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Malachi Throne has passed away at the age of 84. May he rest in peace. Star Trek fans will remember him as Commodore Mendez in the TOS episode The Menagerie, as well as the leader of the Talosians in The Cage, and was Senator Pardek in the Star Trek: TNG two-parter Unification. He played False Face in the Adam West Batman series—I recently managed to catch an episode with him, courtesy of ME-TV. He was the narrator for the original 1977 trailer for Star Wars. A quick check of IMDB, tells me he was also the narrator of the cartoon Visionaries: Knights of the Magic Light.

Paramount Censors Torrentz’s Torrentless Homepage from Google

A Few Favorite Red Nose Day Moments.

A Global Zombie Walk Is Coming This May.

The History of TNT’s Monstervision. From back when I watched, pre-Joe Bob Briggs.

Veronica Mars Movie Budget Coming Entirely From Kickstarter, More Rewards To Be Added

Today in ‘What’s being Kickstarted?’: Maybe Pushing Daisies, definitely not Firefly.

BFI: The Second Doctor Panel.

10 Minor Doctor Who Characters That Should Have Been Companions.

The Line It Is Drawn #130—Song Lyrics Starring Comic Book Characters.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #410.

Ask Chris #145: Looking Forward To Batman’s Past.

10 Marvel Events That Had A Major Impact.

San Diego Comic-Con Update: convention center expansion approved; D23 may threaten Marvel’s participation

Dave Bautista will play Drax the Destroyer in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Stan Lee’s Rants: Commercials

90-year-old Stan Lee is a parkour master with his own theme song, obviously

Wolverine: The Adamantium Collection Trailer

World Premiere Of ‘Teen Titans Go’ Slated For Wondercon 2013 In Anaheim

Image of the Day: Favorite Images From Knightfall #4.

Image of the Day: Favorite Images From Knightfall #5.

New Beware the Batman Promo Poster Released

Cartoon Theme Songs Sure Were Weird.

Why Sherlock Comics Should Be A Thing.

Andy Diggle, Scott Lobdell, Greg Pak and Scott Snyder Celebrate Superman, Part 1.

Wonder Woman Documentary To Air On PBS April 15th.

Jurassic Park 4’s director will be Colin Trevorrow.

Top 10 Hilarious Movie Deaths

33 Things We Learned from the ‘Psycho’ Commentary

Vintage Horror Cinema: F.W. Murnau's 'Faust'

Cosplay We Love: The most amazing Cthulhu costume you’ll ever see.

How It Should Have Ended: Portal.

MST3K Volume XXVI Trailer

Trailers From Hell: Allan Arkush on The Actress

Top 10 Unlikely Action Stars

The 10 Greatest Personality Tests In Science Fiction And Fantasy

Horror Etc Podcast, Episode 290: The Shining

The Shut Up And Watch This Podcast, Episode 87: Rock ‘n’ Rule (1983).

Mission Log Podcast #32—Episode 32: The Changeling

Smodcast #30: Christopher Drake: Music of the Knight.

Movie Issues Podcast: Josie and the Pussycats (2001).
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Google Reader Is Being Retired.

Poll Technica: Where should we go when Google Reader is put out to pasture? 8 Google Reader Alternatives That Will Ease Your RSS Pain.

Manga Reading Site JManga to End Service in May

Twinkies Returning To The US By Summer.

‘Hey, Let’s Fandom!’ Multi-Fandom Friending Meme.

A celebration of Louis Jourdan

Mini-Comics Day 2013 Coming March 24th.

Caroline Skinner steps down as Executive Producer of Doctor Who.

The Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter Project hit its goal of $2 million. As of the last time I looked, it was at $2,589,961, with 29 days to go. It went to $1 million in less than 5 hours.

11 Cult TV Shows Besides Veronica Mars that Deserve Kickstarter-Funded Movies

Warner Bros. claims Tolkien Estate breached Hobbit contract

The Hobbit Re-Read: Chapter 16, A Thief In The Night

Dimestore Dames spotlights Dr. Serling ‘Doc Rocket’ Roquette

DC Histories: Captain Carrot.

Starfire: Where Do I Start?

Grace Randolph’s Stacktastic: Top Ten Supporting Characters

IDW to reprint Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman comic strips

Alan Cumming Is Not In X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Will Sliney Profiles The Fearless Defenders: Dani Moonstar

An Interview With Kieron Gillen On Kid Loki and Journey Into Mystery: "Trust Your Instincts" (Part 1 of 2)

Gimmick or Good? – Superman #75

New Man of Steel Still.

The lesson of the comiXology blackout

Top 10 Worst Superhero Movie Costumes

Producer Brandon Vietti Discusses The End Of Young Justice, Looks Back At Series In New Interview

Image of the Day: Favorite Images from Knightfall #2

Image of the Day: Favorite Images from Knightfall #3

How did the Being Human ending compare to past finales?

Xfinity On Demand Comcast Subscribers Can Check In to Bates Motel Early

Five Things to Look For in the Upcoming 'Bates Motel'

DIY: Hellraiser Rubik’s Cube Puzzle Box

The 10 Best Uses Of Canes In Science Fiction.

Look Inside Upcoming ‘How To Speak Klingon’ Audio Phrasebook

Colorado Neurological Institute raffling Back to the Future items to benefit Parkinson's patients

Hot Wheels Heritage 1:18 Scale Ecto-1 Announced

Sigourney Weaver Fighting an Alien and Slimer With a Proton Pack Art Raffle.

Here’s the Theatrical Poster For ‘Birdemic 2: The Resurrection’

Trailers From Hell: Larry Karaszewski on Captain's Courageous

Screen Media Acquires VOD Rights to ‘Coffin Joe’ Films

10 episodes that show why MacGyver was more than a punchline

Neverwhere Clips.

SOAPnet's 50-Hour General Hospital Marathon Kicks Off With Very First Episode

Geekfest Rants, Episode 131: Superman: The Movie (1978)

Comic Issues #109—Shamrocking.

Now Playing Podcast: Jonah Hex (2010)
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Artist In Need: Bob Larkin.

Free comics promotion brings server woes for ComiXology.

PaleyFest 2013: 'Arrow' cast, producers talk secrets, Bludhaven, and 'The Dark Knight'

'Batman & Robin' cowl donated to Smithsonian by Warner Bros. They’re also giving them Superman’s cape from Superman III, and Halle Berry’s suit from Catwoman.

PR Approved: Thomas Perkin’s Batman and Robin

DC Comics Announces Batman’s Zero Year From Snyder And Capullo

Best Cosplay Ever (This Week): March 11th. My favorite is the cosplay of Magik.

Superman on TV - March 11th-17th

DA Artist Storyboards Wonder Woman Movie Through Concept Art

Comic Book Casting: The Suicide Squad Live-Action Movie.

Great Pages: Gotham Central #34.

Obscure ‘This Island Bradman’ Superman comic sells for $5,000

Marvel AR Spotlight Reel - SXSW 2013

SXSW: Marvel Brings New Formats, Video And 700 Free #1s

Dane DeHaan on the Osborn Relationship in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

When Bryan Singer Convinced Bleeding Cool That Apocalypse Is The Villain Of X-Men Days Of Future Past

SXSW Interactive: Chuck Lorre – In Conversation with Neil Gaiman

Jenna-Louise Coleman Confirms Clara For Series 8.

Toby Whithouse On The End Of Being Human

Being Human’s Top 12 Greatest Moments

Douglas Adams Gets Google Doodled On His 61st Birthday

Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige uses dueling magicians to put one over on the audience

From Cracked: 7 Amazing Movie Special Effects You Won’t Believe Aren’t CGI.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Ending, New Series in Development

David Strathairn Joins Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla

The theme to Buffy the Vampire Slayer—in reverse.

These First Six Minutes Of Bates Motel Are...

Trailers From Hell: Joe Dante on The Seventh Cross

The 10 Best Dogs In Science Fiction.

Watch the First ‘Wizard of Oz’ Film from 1910

The directors who returned to a franchise they left

Comics Alliance Reviews Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (1993), Part Two.

Film Sack Podcast #153: Barbarella (1968)

The Collinsport Historical Society Podcast, Episode 11: Kathryn Leigh Scott discusses her new novel.
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The government leaves Google alone—what it means for users.

Gifts will be revealed at Fandom Stocking on Monday, January 7th. (Might as well link to mine one more time, since I haven’t done so very much)

John Barrowman injured in Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime horse fall. The injury was reportedly minor.

Matt Smith, Michelle Dockery Read Poems For Disney Junior.

10 To Watch In 2013: Events That Will Shape The New Year.

Chiller TV’s Winter Schedule Includes The First Re-Air Of Pushing Daisies. Unfortunately, I don’t have this channel.

Why can’t any Sherlock Holmes adaptation get Irene Adler right?

Sam Humphries’ Tumblr celebrates mohawk-era Storm.

Q&A With Young Justice Producers.

Awesome Art Picks: Spider-Man, Batman, X-Men and More

The Scream Factory Brings Home Lifeforce and The Vampire Lovers In April.

The Long Road To Remaking The Evil Dead.

Agnes Nixon Releases Statement Confirming Return Of All My Children And One Life To Live.

Weekend Discussion Thread: Disagreeing with the Brains.

Dave Bardin Draws Junior Punisher, Bat-Squirrel, And The Fashion History of Superman.

Drawing Crazy Patterns—Other Characters Lifting Thor’s Hammer.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #400 (Part 2)

From Cracked: 6 Important Things You Won’t Believe Were Invented In Comics.

Watch Two Clips From Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters.

Bates Motel: 5 facts about the Psycho prequel.

Compare: Animated Storyboards For Hitchcock’s Shower Scene, Non-Animated Storyboards For Psycho’s Shower Scene

5 Episodes To Get You Into Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Schlock Treatment 107: The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987)

The Collinsport Historical Society Podcast, Episode 2: Morbius The Living Vampire
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The CALM Act finally puts the muzzle on loud TV commercials.

Google Starts Reporting False DMCA Takedown Requests.

Arrow: John Barrowman talks archery, Doctor Who anniversary.

All Eleven Doctors As Ceramic Owls.

Doctor Who Regenerations T-Shirt.

Bilbo’s Gingerbread Hobbit-Hole.

The Hobbit’s Martin Freeman on dwarves, Gollum and Leonard Nimoy.

A Full List of All IMAX Theaters Showing The Hobbit.

The Hobbit: The Musical.

Christopher Nolan continues to refuse to confirm or deny Batman cameo rumors for Man of Steel. Nothing new there.

A History of Superman’s Evolution On Television.

Siegels And Shusters Lose Case Over Superman Against DC Entertainment

The Legal View: Did Marc Toberoff actually win in today’s Superman case ruling?

Grace Randolph’s Stacktastic: The Man of Steel.

TV Legends Revealed: Were There Product Placements In Original A Charlie Brown Christmas?

The History of the Marvel Movie Universe, in Concept Art.

Hello Kitty Gets Assimilated…And It’s Delicious.

Will We Get A Claremont/John Romita Jr. Hardcover X-Men Omnibus?

2013 Eisner Awards judges announced.

Gillian Anderson joins the cast of Hannibal.

Port strike delays some IDW books for December.

Layoffs scheduled to hit local entertainment industry. It should affect production staffers for Days of Our Lives.

The Wolverine New International Motion Poster.

Senreich and Wells vs. Santa: Robot Chicken Christmas Special.

DC Execs on Vertigo.

Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot: The Complete Series Release Scheduled

Horror Education of the Week: Black Christmas.

The Great Stephen King Re-Read: Firestarter.

Black Bat Resurrected By Flash Co-Writer.

Vortex illusion carpet.

Random Roles: Mel Brooks.

8 Ways To Keep The Fantastic Four Movie Reboot From Sucking.

The Line It Is Drawn #119—Action Historical Figures.

Garrett Hedlund confirms he will return for Tron 3.

Vampire Diaries cast reads fanfiction. Hysterical.

Check Out The First Footage From Bates Motel In New Featurette.

Nerdist Podcast: Malcolm McDowell.

Mission Log #19: Episode 19—Tomorrow Is Yesterday.

Livejournal said the x_meggan journal’s paid account was about to expire. So I used the extra tokens I had to renew it. However, it says that the paid account still expires on December 26th. While in the icon section it says: “(3 large packages, expiring 2013-12-25)" I’m out of tokens now, so we’ll just see what happens.
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Paul Rauch has passed away, at the age of 78. May he rest in peace. He was the producer for numerous soap operas over the decades, including One Life To Live, Young and the Restless, and Santa Barbara.

Dallas Sets Date For J.R.’s Funeral.

A Gravestone For Shel Dorf, The Founder of Comic Con?

Why Gmail went down; Google misconfigured Chrome’s sync server.

Sir Ian McKellen On His Fight With Cancer.

The deadline for Yuletide stories to be uploaded is December 20th; the deadline for defaulting without it counting against you is before December 16th.

The Best Holiday Entertainment For Nerds.

New Full Trailer For Man of Steel

What secrets does the Man of Steel trailer hold? Shot-By-Shot Breakdown.

A very short clip from Doctor Who’s The Snowmen.

Another Corner Of The New TARDIS Revealed.

Behold—The Perfect Doctor Who Cupcakes.

CBLDF Establishes Advisory Board: Denis Kitchen and Neil Gaiman Named Co-Chairs.

Interview: Peter Tomasi Talks Future of Batman And Robin.

Kickstart Art: Nightwing: The Series.

Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines, Day 345: Arkham Asylum: Living Hell #3.

Top 5: Actors Who Were Almost Batman.

I Can’t Cover What I Am—Marvel’s 70’s Anniversary Covers.

Random Roles: Corey Feldman on child actors, his favorite roles, and the Goonies sequel.

Japanese Poster For Oz: The Great And Powerful.

New poster for Jack The Giant Slayer.

New Image From Star Trek: Into Darkness Features Cumberbatch Villain With Kirk And Spock.

Essential Star Trek Novels That Even Non-Trekkers Should Read.

Star Trek’s Enterprise Made From An Old Hard Drive.

Alice Eve’s Character Plus 7 More Star Trek Into Darkness Spoilers Revealed.

Interview: Lost Girl Star Kris Holden-Ried Talks Love And Life.

George Takei On Teaming Up With Archie’s Kevin Keller.

Honest Trailers: The Lord of the Rings.

Warner Bros. Blocks Release of The Asylum’s Age of the Hobbits.

Hobbit Dwaves Cheat Sheet.

25 Things You Might Not Know About The Hobbit.

Remember This?: Werewolf: The Series.

Looking back at David Cronenberg’s The Dead Zone.

New trailer for The Lone Ranger.

Fantastic Fangirls Q&A #183: What is your favorite superhero comic book trope or cliché?

Bizarro Back Issues: Christmas With The Punisher Is Not Exactly Jolly (1995)

Brian Wood’s Lost DC Pitches.

Nathan Fillion on Attack of the Show, discussing Castle and Firefly’s 10th anniversary.

Bob Gale provides photos for Hoverboard propers vs. replicas comparison.

Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines, Day 346: Web of Spider-Man #87.

The Shut Up And Watch This Podcast, Episode 68: Die Hard (1988) Commentary.

We Hate Movies Podcast, Episode 88: Eight Crazy Nights (2002).

Hope of All Trades Podcast Special: Once Upon A Time.

Soulless Minions Podcast: Timecop (1994) Commentary.
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RIAA Hammers Google With DMCA Takedowns In Six Strikes Prelude.

MTV Geek’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The Avengers Fan.

MTV Geek’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The Game of Thrones Fan.

What Would You Buy For People Who Read Books?: A Gift Guide.

Science Fiction and Fantasy DVD Sets That Make Amazing Gifts.

Gift Ideas For The 8 Major Species of Science Fiction Fan.

CBLDF Announces New Officers and Board of Directors Member.

Comic Gallery: Spider-Man, Batman and Captain America Couldn’t Save Hostess.

Big Ol’ MST3K Sale At Shout.

Santa Cthulhu Brings Holiday Cheer

Our Favorite Horror Sidekicks—Fright Night’s Evil Ed.

Gary Frank Confirms Batman: Earth One Volume 2 For 2013.

Details For Young Justice: Invasion—Destiny Calling DVD Bonus Episodes.

Artist Christopher Jones Breaks Down Designing Brainiac For Young Justice Comic.

Ten great sitcom time travel episodes. Blackadder’s Christmas Carol tends to be shown around Christmas on BBC America. It’s the only episode of Blackadder I have ever seen.

Conspiracy theories and urban legends in the movies.

Monday Mix-Up: ESPN does The Princess Bride.

Originals vs. Remakes: 'House on Haunted Hill' (1959) vs. 'House on Haunted Hill' (1999)

Horror Education of the Week: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Anna Chlumsky joins Hannibal for a guest starring role.

First Look At Norma And Norman Bates In Bates Motel.

Earliest Hitchcock Film Now Streaming.

Warner Bros. Posts Fleischer Superman Cartoons Online.

Young Sherlock Holmes Remake Will Probably Be Written By Evan Spiliotopoulos.

Statement from Peter Jackson and the producers of The Hobbit about animal mistreatment allegations.

Tolkien estate unleashes legal Uruk-hai on LOTR slot machines.

Dark Shadows 2013 Cruise Information.


Someone please make this Pac-Man/Labyrinth mash-up game a reality.

A teaser trailer for the next season of Lost Girl.

Choose Your Captain T-Shirt.

The puppeteers and design team from Gremlins.

Fantastic Fangirls Q&A #180: What is your catch phrase?

Marvel’s Delayed Phase One Boxset Out April 2nd, Will Now Include Phase Two Tease.

Best Movie Ever?: Addams Family Values.

Interview: Horror Legend Richard Corben Talks Adapting Poe’s Conqueror Worm.

Stan Lee’s Rants: Turkey Day.

The Evil Dead Teaser Poster.

First look at Joe Quesada’s Amazing Spider-Man #700 variant cover.

Nerdist Podcast: Jimmy Kimmel.

The Shut Up And Watch This Podcast, Episode 64: Highlander (1986) Commentary.

We Hate Movies Podcast, Episode 85: Madhouse (1990).
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Most SOPA/PIPA Supporters Survive The Election.

Rapidshare Limits Public Download Traffic To Drive Away Pirates.

Vertigo Cancel Hellblazer; DC Announce Constantine.

Arrow Exclusive: Farscape And Stargate SG-1’s Ben Browder To Play DC Comics Character Ted Gaynor.

Exploring The Seeds Sewn In DC’s New 52 #0’s.

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel Goes 3D.

Bizarro Back Issues: The Dubious Election of President Batman (2009).

What Has DC Comics Done To Alfred?

Sesame Street to air hurricane special.

Hasbro Denies Recent Disney Acquisition Rumors.

The Hobbit TV Spot #4—the Extended Version.

Four New Banners For The Hobbit: An Expected Journey Released.

Burn Notice renewed for shorter seventh season.

Boy Meets World sequel: Plot Details.

Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan Trailer.

Harvey Kurtzman Estate and Al Feldstein File to Regain Classic EC Copyrights.

Dark Shadows Alumni Return In Mabuse Remake. The original series actors that are involved include: Jerry Lacy, Kathryn Leigh Scott, and Lara Parker.

Marty McFly Is Bewildered By What He Sees In 2015.

A Sci-Fi Television Viewer’s Guide To Science Fiction Books.

From Cracked: 6 Iconic Movie Scenes That Happened By Accident.

Bram Stoker books celebrated by Google Doodle.

Bram Stoker At 165.

Blu-Ray Deal: The Mel Brooks Collection.

The Great Stephen King Reread: Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

The Line It Is Drawn #114—Disney Welcomes Star Wars To The Family.

How It Should Have Ended: Casino Royale.

Edward Scissorhands Plush.

Random Roles: Mark Hamill revisits Sushi Girl, Batman, and The Simpsons.

A mysterious, giant hand rises from the Chilean desert.

GBFans 2012 Halloween Contest Voting Now.

11 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About James Bond.

Jurassic Park 3D—Official Trailer.

Hitchcock: Behind The Scenes Featurette.

Junk Food Dinner Podcast, Episode #134: The Core (2003), Straw Dogs (2011), and Grizzly II: The Predator: The Concert (1983).

Mission Log Podcast #14: Episode 14—Balance of Terror.
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David Grove passed away last week, following a long struggle with emphysema. May he rest in peace.

Svengoolie host Rich Koz is recovering from heart attack. Best wishes go out to him.

Make Bea Arthur Proud—LBBT Teen Center Destroyed By Sandy Needs Your Help.

Two Comic Book Events For Hurricane Sandy Victims.

‘Six Strikes’ BitTorrent Crackdown May Target Private Trackers.

How an Indonesian ISP took down the mighty Google for 30 minutes.

Gawker’s Website Is Back After Sandy.

Kotaku is Back—And Fully Operational.

Bridget Regan joins the cast of the CW’s Beauty and the Beast.

Here Is Your Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters Knock-Off.

Elementary will have a post-Super Bowl time slot.

Why Elementary Fails Sherlock Holmes Fandom.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind at 35.

From Think Geek: Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS Throw.

Also from Think Geek: All Glory To The Hypnotoad.

Full Moon’s Subspecies II and III Heading To Blu-Ray.

The trailer for Silent Night—it’s a semi-remake of Silent Night, Deadly Night.

Best Cosplay Ever (This Week)—November 5th.

The Most Amazing And Inspirational Cosplay From Long Beach Comic Con 2012.

First Look: Katana And The Rest Of The Cast of Beware The Batman.

Release Date, Cover Art Revealed For Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2.

Writer Orci Confirms Universal’s Locke And Key Film Trilogy.

When We First Met—Thor’s Supporting Cast.

Michael Shannon Won’t Deliver Famous Line In Man Of Steel.

Hero Complex interviewed J. Michael Straczynski.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood And Chrome will premiere online on Friday.

School District Keeps Different Seasons On Library Shelves.

No Star On The Hollywood Walk of Fame For George Romero.

Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman To Get Eaten Alive By Robot Chicken.

Superheroes Defenseless Against Porn Parodies.

New dinosaur named after Sauron from Lord of the Rings.

Lord of the Rings Weather Forecast.

Lord of the Rings marathon in AMC Theatres, too.

Peter Jackson discusses Hobbit, Lord of the Rings comparisons.

ElfQuest Movie May Live Again.

Fantastic Fangirls Q&A #178: Who is your favorite child in comics?

$19,000 in stolen comic books returned to owner.

Interview: John Carpenter on Reviving They Live.

It’s The Official Website And Logo For World War Z.

Watch Anthony Hopkins Direct As Hitchcock In Several New Images.

MODOK For President.

Which fictional character should run the United States for the next four years? Hey, what about Doc Brown?

Donkey Puft T-Shirt.

A Charlie Brown Christmas posters, by Laurent Durieux

Taking A Knife To Chocolate Helly Kitty For Sweet, Delicious Horrors.

Great Scott! A Back To The Future Wedding Cake!

Stan Lee’s Rants: Bond Girls.

The Cinefiles—Rambo.

Han Solo Venn Diagram.

Egyptian princess’ tomb dating from 2500 BC found near Cairo.

15 Worst Fashion Disasters From James Bond Movies.

Vertigo Casting News For Arrow.

We Hate Movies Podcast, Episode 83: K-911 (1999)

The Shut Up And Watch This Podcast, Episode 62: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Series Roundtable.

Earth Station One: Episode 135: The Twilight Zone.

In other news, sister got out of the hospital last night. And yesterday morning we got word that someone on Dad’s side of the family died. Due to our drama, he was unable to attend the wake (which would have been last night) or the funeral (which was this morning, in Louisiana). The florist we usually use for sending them something is temporarily closed due to the owner apparently being diagnosed with cancer. We eventually managed to find someone who would deliver there.

Meanwhile, Mom found Nellie’s room in the hospital. She’s only allowed ice chips now that it’s the end, but she’s still interested in slaughtering the nurses. She ordered Mom to bring her her mail—all three huge sacks of them, so she could mock the endless political things that had been stuffed in her mailbox. Mom complied.

On the Yuletide side of things, I just need to rewatch a couple more episodes of the show that I was assigned. I’ve come up with several ideas, and chunks that could go into the middle of the fanfic. I’m working on what I think the ending should be like, and a few other little, but important things, making sure I’ve got a handle on characterization, and then (since I’m currently recovering from a migraine) I’ll get started on it.
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Sandy’s Impact: State By State.

Old skeleton found in tree uprooted by Sandy.

The Comic Industry Faces Sandy Through Twitter.

Thanks to [ profile] aralias for spotting this one: If this is true, then it appears as though Livejournal plans to cancel paid accounts in the spring.

[ profile] evilawyer has a brief tutorial on how to cross-post from Dreamwidth to Livejournal. As always, for those that want to leave for Dreamwidth, my username is the same there as it is on LJ. Feel free to add me—or let me know if I haven’t already added you to the circle.

Yuletide Sign-Ups Close At 8 PM CST. I eventually replaced Indiana Jones with The Mummy on the fandoms I’m offering for Yuletide. If I weren’t afraid I would be forced to write a story with Mutt in it, I would have thrown Indiana Jones into the Bucket List section.

Gmail Makes It Easier To Compose Emails With New Function.

This Is Halloween.

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness: Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness—80’s Rerun: Return of the Living Dead.

Longbox of the Damned: Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash.

Ain’t It Scary Reviews #31 of 31: It! The Terror From Beyond Space.

Rare Halloween Videos: Halloween Party and Safety Videos.

MTV Geek’s Frightful Faves: Return of the Living Dead (1985).

24 hours of horror with Joe Dante. He has great taste in horror films.

Trailers From Hell: Joe Dante on Horror Express.

Meta Horror Sequels.

Bored at a Halloween party? Time for some secret Pumpkin Tetris.

This Joker pumpkin is simply…smashing.

Watermelon Krang O’Lantern.

Spooky Stories: 10 Comics To Get In The Halloween Spirit.

13 Ghosts of Halloween: Day 12.

Dimestore Dames spotlights Jennifer-Lynn Hayden (Jade/Green Lantern).

Disney Buys LucasFilm For $4 Billion, Announces New Star Wars Movie For 2015.

Dark Horse Comics Reacts To Disney’s Star Wars Purchase.

Bryan Singer Confirmed To Direct X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Let’s Have One More Ghostbusters 3 Update, Seeing As Sony Are In Money Trouble And All.

The Real Ghostbusters Unofficial Complete Series Companion.

A Superman insignia pumpkin.

Two stills from Frankenstein’s Army.

What Is Scarier Than Vampires? Disco Vampires.

25 awesome spooky movies

Bizarro Back Issues: The Existential Dread of Halloween on Bizarro World.

Stephanie Brown Batgirl Returns To DC In Lil Gotham Digital Specials.

Stan Lee’s Rants: Marvel Avengers Battle For Earth.

Cocktails With Stan Lee, Episode 10, Season 2: Thomas Jane.

Robot Chicken: The Prime Directive.

The Cinefiles—Neo Grindhouse.

James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Not An Animated Film.

P:R Approved: Katsuhiro Otomo’s Batman

2012 Top 100 Comic Book Runs #6-5.

2012 Top 100 Comic Book Runs #4-3.

Major Spoilers Costume Contest 2012: Meet The Finalists.

Best Art Ever (This Week)—Halloween 2012.

From Cracked: The 8 Creepiest Places on Earth (Part 4).

Doctor Who’s Ten Most Horrifying Moments.

DC Histories: Wally West.

Kaleidoscope buys international rights to release Much Ado About Nothing.

How Dark Shadows brought the supernatural to television drama.

A History of Censorship, Halloween Edition: War of the Worlds.

New poster for Oz: The Great And Powerful.

Promo art for The Woman In Black: Angel of Death.

The Shut Up And Watch This Podcast, Episode 61: Ghostbusters.

Forgotten Flix Podcast #85: Halloween (1978)

Pulp Nightmare: Pulp Commentary—Halloween II (1981).

JoBlo Movie Podcast: Halloween II (1981) Commentary

Junk Food Dinner Podcast #133: Halloween II (1981), The Day After Halloween (1979), and Night of the Demons (1988).

F This Movie Podcast: The Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise.

Comic Issues Podcast #90: Vampirism.

Now Playing Podcast: License To Kill (1989)

Monster Movie Podcast Episode 26.

Earth Station One Podcast, Episode 134 Bonus: Earth Station Boo.
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Marcus Swayze has passed away, at the age of 99. May he rest in peace. He may be best known for drawing the character of Captain Marvel for Fawcett Comics in the early 1940’s, as well as creating Mary Marvel alongside Otto Binder.

Yuletide sign-ups are now open. About Optional Details. You can find a summary of sign-up offers and requests here. Sign-ups will remain open until October 28th. I know exactly what to request, I just need to whittle down what I’m offering. For example—removing The Shadow upon seeing a couple Dear Yuletide letters, since I’ve only seen the film, and not the radio show, serial or comics. I need to find out if Dark Shadows (60’s version—since I know the 90’s version is on Youtube, but it wasn’t nominated), Pushing Daisies, and Real Ghostbusters are available online for viewing, so I can brush up on canon—been a while since I watched those.

TV Tango updates their list for Halloween on TV: 355 Halloween-Themed Movie Marathons, Episodes & Specials On TV In October 2012.

31 Days of Horror: The Evil Dead/Re-Animator.

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness—80’s Rerun: Troll Trilogy.

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness: Making Contact (1985)

Longbox of the Damned: Eerie #1.

Rare Halloween Videos: Disney’s Quack Pack—House Of Haunts (1997)

Horror Education of the Week: Prometheus.

First Look At Mondo’s New Poster For Karloff’s The Mummy.

Monster Mash: horrific composite of Universal Monsters’ Big Four.

10 of the Grossest and Most Grotesque Vampires From Folklore.

23 Reasons Why Hocus Pocus Is The Best Halloween Movie Of All Time.

How All Family Films Grow Up To Be Horror Movies.

Hannibal Casts Gina Torres. Whedonesque reacts to the news here.

Best New York Comic Con Cosplay Ever.

Jonathan Nolan talks The Dark Knight Rises ending.

NYCC: David Goyer, Geoff Johns To Pen 13-Issue Event For DC Comics.

NYCC 2012: DC Comics—Batman—Death Comes To Gotham panel recap.

NYCC: Deadpool Adds Another X-Men Alumn To His Game.

15th Anniversary Buffy Panel At NYCC 2012.

The Evil Dead Panel at NYCC 2012.

The Carrie Panel at NYCC 2012.

Best New York Comic Con 2012 Cosplay Ever—Sunday.

Superman on TV: October 15-21.

George A. Romero Working On A Zombie Comic For Marvel.

Google Creates Homage To Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo In Slumberland.

How Marvel created the modern blockbuster.

Ant Man Gets Release Date, Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 Get 3D.

The Arrow Sizzle Reel From New York Comic Con.

Comics Alliance Reviews Arrow: Pilot (2012)

Comics, Everybody: The History of Hawkeye.

Brannon Braga Talks Hive, TNG, Cosmos, And More, Part 1. Part 2.

Jar Jar Binks attains sainthood in deranged Star Wars religious art.

Don’t Get These Gremlins Pumpkin Carvings Wet.

The Abandoned An’ Forsaked—Where Did Cyclops’ Ruby Quartz Glasses Come From?

A press release describing the plot of Mockingbird Lane.

The Cinefiles—Batman Part 1: The Burton/Schumacher Years.

The Shut Up And Watch This Podcast: Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn (1987)

Film Bin Commentaries Podcast: The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (1976)

Tysto Commentaries: The Invisible Man (1933)
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Yuletide Update and Clarifications, Part II.

Copyright Scofflaws Beware: ISPs to Begin Monitoring Illicit File Sharing.

The Quiet Death of the Canadian Internet Surveillance Bill.

Court rules book scanning is fair use, suggesting Google Books victory.

TV Tango has updated their list to Halloween On TV: 269 Halloween-Themed Movie Marathons, Episodes & Specials on TV In October 2012.

31 Days of Horror: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre/House of 1000 Corpses.

31 Days of Horror: The Fog/The Mist.

MTV Geek’s Frightful Faves: The Gate (1987)

Rare Halloween Videos: Grampa Munster’s Silly Scaries (1988), More Silly Scaries (1989).

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness: 80’s Rerun: Poltergeist

NBC To Air Mockingbird Lane As A Halloween Special. I’ll have to remember to watch that one.

The Best Horror Movies To Watch On Youtube For Free.

10 Thrift Store Friendly Comic Book Halloween Costume Ideas.

The Wolverine: First Glimpse of Silver Samurai.

Comixology adding a submission site.

The official trailer for Hitchcock.

How Red Dwarf blends sitcom with sci-fi in just 10 smegging episodes.

Expectation of Endings.

Storylines Lost.

Artist Kris Anka and Writer Sam Humphries On Uncanny X-Force Fashions.

500+ 90’s X-Men Animation Cels Hit The Auction Block December 1st.

How Grant Morrison’s 7-Year Batman Epic Is Becoming The Ultimate Definition of Batman.

Molly Shannon joins the cast of Hannibal.

Shailene Woodley In Talks To Play Mary Jane Watson In The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels To Cheer You The Frak Up.

10 ‘Grim and Gritty’ Superhero Makeovers.

Walter Koenig interview: Star Trek, Babylon 5, J.J. Abrams’ reboot, and graphic novels.

Captain Robert April, You’re Doing It Wrong: Objectivism, Climate Control and Diane Carey’s Final Frontier.

Ian McShane joins American Horror Story: Asylum.

Bryan Hitch Confirms Existence of Scott Snyder’s Man of Steel.

This Batcave made of 20,000 Lego bricks is fit for Bruce Wayne.

Nightwing Cosplay.

NYCC 2012: Jim Lee Unveils A Batman Inspired Car.

Robot Chicken: That’s Bane.

Robot Chicken: Two-Face.

The Strangest Real-Life Graves In The World.

The Weird, Weird History Of TLC.

Do You Listen To DVD Commentaries?

Scott Allie and artist Juan Ferreyra collaborated on a drawing of Hellboy hanging out with Edgar Allan Poe at a bar.

2012 Top 100 Comic Book Runs #90-86.

How It Should Have Ended: The Zombie Song (Extended Version).

Dynamite Acquires License For NBC’s Grimm.

Dan Slott Reveals That Spider-Man And Mary Jane Will Get Back Together - But Peter Parker Is NOT Spider-Man.

Alien Queen Barbie Mash-up.

Spooky Delicious Pizza.

Horror Poster Redux: Mondo’s Beautiful Take on John Carpenter’s Halloween.

Tales From The Crypt Pinball Machine.

The Line It Is Drawn #110—Comic Book Characters, Batman: The Animated Series Style.

Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines, Day 285: X-Men Annual #6.

The New Evil Dead Logo Springs Forth.

‘New’ JRR Tolkien epic due out next year.

Arrow Lifts CW Ratings, Most Viewed Show On The Network In Three Years.

30 Dynamic Duos of Daytime Soaps (25-21). Barnabas and Julia (from Dark Shadows), and Vivian and Ivan (from Days of Our Lives) make the list.

How Tor Would Cast A Live Action Peanuts Movie.

Comic Issues Podcast #87: A Few of the Geekiest Things Part 2.

Dr. Action Podcast: Masters of the Universe (1987) Commentary.

The F This Movie Podcast: Friday The 13th Part 3 (1982) Commentary.

Junk Food Dinner Podcast #130: Gothic (1986), Frankenstein Conquers The World (1965), and Frankenhooker (1990).

Mission Log Podcast #10: Episode 10: Dagger of the Mind.
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Publishers abandon fight against Google book scanning.

AMC FearFest 2012 Schedule (tell it to sort alphabetically, for the full list). TCM’s horror movie schedule. Looks like Fright Night Part 2 will be airing on AMC on the 27th at 2 AM CST, for those that are interested.

MTV Geek’s Frightful Faves: Fright Night (1985).

Classic Gothic horror cinema show in Montreal.

Experience The Vampire Diaries’ twisting plot and many thrills in 10 episodes.

Guillermo del Toro Talks Frankenstein, Hulk And More./a>

Top 10 1980s Horror Movie Posters.

The Weekly Geek: Geeky Halloween Costumes.

31 Days of Horror: Carnival of Souls/Insidious.

A Beginner’s Guide To Italian Horror: Mario Bava on Blu-Ray.

Celebrate Halloween with ‘Lyndhurst After Dark’.

How It Should Have Ended: The Amazing Spider-Man Bonus Scene.

First full image of Captain Hook in Once Upon A Time.

The Wizard of Oz is getting a 3D re-release.

Looking back at Young Sherlock Holmes.

Did Tru Calling deserve to be axed?

Life Outside The TARDIS: The Classic Companions’ Best Roles.

Life Outside The TARDIS: Elisabeth Sladen.

Doctor Who Rogues Gallery: The Time Lords.

Power Corrupts: 10 Omnipotent Characters That Went Too Far.

Six Developments From Avengers vs. X-Men #12.

An excerpt of Sean Howe’s Marvel Comics, The Untold Story.

IDW announces Mars Attacks the Real Ghostbusters.

Ellen Greene joins the cast of Hannibal.

Ally Sheedy returns for the musical episode of Psych.

The History of Lois Lane – Part 2: TV, Cartoons and Everything Else Leading to 'Man of Steel'.

As the showing of Rifftrax Live: Birdemic approaches, Boing Boing interviews Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, and Michael J. Nelson.

Ten Worst One-Liners From Batman And Robin. Oh, the pain.

Batman Hates Bronies.

Honest Trailers—The Dark Knight.

27 Of The Most Insane Martial Arts Battles Ever Filmed.

Star Wars, Gremlins, And Indiana Jones By Patrick Schoenmaker.

Should Filmmakers Explain Their Movies?

Red Dwarf: a beginner’s guide.

Robot Chicken: Cast Away Reboot.

The 32 Greatest Unscripted Movie Scenes.

Gateways To Geekery: Where to start with Tales From Earthsea author Ursula K. Le Guin.

Junk Food Dinner Podcast #129: Vamp (1986), Stake Land (2010), and Interview With The Vampire (1994).

Horror Etc Podcast, Episode 268: Night Fright.
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Google Adds Pirate Bay Domains To Censorship List.

Warren Ellis: How To See The Future.

Heroines Fest 2012 Prompts Post.

Wonder Woman: Video In Video Commentary, with Linkara and Nash.

Scenes from Lord of the Rings illustrated as brilliant stained glass windows.

Horror Education of the Week: North By Northwest.

BCC: Brevoort, Waid talk Hulk, Marvel Now, and renumbering.

Baltimore Comic Con 2012: Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. Reveal The Secret Origin of Mary Jane Watson.

Baltimore Comic Con 2012: Sunday Is For Cosplay.

Baltimore Comic Con 2012: Witches, And Ghostbusters, And Pokemon Cosplay.

With a wink, DC ‘won’t confirm’ Scott Snyder Man of Steel comic.

Superman On TV: September 10-16.

Crossover For Supergirl And Superman/Batman Fan Films.

Joss Whedon and cast at world premiere of Much Ado About Nothing.

Writer Toby Whithouse Interviewed.

Once Upon A Time Season 2 Promo.

Trailers From Hell: John Landis on The Horror of Party Beach.

Lobo Synopsis Sounds Kind Of Like A Reverse Men In Black.

Another new clip from The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1.

Fringe Series Finale To Air In February.

Which Green Lantern Are You?

Rewind: Manimal Revisited.

Cosplay: The Serenity Ship From Firefly.

36 Things We Learned From The Aliens Commentary

Comics Alliance Reviews X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), Part One.

12 Greatest Science Fiction War Stories.

Greatest Movie Ever Podcast: Conan The Barbarian (2011)

Film Sack Podcast #130: The Karate Kid (1984)

Horror Etc Podcast, Episode 264: Festival of Fear ’12.
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Jake Eberts has passed away, at the age of 71, following a brief illness. May he rest in peace.

Anti-Piracy Outfits Think Megaupload, Demonoid, and BTjunkie Are Still Alive.

Botnet master gets 30-month prison term for renting out infected PCs.

Mother Puss Bucket T-Shirt. It’s Mr. Stay Puft’s angry head being roasted over a fire.

Ghostbusters mod for Doom 2: Gozer battle.

Cocktails With Stan Lee: Seth Green.

Weird Secrets Of The Avengers That You’d Never Have Guessed.

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special Review. You can watch a recently released clip here.

Man of Steel: 10 Mistakes From Superman Returns The Reboot Must Avoid.

The AV Club Q&A: Confused By Our Commitment.

Syfy Acquires British Series Sinbad, Will Premiere April 2013.

Top 50 alternate movie endings. The list includes X-Men: The Last Stand, Army of Darkness, Dawn of the Dead, The Birds, Brazil, Clue, and many others.

The Eleventh Doctor’s 11 Best (and 7 Worst) Episodes.

Another clip from Doctor Who: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship.

Star Trek TNG: Season Two Blu-Ray Out On December 4th.

On Star Trek’s 46th Anniversary, Google Celebrates With Interactive Doodle.

New Wonder Woman Series In Development For The CW.

Wonder Woman On TV: A Brief History.

Writer Victor Gischler Gets To Know The Shadow.

Game of Thrones Cake.

New VOD Title From Rifftrax: The Bermuda Triangle.

Trailers From Hell: David DeCoteau on Tourist Trap.

Exploring Lost Worlds: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Professor Challenger.

Jim Starlin talks Thanos, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more.

The 15 Greatest Classic Nickelodeon Shows. I would add Are You Afraid Of The Dark, and Salute Your Shorts.

1950s Rockabilly Batman came to life at Dragon Con.

Remember when Robin fought Batman while he was taking a shower?

G4, 2002-2013.

Donkey Jones T-Shirt.

Unattended Children Will Be Given To The Goblin King.

Best Art Ever (This Week)—September 7th.

Why is William Shatner making a documentary about Xena?

Comic Book Legends Revealed #383.

Nosferatu At 90: Florence Stoker, Vampire Hunter.

Final Breakdown Of Special Features For They Live Special Edition.

Mission Log Podcast #5: Episode 5: The Naked Time.

Movie Issues Podcast: Mannequin (1987)
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Oracle must pay Google $1 million to cover costs in failed patent case.

Pirate Bay Founder Arrest Followed By $59 Million Swedish Aid Package For Cambodia.

Dimestore Dames spotlights Anissa Pierce (Thunder).

Preview for the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries.

Lost and Heroes Director Moves Into Bates Motel.

TV: Watch The Entire Pilot For J.J. Abrams’ Revolution Now.

Disappointed By Toys, Fan Made His Own…Transformer.

Ultimate Proof That Dragon Con Has The Best Cosplay On Earth.

Music In Film: The Dark Knight Rises.

History of the Batman Portrayals—Part 2. Part 1 is here.

Geek Gear: Batman ‘Gotham Reckoners’ Shirt.

Aled Lewis explains Batman’s disappearing trick.

When Miniature Batman meets Adventure Time, everybody wins.

10 episodes that find the 60’s Batman at its campy best.

Oogieloves And The Four Other Worst Wide Releases In History.

Henry Cavill On Playing Superman In Man of Steel.

Science confirms ‘Doctor Who-type world, Gallifrey’.

Dinosaurs On A Spaceship teaser, with the Doctor and Nefertiti.

35 Years Later, Voyager 1 Is Heading For The Stars.

Dragon Con 2012: 3 Favorite Moments From The Con.

Will Radioactive Man Be Introduced In Iron Man 3?

The Gameological Society Revisits The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. The only episode I remember from that show, is when Ernie Hudson visited as Winston, in order to defeat a ghost that had possessed Luigi.

Stan Lee Responds To Youtube Marvel Comics Parodies.

The 10 Worst Fictional Psychotherapists.

Playing Sherlock: a few Hobbit plot deductions from the figurine character biographies.

This Photo Proves Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson And Julia Child Were Separated At Birth.

Filming Begins On Curse of Chucky; Full Cast, Synopsis Revealed.

Stay Comfortable This Winter With Evangelion Humidifiers.

Prophets of Fiction: Famous Authors Characterized As Their Books.

The World’s Most Expensive Comic Book Art (And Why Prices Keep Climbing).

What are the differences between the U.S. and the Japanese comic book industry?

Tuesday Q&A: Brian Michael Bendis.

DC Comics, Disney and Sanrio sue party company over costumes.

Check Out Five Pages of Alex Ross Art From Masks #1.

8 Ways That Judges Have Cited Star Trek From The Bench.

Top Cow kicks off search for unpublished writer and artist.

Horror Etc Podcast, Episode 263: Hellraiser Addendum.

Now Playing Podcast: The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)

Comic Issues Podcast #82: New 52 A Year In Review.
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Joe Kubert has passed away at the age of 85, after a hospitalization for various health issues. May he rest in peace. He was a legendary artist for DC Comics, and co-created Ragman, Sergeant Rock, and Tor. He founded the Kubert School, and had several projects still yet to be released when he passed. His recently inked Before Watchmen: Nite Owl.

The comics industry remembers Joe Kubert, ‘a friend, a teacher, an influence and a giant.’

Demonoid Domains Go Up For Sale.

MPAA/RIAA Want U.S. To Help Quash The Pirate Bay.

uTorrent Adds ‘Featured Torrents’ Ads—With No Opt Out (Yet).

Google Kinda Sorta Clarifies Piracy Plan.

Perseid Meteor Shower Photos.

Bane vs. Cable Guys. There are mild spoilers if you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight Rises Surpasses $800 Million Worldwide.

Batman’s Biggest Secret (And No, It’s Not Bruce Wayne).

Graham Nolan talks about comics and co-creating Bane.

Interview: Scott Lobdell on Superboy, Jason Todd, and Tim Drake not being Robin.

The New New York Forbidden Planet On Broadway.

The next movie for Svengoolie is The Mummy.

Doctor Who Magazine—Delayed.

Are fan fiction and fan art legal?

The Abandoned An’ Forsaked—So How Old Are Superboy’s Parents?


Fan Art: Gozer The Gozerian.

Interview with part of the team behind IDW’s Ghostbusters series.

Hobbit pub copyright row: Legal fees fundraising event.

On The Trail Of The Warsaw Basilisk.

Sea Monsters From A to Z.

DC Comics Liquidates Hundreds Of Archives And Showcases.

14 great films that inspired regrettable trends.

A fan letter from a 15 year old Warren Ellis.

Looking back at season 1 of Grimm

Neil Gaiman and Felicia Day are narrating a fantasy audiobook.

From Cracked: 6 Crucial Movie Scenes That Never Made It Out Of The Script.

The pairings for Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars.

Quantumqstar’s design of Antonia Stark, and Iron Woman.

The Best Cosplay From Star Trek Las Vegas

Justice League Unlimited returns to television via The CW’s Vortexx.

Phil Davis will appear on the UK version of Being Human.

Alice Krige joins Thor: The Dark World.

Maria Howell joins The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Comics Alliance Reviews X2: X-Men United (2003), Part Two.

Amazing Stories reboot offering a free issue.

Commentary Track Stars Podcast: Army of Darkness Commentary.

Greatest Movie Ever Podcast: The Karate Kid, Part II.
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Carlo Rambaldi has passed away at the age of 86. May he rest in peace. He helped design E.T., as well as the xenomorph in Alien and contributed to the 1976 remake of King Kong. He worked on Dario Argento’s Deep Red, Conan The Destroyer, Silver Bullet, Cameron’s Closet, Cat’s Eye, and numerous other films.

Google Fined $22.5 Million Over Safari Privacy Violation.

From Funny Or Die: The Olympic Ticket Scalper With Sir Patrick Stewart.

Watch the first 10 minutes of The Awakening.

Dimestore Dames spotlights Marrow.

Secrets Behind The X-Men: Kitty Pryde and the substitute X-Men.

BBC America seeks first memories of Doctor Who.

MoCCA Gets A New Lease On Life At Society Of Illustrators.

Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters will be rated R.

Another Amityville Horror-Inspired Project Is On The Way.

Improved by low expectations.

The 10 Best Episodes of The Tick.

New Skyfall posters released.

Burn Gorman will apparently be in The Game of Thrones.

The top 100 most suggestive comic book panels.

Creepy robot fairies made from recycled parts.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #379.

More of Scott Ngo’s X-Men.

Spider-Man At 50 Part One: A Few Thoughts On Amazing Spider-Man #1-150. Part Two: David Brothers On How Spider-Man Is The Ultimate And Best Superhero. Part Three: Kiel Phegley On Spider-Man's Existence Outside Of The Comic Books. Part Four: A John Romita Sr. Interview From 2002.

Zombie Red Shirts Dance To Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Darth Vader Mail box.

Steampunk Darth Vader Mask.

Masters of the Whoniverse T-Shirt.

Interview: Scott Lobdell on Superman, Existing Villains And Catching Speeding Bullets.

A Comic Book Store That Looks Like A Comic Book.

Check out the world’s most beautiful libraries.

Arrow Adds Byron Mann.

Bill and Ted 3 gets the Galaxy Quest director.

This weekend: the Perseid meteor shower.

Agent of S.T.Y.L.E.—The Wondrous Threads Of Robin.

Batgirl—Gay Icon?

Cocktails With Stan Lee, Episode 14: Roger Cross.

Welcome To The New Red Dwarf Sleeping Quarters.

Image of the Day: Brilliant Doctor Who wedding cake topper.

The BBC’s first teaser trailer for Ripper Street.

Introducing Mission Log. Mission Log Podcast #1, Episode 1: The Cage.

Sofa Dogs Podcast #253: Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1992) Commentary.
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Mary Tamm has passed away, at the age of 62, following a battle with cancer. May she rest in peace. She played the first incarnation of Romana. I don’t believe I’ve ever actually watched anything of her episodes.

Demonoid Goes Down, Sort Of.

Google Talk Is Down. How Are You Coping With The Great Gtalk Outage of 2012? I’ve never used it before, and don’t have a clue about it--but I know there are some who likely use it a lot.

Extremely Dark Knight.

Batman’s Gotham City Map: What Does The Dark Knight’s Home Really Look Like?

How Much Would It Cost To Be Batman?

Where Was The Joker In The Dark Knight Rises? Mild spoilers for the film, and a quote from the novelization.

5 Essential Women In The Batman Universe. Leslie should have been included.

The CW’s New Slogan: TV Now.

New BBC Drama Trailer.

Grant Morrison, on being named a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire,and whether the honor makes him feel more chivalrous.

Werewolf: The Beast Among Us Trailer.

TARDIS Shed Guarded By A Dalek.

Ursula K. Le Guin: Still Battling The Powers That Be.

Maddie Hason and Alice Evans join the cast of Grimm.

Once Upon A Time Adds Lancelot. He will be played by Sinqua Walls.

The Hobbit: An Exclusive Look At Gollum Before And After.

Third Hobbit Movie: How? What? When? Why?

An interview with Len Wiseman, regarding the Total Recall remake.

J. Michael Straczynski Believes In Ghostbusters 3; Has Working Script Idea. This needs to happen.

First Behind The Scenes Footage From The Carrie Remake.

Exclusive Clip From William Shatner’s Get A Life.

Check Out Five New Character Portraits From Frankenweenie.

Marvel’s Multiple Movies: A Crowded House Of Ideas?

From Cracked: The 6 Craziest Superman Stories Ever Written (Twice).

Restoring The 1931 Bela Lugosi Dracula: Video Feature.

Secrets of the X-Men: Interrupted Romance With Colleen Wing.

Fringe Season 5 Production Halted.

Interview with Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, Part 1.

How Prometheus Should Have Ended.

Pulp Nightmare Podcast: Santa’s Slay Commentary.

And a meme, taken from othercat:
Let's do that thing where you give me a fandom I know nothing or very little about and I try to tell you about it.
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Morgan Paull has passed away, at the age of 67, after battling stomach cancer. May he rest in peace. He was famous for his role in Blade Runner—MST3K fans may also remember him from Mitchell.

Court May Order Google To Censor ‘Torrent,’ ‘Rapidshare,’ and ‘Megaupload.’

Dropbox Users Targeted By Spam, Possible Address Leak To Blame?

SDCC 2012: Man of Steel panel.

SDCC 2012: The Hobbit panel.

SDCC 2012: Being Human panel.

Best Comic Con Cosplay Gallery Ever: Sunday. Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Galactus and Thanos had great costumes.

CCI: Marvel’s 2012 Costume Contest. There’s a Phoenix possessed Illyana in there, along with some great costumes of Deadpool, Storm, Emma Frost, Dark Phoenix, Hope Summers, Venom, and more.

Bleeding Cool has more costumes that were spotted. My favorite is the one at the end, The Dark Knight Retires. Deadpool Pokemon (is that what that was?) is a close second.

Deadpool Takes Comic Con By Dancing Storm.

The 10 Biggest Comic Con Announcements.

The Most Astounding Comic Book News Of Comic Con 2012.

Galactus Is Nigh: Counter-Protestors Warn of the Comic Con Apocalypse. There wasn’t as much said about this as there was about a certain church that protested a couple years back. The only two amusing bits are the Galactus sign, and the list of things they think lead to possession: Vegetarianism, Halloween fire walking, LOTR, and Twilight films?

SFX interviewed Paul Cornell at Comic Con.

Featurette for ParaNorman

Molly Quinn will be voicing Supergirl in an upcoming DC animated feature.

Trailer for Drew: The Man Behind The Poster.

Trailer for Merlin: The Game.

Rifftax at Comic Con: Best Of Trailer.

Cinematic Titanic’s Next DVD: Rattlers.

The Dark Knight Rises TV Spot #10.

7 Wildly Incorrect and Irresponsible Rumors About Batman Movies.

Mark Hamill and Nathan Fillion with Stan Lee on Youtube.

Nathan Fillion came up with an interesting (and classy) way to sign things for as many people as possible, while trying not to disappoint them—an apology letter with his signature.

Greg Pak talks Doctor Strange Season 1.

Bill Murray +12 more actors who almost wore a big-screen Batsuit.

Green Lantern The Animated Series: SDCC 2012 Preview.

The Sci Fi Channel just got a brand new name and identity…in Australia.

Do You Listen To Podcasts?

Denis Medry’s Steampunk Spider-Man and Rogue’s Gallery.

Every Dinosaur’s Kill Count From The Jurassic Park Franchise.

From Cracked: The 4 Weirdest Lessons 80’s Movies Really Wanted To Teach Us.

Jessica Biel May Not Be In The Wolverine After All. Pretty much as I expected.

There’s Nothing Strange In Your Neighborhood Shirt.

The Hub recreates Dark Knight Rises trailer for Batman cartoon marathon.

5 Modern Movie Trends That Were Started By Peter Jackson.

5 Things You Might Not Know About Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop, Released 25 Years Ago Today. Or yesterday, as the case may be.

Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks That Actually Light Up.

R2-D2 Football.

Wizard of Who T-Shirt.

Warren Ellis shows Joss Whedon hard at work on Wastelanders. Whedonesque discusses it here.

Now Playing Podcast: The Dark Knight (2008).
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Scott Henson passed away on June 26th, at the age of 52, after a lengthy battle with heart disease. May he rest in peace.

Eric Sykes has passed away at the age of 89. May he rest in peace. While some may remember him from Harry Potter—I remember him as Horace Harker in The Six Napoleons (the Jeremy Brett version of Sherlock Holmes). According to IMDB, he was in Theatre of Blood, as well—which I’ll be tracking down shortly.

ACTA Is DEAD After European Parliament Vote. For now.

Google Killing Off Mini, Video, and iGoogle.

The Amazing Spider-Man Scores Record Tuesday Opening With $35 Million

Phoenix Eternal: 6 Reasons Why It’s Time For Jean Grey To Return.

Exploring The Adventures Of Pete And Pete’s genesis and highlights (part 2 of 4).

Looking back at Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Geek Gear: Mystery Science Theater 3000 ‘Silver Screen Silhouettes’ Shirt.

Once Upon A Time Comic Con Poster.

SDCC 2012: IDW Announces Convention Exclusives.

Ghost Trap Cake. Spectacular job there. It even has a working light to tell when the trap is full.

From Cracked: 6 Utterly Insane Innovations History Was Sure Were Coming.

Linkara takes A Quick Look At…The Amityville Horror and Amityville II: The Possession.

Stan Lee’s Alphabet.

Teaser Trailer For Turtle Power.

Here’s the poster for Oz: The Great And Powerful.

Paleontologists now say all dinosaurs probably had feathers.

Film Sack Podcast #122: Barb Wire (1996).

Greatest Movie Ever Podcast: Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance.

Commentary Track Stars: Ghostbusters Commentary.

Just a reminder for interested parties: Encore Action is having a Superman marathon for the 4th of July. The Science Channel is showing Firefly. Encore was showing the Blu-Ray version of Ghostbusters earlier, while the second movie is tonight.
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Caroline John passed away on June 5th, at the age of 71. May she rest in peace. She played the Third Doctor’s companion, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw. She also played Mrs. Carnac in an episode (The Dying Detective) of the Jeremy Brett version of Sherlock Holmes, and was Stella’s Mother in the 1989 version of The Woman In Black.

Google Will Pay Nothing To Oracle In Copyright Case.

Nintendo Power Gloves For Superheroes.

Daria reruns will air on MTV for six weeks starting in August.

Happy birthday, Jaws. Watch Two Clips From The Upcoming Blu-Ray.

Fan Art: Ghostbusters vs. Beetlejuice.

Jurassic Park 4 Has Found Its Writers.

The Line It Is Drawn #95—Ray Bradbury Tribute: Comic Characters in Science Fiction Stories.

Four New Character Images From Frankenweenie.

Looking back at 1990’s Captain America.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World: 10 Superheroes Who Tried.

The CBLDF will premiere a new shirt for Heroes Con.

Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection Coming To Blu-Ray.

Alice In Wonderland Transit Map T-Shirt.

The Unsinkable Meets The Unbelievable In Aliens vs. Titanic. Yes, really.

Giant Lego men dissected by Jason Freeny.

Iconic Planet of the Apes Scene Recreated in Lego.

Hans Zimmer Will Officially Be Scoring Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

Digital manga service to shut down, pull books from cloud.

Space Music: Joel Hodgson Talks Riffing, MST3K, and Film Scores.

Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Snuffed Out, Too: More TV Series That Were Gone Too Soon. Finally, a list that remembers Women of the House.

The 25 Most Awesomely Melodramatic Archie Comics Covers.

Donald F. Glut’s Spider-Man Fan Film From 1969.

Ask Neal Stephenson anything.

Metal Men Film In The Works From Men In Black’s Barry Sonnenfeld.

Confirmation: Hobbit Trailer #2 is not new material.
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George Murdock, Jr. passed away on April 30th, at the age of 81. The long-time character actor will be familiar to Star Trek fans as God in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, as well as Admiral J. P. Hanson in TNG’s The Best of Both Worlds. According to IMDB, he was a preacher in an episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day. May he rest in peace.

Iconic Piracy Suit Against Google Dismissed, Despite $25,000 Bounty.

Ed Gross reviews Dark Shadows, detailing with the issues with the film. There are spoilers. FearNet’s scathing review. The AV Club’s reaction; Dread Central’s.

Dark Shadows composer Danny Elfman, on his long collaboration with Tim Burton.

Listen: Dark Shadows Cast And Crew Press Conference.

Tim Burton and Michelle Pfeiffer on Dark Shadows, Reteaming after 20 years, and the new Catwoman.

Dark Shadows Poster From Mondo.

Prometheus Featurette Delves Into Origins.

Shock Previews Frankenweenie, Talks With Tim Burton About The Animated Film.

Zealot and Deathblow Join the New DCU.

Eileen Davidson has been fired from Young And The Restless.

Sci Fi And TV Talk interviews Clare Kramer about her role as Glory.

The 2012 Rules And Sign-Up Poster for the Forever Knight Ficathon.

Marvel Comics Table Lamps.

First Amazing Spider-Man TV Spot.

The Pleasures of Movie Marathons.

Reimagining She-Ra.

The Venkman Family Crest.

Looks like a sequel to 10 Things I Hate About You is in the works.

The Avengers Trailer, Inception Style.

The Best Casting In Superhero Movies.

Talking Dead and Comic Book Men both renewed for a second season.

Japanese Ice Bras.

TV Land Unveils New Logo, New Look.

Fox renews Touch, cancels Alcatraz.

Help recover LOTR prop-maker’s stolen memorabilia.

Listen to the Doctor Who theme on eight floppy drives.

A conversation with Joss Whedon, at SXSW 2012.

The Great Powers Theft of 2012. My favorite (with Jean as Resurrection Man a close second) is Squirrel Girl with the Infinity Gauntlet. The universe is doomed.

The Damage To NYC In The Avengers Would Cost $160 Billion To Repair.

Retro Science Fiction Movies That Everybody Should See.

Why Space: 1999 Is Still Retro Cool.

33 Geeky Insults You Can Use Almost Anywhere.

Guillermo Del Toro Co-Directs Pinocchio With Mark Gustafson.

Exclusive Clip: Snow White and the Evil Queen Face Off.

A real life fire at the location used for filming scenes involving The Mystic Grill on The Vampire Diaries shouldn’t affect the show.

All 58 Mars Attacks #1 Covers By John McCrea.

Creatively Silhouetted Posters of Superheroes.

Spock to the Future: Barbara Hambly’s Ishmael.

Pixar’s Brave wishes people a Happy Mother’s Day.
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What should we call this age of comics?

Dark Shadows Movie Video Treats. They include Barnabas Unleashed (a behind-the-scenes featurette with Johnny Depp and others discussing the film Barnabas) as well as a new tv spot, and a scene between Roger and Barnabas. The featurette Constructing Collinwood explores the sets.

Custom Barnabas Collins Doll.

Willie Loomis, Josette Dupres, and Quentin Collins figures solicited for 2012.

Original Art For Jim Lee’s Free Comic Book Day Shirt Tops $400.

The next movie for Svengoolie is Revenge of the Creature.

Phantom of the Opera Production Still (1925).

From Cracked: The 5 Most Baffling Product Recalls of All Time. 10 News Stories That Raise Endless Unanswered Questions.

One bad apple…we can live with that: 31 rotten parts of otherwise fantastic wholes.

Dazzler #1’s unpublished splash page.

BBC1 has ordered a ten part series based on the characters created by Alexandre Dumas in The Three Musketeers.

Official Teen Wolf Season 2 Trailer.

The Punisher Fleece Slippers.

Revolving bookcase/room divider.

ComicsAlliance Reviews Superman III, Part Two.

A new clip from Snow White And The Huntsman—it’s Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth vs. a troll.

Film Sack Podcast 116: Hard Target.

Nerdist Podcast: John Lithgow.

Dalek Impersonator on Britain’s Got Talent.

Exclusive: Joss Whedon and Kevin Feige Explain Origin of The Avengers Post-Script.

The Great Alan Moore Reread: D.R. and Quinch.

12 Lesser Known Marvel Super-Teams That Also Deserve Movies.

Jessica Chastain will not appear in Iron Man 3.

Pentagon Quit The Avengers Because Of Its Unreality.

James Cromwell is in talks to join American Horror Story.

The Real Reason The Avengers Assembled Was To Help Back Up Your Files.

Celebrate Science With These Insane Retro Posters.

This well-known Egyptian symbol is actually an early math problem.

Why are so many vampire stories so weak?

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Original Ghostbusters.

The Avengers opens bigger than expected, with $207.4 million.

Jury rules Google violated Java copyright, Google moves for mistrial.
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Finally, something in English about the Scrapbook issue. Tags are being removed, everything will be compiled into one gallery--I needed those tags, it was how I kept track of everything. The whole format worked fine for me before, I never had any issues with it.

Comcast Praises Voluntary BitTorrent Crackdown Agreement.

How to get the old Gmail back.

The brand new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.

The Silliest Complaints By British Moviegoers.

We might see a new Hulk from Marvel in 2015.

The Great Alan Moore Reread: From Hell, Part 2.

When We First Met: The Evolution of Red And Green Kryptonite.

Major Star Trek Sequel Spoilers Confirmed. If you don’t want to know the character Benedict Cumberbatch will play, or who might have a possible cameo, you’ll want to avoid this.

Scott Lobdell To Take Over Superman From Jurgens And Giffen.

Egon Bobble Head.

Real Ghostbusters t-shirt design.

New character posters for Snow White And the Huntsman.

An interview with Ty Templeton.

From SFX: 20 Things We Love About Angel.

50 Greatest Friends And Foes Of Spider-Man: Supporting Cast #1-3. Villains #1-3.

The Nerdist gives an overview of the Trailers From Hell website.

From Cracked: 5 Movie Apocalypses That Would Defeat Themselves.

The 5 Weirdest Avengers Plots—Ever.

Dark Shadows Movie Media Round-Up. A sequel is already under consideration. The latest issue of Screem has two Dark Shadows covers—one with Quentin, Angelique and Barnabas from the original series, and one with three images of Barnabas from the new movie. I’ll be looking for the former.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles chalkboard art for the Illinois coffee shop Expresso Royale.

Gaiman settlement cost Todd McFarlane $1,100,000.

House of Dark Shadows available from Amazon digitally.

A reboot of Van Helsing is on the way…with Tom Cruise attached to star in and produce the latter.

Chemistry Tea Set.

Sign-ups are open for the Not Prime Time Ficathon.

Last year’s Rifftrax Live: Jack The Giant Killer is now available on DVD.

Make sure you stay all the way through the end credits, because there is a second end credits sequence.

The 30 Nerdiest Mad Magazine Covers.

We Hate Movies Podcast, Episode 56: The Philadelphia Experiment II (1993).

Now Playing Podcast: Captain America: The First Avenger.

Comcast appears to be having some serious problems. Long stretches of time when it looks like the internet’s down, or having temporary hang-ups. I can’t watch anything on Youtube or Blip, since it never loads—or if it starts to, it will constantly buffer. A call to customer service seems to think it’s on my end, when I seriously doubt that. Their server keeps dying if anyone tries to check e-mail. (Except for a brief window this morning) Earliest they can bother to check around and see if there’s something messing up is Saturday afternoon, around 11 AM-1 PM. Maybe.

To watch the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, I had to use Download Accelerator Plus, since it kept trying even when the connection dropped out. So I watched a fuzzy quality version of the HD trailer, but at least I was able to see it.

(Yahoo is insane, because it’s been working for me at times, even when Comcast wasn’t, in certain windows of time. So I can keep tagging back in the Genosha logs. Watch the confusion!)
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House Passes CISPA. Obama Administration Issues Threat To Veto CISPA As-Is. From here, it goes to the Senate. Some of those in the House that voted against it only did so because they didn’t think it went far enough.

The Non-Geek’s Guide To CISPA.

FTC Hires Ace Prosecutor For Google Antitrust Case.

Dimestore Dames spotlights Snowbird.

New viral images of Spider-Man’s web-shooters from The Amazing Spider-Man.

Star Wars MST3K Reviews Firefly T-Shirt.

Avengers pre-sales numbers smash all other Marvel movies combined.

Chris Roberson, marketing, and the Silver Age.

MTV Sets Premiere Date For Teen Wolf Season 2.

Fringe has been renewed for a fifth, final season of 13 episodes. Whedonesque discusses the news here.

What fandom did for Doctor Who.

Director James McTeigue Talks The Raven.

10 Comic Book Characters That Didn’t Debut In Comic Books.

Explore Vampire History In A New Dark Shadows Featurette.

20 New Images From Dark Shadows Are Here.

The Wolverine To Shoot In Japan.

Is there really a New Mutants movie in the works? Will it be announced at Comic Con? While I doubt it, that would be wonderful to see. Even if everything with Illyana would take multiple movies to cover.

Joe Dante on The Haunted Palace.

The Ringu Ghost Throws A Mean Curve.

New international poster for The Amazing Spider-Man.

An Imperial CAT-AT, for Jedi kitties only.

The Japanese trailer for Snow White And The Huntsman.

New spot for Brave, due to air during the NFL Draft.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #364.

John Romita Jr. will try to draw for 50 hours straight for charity.

Polymer clay skull ring.

Ray Stantz Costume To Be On Display At Museum Of Natural History. The exhibit will also include the leather jacket worn by Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, and the whip used in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the tunic and sash worn by William Shatner as Kirk in Mirror Mirror, and numerous other items.

Buffy vs. Aliens For Free Comic Book Day?

Film Sack Podcast: Cherry 2000.
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Mediafire Starts Blocking FilesTube Search Traffic.

The History of File-Sharing

The next movie for Svengoolie is This Island Earth.

The grandson of Tolkien and a descendant of Dickens are collaborating on two new fantasy books for children.

Theaters will adapt to show The Hobbit at 48fps by December.

From Cracked: The 6 Creepiest Ways They’re Harvesting Electricity.

Sea-Monkeys And X-Ray Specs: Collecting The Bizarre Stuff Sold In The Back of Comic Books.

Top 10 Clever Tricks Built Right Into Gmail.

The spooky tv movie that caused post-traumatic stress disorder. I had the opportunity to see Ghostwatch, back in October of last year. While it wasn’t scary to me, at least now I actually get the reference in Army of Ghosts.

How Other Firefly Actors Could Guest Star On Castle.

Sail The Coast With Jigsaw On The Saw Ultimate Fan Experience Cruise. That can’t end well.

Dark Shadows: There’s some new footage in this trailer from Taiwan.

Star Trek: The Walking Red Shirt.

First Photo From Lionsgate’s Possession, Formerly Dibbuk Box.

These 1980s robot waiters were real, but they were terrible at their job.

The Monsters of Rock, painted as literal monsters.

Learn yoga with pirates, zombies, and space men.

Jane Espenson chatted with Clique Clack about Once Upon A Time.

Barbiebot And Pals.

The Seed of Yggdrasil: Nifty 3D-printed sculpture based on Celtic-style knot in Norse mythology.

The Punisher (1989) is the topic of conversation for this week’s Bad Movie Fiends Podcast.

Schlock Treatment 74: The Fly II. Next week they discuss Ghostbusters II.
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Barry Cahill passed away on April 9th, at the age of 90. May he rest in peace. He was best known for originating the role of Sam Powers, during the early years of The Young And The Restless.

FCC wants to fine Google $25,000 for WiFi investigation.

Megaupload’s hosting company might be sued next.

A cake made to look like the Eye of Sauron.

The next movie for Svengoolie is Dracula’s Daughter.

Batman: False Start.

Talking to Dan DiDio about Wally West.

Exclusive: Screenwriter John Spaihts on the Mummy Reboot.

Marvel’s Saturday at C2E2

The trailer for Monster In The Closet—featuring a very young Fergie and Paul Walker.

New international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man.

Benedict Cumberbatch wins an Olivier acting award.

Cosplay of the 1980’s versions of Rogue and Psylocke spotted at Wizard World Toronto.

The Cabin In the Woods came in third place, with an estimated $14.85 million at the box office.

Hunger Games wins box office 4th week in a row.

Matt Fraction Takes Aim At Hawkeye.

Is this the greatest obituary ever published in the history of death?

Ferris Bueller’s further days off: 14-plus short-lived film-to-tv adaptations.

Broke? Go to India and catch a vampire.

Fan Art: Stay Puft Marshmallow Spread.

New Gambit Ongoing Comic Launching In August.

Steven Spielberg’s Advice.

The Countdown To The Avengers Comment Ficathon And Drabble Fest.

The Sherlock/Shakespeare Challenge.

The Avengers DVD will have over 30 minutes of deleted scenes.

The proton pack flash drive.

Robot cakes: Includes K-9, R2D2, Optimus Prime, Daleks, Cybermen, and several others.

Kris Anka’s redesign of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

Baby Chewbacca.

What if Google had launched in the 80’s?

Kimberly Peirce making Carrie relevant for today.

Top Ten Vampire Death Scenes From The Movies.
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Best Buy’s CEO resigns after a loss of $1.7 billion.

Alex Ross paints the box for a somewhat smaller replica of the Starship Enterprise.

Why is everybody obsessed with Snow White right now?

Universal is developing ideas for a possible sequel to Snow White And The Huntsman if it does well at the box office —but without Snow White.

Paul Feig walks us through Freaks And Geeks (Part 2 of 5).

Dr. Pepper released its tie-in ad for The Avengers—Stan Lee makes a cameo.

Another clip from The Avengers, this time with a scene starring Nick Fury and Maria Hill.

Leven Rambin has been cast as Clarisse, daughter of Ares, in Percy Jackson And The Olympians: The Sea of Monsters.

The most common grammar, usage, and style errors in print today.

The Dictator was moved to a new opening date, in order to avoid competition with Dark Shadows—since Paramount doesn’t want ‘to risk cannibalizing the comedy audience by bashing heads with a rival on the same opening weekend.’ So now its current competition is only the second week of The Avengers.

In defense of: Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows.

Voting for what stories everyone will be writing in the Finish-A-Thon continues until Friday.

Janeane Garofalo was almost Monica instead of Courteney Cox. Six Real Stories Of Near Miss Casting. Rosie on Seinfeld as Elaine—horrifying.

Geek Gear: The Princess Bride Shirt.

Sherlock Holmes as Smaug.

Becky Cloonan illustrates new edition of Dracula.

The Japanese trailer for Total Recall.

Which tv incarnation of Storm is the best? They left out the version of Storm that was in Pryde of the X-Men, but that’s understandable if they missed it.

Zombie survival Google map allows you to find food and guns for the undead apocalypse.

Wooden VHS coffee table.

Warehouse 13 Phoenix Medallion Replica.

10 Obscure But Awesome Greek Gods And Monsters Fit To Film.

Pop Candy interviews Joss in advance of his Q&A with Reddit. That last answer is great.

New featurette for Brave.

HBO has renewed Game of Thrones for a third season.

Lena Headey to voice animated Grimm Fairy Tales. It’s based on Zenescope Entertainment’s comic book series.

Universal to release Back to the Future Augmented Reality Sleeve and Steelbooks Abroad.

Why old books get that old book smell.

Chicks Dig Comics goes on sale today, and here’s the full table of contents.

The We Hate Movies Podcast discusses Free Enterprise. At the start, they recommend Sarek, by A.C. Crispin.


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