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I had a grand total of 92 trick-or-treaters last night, as they all came from 5:30 PM, until 8 PM. Having only 8 or 9 pieces of candy left in the bowl, I turned out the lights.

50 of those trick-or-treaters came within a ten-minute span of time. We had one quite disturbing little boy who had a real machete. He was angry with his little sister, and slammed the machete into our yard about half up the blade. He tore it back out and screamed to the heavens, while she laughed at him. And then, he stalked over, put on a smile, and very politely requested candy.

I gave him the most (five pieces) of all. Costumes of note (well, the first 15 kids weren’t dressed up in anything but normal clothing.) include a boy that dressed as what looked like a giant blueberry. It was almost Willy Wonka style. He walked up and down the street, but never came by my house, so I couldn’t ask what he was.

1 little boy had been dressed as Trump Taco, minus the Trump mask. Sweet kid; terrible costume choice from his family. The more interesting thing that I spotted would be the two people dressed in T-Rex costumes. Fully done with long tail, teeny arms, tiny cut-out in the throat to see, large head with fangs, etc… Their parents carried the bag for candy, because they couldn’t.

There was one child I didn’t see at first, as he came after dark, and was dressed head to toe in black, and a black mask. When he touched a button, you could then see two glowing red eyes in the dark. So I saw that “floating” up the ramp. And either he came by again, or someone else had the same costume with another group, for I spotted two more glowing red eyes later.
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This year, despite the rain, we ended up having a grand total of 41 trick-or-treaters. Word appeared to spread that I had Twizzlers to give away, because several children and suspiciously older teens requested them before I even brought the bowl to them. One even said, “They told me you had Twizzlers. I want those instead.”

The first came around 5 PM, and the other 40 started coming at 7 PM. I ran out of candy and had to turn out the lights around 8 PM—before the next wave appeared at the end of the street. The final one was a teen (not in a costume--but the second to last, her friend, was) that was disappointed because she "thought it would be livelier around here, but it's dead!"
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In the end, it was a grand total of 64 (20 came in 10 minutes) kids that came to my door, two of whom I recognized from when the local news showed the trick-or-treaters in a roped off area downtown.

After the 64th kid left, I turned out the lights and went off to watch Return of the Vampire on Get TV. It was 8:30 PM, and we were pretty much out of candy. The temperature had fallen down to 40 degrees before anyone arrived, with the wind at 25 mph, so I'm amazed anyone came at all.

There were no sightings of Michael Meyers, Jason Vorhees or Freddy Krueger walking down the road in a line (with a fairy princess with butcher knife behind them) this year. Instead, it was mostly kids (and many teens) bundled up. Aside from an undead nun, a scarecrow wearing a Scream mask painted brown, a court jester skeleton, and a glow-in-the-dark skeleton pirate. Oh, and the kid dressed as pepperoni pizza, and one teenage Red Riding Hood.
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Tomorrow evening, I will be headed out to the annual Zombie Walk around 5 PM. Last year’s was at the start of November, so they ended up nearly freezing in their tattered clothing. This year shouldn’t be as bad for them, since the temperature is due to be in the 60’s tomorrow. (Now, what that falls to at or near sunset, which is when they’re normally ready to shamble onward, I don’t know.)

So far, unless something else comes along during the month, I plan to go to see Halloween (1978) on October 25th at 4:30 PM, and Psycho (1960) on October 26th at 2 PM. After doing a lot of reading up on it, I opted to avoid The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, playing this Sunday. It’s just not one for me.
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How many trick-or-treaters did everyone get? At the other house—where I went to be with everyone, as a tornado/severe weather was on its way—we ended up having 57 trick-or-treaters. Several of whom opted to continue trick-or-treating despite a tornado siren, high winds, and torrential rain*. Without an umbrella. And I had to give them candy, since the lights were on—Dad was trying to make his way over, it was dark—kids and teens without costumes misinterpreted. Some observations:

1. What made my night? Looking out the window and seeing a kid with a machete in his head. Behind him, stood an adult dressed as Michael Meyers. Together, with three others, they started slowly walking down the street. Behind the Michael attired guy was someone dressed (perfectly) as Jason Voorhees. And behind him? Freddy. Behind all of them was a fairy princess with a fake knife covered in blood.

The Michael sighting occurred just as a commercial played the Halloween theme. Great timing.

2. One eight year old kid loves Dum Dums more than words can say—so someone out there finally likes our cheap candy. He was very particular and instructed me to search and find five sour apple Dum Dums. No more, no less. Also, he put in a request for blue ones which I think he said had something to do with a triangle. We didn’t have those, and a Google search turns up nothing.

3. It was the first Halloween for two kids (about 2 years old) dressed as dinosaurs. The request for candy is “Grr?” Giving them candy caused them to say “Roar,” quite happily.

4. If you’re at my grandmother’s old house, where Mom currently is, it’s near the highway. They literally bus in the children for Halloween. There was a traffic jam as people lined up all down the street—and, from the look of it, down the entirety of the nearby dead end street, so it took Dad 30 minutes to get to us when it should have been 5, or 10 at the most.

*Everyone’s fine, by the way—the wind messed up surrounding counties, and rolled a semi truck somewhere, but I believe everything here is okay. There was one tense moment as it headed for my aunt’s house, but she’s fine. 80 mph winds and sideways rain with lightning was the worst of it in Lone Oak, and we didn’t end up with any hail.
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In honor of All Hallow's Eve, I'm inviting trick-or-treaters to my 'door'. Comment "trick-or-treat" to this post and you will get a surprise in your 'bag' on the 31st. Treats can be anything you'd like - my bubbling cauldron can serve up pretty pictures, drabbles or ficlets, kittens, or random other things.

As I'm just spreading this one around for everyone, and not actually participating--I disabled comments.
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For the curious, the Kickstarter page for Rifftrax Live to get Twilight has reached $140,611 in barely two days. Impressive would be an understatement here.

Roman Dirge Hospitalized After Drunk Driver Accident

Vulcan tops vote to name Pluto moons

Largest shareholder offers to buy Barnes & Noble, minus Nook division

The Pirate Bay Departs Sweden And Sets Sail For Norway and Spain

Dancing With The Stars Season 16 Cast Revealed.

Batman: The Animated Series Rewatch: Tyger Tyger and Moon of the Wolf.

Press Release For Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite

Grant Morrison On His Legendary Batman Run. Expect spoilers for Batman Incorporated #8.

OP/ED: The Pro & Con of Batman Incorporated #8. Massive spoilers—if you don’t want to be spoiled, you shouldn’t look at the link, either.

Image of the Day: Awkward 1950′s and 1960′s Batman Moments #2

The Science Behind Superheroes Infographic.

Guillermo del Toro updates on Justice League Dark movie

Guardians of the Galaxy Won’t Feature Jason Momoa After All

I Love Ya But You’re Strange – Obnoxio the Clown versus the X-Men.

7 Superheroes Who Should Get Their Own Arrow-Style TV Shows.

The Return Of What If If To Marvel

25 Years of Venom Infographic.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 set photos show off our new Mary Jane.

Fandom Manifesto: Once Upon A Time.

Warehouse 13 gets trailer, return date.

Atop The Fourth Wall: Linkara Riffs—What About School Spirit?

Atop The Fourth Wall: Marville #4.

An Adventure in Space and Time enters final week of filming

Dark Shadows nominated for various Rondo Awards.

Fangoria nominated in four categories for 11th Annual Rondo Awards.

Exclusive: Birdemic II: The Resurrection Flies into Theatres Early

Doctor Gash's Top 10 Greatest Horror Movies Ever #3 - Halloween

Laura Ramsey joins The Sixth Gun.

Janet Montgomery joins ABC’s Gothica pilot as Grace Van Helsing.

On Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane will be played by Tom Mison

(Re)Animations: Creepy Crawlers (1994)

The 11 Nerdiest All-But-Forgotten TV Anthology Shows.

The Lego Back To The Future Time Machine Train Is A Must Have.

67 Year-Old Japanese Man Builds 6.5 Foot UC Gundam Papercraft

10 Greatest Science Fiction Board Games of All Time

Columbia University acquires the Elfquest archives

Gandalf Birthday Cake

Five Memorable Dragons From TV and Movies

We Hate Movies, Episode 99: Freejack (1992)

Two In One Showcase, Episode 233: Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1992) Commentary.

Two In One Showcase, Episode 280: A Very MSTie Christmas.

Nerdist Writer’s Panel #75: Leslye Headland.
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Marie Wallace is recovering from her October injury.

Merlin officially not returning for Series 6. Whedonesque reacts to the news here.

Merlin final series: Colin Morgan, Anthony Stewart Head on show end.

What’s next for Merlin?

Merlin Spin-Off Planned—But Without The Original Creators

Webcomic Gift Ideas For People Who Don’t Read Webcomics.

J. Michael Straczynski: Moloch, Superman, & Digital Speculation

Superman on TV: November 26th-December 2nd.

This Just Happened: A Romance Is Revealed.

Man of Steel Could Be Linked To Justice League, Zack Snyder Hints.

Trailers From Hell: Brian Trenchard-Smith on The Way of the Dragon.

Amazon has the Ghostbusters Blu-Ray for $9.49 today.

Sony and Atari shut down PS3 servers for Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

Air New Zealand Shows Off Hobbit Plane.

Literal: The Hobbit Trailer.

Sherlock season 3 might not air until 2014.

The 5 Best (And 1 Worst) Films of John Carpenter.

From Cracked: 5 Insane Pop Culture Crossovers That Almost Happened.

Atop The Fourth Wall: The Incredible Hulk #1.

Alicia Keys sings the Gummi Bears theme son, and it’s beautiful.

That time Jonathan Frakes cosplayed as Captain America.

December 2012 Schedule Details For Justice League Unlimited On Vortexx.

30 Hilariously Untrue Facts About The Avengers.

Star Trek Fine Art Trio Of Spock, Kirk And McCoy From Iron Gut.

Celebrate Syfy/Sci-Fi Channel’s 20th Anniversary.

Hammer takes first steps on stage in Turn of the Screw.

Universal Horror 1930-1946—Filmography

Captain America—Bad Days—Episode 8.

Greatest Movie Ever Podcast: The Proposition (2005)

Film Sack Podcast #141: Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)

Commentary Monthly Monday, Episode 301: Galaxy Quest (1999) Commentary

I am still in need of a beta reader for my Yuletide fanfic. If you don’t know anything about the Pushing Daisies fandom, but have the time to look over the story for spelling or punctuation errors, that’s still fine. As mentioned in another post, it’s 7689 words long.
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The 2012 Black Friday Chopping List: Books and Comics.

2012 Black Friday Chopping List: Mega Edition.

The Best Black Friday Deals For Science Fiction and Fantasy Schwag

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals For Star Trek Products.

Forceful Gifts For The Star Wars Fanatic

Gift Guide: Tentacle Ear Wrap.

CBR’s ‘Comic Recruiter’ Black Friday Gift Guide.

This Is Not The Dark Knight, But It’s Damn Close.

I Love Ya But You’re Strange—‘Yeah, Sure, You Can Be Batman For A Night.’

Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines, Day 327: Spider-Man #2.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #394.

Lord of the Rings Supreme Edition Gollum Life-Sized Statue.

CBLDF Offers Alan Moore, Other Creators’ Signatures For Christmas.

Joe Caramagna and Scott Koblish Successfully Kickstart Wyatt Earp.

Happy 49th Birthday, Doctor Who.

Determining Which Doctors Would Return For Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary.

New Marvel Minimates Box Set Examines Hulk Through The Ages.

Christopher Lloyd appearing at Japan’s first Comic Con.

Psycho, Robocop and Back to the Future Part II Highlight Mondo’s Black Friday Offerings.

Hitchcock Movie Clip #7.

Hitchcock Movie Clip #8.

Hitchcock Movie Clip #9.

Looking back at David Cronenberg’s Scanners.

Trailers From Hell: Joe Dante on I Was A Teenage Frankenstein.

From Cracked: 5 Bizarrely Specific Subgenres of Horror Movies.

Best Art Ever (This Week)—November 23rd.

Mission Log Podcast #16: Episode 16—The Galileo Seven.

Movie Issues Podcast: Virtuosity (1995)

Bad Movie Fiends Podcast #152: Anonymous Rex (2004)

The Shut Up And Watch This Podcast, Episode 65: Bravestarr: The Movie (1988) Commentary.
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Fandom Aid seeks to help raise money for survivors of Hurricane Sandy with an auction.

Both Paid and Permanent Accounts will be cancelled by Livejournal. If the latter has already been purchased, they will not be lost.

Holiday Wishes 2012 is coming.

Top 10 Yuletide fanfic requests.

The Bat Family Christmas Exchange.

31 Days of Horror: Halloween / Halloween II / Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

The Line It Is Drawn #113—Happy Halloween

2012 Top 100 Comic Book Runs #2-1.

There was a Twitter account dedicated to tracking the progress of Michael Meyers as he slaughtered his way through Haddonfield, Illinois last night. And one for Dr. Sam Loomis as he tracks him. They only dealt with the first two movies.

Dracula vs. Frankenstein vs. reality: 13 horror posters scarier than their movies.

Is Horror Too Scary For Broadcast TV?

13 Ghosts of Halloween: Day 13.

The haunted building from Ghostbusters is for sale, for all your Gozer-worshipping needs. The asking price is…$35 million.

The Desk Where Bram Stoker Created Dracula Is Hitting The Auction Block.

X-Men animation cells to be auctioned online December 1st.

The Great Stephen King Reread: The Shining.

Your First Good Look At The Necronomicon From The Evil Dead Remake.

Silvestri and Hawkins On Two Decades of Top Cow, Part 2.

P:R Approved: Luc Latulippe’s Firestar.

Kia Motors unveils four Justice League inspired cars.

Andrew Dunbar will play Firefly on Arrow.

Exhibit looks at comic book censorship.

24 Things We Learned From The Frankenstein Commentary.

Evil Dead Cabin Hat.

Francis Lawrence To Direct The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 and 2.

George Lucas Will Donate Most of the 4.05 Billion From Star Wars Deal.

MPAA Officially Passes PG-13 Rating For Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part Two.

The Ed Brubaker Captain America Exit Interview.

Horror Etc Podcast, Episode 272: The 5th Anniversary.

The JV Club #35: Amy Acker.

Weinberg’s House of Horrors, Episode 10: Love For Lovecraft.

We didn’t get a single trick-or-treater last night, pretty much as I expected. They were doing half a dozen Trunk-or-Treats at various churches, had a roped off section downtown for safe trick-or-treating, and a fall festival at another church. Also, a traffic jam near my area, thanks to K-Mart (a few blocks from me) hosting a Safe Halloween, and passing out candy there.
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Sandy’s Impact: State By State.

Old skeleton found in tree uprooted by Sandy.

The Comic Industry Faces Sandy Through Twitter.

Thanks to [ profile] aralias for spotting this one: If this is true, then it appears as though Livejournal plans to cancel paid accounts in the spring.

[ profile] evilawyer has a brief tutorial on how to cross-post from Dreamwidth to Livejournal. As always, for those that want to leave for Dreamwidth, my username is the same there as it is on LJ. Feel free to add me—or let me know if I haven’t already added you to the circle.

Yuletide Sign-Ups Close At 8 PM CST. I eventually replaced Indiana Jones with The Mummy on the fandoms I’m offering for Yuletide. If I weren’t afraid I would be forced to write a story with Mutt in it, I would have thrown Indiana Jones into the Bucket List section.

Gmail Makes It Easier To Compose Emails With New Function.

This Is Halloween.

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness: Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness—80’s Rerun: Return of the Living Dead.

Longbox of the Damned: Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash.

Ain’t It Scary Reviews #31 of 31: It! The Terror From Beyond Space.

Rare Halloween Videos: Halloween Party and Safety Videos.

MTV Geek’s Frightful Faves: Return of the Living Dead (1985).

24 hours of horror with Joe Dante. He has great taste in horror films.

Trailers From Hell: Joe Dante on Horror Express.

Meta Horror Sequels.

Bored at a Halloween party? Time for some secret Pumpkin Tetris.

This Joker pumpkin is simply…smashing.

Watermelon Krang O’Lantern.

Spooky Stories: 10 Comics To Get In The Halloween Spirit.

13 Ghosts of Halloween: Day 12.

Dimestore Dames spotlights Jennifer-Lynn Hayden (Jade/Green Lantern).

Disney Buys LucasFilm For $4 Billion, Announces New Star Wars Movie For 2015.

Dark Horse Comics Reacts To Disney’s Star Wars Purchase.

Bryan Singer Confirmed To Direct X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Let’s Have One More Ghostbusters 3 Update, Seeing As Sony Are In Money Trouble And All.

The Real Ghostbusters Unofficial Complete Series Companion.

A Superman insignia pumpkin.

Two stills from Frankenstein’s Army.

What Is Scarier Than Vampires? Disco Vampires.

25 awesome spooky movies

Bizarro Back Issues: The Existential Dread of Halloween on Bizarro World.

Stephanie Brown Batgirl Returns To DC In Lil Gotham Digital Specials.

Stan Lee’s Rants: Marvel Avengers Battle For Earth.

Cocktails With Stan Lee, Episode 10, Season 2: Thomas Jane.

Robot Chicken: The Prime Directive.

The Cinefiles—Neo Grindhouse.

James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Not An Animated Film.

P:R Approved: Katsuhiro Otomo’s Batman

2012 Top 100 Comic Book Runs #6-5.

2012 Top 100 Comic Book Runs #4-3.

Major Spoilers Costume Contest 2012: Meet The Finalists.

Best Art Ever (This Week)—Halloween 2012.

From Cracked: The 8 Creepiest Places on Earth (Part 4).

Doctor Who’s Ten Most Horrifying Moments.

DC Histories: Wally West.

Kaleidoscope buys international rights to release Much Ado About Nothing.

How Dark Shadows brought the supernatural to television drama.

A History of Censorship, Halloween Edition: War of the Worlds.

New poster for Oz: The Great And Powerful.

Promo art for The Woman In Black: Angel of Death.

The Shut Up And Watch This Podcast, Episode 61: Ghostbusters.

Forgotten Flix Podcast #85: Halloween (1978)

Pulp Nightmare: Pulp Commentary—Halloween II (1981).

JoBlo Movie Podcast: Halloween II (1981) Commentary

Junk Food Dinner Podcast #133: Halloween II (1981), The Day After Halloween (1979), and Night of the Demons (1988).

F This Movie Podcast: The Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise.

Comic Issues Podcast #90: Vampirism.

Now Playing Podcast: License To Kill (1989)

Monster Movie Podcast Episode 26.

Earth Station One Podcast, Episode 134 Bonus: Earth Station Boo.
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For all those in the path of the Hurricane Sandy and everything else in its wake, please try to stay safe.

Rapidshare Removes Piracy Deterring Slowdowns.

Random House and Penguin announce merger.

31 Days of Horror: The Exorcist/The Omen.

Horror Education of the Week: John Carpenter’s Halloween.

MTV Geek’s Frightful Faves: The New Teen Titans #3 (1984)

Trailers From Hell: Joe Dante on Taste The Blood Of Dracula.

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness: Puppetmaster (1989).

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness—80’s Rerun: Brain Damage.

Longbox of the Damned: The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror #18.

Ain’t It Scary Reviews #29 of 31: Bloody Birthday.

Rare Halloween Videos: 2009: Spooky Bats and Scaredy Cats.

Top 10 Ridiculous Horror Movie Creatures.

The 20 Most Unintentionally Terrifying Movies Of All Time.

Thirteen Horror Anthologies You Might Have Missed.

Fright Night Sequel Gearing Up For Production In Romania?

Dark Shadows Picture of the Week.

13 Ghosts of Halloween: Day 10.

Matt Smith interview: Doctor Who, Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad.

Skyfall Opens To $77.7 Million Internationally.

Here’s Joss Whedon discussing the possible zombie apocalypse if Romney wins. Funny. Whedonesque discusses it here.

Interview: Joss Whedon, Actor.

Superman on TV: October 29th to November 4th.

Stained Glass Window Ash T-Shirt.

Unsolved Mysteries created scary TV without even meaning to.

2012 Top 100 Comic Book Runs #8-7.

Comics Alliance Reviews BloodRayne (2005), Part Two.

Superman—Bad Days—Episode 4.

Move over Van Helsing, there’s a new terrible fairy tale flick—Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.

Best Cosplay Ever (This Week) October 29th.

Young Justice Confirmed Joining Boomerang Line-Up Starting November 2012.

Jewel Staite answers more fan questions for Blastr.

Movie Issues Podcast: Poltergeist (1982).

Tysto Commentary Podcast: Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Film Sack Podcast #137: Hellraiser.

Retroist Podcast—Episode 122: Teen Wolf.

And now, a Halloween meme--I’m just spreading it for everyone else to grab, and not really participating.

In honor of All Hallow's Eve, I'm inviting trick-or-treaters to my 'door.' Comment "trick-or-treat" to this post and...well, you know the drill. Treats can be anything that strikes my fancy (fave actors or pairings, one sentence fics, graphics, a few words why I'm glad to have you on my flist, etc. etc.).
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Yuletide: Sign-Ups Closing Extended Until Wednesday, October 31st.

Megaupload Can’t Come Back Online, U.S. Tells Court.

31 Days of Horror: The Cabin In The Woods/Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.

31 Days of Horror: The Orphanage/The Devil’s Backbone.

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness: The Gate (1987).

Longbox of the Damned: Bela Lugosi’s Tales From The Grave #2.

Ain’t It Scary Reviews #25: The Stuff.

The Real Ghostbusters: The Halloween Door.

No One Ever Made Them Like This! 7 Little Known Facts About Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters Slimer Gelatin Mold.

I believe it’s one of the Fettucines…

13 Ghosts of Halloween: Day 6.

10 Novels That Are Scarier Than Most Horror Movies.

The Great Stephen King Reread: Salem’s Lot.

CBLDF Defends Stephen King’s Different Seasons In California School System.

Rare Halloween Videos: 1983: Walt Disney Cartoon Classics: Scary Tales.

Vampires 101: Dracula (1931).

Have horror movies hit a new golden age?

10 Halloween Candies To Scare Trick-or-Treaters.

Fantastic Creature From The Black Lagoon Pumpkin Carvings.

A guide to the Universal Studios monster movies, 1923-1955.

The Haunted House: Big Scares, Bigger Business.

TNT Airing 24 Hour Supernatural Marathon October 27-28th.

8 Great Monster Hunters.

Unusual choice of Halloween decorations for a retirement home.

Vampire Might Have Beens.

The Middleman died too soon, only to live on, like a trout-craving zombie.

Ming-Na will star in Joss Whedon’s Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot. Whedonesque reacts to the news here.

The Best Booster Gold Cosplay In The World.

The weirdest political messages in the history of comics.

And now, the Evil Dead trailer. NSFW. Not for the squeamish. I do believe I’ll just stick with Army of Darkness.

Iron Man Stained Glass Window.

Rear Window Heads To Broadway.

Five Clips Take You Down Mockingbird Lane.

Package Art For Recent Super Villains: The Joker’s Last Laugh DVD Release.

The Wolverine Is NOT A Prequel.

First Stills From NBC’s Hannibal.

A Conversation With Paul Cornell.

Honest Trailers: Paranormal Activity.

How It Should Have Ended tackles Paranormal Activity.

An interview with Heather Langenkamp—looks like she has been cast in Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Grant Morrison, MBE.

6 Filmmaking Tips From Dario Argento.

Dr. Jones T-Shirt.

Logan’s Run Remake Loses Ryan Gosling.

Bench made from books.

Amazing Aluminum Can Sculptures Depict Batman, Mario, Pokemon And More.

Behind-The-Scenes FX Pics of La Llorona from Grimm.

2012 Top 100 Comic Book Runs #30-26.

Blain Hefner’s lovely painting of The Cabin In The Woods.

The Shut Up And Watch This Podcast, Episode 57: The Cabin In The Woods Commentary.

F This Movie Podcast: The Lost Boys (1987).

Comic Issues #89—Young and Geeky.

Mission Log #12: Episode 12—The Menagerie Part 1 and 2.

At the showing of Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein, if you don’t count me, and you don’t count Dad, there were five people in attendance. Everything went well, and there was a ten minute intermission between movies. The TCM interview with Bela Lugosi Jr., Sara Karloff, and Rick Baker was interesting.
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Barnes & Noble Stores Have Credit Card Data Breach.

TV Tango updates their list for Halloween On TV: 915 Halloween-Themed Movie Marathons, Episodes & Specials on TV in October 2012.

Halloween: John Carpenter classic returns for theatrical run.

Ginger Snaps Helmer Directing Orphan Black For BBC America.

Know Thy History: Tales From The Crypt.

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness—80’s Rerun: Inhumanoids.

Longbox of the Damned: Saga of the Swamp Thing, Volume 1.

Ain’t It Scary Reviews #24: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.

Geek Gear: Nightmare In Pumpkin Land Shirt.

Io9 Halloween Costume Show Week 3: Sexy Donatello, Retro Kitty Pryde, and Serious Comic Book Cred.

Trailers From Hell: Joe Dante on I Bury The Living.

13 Ghosts of Halloween: Day 5.

Rare Halloween Videos: 1977: Donny and Marie Osmond’s Halloween Skits.

Unsuspecting UK kids terrorized by Paranormal Activity 4.

Here’s the teaser trailer for Ghostwatch: Behind The Curtains.

New TV Trailer For The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Hobbit Running Time Revealed.

Grace Randolph’s Between The Pages—Comics To Film: The Joker.

Batman: Nightwing short.

Dinner With DC Entertainment’s Jim Lee and Dan DiDio.

Captain America, Batman, Superman and Spidey adorably storm a children’s hospital.

P:R Approved: Ronnie del Carmen’s Magik.

Secrets Behind The X-Men: The all-different X-Men went to Australia and encountered some unresolved mysteries, as well as some unpublished adventures of Longshot.

From Cracked: 5 Famous Monsters That Are Way Scarier In Other Countries.

Alan Tudyk and Gina Torres Q&A at Dallas Comic Con Fan Days. Gina Torres also sang while there.

Lost Girl—New York Comic Con 2012 Panel.

Lo Pan Style.

Cocktails With Stan Lee, Bonus Extended Cut: Joe Manganiello.

The Fury of a Time Lord.

10 Wibbly Wobbly Ways Doctor Who Plays With Space/Time.

Learn all about your body with Slim Goodbody. He was on local channels in reruns up through my middle school years.

Evil Fake Wine Bottle Labels.

Earth Station One Podcast, Episode 133: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Revisited

Geekfest Rants Episode 111: Battlestar Galactica.

Now Playing Podcast: The Living Daylights (1987)

The Forgotten Flix Podcast #84: Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

Junk Food Dinner Podcast #132: The Howling (1981), An American Werewolf In Paris (1997), and Silver Bullet (1985).

For Yuletide, I just did a massive overhaul of my sign-up. I realized that it had been too long since I watched Pushing Daisies, and if I didn’t remember major character moments and/or little quirks I couldn’t possibly do them justice if that were my assignment. So I removed that, and replaced it with Fright Night (2011). I’m fine with writing any character for Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), so I moved that to the Bucket List section, and replaced that slot with Justice League Unlimited.

So as of now, my offers look like this: Fright Night (1985), Back to the Future, Fright Night (2011), Ghostbusters, Justice League & Justice League Unlimited (Cartoons), Addams Family (1991). Bucket List: Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992), Anno Dracula Series - Kim Newman, Beetle Juice (1988), Van Helsing (2004), Mannequin (1987), A Study in Emerald - Neil Gaiman, Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (2004), Soapdish (1991), The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1996.

If I watch Mockingbird Lane and enjoy it, I’ll throw that into the pile, too.

Posting this a bit early now, before I head out for a double bill showing of Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein at the local Cinemark. That’s about three hours, I do believe. Tomorrow night is Rifftrax Live.
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Yuletide: Selecting Characters During Sign-Up. Meanwhile, I'm on the brink of adding Beetlejuice and Real Ghostbusters to the offer pile. I'll decide for certain later.

The upcoming schedule for the 2013 round of the Not Prime Time Ficathon.

AMC settles Dish dispute.

Six-Strikes ‘Independent Expert’ Is RIAA’s Former Lobbying Firm.

Marie Wallace injured in Connecticut stage production. Best wishes to her on a speedy recovery.

Dark Shadows: Movie Visual Companion Preview Pictures.

Horror Education of the Week: Poltergeist.

Official Artwork and Synopsis: Mockingbird Lane.

Grandpa Munster Gets Gory In One Of Two New Mockingbird Lane Photos.

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness—80’s Rerun: Hellraiser.

Longbox of the Damned: The New Teen Titans #12.

Rare Halloween Videos: 1985: The Fall Guy—October The 32nd.

Warner Bros. Now Owns Paramount’s Friday The 13th Library.

5 Horror Movies With Amazing Endings.

13 Ghosts of Halloween: Day 3.

Top 10 Scary Places In 80’s Horror Movies.

Monster In My Pocket Trading Cards Review—Part 1.

Give A Book For All Hallow’s Read 2012.

Trailers From Hell: John Landis on Island of Lost Souls.

Good Bad Flicks Review: Night of the Comet (1984)

Sofie Liv reviews Dracula (1931).

2012 Top 100 Comic Book Runs #45-41.

2012 Top 100 Comic Book Runs #40-36.

2012 Top 100 Comic Book Runs #35-31.

The 10 Greatest Giant Movie Monsters Of All Time.

Science In Our Comics.

16 ways cartoonist Winsor McCay quietly changed the world.

Superman on TV: October 22-28.

Star Trek captains boldly go to London convention. This all apparently culminated in Barrowman leaping forward with the request that Scott Bakula sign his right buttock, quite possibly to the surprise of absolutely nobody.

Pocket Paradox’s Flux Capacitor app free until October 25th, 2012.

11 Predictions That Back To The Future II Got Right.

The Cinefiles—Batman Part 2: The Nolan Years.

Producer Eric Radomski Discusses Twenty Years Of Batman: The Animated Series.

Take A Vacation From Gotham City Crime In The Batman Hotel Room.

The AV Club reviews the Justice League episode Starcrossed.

Atop The Fourth Wall: Spider-Man: Power And Responsibility.

Excellent high-voltage warning glyph.

Saint Paul couple opens the Library of Justice.

Live The Wolverine Chat with Mangold and Jackman on October 29th.

Colbert’s Hobbit Cameo Confirmed.

Comics Alliance Reviews BloodRayne (2005), Part One.

From Tor: Ghosts In the Machines, written by Neil Gaiman.

Arrow Gets Full Season From The CW.

Beauty and the Beast gets order for more…scripts.

First Image of Iron Man 3’s New Villain, The Mandarin.

Iron Man 3 gets another trailer teaser.

Star Wars made entirely out of scarecrows wins best Halloween lawn on this Earth.

M.O.D.O.K. marionette is every bit as terrifying as you imagine.

The Avengers Earns Another $33.3 Million From Home Video Sales.

Best Cosplay Ever (This Week)—October 22nd.

Please explain Babylon 5 to us.

Blade Runner—30th Anniversary DVD Clip.

Movie Issues Podcast: The Universal Monsters.

Two True Freaks Podcast, Commentary Monthly Monday: Episode 294: Poltergeist (1982)

Film Sack Podcast, Episode 136: Children of the Corn (1984)

Tysto Commentary Podcast: They Live (1988) Commentary

Nerdist Podcast: NY Comic Con.
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Rare Halloween Videos: 1987 Creepy Classics with Vincent Price.

MTV Geek’s Frightful Faves: The Worst Witch. I watched that one recently for the first time. This moment is insane.

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness: Birthday Tribute To Bela Lugosi.

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness—80’s Rerun: Re-Animator.

Longbox of the Damned: Severed.

Cool Halloween Infographic Maps Michael Myers’ Kills.

13 Ghosts of Halloween: Day 1.

Exclusive: 10 Questions With Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

NYCC Panel Recap: ‘The Mysteries Surrounding The Writing of Dracula’.

Your 2012 Halloween TV Viewing Guide.

When Carl Burgos tried to sue for the Human Torch.

Submit A Question For Ernie Hudson (Deadline: October 24th).

Awesome Art Picks: Doctor Doom, Spider-Man, Star Trek And More.

TR Contest: How Your Nerdiness Has Screwed Up Your Love Life.

Weekend Discussion Thread: Identifying Fellow Underground MSTies

Lord of the Hula Hoop.

Potential ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Movie Sequel Spoilers Arrive Online.

X-Men: Days of Future Past Might Feature Sentinels, Mark Millar Says.

The Deadpool Movie Is Still Coming.

‘Unfilmable’ Science Fiction and Fantasy Books That Somehow Got Filmed.

NYCC Saturday Photo Parade—Deadpool, Harley Quinn, Marty McFly, and more. Deadpool Batman is impressive.

NYCC: Editors, Creators Celebrate Women of Marvel.

I Love Ya But You’re Strange—Batman and Catwoman in a battle of bad puns.

New Cast Photo For Being Human (US) Season 3.

Bad Movie Fiends Podcast #147: Hell Spa (1992).
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TV Tango updates their list for Halloween on TV: 635 Halloween-Themed Movie Marathons, Episodes & Specials on TV in October 2012.

MTV Geek’s Frightful Faves: Two Anthology Greats—Creepshow (1982) and 'Trick R Treat' (2007).

31 Days of Horror: Hellraiser/Candyman.

Rare Halloween Videos: Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies (1972).

Halloween Costume Extravaganza 2012: The Bad.

Kindertrauma takes a look at Halloween (1978)

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness: Spookies (1986)

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness—80’s Rerun: Critters.

Longbox of the Damned: Wrath of the Spectre.

Ain’t It Scary Reviews #19: The Keep (1983).

5 Secrets of “True” Horror Stories.

John Carpenter honored at Screamfest for Prince of Darkness

Secrets Behind The X-Men: The all-different X-Men went to Australia and encountered some unresolved mysteries, as well as some unpublished adventures of Longshot.

AV Club Q&A: Awkward pop-culture experiences with parents.

Carry Your Kindle, Nook, iPad in a Book Purse.

Warner Bros. Brings Justice League To Theaters In 2015.

The big crossover movies that never happened.

Cartoon Network Canada To Air First Season Young Justice Episodes In November 2012.

5.2 Reasons Superman Is A Threat.

Two Missing Pages From Alan Davis’ Legends of the Dark Knight.

Brendan Fraser Cast In Legends. The plot of the series sounds just like The Pretender.

What TV shows are you watching to take your mind off the election? For me, nothing. Since it’s October, I’m watching horror movies. I dropped Merlin, Doctor Who is done for a little while, and Sherlock won’t be back for some time.

Ward Kimball Biography Delayed Until 2013.

An eyewitness to President Lincoln’s assassination appeared on television in 1956.

Journey Into History: 10 Books on History of Comics.

Top 10 Sci-Fi And Fantasy Sidekicks.

What It Would Be Like If H.P. Lovecraft Wrote Fantastic Four.

Best Art Ever (This Week)—October 19th.

New DC Comics Art Prints.

Real Ghostbusters Halloween Fan Art.

There is a Family Circus movie in the works.

Bruce Campbell tells us why the Evil Dead remake won’t make you want to saw off your hand.

New York vs. San Diego: A Comic Con Throwdown.

Best Zombie Themed Wedding Photo You’ll See All Day.

28 Things We Learned From The Blair Witch 2 Commentary.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #389

Now Playing Podcast: Trick 'R' Treat (2007)

Pool Party Radio Podcast, Episode 81: The Munsters

Retroist Podcast—Episode 121: The Retroist Halloween Special IV.
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Next Year In Yuletide. Some people (like me) are already planning what they’ll nominate next year. I’m making a note to nominate the Fred Saberhagen Dracula novels.

In relation to this year’s Yuletide, I’ve just finished signing up—fandoms I’ve offered are: Fright Night (1985), Back to the Future, Pushing Daisies, Ghostbusters, Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), Addams Family (1991)—with the fandoms tossed into the bucket section being Last Unicorn (1982), Van Helsing (2004), Mannequin (1987), Soapdish (1991), A Study in Emerald - Neil Gaiman, Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1996, Anno Dracula Series - Kim Newman.

I threw out Cabin in the Woods, since I wasn’t sure how well I’d be able to write for that one. If it turns out that I enjoy the pilot for Mockingbird Lane, then I’ll edit that in if I’m able.

‘Six strikes’ system goes live this fall, appeals to cost $35.

Paypal Slips ‘No Class Action’ Clause Into Policy Update.

Newsweek to cease print publication.

Penguin To Publish Kids Graphic Novel Line.

TV Tango has updated their list for Halloween on TV: 405 Halloween-Themed Movie Marathons, Episodes & Specials on TV in October 2012.

MTV Geek’s Frightful Faves: Double Your J-Horror Comedy With X-Cross.

Longbox of the Damned: Vincent Price Presents #3.

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness—80’s Rerun: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers.

Meta Slashers: A Retrospective.

Traveling Halloween Museum.

16 Strange, Weird, And Wonderful Halloween Decorations.

Rare Halloween Videos: 1992: The Three Stooges Fright Night.

Figures & Speech: Toys of Terror—The Ten Scariest Action Figures Ever.

Is Sam Raimi Really Going To Direct The Poltergeist Remake? No, he is not.

Ghostbusters 3 To Start Shooting In 2013, Bill Murray Out. We’ll see if this turns out to be true, or yet another rumor making the rounds.

Brian De Palma Gives Blessing On Carrie Remake.

The Great Stephen King Reread: Carrie.

31 Days Of Horror: Christine/Carrie.

6 Filmmaking Tips From John Carpenter.

The Official Italian Teaser Trailer For Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D.

The Top 50 Horror Movies of All Time.

Horror Europa With Mark Gatiss.

Stunning Nightmare Before Christmas Cake.

10 Great Jump Scares In Horror.

‘I Believe You Said You Wanted More?’ It’s a Little Mermaid/Doctor Who fan art.

8 Highlights From Doctor Who’s Peter Davison at NYCC.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 Trailer.

Lego Batman: The Movie—DC Superheroes Unite Trailer.

P:R Redesign: Denis Medri’s Batman Beyond

Bela Lugosi: Age 18.

Revisiting Torchwood: first impressions.

Warner Brothers wins court ruling in rights to Superman case. Shuster Estate Set To Appeal Court Ruling. The Legal View: What the Shuster ruling means.

George Takei will guest star in an episode of Hawaii Five-0.

New artwork for Hannibal.

The Line It Is Drawn #111—Comic Book Characters and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Characters.

Animal Practice cancelled.

Jack The Giant Killer Gets Moved Up Three Weeks And A New Title. They’ve changed the word Killer to Slayer.

J.R.R. Tolkien letter reveals poor sales of The Hobbit.

Heathcliff will get a CGI update.

2012 Top 100 Comic Book Runs #55-51.

The 10 Most Defining Performances In The History of Genre Television.

The Shut Up And Watch This Podcast, Episode 56: Lifeforce (1985) Commentary

The F This Movie Podcast: The Others (2001).

The Arrow In The Head Podcast: Stephen King’s Silver Bullet (1985)

Weinberg’s House of Horrors Podcast, Episode 9: Horror Movies Of The 1980’s.

Mission Log Podcast #11: Episode 11: The Corbomite Maneuver.
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Post-ACTA Agreement CETA Moving Forward With Similar Provisions.

Yuletide: Tag Set Characters Missing from the Autocomplete. Also another important one: If you signed up very early, with a bucket list in a text field instead of Optional Tags, you will need to redo that portion of your sign-up.

TV Tango has updated their list for Halloween On TV: 377 Halloween-Themed Movie Marathons, Episodes & Specials On TV In October 2012.

31 Days of Horror: Jeepers Creepers/Pumpkinhead.

31 Days of Horror: Alien/Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

10 Classic Horrors You Must See This Halloween.

Longbox of the Damned: Worlds Unknown #6 (The Killdozer Comic)

Intricately Carved Superhero/Sci-Fi Pumpkins. That Superman pumpkin is impressive.

Rare Halloween Videos: You Wish (1997)

Io9 Halloween Costume Show Week 2: A Bungee-Jumping Buzz Lightyear, A Handmade Vampire Diaries Dress, And More.

From Cracked: 4 Truly Scary Facts No One Tells You About Halloween.

Deleted scenes from The Amazing Spider-Man reveal the origin story you never saw.

The Absolute Best Cosplay From New York Comic Con 2012.

2012 NYCC—DC Comics Batman The Killing Joke Joker Statue.

The trailer for The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-Ray.

The Curse Of Stephanie Brown Continues.

Bob Goodman On Writing The Two-Part Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Animated Adaptation.

Robocop Delayed Until February 2014.

Cinema’s creepiest towns.

Dark Shadows Complete Series Half-Price DVD Bargain. It’s still horrifically expensive, even with $300 chopped off.

David Lindsay-Abair is indeed writing the Poltergeist remake.

First teaser trailer for the remake of Carrie.

Grifter, Legion Lost, And Blue Beetle Join The DC Cancellations.

Fantastic Fangirls Q&A #175: What comic book character would you take out on a date, and why?

P:R Redesign: Alex Mitchell’s Omega Red.

Evolution of The Art of Todd McFarlane—Part Two.

2012 Top 100 Comic Book Runs #70-66.

Top 5: Worst Justice Leaguers.

Interview with Chris Claremont.

Remembering Forgotten Sequels.

Stan Lee’s Rants: Bless You.

You Have A Week To Return Your Flash Omnibus Volume 3.

When We First Met—Supervillain Henchmen.

Film Sack Podcast #135: The Prophecy II (1998)

Horror Etc Podcast, Episode 270: What We’ve Been Watching (International Edition)

We Hate Movies Podcast, Episode 80: Friday The 13th: A New Beginning (1985)
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Ken Sansom has passed away, at the age of 85, due to complications from a stroke. May he rest in peace. He will be best remembered as the voice of Rabbit for 22 years in the Winnie the Pooh cartoons.

AT&T Starts Six-Strikes Anti-Piracy Plan Next Month, Will Block Websites.

Kellogg Frosted Mini-Wheats Recall.

Doctor Who: P.S.: What Happened To Brian And The Ponds.

TV Tango updates their list for Halloween On TV: 321 Halloween-Themed Movie Marathons, Episodes & Specials In October 2012.

26 Things We Learned From The Night of the Living Dead (1968) Commentary.

6 Filmmaking Tips From Wes Craven.

Infographic: The Ultimate Zombie Preparation Guide.

Rare Halloween Videos: 2000s Real Scary Stories and Scary…But True.

Halloween Shows Dot Net, Day 12: You Can’t Do That On Television.

Halloween Costume Extravaganza 2012: The Good.

31 Days of Horror: The Fly/The Blob.

Watch 9 over-the-top horror movie performances by Star Trek stars.

From Cracked: The 9 Stages of Halloween Appreciation Throughout Life.

13 Horror Gems To (Re)Discover This Halloween.

Meet Norman Bates’ Teacher In Bates Motel.

NYCC 2012: DC’s Superman Panel.

NYCC 2012: Del Toro and Beacham on Pacific Rim, the movie and comic.

NYCC 2012: Marvel Now: All New X-Men.

NYCC 2012 Live: Waid, Kindt Discuss Marvel Infinite Comics.

Best New York Comic Con Cosplay Ever—Thursday.

DC Comics accuses lawyer in Superman case of misconduct.

Our most-hated movies of the 90’s

New images of Mattel’s Ecto Goggles.

Revisiting Star Trek TNG: Where No One Has Gone Before.

Science Channel promo for Firefly: Browncoats Unite.

Random Roles: Christopher Lloyd on playing a vampire, a taxi driver, a toon, and more.

Brian Tyler To Score Iron Man 3.

Off-Duty: Yasmin Liang’s Martian Manhunter & Miss Martian.

VR Troopers: Season 1, Volume 1: Virtually Watchable.

The Complete and Utter Insanity of Batman: Odyssey, Part 4.

Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters has been pushed back from a release date of January 11th 2013, to January 25th, 2013.

Arrow Executives Cite Doctor Who As Influence, Discuss Casting John Barrowman.

Christopher Lee massacres a whole starbase full of groovy aliens, to a jazzy soundtrack.

Tons of New Photos From The Munsters Reboot, Mockingbird Lane.

Matt Wagner To Write The Shadow: Year One.

Best Art Ever (This Week) October 11th.

The Hub renews Transformers Prime and Transformers Rescue Bots for additional seasons.

Tom Harper to direct The Woman In Black sequel.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #388.

30 Second Bunnies: The Cabin In The Woods.

F This Movie Podcast: Universal Monsters.

Saturday B Movie Reel #83—Lake Placid: The Final Chapter.
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Yuletide Update and Clarifications, Part II.

Copyright Scofflaws Beware: ISPs to Begin Monitoring Illicit File Sharing.

The Quiet Death of the Canadian Internet Surveillance Bill.

Court rules book scanning is fair use, suggesting Google Books victory.

TV Tango has updated their list to Halloween On TV: 269 Halloween-Themed Movie Marathons, Episodes & Specials on TV In October 2012.

31 Days of Horror: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre/House of 1000 Corpses.

31 Days of Horror: The Fog/The Mist.

MTV Geek’s Frightful Faves: The Gate (1987)

Rare Halloween Videos: Grampa Munster’s Silly Scaries (1988), More Silly Scaries (1989).

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness: 80’s Rerun: Poltergeist

NBC To Air Mockingbird Lane As A Halloween Special. I’ll have to remember to watch that one.

The Best Horror Movies To Watch On Youtube For Free.

10 Thrift Store Friendly Comic Book Halloween Costume Ideas.

The Wolverine: First Glimpse of Silver Samurai.

Comixology adding a submission site.

The official trailer for Hitchcock.

How Red Dwarf blends sitcom with sci-fi in just 10 smegging episodes.

Expectation of Endings.

Storylines Lost.

Artist Kris Anka and Writer Sam Humphries On Uncanny X-Force Fashions.

500+ 90’s X-Men Animation Cels Hit The Auction Block December 1st.

How Grant Morrison’s 7-Year Batman Epic Is Becoming The Ultimate Definition of Batman.

Molly Shannon joins the cast of Hannibal.

Shailene Woodley In Talks To Play Mary Jane Watson In The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels To Cheer You The Frak Up.

10 ‘Grim and Gritty’ Superhero Makeovers.

Walter Koenig interview: Star Trek, Babylon 5, J.J. Abrams’ reboot, and graphic novels.

Captain Robert April, You’re Doing It Wrong: Objectivism, Climate Control and Diane Carey’s Final Frontier.

Ian McShane joins American Horror Story: Asylum.

Bryan Hitch Confirms Existence of Scott Snyder’s Man of Steel.

This Batcave made of 20,000 Lego bricks is fit for Bruce Wayne.

Nightwing Cosplay.

NYCC 2012: Jim Lee Unveils A Batman Inspired Car.

Robot Chicken: That’s Bane.

Robot Chicken: Two-Face.

The Strangest Real-Life Graves In The World.

The Weird, Weird History Of TLC.

Do You Listen To DVD Commentaries?

Scott Allie and artist Juan Ferreyra collaborated on a drawing of Hellboy hanging out with Edgar Allan Poe at a bar.

2012 Top 100 Comic Book Runs #90-86.

How It Should Have Ended: The Zombie Song (Extended Version).

Dynamite Acquires License For NBC’s Grimm.

Dan Slott Reveals That Spider-Man And Mary Jane Will Get Back Together - But Peter Parker Is NOT Spider-Man.

Alien Queen Barbie Mash-up.

Spooky Delicious Pizza.

Horror Poster Redux: Mondo’s Beautiful Take on John Carpenter’s Halloween.

Tales From The Crypt Pinball Machine.

The Line It Is Drawn #110—Comic Book Characters, Batman: The Animated Series Style.

Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines, Day 285: X-Men Annual #6.

The New Evil Dead Logo Springs Forth.

‘New’ JRR Tolkien epic due out next year.

Arrow Lifts CW Ratings, Most Viewed Show On The Network In Three Years.

30 Dynamic Duos of Daytime Soaps (25-21). Barnabas and Julia (from Dark Shadows), and Vivian and Ivan (from Days of Our Lives) make the list.

How Tor Would Cast A Live Action Peanuts Movie.

Comic Issues Podcast #87: A Few of the Geekiest Things Part 2.

Dr. Action Podcast: Masters of the Universe (1987) Commentary.

The F This Movie Podcast: Friday The 13th Part 3 (1982) Commentary.

Junk Food Dinner Podcast #130: Gothic (1986), Frankenstein Conquers The World (1965), and Frankenhooker (1990).

Mission Log Podcast #10: Episode 10: Dagger of the Mind.
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Skype users targeted by malicious worm that locks them out of their PCs.

Dish gives up effort to turn Blockbuster into a Netflix competitor.

Musicians’ Union Sues Over Use of Simpsons Tunes.

Megaupload to remain under indictment pending Dotcom extradition.

31 Days of Horror: The Creature From The Black Lagoon/Jaws.

TV Tango updated Halloween on TV: 257 Halloween-Themed Marathons, Episodes And Specials.

10 Awful Ways To Die This Halloween.

Is There Any Stopping China’s Vampire Zombies? Doesn’t Look Like It.

Ellen Greene on Little Shop of Horrors, The Creation of Audrey, and Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal.

Why are there so many weird and inappropriate science fiction and fantasy toys?

Currie Graham Is The Royal Flush Gang’s “King” On Arrow.

Stan Lee Voices Ball State University Massive Open Online Course.

The Hub will have a marathon of Batman: The Animated Series, on October 15th.

Community Premiere Delayed Indefinitely.

DC Entertainment Announces NYCC 2012 Schedule.

Batman And His Family.

Hasslein Books’Unauthorized Back to the Future Lexicon Now Available For Pre-Order.

Indiana Jones’ Bid For Tenure Has Been Rejected.

There’s a Samurai Predator, and he is beautiful.

Angelique on Exhibit.

Fantastic Fangirls Q&A #174: What comic book characters should body-swap for a day?

Top 5: DC Superheroes Without Powers (Who Aren’t Batman).

The Cinefiles—History According To Shakespeare.

Blue Sky to produce Charlie Brown feature.

Top 25 Worst Sci-Fi And Fantasy TV Show Ever. Birds of Prey is actually a show that I’ve considered watching, if only for Yuletide.

The Worst Movies Nostalgia Critic’s Reviewed.

We Hate Movies Podcast, Episode 79: Ghost In The Machine (1993)

I almost went to get tickets to see Halloween (1978) on October 25th, at 7 PM. However, I realized that Rifftrax Live: Birdemic is at the exact same time/day. I don’t want to be there for the later showing of 9:30 PM, so I’ll just watch it whenever AMC happens to show it again. (ETA: They show it on AMC on the 23rd at 3 PM—works out for me.)
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Publishers abandon fight against Google book scanning.

AMC FearFest 2012 Schedule (tell it to sort alphabetically, for the full list). TCM’s horror movie schedule. Looks like Fright Night Part 2 will be airing on AMC on the 27th at 2 AM CST, for those that are interested.

MTV Geek’s Frightful Faves: Fright Night (1985).

Classic Gothic horror cinema show in Montreal.

Experience The Vampire Diaries’ twisting plot and many thrills in 10 episodes.

Guillermo del Toro Talks Frankenstein, Hulk And More./a>

Top 10 1980s Horror Movie Posters.

The Weekly Geek: Geeky Halloween Costumes.

31 Days of Horror: Carnival of Souls/Insidious.

A Beginner’s Guide To Italian Horror: Mario Bava on Blu-Ray.

Celebrate Halloween with ‘Lyndhurst After Dark’.

How It Should Have Ended: The Amazing Spider-Man Bonus Scene.

First full image of Captain Hook in Once Upon A Time.

The Wizard of Oz is getting a 3D re-release.

Looking back at Young Sherlock Holmes.

Did Tru Calling deserve to be axed?

Life Outside The TARDIS: The Classic Companions’ Best Roles.

Life Outside The TARDIS: Elisabeth Sladen.

Doctor Who Rogues Gallery: The Time Lords.

Power Corrupts: 10 Omnipotent Characters That Went Too Far.

Six Developments From Avengers vs. X-Men #12.

An excerpt of Sean Howe’s Marvel Comics, The Untold Story.

IDW announces Mars Attacks the Real Ghostbusters.

Ellen Greene joins the cast of Hannibal.

Ally Sheedy returns for the musical episode of Psych.

The History of Lois Lane – Part 2: TV, Cartoons and Everything Else Leading to 'Man of Steel'.

As the showing of Rifftrax Live: Birdemic approaches, Boing Boing interviews Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy, and Michael J. Nelson.

Ten Worst One-Liners From Batman And Robin. Oh, the pain.

Batman Hates Bronies.

Honest Trailers—The Dark Knight.

27 Of The Most Insane Martial Arts Battles Ever Filmed.

Star Wars, Gremlins, And Indiana Jones By Patrick Schoenmaker.

Should Filmmakers Explain Their Movies?

Red Dwarf: a beginner’s guide.

Robot Chicken: Cast Away Reboot.

The 32 Greatest Unscripted Movie Scenes.

Gateways To Geekery: Where to start with Tales From Earthsea author Ursula K. Le Guin.

Junk Food Dinner Podcast #129: Vamp (1986), Stake Land (2010), and Interview With The Vampire (1994).

Horror Etc Podcast, Episode 268: Night Fright.
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Yuletide continues to take nominations until Wednesday, October 3rd. Just in case Ghostbusters and The Super Dictionary don’t end up being nominated, I’ve made a note to nominate them myself for next year’s Yuletide.

Meanwhile, for Yuletide research purposes, I have now watched Real Genius, The Green Hornet, and MirrorMask—in addition to Snow White And the Huntsman and The Cabin In The Woods a couple weeks back. The Monster Squad is up next.

Japan introduces piracy penalties for illegal downloads.

Pirate Bay Down Due To Power Failure.

Superman on TV—October 1st-7th.

Brett Booth’s New…ish Look For Red Robin.

Fan-Art Friday: Batman.

Which hero or heroine really gets on your nerves? And why?

Liam Neeson interview: Taken 2, The Dark Knight Rises, comedy and biscuits.

Sir Terry Pratchett Launches His Own Production Company.

Who defaced the moon best?

Sony shuts down PSP Comic Store after October 30th.

Seal of Approval: The History Of The Comics Code.

How Michael Meyers Learned To Drive. I’d say avoid this one if you are on the squeamish side, as it’s graphic at the end. (And, yes, he hits everything before that.)

The Arrow Producers Answer Fan Questions.

This Easter, celebrate with face-hugger-impregnated bunnies.

The Lone Ranger Reveals Seven New Stills.

6 Best Scenes From The Princess Bride.

Join Comics Retailers For Banned Books Week.

Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan: Behind The Scenes

The AfterElton Interview: John Barrowman.

A copy of both Brave And The Bold #28 and Fantastic Four #5 were stolen from Wizard World Ohio.

Being Human series 5 starts filming.

David S. Goyer Talks About Writing Man of Steel.

Todd McFarlane Sues Al Simmons Over Spawn Biography.

Best Cosplay Ever (This Week) October 1st.

The Soulless Minions Podcast: The Neverending Story (1984) Commentary

Film Sack Podcast #133: Pet Semetary (1989)

Nerdist Podcast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
calliopes_pen: (chomiji Blackadder candle)
Talkin’ Rifftrax: The Boy In The Plastic Bubble.

Stan Lee’s Rants: Elevators.

The trailer for Vamps.

The Vampire Diaries: Candice Accola Interview.

Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan—Matt Smith and cast interview.

Dawn of the Doctor T-Shirt.

Superhero Origins: Doctor Strange.

How It Should Have Ended: The Amazing Spider-Man (With Stan Lee)

Why Time Travel Stories Should Be Messy.

The promo for this October’s Cinemassacre Monster Madness.

Writer Stan Berkowitz Looks Back On The Adventures of Superboy.

Awesome Batman and Catwoman Cosplay.

Scott Lobdell Introduces Oracle To The New 52 In Superman #0.

The Parents Of The New 52--Warning, Major Tim Drake Spoilers.

Dynamic Differences: The 10 Best Alternate Takes On Batman.

Exclusive Look At Harley Quinn From Batman Live.

Star Trek TNG Cast Reflects On How They Got The Part.

As You Wish: Little-Known Facts About The Princess Bride On Its 25th Anniversary.

5 Things You Might Not Know About The Princess Bride On Its 25th Anniversary.

Where Do These Characters Fit In The Marvel Now Future?

Does Anyone Actually Want A Ghostbusters 3?

Fantastic Fangirls Q&A #172: Talk about a character created before 1970.

Marvel Honors Bendis With Plaque For Eight Years of Avengers.

Annabeth Gish joins the cast of Once Upon A Time.

Twin Peaks, Where Soap Operas Go To Dream.

Optimus Prime Transforms Between A Birthday Cake And A Groom’s Cake.

The AV Club interviews Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

7 Ways To Save The X-Men Franchise From Itself.

Warner Archive Releases A Forgotten Classic—Confessions of an Opium Eater, starring Vincent Price.

Now Playing Podcast: For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Comic Issues Podcast #85: Cartoon Scars.

I came up with two Yuletide prompts for what I want to request when sign-ups officially start--so far, though, nobody has nominated either The Superdictionary or Ghostbusters. So I’ll think of something else when the time comes, if that remains the case.

Dad’s Yahoo account was seemingly hacked earlier, and from what I can tell by looking it over with him, it was used to send out a large amount of spam and potential viruses to everyone he knows. The end result of this was a morning fielding several phone calls from relatives who were baffled and concerned by the wording of some of the gibberish, and wanting to know if he was okay. Mentally. Because the spelling was worse than usual.
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Pirate Bay Financier Files For Bankruptcy, Focus Shifts To Peter Sunde.

Dimestore Dames spotlight Rachel Summers/Grey (Phoenix/Marvel Girl).

6 Nerdy Parties Throughout History We Would’ve Loved To Attend.

Downtown L.A. Intersection Renamed Ray Bradbury Square.

Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep will be released September 24, 2013.

Marvel brings Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America And… to an end.

Olivia Cooke and Nicola Peltz join Bates Motel.

Six Developments About Jason Todd From Red Hood And The Outlaws #0.

From Think Geek: Darth Vader Desk Lamp.

Don’t Cross The Streams T-Shirt.

Neon Ghostbusters Sign.

The Amazing Adventure of The Man of Steel and the Psychiatric Censor — Superman vs. Doctor Wertham

Batman, Blood, X-Men: Talking With Comics Legend Neal Adams.

Another clip from Doctor Who: The Power of Three.

Doctor Who Rogues Gallery: The Tereleptils.

Big Finish: September Releases.

20 Things We Love About Chuck.

The Line It Is Drawn #107—Comic Book Characters Mashed Up With Stephen King Stories.

AV Q&A: Skipping the sex and violence.

And Here Is Neil Gaiman Riding A Giant Flamingo.

Nathan Fillion Needs Someone To Play Nathan Fillion In Castle’s Firefly Parody. Whedonesque discusses it here.

Artist Ryem Adds Animated Young Justice Look To New 52.

Mars Rover To Study Pyramid Rock Of Unknown Origin.

Greg Rucka Gets Increasingly Candid About Work For Hire Conditions, Debunks Another Myth.

Revisiting Star Trek TNG: The Naked Now.

Guillermo del Toro’s Vampire Trilogy The Strain Heading To FX.

He-Man And The Masters of the Universe Celebrates 30 Years With A Limited Edition DVD Set.

From Cracked: 5 Terrifying Origin Stories Behind Popular Children’s Songs. I would have expected to see Ring Around The Rosie on there, but it isn’t.

It’s the 75th anniversary of The Hobbit.

Stay Puft Heads Up Broadway: Filmography Finds Famous Movie Shots In NYC.

Fantastic Four: Fashion Forward Honorable Mentions.

IMAX Frankenweenie Poster.

Gaze upon the most disturbing My Little Pony ever made.

First look: Alex Ross’ poster for his Norman Rockwell Museum exhibit.

Alien Plush Chestburster.

34 Things We Learned From The Cabin In The Wood Commentary.

The 8 Most Ridiculously Unlucky Movie Families.

Best Art Ever (This Week) September 21st.

Burger King breaches McDonalds.

Awesome Firefly Art.

Ask Chris #122: The Legion of Super-Heroes.

Scott Lobdell Wants Your Questions.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #385.

Cocktails With Stan Lee, Episode 7, Season 2: Apolo Ohno.

Mission Log Podcast #7: Episode 7: Mudd’s Women.

Retroist Podcast, Episode 120: Crocodile Dundee.
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Dutch court rules linking to photos is copyright infringement.

The Dark Knight Rises—And Goes Back To Sleep.

Dark Knight Returns Part 1: David Selby On Voicing James Gordon.

Here’s the poster for the Halloween re-release.

Tarzan Never Dies, Part II: Will There Ever Be A Great Tarzan Movie? One NSFW image (specifically, a nude Bo Derek, in Tarzan The Ape Man) is in the article.

DC Nation Returns With New Episodes And Shorts On September 29th.

Fan Favorite DC Cosplay of Dragon Con.

6 Filmmaking Tips From Monty Python.

Rare Raiders of the Lost Ark Posters You May Have Never Seen.

Revisiting Star Trek TNG: Encounter At Farpoint.

George Takei, The Best Driver In The Galaxy.

The Saloon—Doctor Who: A Town Called Mercy teaser.

Doctor Who Rogues Gallery: Davros.

Outdoor TARDIS Shower Invigorates, Regenerates.

Grumpy Old Fan: Relaunch round-up, part 2.

Godzilla Stomps Into Theaters On May 16, 2014.

Trailers From Hell: David DeCoteau on The Devil’s Rain.

From Think Geek: Warehouse 13 Phoenix Medallion. Warehouse 13 Tesla Artisan Hero Prop.

Heroes In Need: Villains Edition.

From Cracked: 5 Terrifying Implications of Surviving a Horror Movie.

Marvel now owns Miracleman…the trademark.

Brian Blessed joins the cast of CBBC’s Wizards Vs. Aliens.

Drew Goddard Talks Secrets and Sequels for 'Cabin in the Woods'

Best Art Ever (This Week) 9/14/2012.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #384.

Deadpool vs. Gangnam Style. Bane dances through, too.

Cocktails With Stan Lee, Episode 6 Season 2: Lou Ferrigno.

Nerdist Writers Panel #55: Jonathan Katz and Tom Snyder.

Movie Issues Podcast: Radioland Murders (1994). I may have been one of the only people to see this movie in the theater.

Nerdist Podcast: Michael Dorn.


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