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Here's another RPG meme that's been floating around:

You post a "top five" topic, list, category, etc. for one of my characters, such as "five tattoos Jane would get" or "five reasons Bob recycles." Then I'll reply with the answers to all your top 5 ideas. Serious or fun!


Jul. 23rd, 2012 05:38 pm
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A meme, taken from a lot of people on my Insanejournal friends list:
You give me any character or characters that I have played (past or present) and I will give you 3-5 alternate Played-Bys for the character. I might even explain the choice(s).

Since I’m only currently playing Meggan Szardos, I’ll go ahead and give four alternate PB’s for her.

My selections in order of last name are:
Candice Accola
Jessica Marais
Georgia Moffett
Jessy Schram
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M.A.R. Barker passed away on March 16th, at the age of 83. May he rest in peace. He made Empire of the Petal Throne, “only six weeks after the original D&D, and then TSR swiftly republished it. It was the second roleplaying game ever.” In addition, he wrote five novels and some short stories.

Megaupload seizure order “null and void,” says New Zealand’s High Court. Due to a procedural error, police may have to return Kim Dotcom’s assets.

Due to severe weather, the Anaheim Convention Center began leaking during WonderCon.

The next movie for Svengoolie is The Mole People.

Second trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Seven Secrets of the Dark Shadows Trailer.

Latest on The Hobbit pub, Southampton.

The full trailer for Prometheus.

JMS Gives More Before Watchmen Details, Defends Project.

Carol Danvers is the new Captain Marvel.

Sneak peek at Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

From WonderCon: DC Nation Animation Panel.

DC Nation’s Super Best Friends Forever (starring Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Girl) will consist of a total of five 75 second long shorts, with a possibility of more. The first episode is here.

X-Treme X-Men was announced at WonderCon, and the cover unveiled.

From Cracked: The 5 Most Spectacular Landscapes On Earth (That Murder You).

Viral newscast video for The Amazing Spider-Man, featuring Gwen Stacy’s father being interviewed by Daily Bugle News.

Writer Seth Grahame-Smith updates Fearnet on the Pride And Prejudice And Zombies movie.
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Originally posted by [ profile] deathpixie at XP: Drink The Kool-Aid


Top Ten Reasons for Joining XP

1) We won't shut down five minutes after you've been accepted. Begun in May 2003, X-Project is one of the longest-lived RPGs on Livejournal and we're still going strong.

2) No character too obscure or too popular! Check out our active characters and our list of socks available for applications for an idea.

3) We're the best of both worlds. X-Project combines the wackiness of forty years of comics canon with the modern realism of the movies to create a gameverse with a life of its own, where the science (and magic) makes sense and where X3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine don't exist.

4) We have something for everyone. With four teams, a disaster relief program, college politics and an NGO, plus a whole world to play in, there's something of interest, no matter what your preferred genre.

5) You can: go into space; destroy a city; defeat Murderworld; be the last man standing; or destabilise a country. Trust us; if you can dream it up, it can be a plot.

6) Everyone knows your name. With a small and friendly playerbase and only two character per player, you'll never be lost in the crowd. Also, we have players scattered over five continents, so there's always someone online!

7) You can come back from evil and still have friends. Join those who have been possessed, gone evil or succumbed to the power of evil genetics!

8 )You too will know the power of the DOOMTHREAD! With email discussions that have spawned their very own nickname, you can procrastinate your work/school/chores/etc indefinitely.

9) We have the pretties! Check out the fanart! Lots of opportunity to play with Photoshop!

10) We're all as weird as you are. 'Nuff said. :)

Check out the Wiki and the advertising community to see what's available. Readers are highly encouraged! If you're looking for X-Men based entertainment, X-Project welcomes you to read along and enjoy the ride!

Rules | Application | Available Characters | Game Wiki | Read The Game | FAQ|Contact Us

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A fourth season has been confirmed for Being Human.

The Russian trailer for X-Men: First Class includes a bit of footage not previously seen in the English version. Read the comments at Blastr, since someone translated the text and dialogue into English. You get to see Magneto in his helmet. The other difference is there’s music in place of the JFK speech.

The idea of a Sandman series is dead again.

The preview for Red Nose Day includes a short clip of the Doctor Who segment.

10 Coolest Time Machines In The Space-Time Continuum. Yes, the Delorean and TARDIS are included.

And now, a couple of RPG related memes that I want to do--taken from racetrack and loveologist, over on Insanejournal:

Give me one of your characters and one of mine, and I will give you their top three Texts From Last Night.


Name one of my characters and one of yours. I'll show you three icons displaying expressions that my character frequently makes when interacting with yours, and explain why.

Or in this case, as I only have the one character: Give me yours, and I’ll do that. Just let me know which meme (or if it’s both) it’s for when you comment. Crossing my fingers that the comments come to me now, now that I've switched notifications to Gmail.
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Just contributing to the spread of a few RPG type memes that have been floating around my friends list, since they were piling up.

First one could work for either RPG's or fanfic:
Pick a character and I will give and explain the top five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

Second one looks like fun:

1. Name one of my RP characters and one of yours (or one of someone else's if you really want).
2. Name a destination, anywhere in the known or created universes.
3. I'll write you my character's postcard to the other, from that destination.

Third One: Tell me things I don't know about my characters.

Fourth One: Pick one of my characters and I will tell you...
→ my favorite scene or bit of interaction concerning this character to date
→ the last thing they did "off screen"
→ what their last words would be if they died tomorrow
→ what the next thing I'm doing for them is (narrative, post, shelving, whatever

With that last meme, I'm pretty sure the last thing Meggan did off-screen was do some sort of a little dance/jig when nobody was looking, due to finally getting her driver's license. Seems like the sort of thing she would do.

I don't know what her last words would be--it would depend on how or why she was being killed. Suddenly being stabbed through the chest merits an "Urk!" and/or gasp of agony. Slow, lingering death would be something else altogether.

Favorite scene to date is either something dark from Revenant, but I can't decide what--or Meggan discovering the joys of the Waffle House and the ensuing (and utterly bizarre) conversation with Kevin there. There may be something else that I'm forgetting at the moment.

Next thing for her: I guess the log between Molly and Meggan that's currently underway. It's that, or her eventually discovering the wonders of The Golden Girls thanks to Wade. She will learn more about menopause than she ever wanted to.
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Pretty much the only thing that has been standing in the way of getting The Hobbit made is one thing: money. MGM is bankrupt. However, now comes the news that Warner Bros. has agreed to foot the bill for the movies. $500 million for both Hobbit movies, since it’s going to be split in two parts. That’s astounding. Meanwhile, Andy Serkis and Ian McKellen are officially confirmed to be signed on for the movie.

The Wonder Woman tv show that was going to be written by David E. Kelly?

Gail Simone could end up writing the comic of Buffy Season 9. The job is hers if she agrees to it.

The Dark Knight Rises will be filming in Detroit—and Nolan says again that it will not be in 3D. Which makes me like him even more.

C. Thomas Howell has signed on to the Spider-Man movie. He will play someone named Ray.

Someone made their wedding cake one of the Ghostbusters using their proton packs against the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, on top of Dana’s building. And it’s glow-in-the-dark.

I redid the Character Expression Meme that I posted before, because I just wanted to be able to fill it up entirely, with the icons that I both use, and would use if I could. So I uploaded the latter to the LJ Scrapbook to get that to work, and made a tag there for the person that made each one. It’s that, and I just didn’t want to see the thing remain unfinished.

I’ve put the Character Expression Meme beneath the cut, due to the length of it. )

On another Meggan-related note, I just realized that I’ll be having the poor thing doing a driving test in February. So...yes. Her driving test will be filled with snow and ice and sleet, as she navigates the streets of New York. And she’ll probably attempt to practice driving in a bit of that, unless someone talks her into doing March instead. When things should thaw in New York, provided there are no apocalyptic scenarios.

I also realized she would probably be first in line to the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie in May—whatever that one is called—given her love of all things pirate related. This means extensive research of the Wikipedia pages is in store for me.

ETA: Please bear with me, while I try to find and remove the small scrap of code that is centering the bottom half of this post.

ETA 2: Fixed!
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The first episode of season 4 of Torchwood is set to air July 1, 2011. The site of Torchwood’s base of operations is Bruce Willis’ home in Malibu. That…seems incredibly strange to me. If he accidentally wandered through in the background, it would be even stranger.

Sherlock commences the filming of season 2 in May.

The first footage for Syfy’s Neverland was released. I didn’t care for what I saw of Tin Man. From what I’ve managed to catch of Alice, I like it—although, that might mostly be because of Matt Frewer, since I thought he was great as the White Knight. I wasn’t planning to bother with Neverland—but since Anna Friel and Bob Hoskins are in it, I might watch a few minutes of it.

I just stumbled across a lot (212 to be exact) of Carey Mulligan icons that are perfect for Meggan’s character. So I’m basically hoarding icons now, until such a time as I’m able to add more to that journal. And is it bad that I went ‘finally--a couple icons where she’s bleeding’? Just in case there ever came a time when those were needed in the game.

There’s also a really plaintive/devastated looking one toward the end that’s perfect for Meggan getting horrible news of some sort—third to last one where she’s wearing a blue shirt.
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Originally posted by [ profile] x_advertising at X-Project - seeking students!


Name: Catseye

Date of Birth: August 1, 1989

Powers: Shapeshifter - cat


The new school year has begun and X-Project is in need of students aged 14-17! There are a number of previously played socks and NPCs available and, while the current preference is for those formerly played/socked characters to be apped, the game would also welcome any new youngsters who who might arrive at Xavier's.

Plenty of gaming opportunities exist, from the New Mutants training team to groups such as the Red Cross initiative Red X, the NGO Elpis and the mutant-human coexistence group HeliX. Or there are just the wacky hijinks that ensue when you toss a group of super-powered teenagers into a mansion which just so happens to house a world class superhero team in its basement.

X-Project is an X-Men movieverse RPG on Livejournal. Set after X2, the game has been running since May 5, 2003 and uses a combination of in-character journals and email/IM logs. Whatever you might be looking for, be it classic superhero adventures, high school drama, dark and gritty spy games or interpersonal relationships, X-Project has it all. Again, the game would prefer applicants to consider available NPCs and socks, but applications for new/previously unplayed characters will be accepted. To help give you an idea of each character's history, a series of "cards" for each available character/NPC is available and, from there, applicants can easily reach the character's wiki page.

Readers are highly encouraged! If you're looking for X-Men based entertainment, X-Project welcomes you to read along and enjoy the ride!

Rules | Application | Available Characters | Game Wiki | Read The Game | FAQ|Contact Us

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As of this moment, the Yuletide fanfic word count is 3143 words. I'm still adding things to the end and making corrections here and there, but I'm nearly finished.

For a short break, here's an RPG related meme taken from a few people on my IJ friends list:

Give me a character I've played and a target age, and I'll find a PB to age them up or down accordingly.
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10 Things Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four Taught Us.

From Comic Alliance: 10 Completely Insane Superhero Costumes...For Your Dog. It’s the commentary about the poor dogs that makes the article worth it.

In other news, because I managed to stumble across someone (dedicated to the pairing of John and Marlena) that uploaded the entire storyline (and Aremid and one or two other chunks) to Youtube, I’ve been having a Marlena Possessed By The Devil Marathon—just in time for Halloween, I guess. Backwards, beginning with the fight in the morgue, and basically skipping around. From what I can tell, two episodes are missing. The bit where Father Francis was briefly possessed—which Mom also remembers, so I know it happened. We both remember that he had yellow eyes at that moment. And the episode directly after the possession ended. Which was a recap of the whole mess, with John relating all the events to someone and endless flashbacks—I don’t remember who it was he was talking to, though. That episode is how I figured out what was going on back in 1995, since I came in toward the end of it all.

I had to laugh at one commercial that was accidentally included—for the O.J. Simpson trial. “Don’t worry, your soaps will be back very soon! This won’t last long!” Not so much. They were gone for months.

And now, a meme—taken from [personal profile] lafemmedarla:

Go through all your role play characters. Pick out your favourite icon. List it. Explain why.

Since I only have Meggan, this won’t take too long. It’s a tie between this one, and this one, because something about them just seems to capture her personality rather nicely.
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Originally posted by [ profile] xprojectmods at X-Project - seeking students!



Date of Birth: 1995

Powers: Absorption of solar radiation and conversion to plasma.


The new school year has started and X-Project needs students, ages 14-17! We have a number of previously played socks and NPCs available or we'd welcome new youngsters to begin at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Plenty of gaming opportunities exist, from the New Mutants training team to groups such as the Red Cross initiative Red X. NGO, Elpis and the mutant-human coexistence group HeliX. Or there's just the wacky hijinks that happen when you have a house full of super-powered teenagers living with a superhero team in the basement.

X-Project is an X-Men movieverse RPG on Livejournal. Set after X2, we've been running since May 5, 2003 and use a combination of in-character journals and email/IM logs. Be it classic superhero adventures, high school drama, dark and gritty spy games or interpersonal relationships, X-Project caters to everyone.

X-Project is currently focusing our advertising towards filling some of our unplayed characters and available NPCs. We will still look at applications for new characters, but our preference is for applications for socks. To help give you an idea of each character's history, we have a series of "cards" for each available character/NPC.

We also highly encourage readers - if you're looking for X-Men based entertainment, X-Project welcomes you to read along and enjoy the ride!

Rules | Application | Available Characters | Game Wiki | Read The Game | FAQ|Contact Us

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From Cracked: 6 Baffling Flaws In Famous Sci-Fi Technology. The DeLorean in Back to the Future, the Enterprise, and the Batwing are included on the list.

Saturday is Read Comics In Public Day.

The Doctor Who tv movie is finally getting an American DVD release.

There’s going to be a Doctor Who Secret Santa over at [profile] dwsanta. You can sign up here.

Someone put the TARDIS on top of MIT.

[community profile] x_project related: I’m thinking that Meggan would end up doing the test for her learner’s permit on Friday--so if she passes, she would then have the weekend to celebrate. That, and getting it out of the way for her before school starts up again, so that all she needs to worry about on that front is learning to actually drive. I actually dug through New York's DMV site, and decided which questions (out of 20) she would most likely get wrong.


Aug. 25th, 2010 11:12 am
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Taken from a few people on my friends list:

I love your _____ (fill in the blank).

Tell my needy self what you love about me and then post this as your status and see what people love about you.
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6 Things Bryan Singer Just Revealed About X-Men: First Class. Basically, while it’s set in the 60’s, we won’t see the actual first class of X-Men.

I was thinking of changing the picture on Meggan’s page of the Wiki. That’s mostly because I stumbled across this as I was looking through various sites.

Also being considered are this one, (more of a smile than the one I used for the Wiki) or this one.

If I could find the exact screencap this originates from, it might be an option, too. I know it’s during Blink. I’ve hunted through various screencap sites, but I can’t find a match for it. It looks like it might be from the end of the episode, but I’m not sure. From what I can tell, the clothes aren't right for that.
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10 Superhero Buddy Movies We’d Love To See. Kitty Pryde and Wolverine made the list, but not Booster Gold and Beetle Beetle. Quite a few suggested the latter in the comments.

A certain infamous church wants to protest ComicCon. Why? Idol Worship. They believe geeks shouldn’t worship the false idols of comics. Mom had the fantastic idea to turn the ones dressed as Klingons loose on them. Things would be settled rather quickly. That, or turn the scariest of the fans in other fandoms loose on them.

Found this meme on various places on my friends list, and finally decided to post it. As I currently only play Meggan, I’ll answer all the questions with her in mind. The numbering was off (and one question repeated) but I think I’ve managed to fix that, as well as removing the duplicate question.

Pick one of my characters and I'll answer the following questions about him or her.

Since this is so long, I’m putting the 14 questions and their answers beneath the cut. )
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Den of Geek attempts to explain the timey wimey-ness of The Big Bang. They do an incredible job, too. Anyone who hasn’t seen that episode or The Pandorica Opens should avoid it. Your head will explode either way.

Yesterday, I watched part of Syfy’s marathon (this gives me flashbacks to the days when the Sci-Fi Channel was good, and had reruns of old shows) of The Greatest American Hero, as I had never seen it before. All I can say is the theme song is stuck in my head right now. All I knew before was that the character flew around in what appeared to be long underwear, wearing a cape that resembled a child’s blanket. And that he crashed into things a lot. Now I know that aliens gave him the costume, and he lost the manual for it. Possibly more than once. And then I read the TV Tropes page for it. The entry for UnCanceled is bizarre.

And a couple of memes, the first of which I thought I had already posted last week. Apparently not.

Name a character you think I ought to play and I'll talk to you about why I would or wouldn't.

Oh, and if anyone didn't get the notifications for it, (if they're still down) I've answered a couple more for the AU meme. So it's Meggan in the Buffyverse, Meggan in Doctor Who, and Meggan in Jem.
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I think that would have to be Ghostbusters. Since the age of 3, I'm pretty sure I've watched it more than a million times. There was a period of time when I was little, when I watched it three times a day. When it was shown at a theater around Halloween a few years back, I went to see it. Whenever it's on any channel, I will watch it. Given all that time watching it, I'm probably not going to get sick of it.

This time, it seems to be official. Andrew Garfield has been cast as Spider-Man. For Doctor Who fans, he played Frank in the Daleks in Manhattan two parter. Now, the next order of business—who should play Mary Jane Watson? My ideas so far are Alicia Witt or Felicia Day. I would have said Molly C. Quinn, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Danielle Panabaker, or Saoirse Ronan with red hair, but they’re far too young, given how they have Peter Parker looking. Then again, Saoirse Ronan might have worked better as Gwen.

[profile] ds_fic_meme is an anonymous fic meme group, where people post Dark Shadows related prompts. The prompt post is here.

And a meme, taken from [personal profile] frito_kal:

Give me a character I play/have played and an alternate universe and I'll come up with a new backstory and PB for them. Example, Hermione Granger in Glee. If you're nice, I may even do the same for you.
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I don’t believe the bookies that think the Eleventh Doctor’s regeneration would come soon. And if it did? My ideal Twelfth Doctor would be Peter Wingfield.

Another rumor making the rounds, highly likely to be false, is that Johnny Depp is going to be in an American version of Doctor Who as the Doctor. Besides, I think the actor has enough things on his plate, and wouldn’t have the time to do a tv show, too. Just check out his IMDB page—14 things in development, one filming, three in post-production, and one in production.

Since Jeph Loeb will oversee Marvel-related television shows, Io9 has posted a recap of what Marvel has made so far, in the live action department. Follow the links and remember (or discover) just how bad the Generation X tv movie was. I’m amused to say that I have this on DVD—I actually tracked it down through Ebay a few years back. I believe a New Mutants series would be interesting, and the whole Limbo storyline could be an ongoing arc. I don’t think it would ever happen, but it’s still an interesting idea.

[profile] blognewsarama has a clip from the live action Power Pack pilot that was never picked up.

The 10 Best Beat-‘Em-Ups (Arcade Games) of All Time. The X-Men arcade game (the one based on Pryde of the X-Men) is listed, as is the one for The Simpsons. I remember playing the latter when I stumbled across a Chuck E. Cheese in Memphis one year. 1991 is when it was released, so it was probably then.

And lastly, three RPG related memes that have been going around my friends list.

You give me any character or characters that I have played (past or present) and I will give you 1-3 links or images of alternate Played-Bys for the character. I might even explain the choice(s).

Give me two or more characters, and I will tell you what happens when they are trapped in a mountain cabin together.

Name one of my characters and one or more others, and I will tell you what happens when they are stranded on a desert island together. How did they get there? What is the island like? Do they get off? Etc.

With the last two, as I only play one character—Meggan—it’s her, plus whatever other character you choose to be trapped with her in those situations.

ETA: According to comments on my friends list, comment notifications seem to be down at the moment. So please be patient if I haven't replied to something, as I probably don't know about it yet.
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This was found via a few people on my Insanejournal friends list. A link to the chart’s coding should have been placed at the bottom of it automatically. I don’t have enough room in my icon space for a lot of the ones that could apply to this chart, since I don’t have a paid account with the journal in question. For evil, I’m using the icon I used when Meggan was possessed by Selene. There were two or three others I wanted to upload that looked equally odd and/or evil--but, again, no room, and so they stay on the external hard drive.

I’ve also realized I don’t really have any angry icons of Carey Mulligan to use for Meggan. Not unless I want to use the evil one--another one that I used when she was just starting to fall under Selene's control works for now. For the Flirty one—my only thought is “be afraid.” I don’t think I have one for either Flirty or In Love.

I'm putting The Character Expression Meme beneath the cut, since the chart’s a bit long, and I’m not positive as to whether or not it would stretch the page for those on my friends list. )
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Patrick Stewart was finally knighted.

Den of Geek has a DVD review of The Incredible Hulk cartoon from the early 80’s. Anyone else ever watch that? I was probably 2 when I watched it, but I loved it. Of course, I mainly remember the narration from Stan Lee, and the opening credits.

When I watched Vampires in Venice a few weeks ago, I kept thinking that one lady looked like Sigourney Weaver. Specifically, when Sigourney Weaver was in Snow White: A Tale of Terror. Here’s the trailer. Anyone else think so?

[community profile] x_journal related: Meggan will be wearing either this or this to prom. Going by how Meggan is, though, I’m leaning toward the former—it’s her style and it’s cute. This one, on the other hand, would not be a good idea, would not suit her, and would just be terrifying—she might break a leg in those shoes, too. Only worn if Meggan has lost her mind. I stumbled across that photoshoot a few minutes ago, and had to throw it in.
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Another meme: What does my fic reveal about my id? This one isn’t anonymous—you just tell people what their writing reveals about them/what you associate with them. My thread is here.

The Mind-Bending Cartography of the TARDIS.

Blogtor Who has a deleted scene from The Hungry Earth. I like that scene—if it hadn’t been over the running time already as they say in the explanation, then it should have been left in.

Some bad news for those that loved Thundercats back in the 80’s—Stephen Perry, one of the writers from the series, is missing. His van was found Sunday in a motel parking lot, with a severed arm nearby—as of the last I heard they couldn’t determine whether or not it was his. He had been battling bladder cancer and financial problems. However, his son was not with him when whatever happened took place. He was with his mother. Robot 6 is updating as they get more news on what’s going on. It gets stranger and stranger.

Thank you for the votes in the poll! Looking at the icons again when I’m not tired (from digging through my huge amount of IJ Memories, to weed out deleted journals) I have to agree with the votes. She does seem kind of off from how I write Meggan, along with possibly being mid-20’s. Although, at moments in Merlin she looked a lot younger than she did on Doctor Who, making it weirder.
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The Fictional Love Meme. You post your username, and someone replies to your comment anonymously, pretending to be a fictional character from any fandom expressing love (platonic or otherwise) for you. It’s a strange meme, but I’m joining in. My thread is here.

ETA: And I just noticed that I have one response, from someone pretending to be Donna. Love it! *laughs*

Meanwhile, I just realized something—someone’s going to need to teach Meggan how to drive over at x_journal—probably before she turns 18. Something tells me she wouldn’t be the best driver in the world. Not bad to the extent of running over signs and mailboxes, though. I recently found a clip of Kitty Pryde driving in X-Men: Evolution—there’s no way Meggan would be that terrifying.

Still on the subject of Meggan: After recently rewatching the episode of Merlin (plus the episode of Doctor Who with her) where Georgia Moffett appears, and finding icons of her from there, I briefly started wondering if she would work as Meggan. Going by how expressive she is, and the personality in general. Does she work?

I can’t tell if she’s slightly too old to work for an 18 year old or not, so I’m doing a poll—also adding the option of nobody wanting a change at all. Here are some icon posts. She really looks like a completely different person if she has red hair, so ignore those icons. The blonde icons look more like what I’m talking about, with maybe a few of the brunette.

[Poll #1568157]

This doesn’t mean I will be changing it, more wondering if she could work.

And we’ll see if any of the poll votes end up being sent to me. Last time I did a poll, they didn’t—so I’m hoping they’ve fixed the glitch by now.

ETA: It appears they haven't fixed the glitch. I'll recheck my settings tomorrow, and make sure it's not on my end. Last I checked, it wasn't.
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X-Men: First Class has a release date of 2011.

The 10 Best Deaths of Spider-Man In The What If Comics. #’s 5, 4, and 1 are my favorites.

The RP Username Meme. Basically, you comment with your username and people will tell you what username they would use for your personality if you were an RPG character. My thread is here.

Arthur Darvill (Rory) introduces Vampires of Venice. And three new clips were just released—you can watch them here.

Without telling anyone, Nellie went down to check on her house near the flooding in Eddyville. She returned and said that since her house is pretty much at the top of a steep hill, it’s safe for the moment. All the water is further down the street, but her house is good, and her cows live.

According to the news, Dyersburg is completely underwater. That’s somewhere we use on the way to Memphis (since it’s around the 2 hour mark in the trip) for a pit stop and fries. I’m going to assume that’s not an option anymore just from the footage being shown.
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At the end of the Support Stacie Auction, [personal profile] wiggiemomsi managed to win me for a grand total of $75. I think that’s around what was raised in my thread the last time around, back in September, so I’m thrilled. In addition to whatever (it can be a timestamp, or something else I listed that I was willing to write) you want me to write, [personal profile] wiggiemomsi, I also owe you two drabbles. You can get back to me on what you’d like those to be about.

If anyone’s interested in seeing the new interior of the TARDIS, Io9 has a few pictures here.

Prepare to feel slightly old: It’s the 20th anniversary of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. At the time, I was obsessed with them, and knew the theme song by heart...but for some strange reason the third movie is the only one I actually saw in the theater.

With Revenant, the log with Kurt comforting Meggan is finished. I’m thinking all that needs to be done with Meggan in the aftermath is just have her explaining things and apologizing to Catseye and Nick and anyone else she needs to, checking on Adrienne at some point, and talking to Amanda.
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Captain America has been castChris Evans will play the role. I gave it a few days before I posted it just in case it changed, due to all the rumors I’ve seen floating around. I’ve never seen him in anything, so I don’t know if this is good news or bad news. I avoided the Fantastic Four movies with him, because I don’t care for Jessica Alba. That, and I’m not really a Fantastic Four fan.

Matt Smith discusses how he sees the TARDIS.

The Support Stacie Auction is tomorrow--I’ll post a reminder and link to the thread then, as well as everything I’m willing to write.

On the subject of Revenant--I’m having a huge amount of fun when it comes to writing Selene possessed Meggan. I’ve also learned that the stranger ideas (little things, actually) apparently strike at midnight, while I’m sound asleep, during a thunderstorm. Nice way to set the mood, I guess. Hey, at least I can remember them until morning. *looks at icon I'm using* Never has my icon seemed quite so appropriate to the situation.

And now, an RPG related meme, taken from a few on my Insanejournal friends list:

What sort of character traits/types do you associate with me, and what sort of characters would you challenge me to play?
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From The Five Most Maddeningly Unresolved Plotlines. You can read the [profile] whedonesque comments about other plotlines that should have been listed, over here.

It would appear that someone else got to a hold of Stephanie Brown/Spoiler before I could—yesterday evening, by the look of it. It looks like a great game, so I’ll try to think of a few characters I like that they don’t already have, and then start a poll.

And now, a meme:

If you had me under your command and could make me write anything , regardless of whether or not I know the fandom or if anybody even writes fic in that fandom for Doctor Who/Torchwood, no matter how crack-addled it might be, what would you love to see me write?

And if it somehow manages to incorporate anything in my [personal profile] spook_me assignment, then I just might be able to work it in. You never know.

ETA: Good news! The LJ feeds are working again.
ETA 2: Ah, yes. Everything that was missed was thrown into the most recent part of my friends list. Just finished going through it as far back as skip=180. And I think it's still coming.
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I’ve finally decided that I will sign up to write a story in the Doctor Who fandom for the Support Stacie ficathon. I’ll sign up in the next couple of days, once I think of the exact restrictions for what I will and won’t write. I’ll also try to come up with at least two other fandoms I’m willing to write for. Each offer will be a story at least 2500 words. Going by the fact that my last story (which I still need to write that sequel set between scenes) was 4153 words and the one before that was 3416 words, I can do that.

Would anyone be interested in bidding on fanfic in The Librarian, Sherlock Holmes, or Merlin fandoms? In addition to Doctor Who/Torchwood. If so, I’ll likely add them to the mix.

Still accepting votes for which person works best for Rahne or Illyana, in the poll over here. As of a few minutes ago, there hadn’t been any votes. Oh, and since the icons for Karen Gillan appear to be locked, and I can’t find any other icons of her, just go here—it’s an image gallery I found for her. Best I could find at the moment.

There’s an interview with Anthony Stewart Head about Merlin and Buffy, over here. Slight spoiler for season 2 of Merlin, but it’s not much. On a related note, promo pics for season 2 of Merlin can be found here.

Over at [personal profile] ghostbusters, there’s a discussion of the idea of Ghostbusters III. In the comments, someone linked to the opening scenes of the video game, if anyone is interested.
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Saturn 3 is reportedly getting a remake, and so is Yellow Submarineand Dirty Dancing. I was about to ask whether or not they had already made a sequel, but the article I’m linking to confirms they did. And nobody watched it, either.

Here’s something interesting. A shrine to a certain Torchwood character has been set up outside a door that’s used for Torchwood. If you haven’t already seen Children of Earth, you will be spoiled.

Dirt-Cheap Aliens Who Still Look Awesome. The Daleks are #10 on the list. #2 happens to be the 456 from Torchwood.

Warehouse 13 has apparently been picked up for another season by the Syfy Channel, with the potential for later seasons to be longer. I haven’t tried this one yet—is it worth watching? And on that note, is Eureka good? I’ve just recently watched the last two episodes of the current season, and wondered if it was worth watching earlier ones.

And, lastly, the Rahne and Illyana PB poll will be closing at the beginning of next week. Probably Monday evening or Tuesday morning. If you haven’t already (and last I looked, nobody had) voted, please do so here.


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