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Jake Eberts has passed away, at the age of 71, following a brief illness. May he rest in peace.

Anti-Piracy Outfits Think Megaupload, Demonoid, and BTjunkie Are Still Alive.

Botnet master gets 30-month prison term for renting out infected PCs.

Mother Puss Bucket T-Shirt. It’s Mr. Stay Puft’s angry head being roasted over a fire.

Ghostbusters mod for Doom 2: Gozer battle.

Cocktails With Stan Lee: Seth Green.

Weird Secrets Of The Avengers That You’d Never Have Guessed.

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special Review. You can watch a recently released clip here.

Man of Steel: 10 Mistakes From Superman Returns The Reboot Must Avoid.

The AV Club Q&A: Confused By Our Commitment.

Syfy Acquires British Series Sinbad, Will Premiere April 2013.

Top 50 alternate movie endings. The list includes X-Men: The Last Stand, Army of Darkness, Dawn of the Dead, The Birds, Brazil, Clue, and many others.

The Eleventh Doctor’s 11 Best (and 7 Worst) Episodes.

Another clip from Doctor Who: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship.

Star Trek TNG: Season Two Blu-Ray Out On December 4th.

On Star Trek’s 46th Anniversary, Google Celebrates With Interactive Doodle.

New Wonder Woman Series In Development For The CW.

Wonder Woman On TV: A Brief History.

Writer Victor Gischler Gets To Know The Shadow.

Game of Thrones Cake.

New VOD Title From Rifftrax: The Bermuda Triangle.

Trailers From Hell: David DeCoteau on Tourist Trap.

Exploring Lost Worlds: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Professor Challenger.

Jim Starlin talks Thanos, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more.

The 15 Greatest Classic Nickelodeon Shows. I would add Are You Afraid Of The Dark, and Salute Your Shorts.

1950s Rockabilly Batman came to life at Dragon Con.

Remember when Robin fought Batman while he was taking a shower?

G4, 2002-2013.

Donkey Jones T-Shirt.

Unattended Children Will Be Given To The Goblin King.

Best Art Ever (This Week)—September 7th.

Why is William Shatner making a documentary about Xena?

Comic Book Legends Revealed #383.

Nosferatu At 90: Florence Stoker, Vampire Hunter.

Final Breakdown Of Special Features For They Live Special Edition.

Mission Log Podcast #5: Episode 5: The Naked Time.

Movie Issues Podcast: Mannequin (1987)
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Ernest Borgnine has passed away, at the age of 95, due to renal failure. May he rest in peace. Because of MST3K, I remember him from Merlin’s Shop Of Mystical Wonders. According to IMDB, he was also the Lion in the 1985 version (the one with Carol Channing) of Alice In Wonderland.

The Amazing Spider-Man Webs Up $140 Million. The worldwide total is currently $341.2 million

Spider-Man at 50: The strange tale of Amazing Fantasy.

Is This What Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Almost Looked Like?

Guest Blog: A Spider-Woman For the 1980’s, Part 1.

People Spent 1 Billion Hours Watching Netflix Last Month; What Were You Watching? I’ve never used Netflix—can’t afford it, and don’t care to use them, given everything I’ve read.

The British Comic Awards Are A Go.

Defenders assemble: 21 super-teams that would make for great movies (but likely never will).

Jamal Igle To Start Kickstarter Campaign For Molly Danger In August.

First The Dark Knight Rises screening reactions. No spoilers.

Smart Pop Writers At San Diego Comic Con.

SDCC 2012: operate cat ears with only your brain waves.

The Myth of Japan’s Shuten Dōji.

Amazing Discworld Cake.

Early 1900’s Halloween Lantern.

Stan Lee talks about how comics will last forever.

Look At This Incredible Paper Mache Bust of Dragon Maleficent

Stuart Gordon Talks Re-Animator The Musical.

Sew Nerdy gallery show reveals the softer side of fanart.

Comic Con Tips: A Dexter Survival Guide For Killer Weekend.

Game of Thrones Direwolf Bookends.

The Avengers Painted As Epic Fantasy Heroes.

Comics Alliance Reviews Superman Returns (2006) Part Two.

For Sale: Volcano House--$750,000.

October Release For Dark Shadows Movies On Blu-Ray And DVD. For Night of Dark Shadows, this is not the restored version people were hoping for, but the version originally seen in theaters.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Becomes Head Gamemaker For The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Dan Jurgens Takes Over Writing And Drawing Firestorm.

Exclusive The Wolverine Casting News.

Thanks to some thunderstorms that went through the region, we’ve fallen from 115 degrees, down to a breathable 89 degrees.
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Andy Griffith passed away this morning, at the age of 86. May he rest in peace.

Big in Japan (and elsewhere): 29 American cultural entities that found greater popularity overseas.

The Ambassadors Of Death In Colour.

Batwoman on NYT Bestseller List

Writer-Director To Bring Us Sherlock Holmes vs. Frankenstein.

Comics Alliance Reviews Superman Returns (2006) Part One.

A&E’s Psycho Prequel Goes Right To Series.

Your First Look At Grimm’s Season 2 Key Art And Special Comic Con Poster.

The 10 Worst Spider-Man Villains Of All Time.

New pictures from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

The newest title from Rifftrax: Brainiac.

How You Can Help Save Trailers From Hell.

The Avengers In 15 Minutes.

Anyone else remember Zoobilee Zoo?

Monkeybrain Comics explodes on Twitter, launches early.

Be A Terminator, Ride A Hoverboard, Hack With Jason’s Machete.

Why a US government agency was just forced to deny the existence of mermaids.

Don’t Call It A Comeback: The Joker Returns To DC’s New 52.

Is Jean Grey Really Coming Back? Again?

HBO renews True Blood for a sixth season.

Warner Bros. Releases Full Dark Knight Rises Synopsis. Run time confirmed.

Sherlock Depicted As Medieval Tapestry.

Hit-Girl #1 orders over 70,000 copies, first and second printings sold out.

Puppet Neil Gaiman And Puppet Alan Moore Chat About Before Watchmen.

The Avengers Fill Out Comment Cards At Restaurants.

Geek Gear: Doctor Who ‘The Physician Unknown’ Shirt.

Geek Gear: Back To The Future/Dr. Seuss ‘Oh, The Eras You’ll Go’ Shirt.

Great Scott! Back To The Future Was Released 27 Years Ago Today.

Meet Adam Savage, The Man Behind The Myths.

Evil Dead Cake.

Exclusive X-Factor Collector Pack Announced.

10 Things I Didn’t Know About Dark Shadows.

Sci-Fi And Fantasy’s Greatest Reboots.

Tor looks back at Lifeforce.

Now Playing Podcast: Spider-Man 3 (2007)

We Hate Movies Podcast, Episode 65: Nine Months (1995)
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In light of recent events, Wupload and Fileserve have exited the file sharing business. You may only retrieve files you have personally uploaded.

Trolling could get you 25 years in jail in Arizona.

Girl believes she’s a wizard from Hogwarts (with a light saber, it sounded like) after getting her wisdom teeth pulled. All I did was throw up in the parking lot after Mom walked me out (after I went to sleep in the chair three times after regaining consciousness—asking “What time is it? Is it over?” each time I woke). According to Mom, her response to getting them removed was crying—my aunt’s was cursing everyone out. Nobody was fortunate enough to have the world’s nerdiest trip.

Batman Lego Cake.

Movies Dot Com details the highs and lows of Superman Returns.

Watch a new 60 second tv spot from Dark Shadows.

Chris Hardwick launches The Nerdist Channel.

Help preserve and share the Locus Magazine archives.

Hellraiser: The Series is now in development. I really do not see how this could work, unless they tried Showtime or HBO.

Dark Horse Comics announces Ghost: The Series. They’re just relaunching the comic book series, not making a tv show.

The Nerdist interviews Jeph Loeb and Paul Dini about Disney XD’s new Ultimate Spider-Man.

Mark watches The Fellowship Of The Ring, becomes hopelessly obsessed.

Catwoman comes to DC Nation.

New tv spot for Snow White And the Huntsman.

From Cracked: The 9 Most Insane Board Games Of All Time.

Who are your favorite siblings in comics?

As an April Fool’s prank, Medievalists uncover “lost” recipe for roasted unicorn.

Will you ever go to SDCC?

The We Hate Movies podcast looks at 1990’s Mr. Destiny.
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I’m now researching lunatic asylums of the late 1800’s for my [community profile] dark_fest fanfic. Wikipedia turned up Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum, which has the longest corridor ever, taking 5 hours to walk. So if Holmes tried to escape from there during the night, he would still be trying come morning, unless he went out a window. I’ve also started digging through Victorian Era related tags over at [community profile] little_details. I haven’t found a list of everything done to people in asylums back in those days, but I’ve found a few things to reference.

David S. Goyer is reportedly going to be writing a new Superman movie, while Christopher Nolan directs.

There’s a list of people who screen tested to be Captain America. Personally, I think Nathan Fillion would work better. Even Mark Valley (who I don’t like due to his extreme blandness during his stint on Days of Our Lives) would be better.

Prompt claiming over at [community profile] dark_fest closes tonight at 11 PM CST.

The date the new season of Doctor Who begins on BBC America? April 17th.

And in other news, it was the starter that was the car’s problem. It’s fixed as of now, and Dad refused to pay them or leave until the clock was plugged back in, free of charge. The repairman wouldn’t tell Mom what the problem was with the car, because she was a woman. And that’s about when Mom drove off in it, leaving Dad behind to pay (he had his own car to get back in, so wasn’t stranded--he understood). She says it drives and starts fine now. Would have been bad if it wasn’t doing fine, as she attempted to storm off in it.
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We’re getting 50 mph winds here, so I’m posting this in between it knocking out the internet. It’s reportedly going to be finished somewhere around 3 or 4 PM. It's caused the power to flicker here, and the lady that owns the used bookstore says it went out completely at her house, and caused a wreck nearby--at least, judging by the four ambulances and police car she spotted.

A man has built a life-size Dalek. It can be moved via remote control, and cost him about $1149 to make. Let us all hope he doesn’t turn into Davros.

While I don’t watch the show, this is for anyone on my friends list that does. As The World Turns has been cancelled. However, it will last until September of 2010.

You can read an interview of Bradley James and Anthony Stewart Head here.

Top 10 Science Fiction Disappointments of the Past Decade. The only one I really disagree with is Superman Returns. I mostly liked it.

MST3K can now be found on Hulu.

Most Unfairly Overlooked Movies of the Decade. I loved Death at a Funeral (the one with Alan Tudyk, not the remake with Chris Rock) so I agree with that recommendation. It was hysterical.

And lastly, a meme:

If I came with a warning label, what would it say?
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Found this one via [profile] blognewsarama: Kneel before Zod—and then go buy his kitchenware. Funny.

You can watch another new trailer for The Sarah Jane Adventures here.

It’s time for another round of collecting prompts over at [community profile] zombie_fest. I’m waiting for something Doctor Who (possibly OT3) related.

Nathan Fillion was interviewed over at If Magazine. He discusses Castle and Firefly--and his brief stint on Desperate Housewives. [profile] whedonesque discusses it here.

Red Dwarf might be back for a 10th season. From what I understand it’s not official, but scripts are already being commissioned. I’ve never seen the show, but I know a few on my friends list are fans.
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For those that want to see something strange, Io9 linked to a clip of a scene from It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Superman. I believe I saw part of another scene from there once, when I watched a biography of Superman.

There’s going to be a live action Jetsons movie, and Io9 lists their choices for Judy Jetson. Does anyone remember the movie from 1990, with Tiffany as the voice of Judy Jetson?

Over at [profile] toon_memories, someone linked to Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer, over on Youtube. And I have to link everyone to a hysterical review (detailing the horror of showing this movie to anyone over the age of 8) of it over at Bad Movies.

[profile] cabledeadpool links to the 70 Greatest Deadpool Moments.

Someone made a huge Back to the Future Clocktower wedding cake—looks to be set in 1955, going by the fact that Doc’s cable is connected to the clocktower. Most of it appears to be edible.

For the Stump The Author Meme, I owe [personal profile] seandc a drabble. Even if it’s late, consider it a birthday present. If anyone else wants to try stumping me to earn a drabble, go here.
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Here you will find spoilers for Superman Returns. Turn back now if you plan on seeing it soon. That means you, too, Sean. )

Turns out you have to have created your journal before you apply at that RPG I mentioned in the last post. (Zooey Deschanel is now the PB.) So I'm trying to come up with a username for Cannonball, and am currently drawing a blank--other than flying_disaster, that is.

Beneath this second cut, you will find a poll. Simply write in your ideas for a username.

ETA: Please keep in mind this is a genderswap X-Men RPG, where Cannonball is female.

Here is the poll )

And lastly, I just posted my first rec for [ profile] crack_van.

ETA: Just so everyone knows, the poll runs until tomorrow afternoon.
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I just got back from seeing Superman Returns.

Here is what Dad and I went through to actually get to see the movie. We got there right as the theater opened at 11:30, and sat down.

After 30 minutes of previews, it was supposed to start at noon. Instead, they had technical difficulties, and didn't get the projector fixed until 12:30.

The other problem was that the first 10 minutes of the movie were fuzzy, squashed a bit, and odd looking. Suddenly, you could see someone's hand reach down, and straighten it. So I guess they noticed the problem, too.

I finally got out at 3 PM, and I am tired. It was a wonderful movie, and worth all the trouble--I'll post again later and include spoilers.


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