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Karen Black has passed away, at the age of 74, after a long battle with ampullary cancer. May she rest in peace. I mostly remember her from Trilogy of Terror, Burnt Offerings, and the 80’s remake of Invaders From Mars.
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Neil Gaiman Remembers Maurice Sendak.

[ profile] terror_scifi is hosting a discussion of Dune (1984).

The Avengers passes the $700 million mark. Joss Whedon pops in at Whedonesque to post about his reaction to the news of how well The Avengers has done.

Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch Hit Blu-Ray.

At Long Last, Boogens Comes To DVD And Blu-Ray.

The Farrelly Bros. Plan Dear Satan.

A new international poster for Brave.

International Banner For Resident Evil: Retribution.

Thor and Batgirl (Stephanie Brown version) Paper Dolls.

JJ Kirby did some Star Wars/comic book mash ups.

This Bane t-shirt came in fourth in the Design By Humans Dark Knight Rises contest.

Before The Dark Knight Rises: 5 Essential Bane Story Arcs.

Batman #1 sells for a record $850,000.

Disney CEO Announces Development Of The Avengers 2. Whedonesque reacts to the news here.

Danny Boyle and Benedict Cumberbatch’s Frankenstein To Hit U.S. Theaters.

Review: Dark Shadows. Vampires.Com reviews the film here—there are mild spoilers. Den of Geek’s review.

Print ads for the original Dark Shadows movies.

Five great time loop TV episodes. SG-1’s Window of Opportunity made the list.

Ghostbusters 1 and 2 Stock Footage.

The Amazing Spider-Stan.

Science fiction and fantasy icons look downright dashing in 19th century Russian regalia.

Toby Maguire interviews Andrew Garfield about The Amazing Spider-Man.

Doctor Who Series 7 To Premiere At MediaGuardian Edinburgh International Television Festival In August.

Horror Etc Podcast, Episode 245: Dan Curtis (and more).


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