can do it twice. Walk around a college dorm with a few of these, and you’ll make bank.

Or maybe not. Sooner or later, somebody who doesn’t appreciate the intricacies of a sweet homemade device will realize that (unless Astonishing Studios opt to unleash the Kragle) it’s easier to just disassemble the Lego than put five dollars in. Such people are barbarians, but they’re out there. Maybe a LEGO keg that dispenses free beer would be a good defense. Or one that gives out waffles. You know, so you can LEGO your Eggo.

Needless to say, this is not an official Pizza Hut creation, though its creator has submitted an M&Ms candy dispenser prototype to LEGO Ideas for consideration to become a legit set. Apparently, snacky food tastes better when it emerges from a LEGO construction. I mean, that does improve just about anything. Hell, even the phone bill could bring a smile to my face if a LEGO contraption printed it out. I’m not saying how long that smile would last, but it would at least cross my face.

What would you want a LEGO build to produce for you? Brick it down for us in comments.

Featured Image: Astonishing Studios

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Posted by Debi Moore

We’re quickly approaching the end of the first season of “Preacher” (with a second already confirmed), and from what we’ve heard, fans of the comic are pretty divided about the show while people who aren’t as familiar with the source material seem more forgiving.

If you’re among those who are anxiously awaiting the finale and are curious about Season 2, we have a few tidbits for you here from the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con press conference with exec producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg; comic creator Garth Ennis; and co-stars Dominic Cooper (Jesse), Ruth Negga (Tulip), Joseph Gilgun (who was BORN to play Cassidy and is just as charismatic in person as you’d expect), Ian Colletti (Eugene), and Graham McTavish (The Cowboy).

We started with Ennis and the creative team of Rogen and Goldberg, who were asked why they made Tulip and Jesse childhood friends, something that wasn’t part of the comics. Goldberg said it stemmed from making Jesse’s father a preacher and the idea of them knowing each other made for a “richer story.”  Tulip now factors into the overall “melded idea” of father/church/town and Jesse’s quest for redemption.

They see the show a “genre-jumping action/horror/comedy” tale, which, Rogen says, helps keep the crew “super pumped” to come up with new and different things; it’s “like working on four different shows” in one.  Goldberg joked a bit about how they originally “pitched it as Sin City” with scenes looking exactly like pages from the comics, but showrunner Sam Catlin told them what a “terrible idea” that was.

Seth thinks “going in cold” without having read the comics is “probably better” given how much things have been changed.  One such change is the Jesse/Tulip/Cassidy triangle, which happened much later in the comics.  Rogen said they wanted to “plant a time bomb” – we don’t know if or when it will go off.

As for those changes, Ennis told them to “go for it” and said he wishes he’d thought of some of them, such as Cassidy’s “fight on the plane, Tulip’s escapade in the cornfield,” and of course the motel scene.  Seth added the goal has been to “capture a cinematic translation of this comic… keep it unpredictable, both story-wise and visually.” With regard to the serial killer storyline that feels a bit shoehorned in, Rogen promises there’s “more of that to come.”

As for whether Ennis might write for the series in the future, he said he would definitely like to try his hand at it.

Rogen commented a bit on how different working in TV is from movies, saying it was “like learning a new job,” the biggest differences being “the speed” at which decisions are made – the casting, number of setups, etc., and “how much time is spent in post[-production].”  TV directors “do a show and then are gone.”  All of the music/score, color timing/palette decisions, etc., are left to them as producers.  Plus, he was all ready to “fight AMC like the MPAA,” but all of their “character and emotional choices” have been accepted by the network.  Some things “required conversations” about “why” they were important, but in the end he was shocked at how much they can do… literally “anything but saying ‘fuck.'”

Next up were the cast members.  Cooper was asked if, given his immense power, Jesse can be seen as some sort of superhero, and he responded that Jesse is “making a mistake” and is a “flawed superhero” because “it doesn’t work.” He’s a man “desperate to change himself.” He “feels guilty” but also “thinks he’s the chosen one and can do good”; however, the fact he “doesn’t recognize” his flaws and “can harbor Genesis means he’s half evil and half good.”

He agrees the character is “quite unsympathetic but in a state of reflection.”  Whereas, Rogen and Goldberg were mum on the direction in which the remaining episodes and Season 2 are heading, Cooper said the “next half” of Jesse’s “journey is to search for answers.” He added that Jesse “began heavy, depressed, stuck in his past… now he has a purpose.”  He has “a girl he loves, met a new great friend, and the three of them go on a journey,” which should be reassuring for fans of the comic who have been waiting for that particular storyline to begin.

He was asked if anything that Jesse has done has surprised him, and he said he was “shocked by how calm Jesse was” after sending Arseface to Hell and his “lack of immediate remorse.”  But don’t think we’ve seen the worst yet… Cooper said ominously, “He’s capable of doing that and a lot more.”  Jesse is a “very, very flawed person.”

Ruth said that playing Tulip is “a joy” and she loves how “contradictory, like we are as human beings” the character is.  She’s attracted by her “unapologetic, violent tendencies.”  It’s an “armor to protect herself.”  Tulip has a “pure sense of justice… it’s like a personal quest for her” based on her childhood, as we’ve seen in the flashbacks thus far.  As for Jesse, she feels he is “actually running away from himself” and should learn that “maybe you can’t outrun your true nature.” Referring to the “triangle,” she said that you “don’t forgive this ‘trinity of misfits’ but can empathize with them.”

McTavish expanded on that theme, saying that “so many of the characters are trying to suppress their true natures, keeping the darkness we all carry with us in check.”  As for the character he himself portrays, having been “already a huge fan of the comic,” becoming “this iconic character” was “overwhelming and quite a responsibility.”

Although he also says his role has “been a joy” to play, it’s challenging for Ian to portray Eugene/Arseface due to the heavy makeup he wears – it generally takes 2 to 2-1/2 hours to put on.  He relies on his eyes to communicate in hopes people can “forget about his deformity and see him as a human being.”

As for fan favorite Cassidy, Gilgun was asked why he’s loyal to Jesse, someone whom he barely knows.  As someone who’s “119 years old and sick of it,” Cassidy “sees a little of himself” in Jesse’s search for redemption.  Considering that everyone dies and “leaves him anyway,” he “feels needed” by Jesse.



The post #SDCC16: Cast & Crew Talk Preacher – What You Need to Know Before the Finale appeared first on Dread Central.

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During the Comic-Con panel celebrating the 30th anniversary of Aliens, director James Cameron took a moment to talk about his favorite subject: Avatar sequels. Cameron has ostensibly been working on Avatar sequels ever since the first movie came out in 2009, and apparently he’s still adamant that they’re actually going to happen. He explained that the first sequel somehow ballooned into two movies, necessitating an entire sequel trilogy. Now, the plan is to “orchestrate production” so that a new Avatar comes out every year, but he doesn’t know if that’ll be possible. (Considering that it’s been seven years since the last one, the odds of that happening aren’t especially good.)

So we may be getting a total of four Avatar movies, but what we won’t be getting is an Avatar TV show. He says the special effects are simply too expensive, with one ...

Looking for first car

Jul. 25th, 2016 01:28 am
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Posted by /u/Agentcaden12

Im turning 15 in a few months and i wanted to start saving for a car. I want something in the range of 5k-10k. I want the car too look dope too, idc what car it is, how fast it goes i mainly care about the looks. I saw a honda civic with a glossy red paint job and a matte black spoiler (and some other cool features) and i almost fainted it looked so cool. Anyways thanks XD

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Posted by /u/cruxfire

Was browsing this new site that I found on google called https://kickasstorrentsan.com/

Went to an episode of Game of Thrones and this came up.

I haven't had to make an account before the other site went down. Also, I noticed that the number of seeders and leechers changed from 111 and 27 to 40657 and 4346. My fake internet senses are tingling and I wanted to see if that was the case for anyone else.

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Posted by Mark Wilson

Like Pokémon Go, Prisma has taken the app world by storm in recent weeks. Previously only available for iOS users, the photo app that creates works of art from your snaps has finally made its way to Android. Just a few days ago there was talk of a beta program that keen users could take part in, but now we've jumped straight to the full release. If you're (somehow) unfamiliar with the app, it uses machine learning to transform your photos into the style of any one of a number of famous artists and styles. This is an app that… [Continue Reading]

Verizon to Buy Yahoo For Chump Change

Jul. 25th, 2016 01:26 am
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Posted by Eve Peyser

Tomorrow morning, Verizon will announce their plan to buy Yahoo’s core assets for a pitiful $4.8 billion according to “two people with direct knowledge of the situation,” Bloomberg reports. Considering that at the peak of their success, Yahoo was valued at $125 billion, this is yet another benchmark moment in the company’s fall from grace. In 2008, the company rejected Microsoft’s offer to buy them for $44 billion.


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Posted by Peter Paltridge


Members of the press were shown an exclusive, tightly private series of clips from Marvels Spider-Man: Homecoming, and a lot of them noticed parallels between the early trailer and NBC’s Freaks and Geeks. For one thing, the trailer (which is not online) has an opening pan of high school yearbook photos while Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” plays. Remind you of anything?

Many of the scenes shown to the SDCC audience would feel at home on Judd Apatow’s landmark TV series. There is one bit where Peter and a friend are gawking at girls, and Peter suddenly thinks, “Maybe we should stop staring before it gets creepy.” Then he notices a character played by Zendaya has been staring at them, and he thinks. “Too late, it’s already creepy.”

Heck, Martin Starr is actually in the cast. Not as a gawky teen with giant glasses and a severe peanut allergy, but as one of the teachers.

While we can’t see the clip, we can view this great piece of concept art. This is hopefully what Spider-Man’s battle against the Vulture should look like:


One thing was unanimous: critics loved what they saw, among the few that saw it. Spider-Man: Homecoming opens in one year.

The post SDCC 2016: Homecoming Is Freaks And Geeks Spider-Man Style appeared first on ToonZone News.

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Posted by Peter Paltridge

black panther

Danai Gurira, best known as Michonne on The Walking Dead, has been revealed as part of the cast of Marvel’s Black Panther movie. She’ll be playing Okoye, the head of the Dora Milaje — Black Panther’s all-female league of personal bodyguards.

You most likely saw the Black Panther last spring when he starred in Captain America: Civil War. He’s the king of the nation of Wakanda, and as a crimefighter he’s relentless — but usually only when the crimes affect him directly. He serves the side of good, but is fiercely protective of Wakanda above all else.

The movie also stars Lupita Nyong’o as Nakia, a member of of the Dora Milaje. They haven’t stated where they’re going with this, but Nakia could either turn into Panther’s love interest or the supervillain Malice. Perhaps that won’t happen in THIS movie, because the main baddie has been identified: Michael B. Jordan as Panther’s arch-nemesis Erik Killmonger (subtle name, huh?). He possesses the same gift for karate gymnastics as Panther does, and in the comics he’s nearly brought Wakanda down several times.

The movie also stars Chadwick Boseman in a supporting role. Black Panther will be unleashed February 16, 20

The post SDCC 2016: Black Panther Gains Its Bad Guy, New Guards And Michonne appeared first on ToonZone News.

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Posted by Snacktastic Part II: the Snack Awakens

Theme of the Week: Trends and Fads of the 70s and 80s

I was thinking this could be a fun diversion from the horrors of the heat and the political season. I got it from this article from Good Housekeeping—what foods were trendy when you were born? For me, in 1971, the best year of birth for kinja people, it was Eggs Benedict. I love this breakfast food.


COTD/ Open Thread

Jul. 25th, 2016 12:30 am
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Posted by Pie 'oh' Pah

COTD/ Open Thread

Everyone getting ready for and all excited about the big commie-pinko DNC party that starts tomorrow??? What else are you up tonight, Backtalk?


Photo Gallery

Jul. 25th, 2016 12:00 am
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Posted by Rat Fink on White Noise, shared by k2b. da man ♥ it when I stick it to 'im to Backtalk

Welcome to the weekly Photo Gallery! Here, participants of any skill level are welcome to post photos they or their families took the week prior.


I have been missing out

Jul. 25th, 2016 01:01 am
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Posted by /u/Uzamakirider973

I've only just stumbled on to this sub after watching Sherlock for like 3 years. Never thought to look for it. DAM

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[Spoiler] Theory about Mycroft Holmes

Jul. 25th, 2016 12:42 am
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Posted by /u/AyJy

After watching the trailer, I feel the episode was too dark. With that I don't believe it was too dark for a character we don't know. After watching the Christmas special, seeing Sherlock and Mycroft betting on Mycroft's death hinted his death. However, after watching Sherlock in the trailer I feel his death is coming this season.

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