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A trailer for Victory of the Daleks.

Logan Lerman is still not going to play Spider-Man. The rumor went around once before, and Sony is denying it again.

Happy birthday to [personal profile] starcrossedgirl--I’m a little bit early, but I hope you have a good one. Oh, and I’m willing to write you a drabble in the Doctor Who fandom—or Highlander, as long as it’s only from the series—if you’d care for one. Just tell me the prompt and I’ll get started on it.

I now have my Support Stacie assignment from [personal profile] wiggiemomsi. Something Eighth Doctor and Rose related, so I’ll rewatch the tv movie to make sure I still have him right, in regards to writing--since it’s been a little over a year since the last time I wrote anything with him in it. I have a couple Big Finish audios with him in them, so I’ll listen to those, too.
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The AV Club gives an overview of all of Doctor Who.

25 Flashback Episodes You Love. Buffy and Firefly are on the list. [profile] whedonesque lists the Buffy (and other shows, like Veronica Mars and DS9) episodes that should have made the cut.

The 10 Creepiest Ventriloquist Tales of All Time. I remember Making Contact—I almost rented it when I was little, and from what I’ve heard since then, it’s good that I didn’t. Since I (and Mom) have a slight phobia towards ventriloquist dummies. I’m surprised they didn’t list Slappy from Night of the Living Dummy—and a couple of other Goosebumps episodes, I believe. And they didn’t list the dummy that wasn’t really evil from Buffy.

In relation to the Support Stacie Auction: Since bidding has been paid for, you’re getting whatever fanfic you desire, [personal profile] wiggiemomsi. You can send me your prompt via PM, (unless you’ve already done so and LJ just ate it in the downtime) e-mail, or in a comment. Anything I mentioned I was willing to write, including that special offer I made toward the end of the auction, of a timestamp to any Doctor Who related story I’ve written if you so wish.

I’ll also get started on the three drabbles I owe people tomorrow.
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The two best April Fool’s prank articles were probably the following: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: America 1988. Including Doc from Back to the Future, MacGyver, and Mr. T. And the other one involved a man from the future trying to shut down the Large Hadron Collider. Favorite quote from that article? A description of the future: "It's a chocolate communist hellhole!" It references Mr. Fusion from Back to the Future. The guy in question was most likely the Eleventh Doctor.

Today is Talk Like A Dalek Day.

You can read an interview with Matt Smith here. He admits that he’s written fanfic involving the Doctor and Einstein in Ancient Egypt.

Once I’ve found and downloaded The Eleventh Hour, then I’ll do a reaction post. For now, I’m just putting every reaction from my friends list into a Word document--and trying desperately not to look and get myself spoiled.

The list of drabbles I’m writing (minus two prompts from [personal profile] wiggiemomsi, since she’s good with one single story) from the Support Stacie Auction are:
-For [personal profile] katherine_b: Ten, Donna, and a pear.
-For [personal profile] juliet316: Ten and Donna, Egypt
-For [personal profile] juliet316: Ten/Rose, his REAL Reward

And now, answering a meme from [profile] magikfanfic--a little bit late, as it got buried under a ton of e-mail. Five questions from the Resistance is Futile meme, two of which are RPG related.

-Leave a comment saying "Resistance is Futile".
- I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
- Update your journal with the answers to your questions (if you want).
- Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions (if you want).

Cut, just in case it’s a little long. )
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At the end of the Support Stacie Auction, [personal profile] wiggiemomsi managed to win me for a grand total of $75. I think that’s around what was raised in my thread the last time around, back in September, so I’m thrilled. In addition to whatever (it can be a timestamp, or something else I listed that I was willing to write) you want me to write, [personal profile] wiggiemomsi, I also owe you two drabbles. You can get back to me on what you’d like those to be about.

If anyone’s interested in seeing the new interior of the TARDIS, Io9 has a few pictures here.

Prepare to feel slightly old: It’s the 20th anniversary of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. At the time, I was obsessed with them, and knew the theme song by heart...but for some strange reason the third movie is the only one I actually saw in the theater.

With Revenant, the log with Kurt comforting Meggan is finished. I’m thinking all that needs to be done with Meggan in the aftermath is just have her explaining things and apologizing to Catseye and Nick and anyone else she needs to, checking on Adrienne at some point, and talking to Amanda.
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You can watch an extended trailer for the new season of Doctor Who here. Before, the music was too loud for me to understand what the Doctor was saying. Now, it’s not as loud, and you can understand everyone. A few extra moments are in there, too.

A new clip—1 minute, 35 seconds long—from Vampires in Venice has been released. You can watch it here. After watching that, I think Matt Smith will do fine. I like him, at the very least. Also released, an opening clip from The Eleventh Hour—you can watch it here, at Blogtor Who, and here on Youtube.

The Support Stacie bidding is currently at $20 for me. Thank you, [personal profile] wiggiemomsi! ETA: Correction: I went back and looked one more time right after posting, and it’s $30 now. So when the auction’s over, whether or not you win me, [personal profile] katherine_b, I owe you a drabble for getting to that amount. Thank you!

For my own use, to keep things straight, here's what I owe so far:
-One drabble to [personal profile] katherine_b for hitting $30: Ten, Donna, and a Pear.
-One drabble to [personal profile] juliet316 for hitting $40.
-A second drabble to [personal profile] juliet316 for hitting $50.
-One drabble to [personal profile] wiggiemomsi for hitting $60.
-Another drabble to [personal profile] wiggiemomsi for hitting $75.
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The Support Stacie Auction is currently underway—the Doctor Who forum is here, for anyone on my friends list interested in bidding. Glancing at my thread now, I see there have already been two bids, and I’m thanking those two right now. I'll be keeping an eye on it, as the notifications aren't working for me. Bidding is currently up to $15. I’m offering one fanfic of 2500 words in the Doctor Who fandom, with the prompt of your choosing.

I’m willing to write the following pairings and characters: Donna Noble, Martha Jones, Mickey Smith, Wilf, Jack Harkness, the Clone Doctor, the Master. Pairings I’m willing to do (as either friendship or relationship) include: Martha/Doctor, Jack/Doctor, Donna/Doctor, Donna/Jack, Martha/Jack, Rose/Doctor/Jack, Martha/Jack/Doctor or Donna/Doctor/Jack. After watching The End of Time parts 1 and 2, I’m willing to give Doctor/Master a shot, too. I’m also willing to try Clone Doctor and Rose friendship or bonding. I’m not going to try for the Eleventh Doctor just yet, since we haven’t seen enough of him to know his personality.

With Doctor/Donna, I’m fine with either friendship or romance.

If you have a question about the genre or type of story or a pairing I’m willing to write, and it wasn’t answered for you in the thread, feel free to ask. Same goes for characters.

As I stated in the thread, about the special offer: The first person that hits $30 will also get a drabble from me. For every $10 after that, I will owe whoever it was that bid that amount another drabble. If they happen to be the highest bidder and win me, they will get however many drabbles I owe them, in addition to the fanfic they will receive from me—I will also be sure to write drabbles for those who didn’t win, but went over the amount I specified. Could be 100 words. Could be a whole lot more. You never know.

And now, I’ve just considered another special offer sort of thing that I'm willing to do. If I’ve written a fanfic in the past that is in any way Doctor Who related--even if it’s a drabble or a crossover with something else or something I wrote for a meme, but is still mostly Doctor Who--I am willing to do a timestamp fanfic. In other words, continuing on, however you so desire.

What I’m not willing to write can be found in the thread, as well as a link to all the Doctor Who fanfic I’ve written.

The auction ends on Monday, at 8 PM CST.
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Captain America has been castChris Evans will play the role. I gave it a few days before I posted it just in case it changed, due to all the rumors I’ve seen floating around. I’ve never seen him in anything, so I don’t know if this is good news or bad news. I avoided the Fantastic Four movies with him, because I don’t care for Jessica Alba. That, and I’m not really a Fantastic Four fan.

Matt Smith discusses how he sees the TARDIS.

The Support Stacie Auction is tomorrow--I’ll post a reminder and link to the thread then, as well as everything I’m willing to write.

On the subject of Revenant--I’m having a huge amount of fun when it comes to writing Selene possessed Meggan. I’ve also learned that the stranger ideas (little things, actually) apparently strike at midnight, while I’m sound asleep, during a thunderstorm. Nice way to set the mood, I guess. Hey, at least I can remember them until morning. *looks at icon I'm using* Never has my icon seemed quite so appropriate to the situation.

And now, an RPG related meme, taken from a few on my Insanejournal friends list:

What sort of character traits/types do you associate with me, and what sort of characters would you challenge me to play?
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The April Support Stacie Auction will be held from March 26-29th. The forum for everyone on the auction block in the Doctor Who fandom is here. My thread is here. You can get some Doctor Who banners from this thread. If you’re considering signing up and haven’t done so as of yet, you still can—the 22nd is the last day to do so, and instructions on what to do are here.

Over at [profile] areyouagod, [profile] kaotic_sanity has made a plushie of Mr. Stay Puft. Personally, I hope they’re serious about doing Terror Dogs for Easter.

If anyone is having problems editing posts, or suddenly finding your user info page cluttered with V-Gifts, the latest [site community profile] dw_news post tells why. I spent around 10 minutes yesterday cleaning up all the V-Gifts from my user info. I left the one from [community profile] help_haiti.

Also, for those using the X-Colibur theme, you’ll find that you can’t find the FAQ at the top of the page anymore. Go to the main page—scroll to the very bottom. Click on Site Map. Look around until you see where it says More Stuff in all the links—should be in one of the columns on the left side. Under Need Help, there’s the FAQ. There are numerous other bugs. Also, Avast is reporting LJ’s Javascript as a Trojan—the explanation of that is here, over at [profile] lj_support. I think I saw a couple people on my friends list mentioning that problem.

I managed to get this to post, despite being unable to see the update page. How did I do it? Act like I wanted to answer the Writer's Block, and then remove everything associated with that once I got the update page associated with that.
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Found via Sci Fi Wire: John Barrowman sings The Doctor and I. I’ve linked to this before, but it wasn’t nearly as clear on Youtube.

The musicians behind Sherlock Holmes.

Support Stacie’s April Author Auction has been moved up a bit. It will be held from March 26-29th. My auction thread is here—I’ll link to it again when the time rolls around. A few Doctor Who related Support Stacie banners can be found here.

Judging by the progress I’ve made on the fanfic (500 words required—I’ve surpassed that) for the Walk Into A Bar Ficathon, I’ll probably be finished by Monday. Is anyone willing to beta read? It’s Doctor Who/Ghostbusters—set a day or so after the second movie, with Winston and the Tenth Doctor meeting in a bar. After everything Winston’s seen, he’s fine with believing the Doctor’s an alien. I also need to come up with a title. An Alien And A Ghostbuster probably doesn’t work too well.
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Over at Topless Robot, they’re doing a Casting Call, similar to what Wizard Magazine used to do. Of course, this time it’s basically a free-for-all of casting anything and everything in the comments. Fables, X-Men, He-Man, Batman, the JLI, Spider-Man, etc… Some of the suggestions are great, and others are just out there and funny.

Someone made a hysterical spoof of The End of Time Part 1. You can watch it here. They’ve managed to do a spot on impression of Tennant. And the spoof for The End of Time Part 2 is here.

The “My Soundtrack” Meme. My thread is here—basically, you just tell what song reminds you of the person posting.

The Support Stacie Auction is already taking sign-ups for the auction in April. I’m working on the sign-up form, and I’ll offer Doctor Who as one fandom. For the second fandom, I can’t decide between offering Ghostbusters or Merlin—so you get a poll, since I only want to offer two fandoms.

[Poll #1512792]
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Doctor Who’s Top 10 Emotional Moments.

Remember that remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show that was due to be made by MTV? It’s been stopped.

From Cracked: The Five Creepiest Unexplained Broadcasts. It includes the Max Headroom one that interrupted Doctor Who.

I have to give a big thank you to the person currently bidding for me over at [community profile] help_haiti. Anyone else that might want to help out and get a story, you can bid here. As it’s for a good cause, I’m even willing to try out writing Doctor/Master. Other pairings I am willing to write (as friendship or relationship) include: Doctor/Donna, Rose/Doctor/Jack, Martha/Jack/Doctor, Donna/Doctor/Jack, Martha/Jack, Martha/Doctor, Jack/Doctor, and Donna/Jack. My entry over there tells everything else I’m willing to write.

As a reminder: The Vampire Auction portion of the Support Stacie Auction begins tonight, and runs through the 18th, ending at 9 PM CST. My thread is here.
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Apparently, the reboot of Spider-Man is expected to be grim and gritty, similar in style to Batman Begins. That’s just not who Spider-Man is. I don’t think that works—he makes jokes and fumbles up his love life. He doesn’t act menacing and creepy. Well, except that nervous breakdown before the Clone Saga, when he snapped and called himself The Spider.

Hopefully, Michael Bay doesn’t direct—for some reason, I can see him casting Megan Fox as Mary Jane, which is just horrifying. The ideas for Peter Parker over at Den of Geek would make many a fan scream in terror—but would Rachelle Lefevre work as Mary Jane? She has the hair—only thing I’ve watched her in was an episode of Charmed, though. [personal profile] seandc suggested Neil Gaiman writing it, with Bruce Campbell wandering around—and without knowing anything else, I say that could work brilliantly.

Just a reminder that I’m on the auction block for the Support Stacie Auction—it runs from the 15th, through the 18th. I am offering something in the Doctor Who fandom or Merlin. Since the focus is on vampires this time around, in Merlin it could be a spell that went horribly awry and created a legion of the undead or something else, since I don’t believe they’ve popped up in canon yet.

In the Doctor Who and/or Torchwood fandom, there have been various types of vampires over the years. In the thing telling what I’m willing to write, I said it could be up to Waters of Mars—since when I sent in the form, that was the last I had seen. I am now willing to go through The End of Time Part 2—hey, the Master’s problem could have been vampirism. If you want, it can even be Buffyverse type vampires, or Being Human type vampires.

And taken from about half my friends list, here’s a meme. Who knows? If it’s for Doctor Who, or a fandom I know, I might be able to try it.

If you could have me write a fic specifically for you, what would it be like? Fandom, characters/pairing, genre, plot elements, kinks... what's your ideal fic from me?
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Geekscape lists their Best of the Decade.

Apparently, John Barrowman and Neil Patrick Harris are in some sort of epic battle on Twitter, to see who wins the title of Gay Man of the Decade? Strange, but quite funny.

From Blogtor Who: The theme tune is changing a little for the next season of Doctor Who, and Gareth Roberts and Mark Gatiss will return to write again. I’m especially happy for the latter, as The Unquiet Dead was my first episode, and what got me hooked. And I love the episodes the former has written.

Io9 does a great review of The End of Time Part 2, collecting all the theories regarding who certain characters were, and their role, and other things that remain a mystery after watching it.

We have a Winter Storm Watch. Wednesday night into Thursday morning, we’re expected to get a lot of snow, along with a chance of ice. Depending on who is right, it may or may not be an ice storm If the power doesn’t go out, I’ve got plenty of movies (including the David Tennant version of Hamlet, so that should have 3 hours of distraction from things) downloaded to watch, in case the internet has issues. If the power goes out, we’ve got a heater that doesn’t require electricity, tons of clothes and blankets, food, and everything else we need.

Oh, and just wanted to post a reminder for the Support Stacie Auction, for anyone that hasn’t already heard about it. The deadline for sending in sign-ups for the Vampire Author Auction portion is January 11th. I’m also thinking of getting the mods to edit my offering, to include being willing to write something set during The End of Time Parts 1 or 2—with the way things were going, a certain character have had his problem be vampirism (Being Human style, since Sunnydale style would mean he couldn’t go outside during the day, and would miss everything) and it wouldn’t have changed much.
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Here’s a funny little spoof: the BBC apologizes for going a single hour without mentioning David Tennant or Doctor Who.

The Worst Moments From 2009’s Science Fiction and Fantasy. I disagree with the Doctor Who one—slightly. I thought the one for Torchwood was a good cheesy moment.

From FearNet: 4 Reasons To Get Excited For Burton and Depp’s Dark Shadows.

From Cracked: 13 Overlooked Deaths of 2009.

Power Rangers ended after 17 years and 700 episodes, it would seem. I watched that show in middle school, and the very beginning of high school. Going by Wikipedia, I probably quit watching shortly after they turned into ninjas. So around the time of the first movie, I guess? I remember Billy heading for a planet made of water.

I have to recommend this great Doctor Who fanfic I just read. It’s set after Waters of Mars, and the title pretty much says it all. How the Doctor Ended the World by Changing the Fixed Point in Time that is Firefly’s Cancellation.

This might be old, but I hadn’t seen it before. Tom Wilson (aka Biff) answers questions he’s frequently asked about Back to the Future—via song.

My auction post for the vampire bit of the Support Stacie Auction is located here. The auction doesn’t start until January 15th—I’ll post a reminder of this, and probably a mention of anything that was left out, closer to the date.
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The 16 Worst Christmas Specials of All Time.

From Cracked: The 6 Stupidest Things Ever Done With Historic Treasures.

Io9 tells how to become a Master in 10 easy steps. Dr. Horrible and The Master from Doctor Who get mentions.

I just went ahead and sent in the sign-up form for the Vampire Auction portion of the Support Stacie Auction. I finally decided that I’ll just sign up for either Doctor Who or Merlin, and if anyone wants the Buffyverse or Being Human version of a vampire thrown in, I’ll do that, too. With Doctor Who, it can be vampires from another fandom, traditional vampires, or Plasmavores since they happen to drink blood. With Merlin, it can be vampires caused by a spell gone wrong, or just vampires that already existed and feel like trying to overthrow Camelot, like all the other magically inclined creatures feel the need to do. When my auction entry is posted, I’ll link to it.

Earlier today, just to get it out of the way, everyone opened presents. Socks for me, since I never ask for anything. Seriously, it’s just impossible to buy me anything. Good news for me, though--Nellie finally figured out that I am severely allergic to perfume so she didn’t give me any this year. I always end up having Mom throw it out, because I can’t go near it. This year, she gave me $10 instead.

And a meme, taken from [profile] magikfanfic:

YOU ARE THE____ TO MY _____

ETA: Hmm. The local news says that we are expected to get a dusting of snow tonight. Not that much. The national news just said it would be 8-12 inches of snow for our region. So it's somewhere between nothing, and being buried--nobody is exactly sure, though.
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There’s another trailer for Being Human, this one focused on Annie. So far, I haven’t spotted one for George, but I’ll link to it once I do.

SFX lists quite a few in-jokes that have shown up on Doctor Who.

If anyone missed it when it aired, you can watch Inside The TARDIS (the BBC America special) in five Youtube clips over at [community profile] barrowmanfans.

Another auction for Support Stacie is coming up January 15-18th. This time, it’s a Vampire Author Auction. More details can be found here. It can be a fandom with vampires already, or you can add them or do crossover fandoms. I’ll likely sign up to write Doctor Who or Merlin for whoever wins me. Maybe Ghostbusters or Highlander: The Series.
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You can watch David Tennant hosting the latest Masterpiece Contemporary here, if you’re interested.

For those that are signing up for Yuletide this year—when the time comes, you will apparently need to use Firefox to do so. Thankfully, I have the portable version. It also looks like the Yuletide nominations page has been cleaned up some more, if you want to take a look at it.

The grand total donated for the Support Stacie Auction in the last round was $40,692.63.

The Merlin fandom is doing a Secret Santa this year. You can sign up here.

I just finished watching a download of Repo! The Genetic Opera. I think I liked it--not the gore or Paris Hilton aspects of it, but the rest of it. Although, that was probably mostly due to Sarah Brightman, Anthony Stewart Head, and Alexa Vega.
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Someone nominated The Super Dictionary for Yuletide. I’m just…imagining fanfics with the concept of: “Lex Luthor stole forty cakes. That’s as many as four tens. And that’s terrible.” Somehow continuing on for 1000 words.

And for anyone on my friends list that might be thinking of signing up for [community profile] yuletide for the first time this year, you can find some helpful hints here.

Joss Whedon will direct an episode of Glee. He confirmed it himself in a comment at [profile] whedonesque.

For those interested, the Support Stacie Auction is doing an auction from November 14-15th. It’s called I’ll Be Homemade For Christmas, and rather than doing fanfic, you can make items yourself to be mailed, as well as icons. Everything is explained here. I’ll sit this one out, and wait for the next fanfic auction.

The Best Spin-Offs Never Made. Includes a mention of a Faith spin-off, as well as Ripper and the Buffy animated series.

There’s a new trailer for Sherlock Holmes—you can watch it here, thanks to [profile] superherohype. Holmes has apparently killed Watson's bulldog more than once, and it keeps being brought back. And Irene Adler says Holmes and Watson have been "flirting for hours."

There’s a Ninth Doctor/Rose ficathon—timeline and rules are here, and you can pick a prompt from the list here.

Reboot is apparently getting a reboot.

ABC has picked up Castle for a full season.

Oh, and Dad went back to the vet, since he hadn’t heard anything about how much the last few visits were going to cost. The answer? No charge.
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Title: A Slap Is Worth A Thousand Words
Author: [ profile] calliopes_pen
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: With the end of Journey’s End, comes an intervention. The Doctor must confront his tendency to run away from those he loves.
Word Count: 5189
Author’s Notes: This was written for the Support Stacie Auction. [ profile] wendymr and the Shadow Proclamation won me, and my prompt was the following: “The final 10 minutes of Journey’s End: Jack, Rose, Donna and the Duplicate Doctor gang up on Ten to make him change his mind about running away from everyone. OT3 conclusion, with or without the Duplicate and Donna on the scene, would be lovely.”

Thanks to [ profile] persiflage_1 for beta reading and the suggestion of the song the TARDIS plays Martha. Thanks to [ profile] seandc for beta reading, and a number of other suggestions.

It began not with a scream, but with a single Noble slap to the cheek. Had the Doctor seen Donna’s face moments before, he would have known to take three steps back and run. )

Cross-posted to [ profile] doctor_donna here, and [ profile] betterwiththree over here.
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I’ve pretty much finished the Support Stacie fanfic as of now. It’s 5163 words. However, there is one small bit when Martha is about to go after everything, and the TARDIS is acting silly. She starts playing a song for her, because she doesn't want her to go yet.

I can’t think of what it should be, though, as I don’t know (I don't know enough songs in general) of any songs that reference Shakespeare--because of that sonnet written for her in The Shakespeare Code--or really suit her personality. Me And Mrs. Jones wouldn’t really work. Doctor, Doctor would just be cruel. If anyone on my friends list has any suggestions for songs the TARDIS would play for her, simply put the title (and artist, so I can look it up) in the poll.

[Poll #1464572]
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Here’s the trailer for the new adaptation of Riverworld. Peter Wingfield is in there somewhere.

14 Reasons Why TV And Superheroes Don’t Mix. The tv movies for Generation X, as well as Justice League of America (the live action version) get mentioned. Lois and Clark is mentioned--I had forgotten the clone Lois marrying Clark, and needing to eat frogs to survive storyline until now. Wow, that was awful.

Primeval has been uncancelled.

I’m still working on the fanfic for the Support Stacie Auction. As of this moment, it’s at 4386 words, and still growing. Also, I want to thank everyone that voted in the title poll. A Slap Is Worth A Thousand Words won. I’ll probably post a small excerpt of it tomorrow, too. Once I finish up one last section, I should be done.

By the way, at what number of words is a fanfic too long for one LJ post? Just curious.

A cat update: Rather than sleeping more, she’s gradually been more and more alert as the days go on. There’s a towel on the back of a brown chair we have. When Mom and Dad were trying to give her medicine, she reached over, sunk her claws in, and was strong enough to tear the thing off. Oh, and Mom has a few holes in her arm, too. When Mom looked at her, just thinking that it was time for her medicine, the cat laid down on the floor--face down--and put one paw over her head, as though she was thinking ‘not again!’ I’ve never seen a cat do that before.
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Of all the footage I’ve been seeing of the sandstorm in Australia, I find this one to be one of the most amazing. And over at Io9, you can find at least one more video in the comments to this post.

And for those that are interested, I stumbled across a site called Comic Book Movie Fansites, where someone named TheHawk compiled a list of pretty much everyone (I think a few of the Exiles, and a few from Generation X are missing) in the X-Men and Justice League comics, and who should play them. 108 characters from the Justice League. 330 X-Men characters. Some of the ideas are pretty good. A few are horrible, but others might actually work

Regarding Dancing With The Stars, I’m glad that Macy Gray went home. I think the reason Tom Delay didn’t go home, was because of what I like to call The Cloris Leachman Effect. Ashley Hamilton was awful, anyway, so it’s good that he went.

I’m working on the plot (from the prompt I’ve mentioned over in this post, if anyone missed it) of the Support Stacie fanfic. I also need to think of a good title. Any ideas? A Slap Is Worth A Thousand Words is the only one I’ve been able to think of so far, because at some point Jackie (or Donna, or Martha—while the clone wisely sits back and watches in amusement, grateful it’s not him) will slap the Doctor for even entertaining the notion of running away from everyone.
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Sarah Michelle Gellar finally gave birth to a baby girl. Her name is Charlotte Grace Prinze.

Embedding videos on LJ was disabled for a while—here’s why. Personally, I’ve always hated embedding videos, and prefer to just link to things. For some people—like me a for a while there a year or so back, when IE crashed whenever it encountered them on my friends page —their browsers just don’t like embedded videos.

ETA: I've just gone through and checked, and I don't believe that my account was affected by this. There is now a [ profile] news post about it, over here.

I got my prompt from [ profile] wendymr and The Shadow Proclamation, for the Support Stacie Auction, and I love it. Before I get started on it, I’ll rewatch The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End one more time. Here’s the prompt: “The final 10 minutes of Journey’s End: Jack, Rose, Donna and the Duplicate Doctor gang up on Ten to make him change his mind about running away from everyone. OT3 conclusion, with or without the Duplicate and Donna on the scene, would be lovely.”

Did anyone else watch Dancing With The Stars last night? I was wondering how Kelly Osborne was going to do, since she seemed like she had grown up quite a bit. She was fantastic.

In contrast, I’m hoping that Macy Gray (from the male celebrities, I want Tom Delay to be kicked off) goes home tonight, as it’s obvious she doesn’t want to be there.

And now, a meme, taken from a few people on my friends list:

Give me the title of a story I've never written, and feedback telling me what you liked best about it, and I will tell you any of: the first sentence, the last sentence, the thing that made me want to write it, the biggest problem I had while writing it, why it almost never got posted, the scene that hit the cutting room floor but that I wish I'd been able to salvage, or something else that I want readers to know.
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Title: No—Not The Fuzzy Handcuffs!
Author: [personal profile] calliopes_pen
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 502 words
Summary: The Doctor thinks Jack is corrupting his TARDIS, and should face the consequences.
Author’s Notes: This was written for [personal profile] yamx, as a drabble incentive for the Support Stacie Auction. The prompt was this: "Jack annoys Nine and has to face the consequences. *g* (Can be Jack/Nine or Jack, Nine or include Rose or be undetermined, I'm not fussy. *g*)" I do believe this is the closest I can get to smut. It was supposed to be an innocent conversation about how the TARDIS shouldn’t be corrupted by Jack, and it just went off somewhere else. Thanks to [personal profile] seandc for both causing it to go off track, and for beta reading. It’s Jack/Nine.

Please click here to read. )
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Title: Picnic Perils
Author: [personal profile] calliopes_pen
Rating: G
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 398 words
Author’s Notes: This was written for [profile] wendymr, as an incentive drabble for the Support Stacie Auction—thanks to [personal profile] seandc for a quick beta read of it. The prompt: “Ten/Rose/Jack, prompt life-saving.” It veered off into humor. Yes, the picnic basket is bigger on the inside. I’m working on the drabble for [personal profile] yamx right now.

Click here to read it. )
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Well, we just had an interesting sight. One side of the sky had dark storm clouds. The other side had a rainbow. The middle area was blood red. Not sure what that meant, and it only lasted a little while. And, strangely, the storm that followed didn’t last as long as predicted. When the sky was green a few years back, we had tornadoes at midnight every night for a week.

And in the Support Stacie bidding so far:

-I owe [profile] wendymr one drabble for hitting $50. Ten/Rose/Jack, prompt life-saving.
-I also owe [personal profile] wiggiemomsi a drabble for hitting $65.
-I owe [personal profile] yamx a drabble for hitting $80. Prompt: Jack annoys Nine and has to face the consequences.

The bidding continues until this evening—my auction thread is here. Please remember that today is the last day of auctions. In the Doctor Who fandom, bidding ends at 8 PM CST tonight. However, because I have a couple miscellaneous fandoms in my offer section, bidding ends for me at 10 PM CST. Just follow the Support Stacie tag, if you want to go back to everything I will and won’t write.

Going by what I’ve heard from people that were around in the past for the auctions, bidding really goes nuts in the final few hours. I also made a post mentioning that I’ll gladly write OT3, over in this post at [profile] dwsupportstacie.

Barring more storms, I should be in the chat room for the auction for a while this afternoon.

And a meme that I’ve done before is going around again.

Comment to this post saying something - anything - about me. I'll then put what you've said in my profile. This means that you can say I eat babies, and it will still go up to describe me to the world. Then post this in your journal, so we can do the same thing for you!

ETA: Added who else I need to write a drabble for.
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title or description

In a little less than 20 minutes, my block starts in the board’s chat room. From 5:00 PM, until 5:30 PM, you can ask any questions you feel like, regarding the types of fanfic I’m offering in the auction. As of this moment, there’s only one bid for me, for $25. Hey, it’s better than nothing.

Just a reminder that my auction thread is located here, and this previous post of mine explains what I’m willing to write in the Doctor Who fandom.
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title or description

The Support Stacie September Auction opens later today—tonight, at 11:59 PM. And here is more on what the auction is about, for anyone who may have missed a post about it.

I am up for auction, and beneath the cut is what I’m offering in the Doctor Who fandom--along with the details I left out, but added over at [profile] dwsupportstacie:

Due to length, I’ve put this behind a cut. )

My auction thread is located here. I will be in the board’s chat room for the auction tomorrow, from 5:00 PM, to 5:30 PM, where I can gladly answer any questions, or just chat about Doctor Who if you like--or if you’re not sure of a character or pairing I might write for and want clarification, ask away during that time. I don’t have a mod for that block of time, as I couldn’t think of anyone.

Anyone looking for banners like the one I posted can go here. If you would like to see what I’ve written in the past, you can go through the “fanfic I’ve written” tag here.
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There are a few promo banner for Torchwood, for the Support Stacie Auction, over here. And I might as well link to my own revised Doctor Who sign up again--you can read it here, in a comment at [profile] dwsupportstacie. I added that I am willing to write something OT3 related—I was surprised that I had forgotten to include that, as I’ve been in the OT3 ficathon a few times now.

From As Seen On TV: The 10 Most Laughably Misleading Ads.

50 Films That Nearly Had Very Different Casts. Ghostbusters is at the top of the list. Gozer was nearly played by Pee Wee Herman. If Sandra Bernhard had been Janine, I would have avoided this movie like the plague. Christopher Lloyd as Peter? I just can’t see him working in the role, even if I think he’s great.

At Dragon Con, James Marsters received a birthday present from some of his fans—apparently, a Storm Trooper costume. Here’s the [profile] whedonesque post about it, which includes Youtube links showing it. If you don’t want to go to their site, go here and it continues here.

Kristen Kreuk is joining the cast of Chuck.

AbeBooks now has a section for listing the weirder books out there. Yes, I will be looking through there shortly.
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For the Support Stacie Auction, there’s going to be a group chat—authors sign up for a certain block of time. I have signed up for the time frame of 5:00-5:30 PM on Saturday, September 12th. For the portion that’s in the Doctor Who fandom and in the Support Stacie Auction, there’s [profile] dwsupportstacie--you can clarify on anything you will and won’t write in that fandom here.

Thanks to [profile] fillion_daily, I’ve found two sneak previews for season 2 of Castle. Here and here.

[personal profile] azriona has done a great (and with some of the options, hysterical) Choose Your Own Adventure type of fanfic, set during Parting of the Ways.

Guy Ritchie is due to direct a live action Lobo movie. And Guillermo del Toro is supposed to be doing a Deadman movie.


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