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For those that might have used it, Imzy is shutting down. I never made a single post or comment, but I had registered at some point. I just never went back after that.

Rosario Dawson is reportedly in talks to play Cecilia Reyes in the New Mutants film; also, that film will apparently go full on horror. I'm not sure what to think about that.

Edit: Correction, it's three things of note. It turns out the Icelandic version of Dracula--Powers of Darkness--is really Swedish.

From the article: "First he assumed that Makt myrkranna would be a straight translation of the Swedish publication, but then he found out that the Swedish text is more complete and contains scenes neither described in Dracula nor in Makt myrkranna. And the madman Renfield is still in the story, among others."

So there's that! And on World Dracula Day, no less.

And here’s a meme that I thought it might be fun to try.

meme: If you were to remix one of my stories, 1.) what would it be and 2.) what would you do. TELL ME.

For all of my stories, it’s sort of spread out across Ao3 and the ‘fanfic I’ve written tag’.

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Maisie Williams has been cast as Rahne Sinclair for the New Mutants film, while Anya Taylor-Joy will be Illyana Rasputin. This went around at least once before as a rumor. It’s being officially confirmed this time.

While I have no interest whatsoever in Game of Thrones, I have seen Maisie Williams in Doctor Who. She can act. However, I’m not entirely sure how good of a fit she would be for Rahne. I have seen Anya Taylor-Joy in Split (2016); from all I've read, she's far better as Thomasin in The Witch (2015). I have yet to see it, so I wouldn't know.

In order to make any sort of sense, they’ll probably have to scrap Illyana’s origin story of Limbo and Belasco. Then again, Warlock is supposed to be in the film, too. Karma is being left out. It would have been nice to see her in a New Mutants film.

I don’t know what current actress could work as Dani Moonstar.
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Google Reader Is Being Retired.

Poll Technica: Where should we go when Google Reader is put out to pasture? 8 Google Reader Alternatives That Will Ease Your RSS Pain.

Manga Reading Site JManga to End Service in May

Twinkies Returning To The US By Summer.

‘Hey, Let’s Fandom!’ Multi-Fandom Friending Meme.

A celebration of Louis Jourdan

Mini-Comics Day 2013 Coming March 24th.

Caroline Skinner steps down as Executive Producer of Doctor Who.

The Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter Project hit its goal of $2 million. As of the last time I looked, it was at $2,589,961, with 29 days to go. It went to $1 million in less than 5 hours.

11 Cult TV Shows Besides Veronica Mars that Deserve Kickstarter-Funded Movies

Warner Bros. claims Tolkien Estate breached Hobbit contract

The Hobbit Re-Read: Chapter 16, A Thief In The Night

Dimestore Dames spotlights Dr. Serling ‘Doc Rocket’ Roquette

DC Histories: Captain Carrot.

Starfire: Where Do I Start?

Grace Randolph’s Stacktastic: Top Ten Supporting Characters

IDW to reprint Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman comic strips

Alan Cumming Is Not In X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Will Sliney Profiles The Fearless Defenders: Dani Moonstar

An Interview With Kieron Gillen On Kid Loki and Journey Into Mystery: "Trust Your Instincts" (Part 1 of 2)

Gimmick or Good? – Superman #75

New Man of Steel Still.

The lesson of the comiXology blackout

Top 10 Worst Superhero Movie Costumes

Producer Brandon Vietti Discusses The End Of Young Justice, Looks Back At Series In New Interview

Image of the Day: Favorite Images from Knightfall #2

Image of the Day: Favorite Images from Knightfall #3

How did the Being Human ending compare to past finales?

Xfinity On Demand Comcast Subscribers Can Check In to Bates Motel Early

Five Things to Look For in the Upcoming 'Bates Motel'

DIY: Hellraiser Rubik’s Cube Puzzle Box

The 10 Best Uses Of Canes In Science Fiction.

Look Inside Upcoming ‘How To Speak Klingon’ Audio Phrasebook

Colorado Neurological Institute raffling Back to the Future items to benefit Parkinson's patients

Hot Wheels Heritage 1:18 Scale Ecto-1 Announced

Sigourney Weaver Fighting an Alien and Slimer With a Proton Pack Art Raffle.

Here’s the Theatrical Poster For ‘Birdemic 2: The Resurrection’

Trailers From Hell: Larry Karaszewski on Captain's Courageous

Screen Media Acquires VOD Rights to ‘Coffin Joe’ Films

10 episodes that show why MacGyver was more than a punchline

Neverwhere Clips.

SOAPnet's 50-Hour General Hospital Marathon Kicks Off With Very First Episode

Geekfest Rants, Episode 131: Superman: The Movie (1978)

Comic Issues #109—Shamrocking.

Now Playing Podcast: Jonah Hex (2010)
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Italian file-sharing site owner hit with record $8.5 million fine

Rifftrax: Cool As Ice (Sample)

Cartoons, characters linked to kids’ bad behavior: Power Rangers again. I watched Power Rangers when I was 11. It didn’t do anything to me.

AfterEllen interviews Zoie Palmer, from Lost Girl.

Guardians of the Galaxy Character Guide.

Mutant Women of Earth: How Chris Claremont Reinvented The Female Superhero.

Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! Vans Special

Sandman/Sherlock crossover fan art.

Download Calendar of Tales: 12 New Neil Gaiman Stories for Free

Injustice Gods Among Us' alternative costumes for Harley Quinn, Bane

The Dark Knight Returns To Vegas…With Bane and the Joker (Cosplay)

What It's Like To Have Your Period As Told By Batman, Bane And The Joker

Bizarro Back Issues: ‘Dastardly Events Aboard The Hellship’ (1978)

The Batmobile, Totally Geeked Out

Image of the Day: Best BTAS Screenshots #2

Batman: The Animated Series Rewatch: If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich & Joker’s Wild

JLA Profiles: Stargirl—Geoff Johns' Favorite Character

Greg Weisman Discusses The Final Issue Of The Young Justice Comic Series

Warren Ellis has started a new daily panel strip called Scatterlands

Interview: Chris Chibnall.

Doctor Who Revisited: Patrick Troughton BBC America Promo.

'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary episode to be directed by Nick Hurran

Weeping Angel Cookies.

Big Finish: February Releases.

Julie Benz Talks TV Death, Undeath And 'Defiance’

TV’s Most Heartbreaking Deaths. Whedonesque reacts to the list here. Joyce is listed. I would have added Fred on Angel.

Five Fan Theories That Explain The Events Of Back To The Future

Tim Burton and Danny Elfman To Present One-Time Concert In London

The Worst Sci-Fi Snubs In Oscar History.

Is it possible that the Borg are the perfect enemy?

Ten Out-of-Print Horror Flicks to Make You Drool

Random Roles: Eric Roberts on The Dark Knight, Shelley Winters, John Waters, and more

Kathleen Kennedy Exits ‘Jurassic Park IV’ to Concentrate on ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

The CW’s Tomorrow People Casts Peyton List

18 Stills From Orphan Black

Fantastic Fangirls Q&A #191: What comic do you, personally, want to be a character in?

The Vulcan Vault: The George Lucas-Produced Twice Upon A Time (1983)

Five New Minutes Of Bates Motel Footage.

We Hate Movies Podcast, Episode 98: Aspen Extreme (1993)

Nerdist Writer’s Panel #74: Live From San Francisco.
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Meteor explodes over Russia, injuring hundreds.

W. Watts Biggers has passed away at the age of 85. May he rest in peace. He was the co-creator of Underdog.

The Pirate Bay: We will sue copycat site for copyright infringement

TV Tango lists 282 Movies, Marathons and Specials on TV for President's Day Weekend 2013

The Hub Airs 8-Hour Animaniacs Marathon On President’s Day.

Today in ‘Hey, this still exists’: The You’ve Got Mail website.

Seven Science Fiction/Fantasy Martyrs Who Give Saint Valentine a Run for His Money

The Best Of Both Worlds In Theaters April 25th.

Exclusive set picture from An Adventure in Space and Time

Doctor Who News: BBC Books Announces April Releases.

18 Bad Guys Who Were Way Too Easy to Defeat

Harrison Ford Will Return As Han Solo In ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

The Battle of Hoth is being fought in this man’s living room.

Fantastic Fangirls: Lupercalia. They’re listing great werewolves in pop culture, including Oz and Rahne Sinclair.

Jason Mamoa has reportedly been offered the role of Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Secrets Behind The X-Men: Upstarts, High-Lords and Armageddon: The artists and the editor took control of the X-Men's destiny.

Abandoned Love: Whatever Happened to Peter and Mary Jane’s Baby?

Felicity Jones officially joins The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but which character will she play?

Amazing Spider-Man #700 Third Printing Gets A New Cover.

Joe Simon - With Great Power Extended Interviews

Peter Dinklage is the Villain of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ (But Who Will That Be?)

Cast This: Justice League.

Inker Jonathan Glapion exits Batman

Interview: Greg Capullo Talks Batman

Image of the Day: Early History of Dick and Babs #4

Secret Batman Incorporated Storyline Leaks Via Twitter

Favorite DC Couple: The Case For Harley And Ivy.

Alan Moore, Ben Templesmith, And Steve Niles Help Launch Black Mask Comics.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #406.

The Mummy Gets A New Writer, On Track For 2014 Release.

Hannibal gets a premiere date: April 4th.

Oddities of Toy Fair ‘13

From Cracked: 6 Huge Movie Plot Twists That Caused Even Bigger Plot Holes.

Criterion’s Catalog Free on Hulu All Weekend

The AV Club’s Watch This: Death Becomes Her casts Bruce Willis as the helpless rope in a tug-of-war

Some Beautiful Concept Art from Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim

Dynamite Launches D’N'A Battlestar Galactica Series In May

The Sword in the Stone Hand: The Arthurian Trends in Hellboy

5 Great Alien Invasion Movies.

Weekly Sketch Up—February 15th.

Best Art Ever (This Week): February 15th.

Mission Log Podcast #28—Episode 28—The City On The Edge Of Forever.

Smodcast: Grant Morrison: Bat Bard.

Retroist Podcast, Episode 131: Batman The TV Series.
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Archive Of Our Own: Site Security.

Lifetime Horror Award Goes To Clive Barker.

Rifftrax: When A Stranger Calls Back (VOD Sample)

The Uncanny X-Men Revolution: Magik.

Tom DeSanto - With Great Power Extended Interviews

The Line it is Drawn #125 – Rock and Roll Superheroes

DC Cancels Firestorm, Ravagers, Hawkman, Deathstroke, Sword Of Sorcery And Team 7

Sales Post Mortem on DC’s Cancelled Titles.

Superman is back on stage in It’s a Bird revival

The Changing Face (Literally) of Superman Over 75 Years

New Digital-First Superman Series to Feature Timm, Hitch, Samnee, Sprouse and More with Out-of-Continuity Adventures

Dustin Nguyen Celebrates Holidays With Batman: Li'l Gotham

Justice League May Be Looking For New Writers.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #405.

16 Heartbreakingly Awesome Bits Of Production Art That Never Made It To The Screen.

Toby on the conclusion of Being Human

Could The Next Doctor Who Showrunner Already Be Chosen?

An Adventure in Space and Time: Jamie Glover to play William Russell

An Adventure in Space and Time: Jemma Powell to play Jacqueline Hill

Meet The Characters In BBC America’s Orphan Black. The newest BBC America trailer is here.

Stanley Hotel To Hold Indie Horror Fest.

Cover and Synopsis for Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep.

Gremlins Greta Life-Size Stunt Puppet

Zombieland Pilot Casts Two Leads.

Trailers From Hell: Larry Karaszewski on Burn.

Frank Oz Up For Reprising Yoda Role In Star Wars Spin-Off Movie.

Catching Up With Catherine Mary Stewart.

Best Art Ever (This Week): February 8th.

Alfred Hitchcock's iconic horror film Psycho was supposed to be a comedy, a new collection of BBC interviews reveal.

The Lunch: Episode 25: Room 237 Director Rodney Ascher

Movie Issues Podcast: Shaft (2000)

The Batman Universe, Bat-Books For Beginners, Episode 97: Batman: Cataclysm

Sean Pultz Commentaries: The Omen (1976)
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Barnes & Noble Stores Have Credit Card Data Breach.

TV Tango updates their list for Halloween On TV: 915 Halloween-Themed Movie Marathons, Episodes & Specials on TV in October 2012.

Halloween: John Carpenter classic returns for theatrical run.

Ginger Snaps Helmer Directing Orphan Black For BBC America.

Know Thy History: Tales From The Crypt.

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness—80’s Rerun: Inhumanoids.

Longbox of the Damned: Saga of the Swamp Thing, Volume 1.

Ain’t It Scary Reviews #24: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.

Geek Gear: Nightmare In Pumpkin Land Shirt.

Io9 Halloween Costume Show Week 3: Sexy Donatello, Retro Kitty Pryde, and Serious Comic Book Cred.

Trailers From Hell: Joe Dante on I Bury The Living.

13 Ghosts of Halloween: Day 5.

Rare Halloween Videos: 1977: Donny and Marie Osmond’s Halloween Skits.

Unsuspecting UK kids terrorized by Paranormal Activity 4.

Here’s the teaser trailer for Ghostwatch: Behind The Curtains.

New TV Trailer For The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Hobbit Running Time Revealed.

Grace Randolph’s Between The Pages—Comics To Film: The Joker.

Batman: Nightwing short.

Dinner With DC Entertainment’s Jim Lee and Dan DiDio.

Captain America, Batman, Superman and Spidey adorably storm a children’s hospital.

P:R Approved: Ronnie del Carmen’s Magik.

Secrets Behind The X-Men: The all-different X-Men went to Australia and encountered some unresolved mysteries, as well as some unpublished adventures of Longshot.

From Cracked: 5 Famous Monsters That Are Way Scarier In Other Countries.

Alan Tudyk and Gina Torres Q&A at Dallas Comic Con Fan Days. Gina Torres also sang while there.

Lost Girl—New York Comic Con 2012 Panel.

Lo Pan Style.

Cocktails With Stan Lee, Bonus Extended Cut: Joe Manganiello.

The Fury of a Time Lord.

10 Wibbly Wobbly Ways Doctor Who Plays With Space/Time.

Learn all about your body with Slim Goodbody. He was on local channels in reruns up through my middle school years.

Evil Fake Wine Bottle Labels.

Earth Station One Podcast, Episode 133: Buffy The Vampire Slayer Revisited

Geekfest Rants Episode 111: Battlestar Galactica.

Now Playing Podcast: The Living Daylights (1987)

The Forgotten Flix Podcast #84: Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

Junk Food Dinner Podcast #132: The Howling (1981), An American Werewolf In Paris (1997), and Silver Bullet (1985).

For Yuletide, I just did a massive overhaul of my sign-up. I realized that it had been too long since I watched Pushing Daisies, and if I didn’t remember major character moments and/or little quirks I couldn’t possibly do them justice if that were my assignment. So I removed that, and replaced it with Fright Night (2011). I’m fine with writing any character for Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992), so I moved that to the Bucket List section, and replaced that slot with Justice League Unlimited.

So as of now, my offers look like this: Fright Night (1985), Back to the Future, Fright Night (2011), Ghostbusters, Justice League & Justice League Unlimited (Cartoons), Addams Family (1991). Bucket List: Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992), Anno Dracula Series - Kim Newman, Beetle Juice (1988), Van Helsing (2004), Mannequin (1987), A Study in Emerald - Neil Gaiman, Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (2004), Soapdish (1991), The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1996.

If I watch Mockingbird Lane and enjoy it, I’ll throw that into the pile, too.

Posting this a bit early now, before I head out for a double bill showing of Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein at the local Cinemark. That’s about three hours, I do believe. Tomorrow night is Rifftrax Live.
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The Yuletide 2012 Tag Set is now open for public review. Ghostbusters did make the cut, as “Ghostbusters - All Media Types.” I don’t believe I saw The Super Dictionary, so I’ll just nominate it next year. Here’s a discussion of the fandoms listed in Other Media. Fandom Primer Post (aka Pimp Your Fandom).

Stained Glass Window Style Fantasy Illustrations By Jian Guo.

Why Gotham Central Should Be The Next Batman Franchise.

Godzilla Script Gets Rewrite, Casting To Begin Soon.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D Perspective Street Art.

An 11-year-old boy has discovered one of the most exquisitely preserved wooly mammoths ever.

31 Days of Horror: Dracula/Let The Right One In.

Gift Guide: Slasher Voodoo Dolls.

Castle’s intro in the style of Firefly.

The Line It Is Drawn #109—Comic Book Characters and the Works of Shakespeare. My favorite would have to be Deadpool and Deathstroke’s Comedy of Errors. Closely followed by Luthor’s Shakespearean Ray.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #387.

Top 10 Best Movie Sequels.

Pop-culture losses we most regret.

Secrets Behind The X-Men: Jean Grey’s return in X-Factor resulting in the destruction of Cyclops' character, the death of Madelyne Pryor and a premature wedding?

Rutger Hauer Joins True Blood.

Footage From Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 To Preview At NYCC.

First look at the cast of Hitchcock.

Official Artwork For That Other Hitchcock Drama, The Girl.

4 Memorable Soap Opera Alien Invasions. The Gemini Twins mess on Days of Our Lives gets a mention.

There’s going to be a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie.

10 geek movie cameos that didn’t make the final cut. I didn’t know that Eugene Levy was deleted from a scene in Ghostbusters II.

Amityville house back on the market, blood not included.

Merlin: The Costumes of Season 5.

7 Completely Insane Golden And Silver Age Superhero Origins.

From Cracked: 6 Movie Mysteries The Characters Should’ve Solved Way Sooner.

Best Art Ever (This Week) October 5th.

30 Things We Learned From The Monster Squad Commentary.

12 Gut-Wrenching Scenes That Are Practically Gore-Free.

20 Weird and Wonderful Performances As The Devil.

Retro style print for the first Ghostbusters movie.

From Think Geek: Brain Candle.

Bleeding Cool interviews William Shatner.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Reveals Four New Banners.

Mission Log Podcast #9: Episode 9—Miri.

Nerdist Writers Panel #58: ‘Why Aren’t More People Talking About These Awesome Shows?’

Now Playing Podcast: The Cabin In The Woods (2012)

Movie Issues Podcast: The Addams Family and Addams Family Values.
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Yuletide 2012 Nominations are now open. Nomination Confirmation/Rejection Tracking Post. Having recently seen Snow White And The Huntsman and Cabin In The Woods for the first time, I’m pleased to see that someone has nominated them both. As for me, I nominated Fright Night (1985), League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1996, and The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. I saw someone else promising to add The Shadow, so I went with the runner-up from the poll (since I’m probably the only one that knows of Mr. Boogedy, I went with Lost Skeleton). I’m desperately hoping someone out there adds Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, and the Superdictionary.

The next season of Merlin begins October 6th.

Superman on TV: September 24-30th.

Cleveland airport to dedicate Superman exhibit October 11th.

Man of Steel: Storyboard Artist Jay Oliva Video Interview.

The Abandoned An’ Forsaked—Maybe We Should Just Forget This Issue of Excalibur.

Fran Kranz interview: The Cabin In The Woods, Shakespeare, and fake blood.

There were some technical problems with the UK Blu-ray release of The Cabin In The Woods. Follow the link to where you can get your replacement disc if you’ve been affected.

Eddie Marsan interview: Snow White, Jack the Giant Killer and Tyrannosaur.

How Not To Write Comics Criticism.

50 Years of the Jetsons: Why The Show Still Matters.

I Saw Three Ships is open for sign-ups.

From Cracked: 5 Iconic Characters You Didn’t Know Were Rip-Offs.

P:R Approved: Bryan O’Malley’s Danielle Moonstar.

First Official Image From The Wolverine.

First look at Evangeline Lily as Tauriel in The Hobbit.

Andy Serkis reads an excerpt of The Hobbit in Gollum’s voice.

Comics Alliance Reviews X-Men: Night of the Sentinels (1992)

6 Reasons 60’s Batman Was The Greatest Guy Ever.

Film Sack Podcast #132: Empire of the Ants.
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Java zero-day vulnerability: Why you should disable Java on your browser right now.

Pond Life: Part Three.

Promo: Doctor Who vs. The Nerdist: All Star Celebrity Bowling.

Doctor Who’s 25 Silliest Moments.

Life Outside The TARDIS: Freema Agyeman.

Not Some New Man: The Hidden Pattern Behind The Doctor’s Regenerations.

Fan Expo: John Barrowman Takes Center Stage In Loud And Lurid Panel. Would you expect anything less?

Secrets Behind The X-Men: The New Mutants averted X-Men West but ushered in the nullification of the redeemed Magneto and quite a few unresolved plots.

Joss Whedon To Co-Write S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Show For ABC. Whedonesque reacts to the news here.

Spidey At 50: The 9 Weirdest Moments In Spider-Man History.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 Clip 1.

Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines, Day 241: Shadow of the Bat #5.

Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines, Day 242: Batman: The Abduction.

Where next for Batman on the big screen?

Rebooted Batman To Debut In Justice League?

P:R Redesign: Joel H.’s Adam West as Batman ‘Year One’

From College Humor: The Dark Knight Meets The Avengers.

Talking To Dan DiDio About Stephanie Brown And Rob Liefeld.

The Complete And Utter Insanity Of Batman: Odyssey, Part 3.

Life-Size Lego Iron Man Wins Awards.

Parting Thought: Jack Kirby Tribute From Superman: The Animated Series.

The future won’t look like this: 11 unintentionally ridiculous depictions of virtual reality.

Who’s Who In The New Justice League of America.

Should Deadpool Regain His Healing Factor?

Ghostbusters Night Light? Japan Has That.

Ghostbusters drawn with markers.

Barnes and Noble offers huge sale on DC trade paperbacks.

Global James Bond Day Announced For October 5th.

Amazing Race Cast Revealed.

Women Read Comics In Public—But They Always Did.

Fall 2012 Geek TV Preview: Doctor Who, Fringe, And More.

The Eye of Sauron Décor at the Cheesecake Factory.

Back To The Future Trilogy Timeline.

Castle Recruits Jonathan Frakes To Direct.

New cast members added to the CW’s Cult.

Analog Editor Stan Schmidt Retires.

Now Playing Podcast: Diamonds Are Forever (1971).

Comic Issues Podcast #81: Fan Films.
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Josepha Sherman has passed away, at the age of 65, as a complication of dementia according to a comment from someone who knew her in the first link. May she rest in peace. I’ve read her Buffyverse, Star Trek and Highlander tie-in novels in the past, and enjoyed them immensely, as well as her contribution to Sherlock Holmes In Orbit.

The Cinefiles: Terry Gilliam, Part 2.

Rifftrax Live: Birdemic Announcement. If there isn’t a horrific storm, and the power doesn’t then go out at the theater on the night in question, I plan to go see this on October 25th.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #381. One involves Kitty Pryde this week.

Fan Art Friday: Catwoman.

Vortexx: Expectations? Low.

Now Official: Ed Brubaker No Longer Working For Marvel.

Jason Latour takes on Winter Soldier after Ed Brubaker.

Judd Winick Leaves Batwing.

How To Reboot Batman With John Blake. Mild spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises.

Life Outside The TARDIS: David Tennant (Part 1).

Why do foreigners like Japanese manga so much?

Tales From The Code: How Much Did Things Change After The Enactment Of The Comics Code of 1954?

Vintage 1982 Action Figures of John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Newsarama interviews Kieron Gillen.

Awesome Art Picks: Deadpool, Batman, Black Bolt, And More.

Jake Wyatt Mashes X-Men With Peanuts And Plays With Preppy Mutants, Minotaurs and Moebius.

No Justice League Movie For Ben Affleck. Pretty much what I expected, when those rumors were going around.

A new trailer for Asylum of the Daleks. It will premiere next Saturday.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Dragon Con, But Were Afraid To Ask.

Cerebus High Society Negatives Destroyed By Fire.

Weekend Discussion Thread: What Do Characters In MSTed Movies Read?

Comic Issues: Cosplaying Around At SDCC 2012.

Movie Issues Podcast: Time After Time (1979)

Nerdist Podcast: Joel Hodgson.

Schlock Treatment 90: Deathsport (1978).
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Norman Alden has passed away at the age of 87. May he rest in peace. He was the voice of Aquaman in the Super Friends cartoon, and appeared in Back to the Future as the owner of the diner.

FileSonic, Oron and Their Users Hit With Piracy Lawsuit.

The Dark Knight Rises Passes The $500 Million Mark Worldwide.

Variations of Bane’s Mask In The Dark Knight Rises Concept Art And More Behind The Scenes Photos

Batman: The Dark Knightfall Fan Trailer. Done with toys, very impressively.

From College Humor: The Gotham Olympics.

Benedict Cumberbatch Comments On Elementary.

The 20 nerdiest moments from the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

The Dark Shadows Experiment: The Exit Interview.

Preview: Dark Shadows/Vampirella #1.

The Messed-Up History of Marvel’s Captain Marvel and Why It Doesn’t Matter.

Patricio Oliver’s Hellions Redesign.

An interview with Marsha Thomason of White Collar.

Marvel To Liquidate Stacks Of Hardcover Stock.

Doctor Horrible Gets CW Premiere Date—October 9th.

Big Finish’s License To Make Doctor Who Audios Is Extended.

How To Who: On Starting To Watch Classic Doctor Who.

The Not Prime Time Collection is open.

Update: Peter Jackson Confirms Third Hobbit Film.

Deadshot Confirmed For The CW’s Arrow.

A Cast Of Currys.

Optimus Prime Wedding Cake.

7 Behind The Scenes Photos From The Original Ghostbusters.

CBS Offering Free Replacement Blu-Ray Discs To Fix Star Trek: The Next Generation Surround Sound Problem.

Film Sack Podcast #125: Frogs (1972)

Two True Freaks Podcast, Episode 275: A Tribute To 1982.
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Patrick Stewart Joins Olympic Torch Run. Footage.

Extraordinary Abilities, Ordinary Disabilities.

The Abandoned An’ Forsaked- Robin Doesn’t Trust Batgirl With His Secret I.D.?

The next movie for Svengoolie is House of Dracula.

Get lost within the walls of a massive labyrinth made of books.

Simon Monk Paints Superhero Action Figures Trapped In Their Protective Plastic Bags.

Comic Con 2012: The Vampire Diaries Panel, in its entirety.

SDCC 2012: Extremely Rare Photo Of Sand People Traveling Side-By-Side.

Teen Wolf 101.

10 X-Men Action Figures With Uncannily Goofy Accessories.

Exclusive Sneak Peek: New Mutants #47.

Iron Man 3 Concept Art Shows More Gold Armor.

For those interested, the novelization for The Dark Knight Rises will be released tomorrow.

Hot Toys Confirms Catwoman As Part Of Their Dark Knight Rises Line.

Bane Co-Creator On His Portrayal In The Dark Knight Rises. While there aren’t any spoilers, there could be some in the comments. There weren’t the last time I checked, but be prepared, and avoid them if you plan to see the film.

A Brief History of the Batman Infographic.

These Are The 9 Best Catwoman Stories Ever.

A peek at what’s in store for the next season of Warehouse 13.

Star Wars Lightsaber Pool Noodles.

Alien Facehugger Corset.

Massive Bigfoot Model On Ebay.


50th Anniversary Doctor Who Docu-drama In The Works?

Dana Barrett As Zuul Available Now On MattyCollector.

If You Could Remake Halloween Or Hellraiser, What Would You Do?
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Morgan Paull has passed away, at the age of 67, after battling stomach cancer. May he rest in peace. He was famous for his role in Blade Runner—MST3K fans may also remember him from Mitchell.

Court May Order Google To Censor ‘Torrent,’ ‘Rapidshare,’ and ‘Megaupload.’

Dropbox Users Targeted By Spam, Possible Address Leak To Blame?

SDCC 2012: Man of Steel panel.

SDCC 2012: The Hobbit panel.

SDCC 2012: Being Human panel.

Best Comic Con Cosplay Gallery Ever: Sunday. Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Galactus and Thanos had great costumes.

CCI: Marvel’s 2012 Costume Contest. There’s a Phoenix possessed Illyana in there, along with some great costumes of Deadpool, Storm, Emma Frost, Dark Phoenix, Hope Summers, Venom, and more.

Bleeding Cool has more costumes that were spotted. My favorite is the one at the end, The Dark Knight Retires. Deadpool Pokemon (is that what that was?) is a close second.

Deadpool Takes Comic Con By Dancing Storm.

The 10 Biggest Comic Con Announcements.

The Most Astounding Comic Book News Of Comic Con 2012.

Galactus Is Nigh: Counter-Protestors Warn of the Comic Con Apocalypse. There wasn’t as much said about this as there was about a certain church that protested a couple years back. The only two amusing bits are the Galactus sign, and the list of things they think lead to possession: Vegetarianism, Halloween fire walking, LOTR, and Twilight films?

SFX interviewed Paul Cornell at Comic Con.

Featurette for ParaNorman

Molly Quinn will be voicing Supergirl in an upcoming DC animated feature.

Trailer for Drew: The Man Behind The Poster.

Trailer for Merlin: The Game.

Rifftax at Comic Con: Best Of Trailer.

Cinematic Titanic’s Next DVD: Rattlers.

The Dark Knight Rises TV Spot #10.

7 Wildly Incorrect and Irresponsible Rumors About Batman Movies.

Mark Hamill and Nathan Fillion with Stan Lee on Youtube.

Nathan Fillion came up with an interesting (and classy) way to sign things for as many people as possible, while trying not to disappoint them—an apology letter with his signature.

Greg Pak talks Doctor Strange Season 1.

Bill Murray +12 more actors who almost wore a big-screen Batsuit.

Green Lantern The Animated Series: SDCC 2012 Preview.

The Sci Fi Channel just got a brand new name and identity…in Australia.

Do You Listen To Podcasts?

Denis Medry’s Steampunk Spider-Man and Rogue’s Gallery.

Every Dinosaur’s Kill Count From The Jurassic Park Franchise.

From Cracked: The 4 Weirdest Lessons 80’s Movies Really Wanted To Teach Us.

Jessica Biel May Not Be In The Wolverine After All. Pretty much as I expected.

There’s Nothing Strange In Your Neighborhood Shirt.

The Hub recreates Dark Knight Rises trailer for Batman cartoon marathon.

5 Modern Movie Trends That Were Started By Peter Jackson.

5 Things You Might Not Know About Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop, Released 25 Years Ago Today. Or yesterday, as the case may be.

Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks That Actually Light Up.

R2-D2 Football.

Wizard of Who T-Shirt.

Warren Ellis shows Joss Whedon hard at work on Wastelanders. Whedonesque discusses it here.

Now Playing Podcast: The Dark Knight (2008).
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Overview of the Robot Chicken panel.

Confirmed by Dan Didio At DC Comics The New Wave Panel: Barbara Gordon Will Replace Stephanie Brown In Smallville.

New Iron Man 3 Armor Revealed At Comic Con.

Robert Downey Jr.’s entrance to the Iron Man 3 panel.

The Joss Whedon Panel—Killing Your Family.

Season 2 Preview of Once Upon A Time.

The Vampire Diaries Panel: Live-Blogged.

The Nerdist Channel presents Farscape, cut into minisodes.

Hasbro, QMx, DST, Anovos and Hallmark Show Off New Star Trek Merch At SDCC 2012.

Adam Savage’s Comic Con Costumes.

Studio sources refute wild rumor of third Hobbit film.

Teaser for the Deadpool video game.

Thor and Captain America Sequels’ Titles Revealed. They are Thor: The Dark World, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art

The Man of Steel Movie Poster.

An interview with Roberto Orci, about the new Star Trek movie.

DC Nation Short—Bat Man of Shanghai: Catwoman.

AvX’s Phoenix Five Invade Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

John Barrowman interviews Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill at Comic Con, for G4.

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill sing Bohemian Rhapsody at their panel.

The next movie for Svengoolie is The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.

Geek Gear: A Nightmare on Elm Street Screamworks Shirt.

Roswell alien waitress cosplay will make you nostalgic for the 1990’s. I never watched the show, but others might like to see this.

The Amazing Spider-Man Hits $521.4 Million Worldwide.

Elementary creator—The idea of a female Watson came from the original Sherlock Holmes stories.

Breaking News: Three Merlin movies in development and season 6 possibilities for BBC TV series.

The Lost Girl panel at Comic Con, in its entirety.

Mockingbird Lane’s Bryan Fuller On His Munsters Mash-Up And New Growth For Pushing Daisies.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 1: Avengers Assemble Promo.

SDCC 2012: DC Comics: Young Justice Panel Liveblogged. According to Lobdell, Tim Drake was never Robin in the new DCU, and went straight to being Red Robin.

Schlock Treatment 84: Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight (1995)

Terror Transmission, Episode 72: Night of the Demon (1957)

Yesterday, I managed to watch the Joss Whedon panel live from Comic Con, because it was streaming through here. You can go through their archived streams section for the panels for that one, Doctor Who, Grimm, Nathan Fillion, Stan Lee, Psych, Robot Chicken, as well as quite a few others.
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Bye, ACTA, Hello CETA.

A Hero Initiative Fundraiser In Remembrance Of Mike Wieringo And Mark Gruenwald.

Spider-Man’s Amazingly Bizarre Media History, Part 1.

DeLorean time machine team surpasses $100,000 raised for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

Mark Waid on his personal digital-comics revolution.

The Wolverine will add Yun Lee; Brian Tee also joins the cast.

Stan Lee’s World of Heroes unveils full lineup.

Stan Lee’s Rants: Comic Con.

From Think Geek: Cardboard Safari Unicorn Trophy.

Indiana Jones Comic Con Blu-Ray Trailer.

The Hobbit Lego figures revealed for a December debut.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey unveils huge scroll poster.

Liane Balaban joins Supernatural.

Synapse Collects The Complete Hammer House of Horror.

Man of Steel Will Be In IMAX 3D; New Plot Description Revealed.

Interview with Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett from Rifftrax.

Super Golden Friends.

Zombie-Proof Real Estate Is Up For Grabs, Folks.

Matt Smith Is Made National Youth Theatre Patron.

Does something have to be terrible to be a guilty pleasure?

The 10 Best Stargate: Atlantis Episodes of Dr. Rodney McKay.

William Shatner’s Get A Life Trailer.

Amber Benson: From Buffy To Books Part Two.

Michael Fassbender starring in and co-producing Assassin’s Creed film.

Comic Con: All of Marvel’s Panels.

The Four Questions Everyone Asks At Conventions.

If you became a superhero (or villain), how would you acquire your superpowers?

Daniel Govar’s X-Men from Days of Future Past.

From Cracked: 5 Reasons Batman Always Wins.

13 Minute Dark Knight Rises Behind-The-Scenes Featurette We’re Too Scared To Watch. I’m going to see this one on opening day, so I’ll hold off on watching—even if it doesn’t really spoil anything.

Nathan Fillion on Avengers sequel: ‘I’m not famous enough for it.’ Whedonesque discusses it here.

A Spider-Woman For The 1980s Part 2.

Comic Con 2012: Frankenstein’s Army Propaganda Poster.

This Cake Came From A Wedding In A Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Why Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Is The Best Trek Series Ever.

New Dropbox Pro plans.

American Horror Story Season 2 Writers, Director And Start Date.

Legendary Poster Artist Drew Struzan Is Coming Out Of Retirement.

Sip Your Espresso Out Of A Tiny Rocket.

Marvel Cancel Nine Titles

We Hate Movies Podcast, Episode 66: Inspector Gadget

Nerdist Podcast: LeVar Burton.

Radiodrome, Episode 77: A Joe Dante Retrospective.

The weather forecast calls for volcanoes and Godzilla.
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House Passes CISPA. Obama Administration Issues Threat To Veto CISPA As-Is. From here, it goes to the Senate. Some of those in the House that voted against it only did so because they didn’t think it went far enough.

The Non-Geek’s Guide To CISPA.

FTC Hires Ace Prosecutor For Google Antitrust Case.

Dimestore Dames spotlights Snowbird.

New viral images of Spider-Man’s web-shooters from The Amazing Spider-Man.

Star Wars MST3K Reviews Firefly T-Shirt.

Avengers pre-sales numbers smash all other Marvel movies combined.

Chris Roberson, marketing, and the Silver Age.

MTV Sets Premiere Date For Teen Wolf Season 2.

Fringe has been renewed for a fifth, final season of 13 episodes. Whedonesque discusses the news here.

What fandom did for Doctor Who.

Director James McTeigue Talks The Raven.

10 Comic Book Characters That Didn’t Debut In Comic Books.

Explore Vampire History In A New Dark Shadows Featurette.

20 New Images From Dark Shadows Are Here.

The Wolverine To Shoot In Japan.

Is there really a New Mutants movie in the works? Will it be announced at Comic Con? While I doubt it, that would be wonderful to see. Even if everything with Illyana would take multiple movies to cover.

Joe Dante on The Haunted Palace.

The Ringu Ghost Throws A Mean Curve.

New international poster for The Amazing Spider-Man.

An Imperial CAT-AT, for Jedi kitties only.

The Japanese trailer for Snow White And The Huntsman.

New spot for Brave, due to air during the NFL Draft.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #364.

John Romita Jr. will try to draw for 50 hours straight for charity.

Polymer clay skull ring.

Ray Stantz Costume To Be On Display At Museum Of Natural History. The exhibit will also include the leather jacket worn by Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, and the whip used in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the tunic and sash worn by William Shatner as Kirk in Mirror Mirror, and numerous other items.

Buffy vs. Aliens For Free Comic Book Day?

Film Sack Podcast: Cherry 2000.
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Court Gives IFPI Permission To Identify Pirate Bay Users.

Company Accidentally Fires Entire Staff (Worldwide) Via E-Mail.

Best look yet at Before Watchmen pages, character designs.

The Great Alan Moore Reread: From Hell, Part 1.

MTV Geek interviews Amber Benson.

The unaired pilots for Wonder Woman and Batgirl, from 1967.

5 Things You May Not Know About Superman II.

First look at Jim Lee’s poster for 2012 Hero Complex Film Festival.

Creators’ families rights: merit vs. inheritance.

Upstairs Downstairs Not Returning For Third Season.

32 Science Fiction And Fantasy Movies That Could Rock Your Summer.

BuzzFeed offers a look inside the DC Comics offices.

An interview with John Barrowman, from the recent C2E2 convention.

Should John Barrowman return as Captain Jack for the 50th anniversary?

Dark Shadows Original Cast Reunion Photo. Taken before Jonathan Frid passed away.

Preview of Superman #8.

The Avengers Theme.

Buffy Writer Jane Espenson Talks Tough TV Heroines.

Jessica Chastain is in talks for Iron Man 3.

New trailer for Pixar’s Brave. And a clip called Eyes On the Pies.

The director of Bridesmaids wrote some of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Amazing Spider-Man Toaster.

BAFTA Television Award Nominations. Nominations are up for Sherlock, The Fades, and Misfits.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation Theatrical Trailer.

Gallifrey Time Lords T-Shirt

DC Cancels Legion Lost Trade.

Original art from New Mutants Special and X-Men Annual #9.

Fantastic Fangirls: What comic book character would make a good coach?

Svengoolie interviews Vince Price’s daughter, Victoria Price.

Jane Levy on Possession and The Evil Dead Remake.

Watch Chris Weston Paint Miracleman.

24 Things We Learned From The Total Recall Commentary.
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Megaupload Data May Soon Be Destroyed.

Google Strikes Back After MPAA Objects to Hotfile Intervention.

Dimestore Dames spotlights Meggan (aka Meggan Puceanu, Meggan Braddock, or Gloriana). I once managed to locate an icon of that moment where Meggan delivers cocoa to Kurt in the tub. Amusingly, hit the random icon button on Dreamwidth, and got that one first for this entry.

Patricio Oliver’s New Mutants redesign.

[ profile] crack_van is in need of drivers.

Stephen Fry and Ian McKellen pay licensing fees to save Hobbit pub.

An excerpt from Dark Shadows: Angelique’s Descent, by Lara Parker.

We Wish You A Turtle Christmas, and other proof that Michael Bay’s not the first to screw up the Ninja Turtles. The good news for me is I managed to miss each and every one of these during my interest in Ninja Turtles. I do remember the promos that featured Venus on Fox, though.

The trailer for season 2 of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

The first clip from Wrath of the Titans.

Remembering Are You Afraid Of The Dark.

Stained Glass TARDIS.

New IMAX promo for The Avengers.

New promo art for The Amazing Spider-Man reveals The Lizard.

Found via [ profile] noscans_daily: Courtesy of MAD TV and Cartoon Network, a spoof/musical number with the JLA. The JLI make a cameo in the middle of the insanity.

75 words every sci-fi fan should know.

8 Forgotten 80’s Live Action Children’s Sci-Fi Series. From that list, I watched Small Wonder and Out Of This World.

Director Rupert Sanders discusses making Snow White And The Huntsman.

Julie Taymor’s original ending for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.

New clip from The Cabin In The Woods.

Veronica Mars will begin airing on SoapNet on Saturday, April 7th.

ETA: Disney Junior launches today; Soapnet to continue on some carriers. So in light of that tidbit, it all depends on where you live, whether or not you get to watch Veronica Mars.
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Jeff Rice, a Veteran Amazing Race producer, died in Uganda after being poisoned. May he rest in peace. A second was poisoned and seems to have survived, but his name wasn’t mentioned in the article I read. Best wishes to him on a speedy recovery. While I haven’t watched in a couple seasons, I loved that show.

[personal profile] havocthecat has news on the SOPA/PIPA front, with it going further in tracking internet activity this time around.

Kim Dotcom has been released on bail, but banned from using the internet or straying too far from home.

Some 80’s centered Marvel Comics solicitations for May. New Mutants Classic Volume 7 will be released, collecting issue #’s 48-54 and Annual #3.

Dimestore Dames spotlights Yrra Cynril (Fatality/Star Sapphire).

A new clip involving Alfred telling off Batman sarcastically, in Justice League: Doom.

The trailer for the documentary Wonder Women: The Untold Story Of American Superheroines.

Anthony Stewart Head will present Buffy: The Greatest Episodes on Syfy UK. [ profile] whedonesque discusses it here.

Eternal Law has been cancelled.

Community will return on March 15th. I avoid that show, since I don't like Chevy Chase or Joel McHale, but I know there are fans on my friends list.

Tobias Kwan’s drawing of Batman.

The first publicity photo has been released for Doctor Who, season 7, along with some casting news.

New image from The Avengers. [ profile] whedonesque discusses it here.

Collin Donnell has been cast as Merlyn the Archer in the Green Arrow pilot.

[ profile] snickfic is hosting a Multi-Fandom Het Mpreg Ficathon.

Over at [ profile] terror_scifi, [ profile] lonewytch wrote some great meta: Labyrinth And The Heroic Journey.

The international trailer for Battleship.

Two new tv spots for The Hunger Games.

Stephen King reads from his sequel to The Shining, Dr. Sleep.

Some impressive looking cosplay involving medieval Batman armor.
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John Severin has passed away at the age of 90. May he rest in peace. He worked as both penciler, as well as artist, throughout his years at EC Comics, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics. His work included The Incredible Hulk, Sgt. Fury And His Howling Commandos, Conan The Barbarian, What The--?!, Mad Magazine, Cracked, as well as many others, and he was inducted into the Will Eisner Hall of Fame in 2003.

Kevin Conroy discusses Justice League: Doom.

25 descriptions of the strange beast that won the Westminster Dog Show.

The role of Sherlock Holmes will be played by Jonny Lee Miller, in CBS’ Elementary.

From Newsarama: 10 Hook-Ups On Infinite Earths. My favorite on that list is Booster Gold/Squirrel Girl.

First look at the artwork for Darwyn Cooke’s Watchmen.

Tim Burton’s intro for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Kevin Czap describes his love for Bill Sienkiewicz’s 1980’s run on the New Mutants.

The AV Club discusses The Micronauts. I was only fleetingly familiar with them in the 80’s, thanks to their crossover with the X-Men.

Some new stills from Snow White And The Huntsman.

The international trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man.

For those that are interested, Terror Transmission’s latest podcast discusses everything about the 1979 version of Dracula. The one starring Frank Langella, not Louis Jordan or George Hamilton.

The latest episode of the We Hate Movies podcast discusses Wes Craven’s Deadly Friend.
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Robert Hegyes has passed away, at the age of 60, following a heart attack. May he rest in peace. He was most well-known for playing the role of Juan Epstein, in Welcome Back, Kotter.

Symantec finally figured out they were hacked back in 2006. Dad has it on his laptop, so he’s removing it now—I’ve never liked them, so I don’t have it on this computer. Comcast kept trying to get me to use it.

Pirate Parties International is assembling a list of users that lost data with Megaupload’s shutdown, so that they can form a lawsuit against the FBI. That’s not the best name ever.

Doctor Who Insider ceases publication—issue #9, dated December 2011, was the final one. You should be able to receive a refund, or transfer your subscription to another Doctor Who magazine.

Dimestore Dames spotlights Tabitha Smith.

Five official images from The Avengers.

New international trailer for Mirror Mirror.

The Most Ridiculous Science Fiction Plots From Actual Soap Operas. Marlena’s possession (which is when I started watching) on Days of Our Lives makes the list—as does Stefano’s satellite mind control plot, using a chip in Hope’s brain. And every single episode of Passions, ever.

From Cracked: 5 Famous People Who Succeeded Long After They Should’ve Quit.

A cargo ship crashed into a bridge last night and took it down—as of now, it’s made Fox News. Nobody was hurt, as from the sound of it, the people just barely made it off before it finally crashed into the water. It’s not the bridge I take to Eddyville, but it looks like it is the bridge I used to take when my family went to Nashville for clothes when I was little. And Dad pointed out that it’s also the bridge he takes as he goes the long road to Louisiana for funerals. So he’s looking through his atlas for other routes, just in case he needs it.

ETA: They're having a press conference on the noon news. It's a 300 foot chunk of bridge that is just gone, and I think they said the military only has enough to stretch across 250 feet for a temporary one. Now that it's not the middle of the night, they can see the extent of the damage and get the inspectors out there. They're trying to assess everything, asking traffic to redirect. And that the people who came to see it for themselves and gawk, please go home.

An AT&T fiber optic cable was attached, and when that portion of bridge was hit and then fell, it knocked out internet for anyone that had it through that portion.
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Robert Hegyes has passed away, at the age of 60, following a heart attack. May he rest in peace. He was most well-known for playing the role of Juan Epstein, in Welcome Back, Kotter.

Symantec finally figured out they were hacked back in 2006. Dad has it on his laptop, so he’s removing it now—I’ve never liked them, so I don’t have it on this computer. Comcast kept trying to get me to use it.

Pirate Parties International is assembling a list of users that lost data with Megaupload’s shutdown, so that they can form a lawsuit against the FBI. That’s not the best name ever.

Doctor Who Insider ceases publication—issue #9, dated December 2011, was the final one. You should be able to receive a refund, or transfer your subscription to another Doctor Who magazine.

Dimestore Dames spotlights Tabitha Smith.

Five official images from The Avengers.

New international trailer for Mirror Mirror.

The Most Ridiculous Science Fiction Plots From Actual Soap Operas. Marlena’s possession (which is when I started watching) on Days of Our Lives makes the list—as does Stefano’s satellite mind control plot, using a chip in Hope’s brain. And every single episode of Passions, ever.

From Cracked: 5 Famous People Who Succeeded Long After They Should’ve Quit.

A cargo ship crashed into a bridge last night and took it down—as of now, it’s made Fox News. Nobody was hurt, as from the sound of it, the people just barely made it off before it finally crashed into the water. It’s not the bridge I take to Eddyville, but it looks like it is the bridge I used to take when my family went to Nashville for clothes when I was little. And Dad pointed out that it’s also the bridge he takes as he goes the long road to Louisiana for funerals. So he’s looking through his atlas for other routes, just in case he needs it.

ETA: They're having a press conference on the noon news. It's a 300 foot chunk of bridge that is just gone, and I think they said the military only has enough to stretch across 250 feet for a temporary one. Now that it's not the middle of the night, they can see the extent of the damage and get the inspectors out there. They're trying to assess everything, asking traffic to redirect. And that the people who came to see it for themselves and gawk, please go home.

An AT&T fiber optic cable was attached, and when that portion of bridge was hit and then fell, it knocked out internet for anyone that had it through that portion.


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