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Going by the latest at [ profile] theljstaff, it seems that the Writer’s Block is not going away after all. It is only being removed from the homepage.

Megaupload Shutdown Inflicts Pleasure And Pain On Other Trackers.

Dimestore Dames spotlights Monica Rambeau (Captain Marvel/Photon/Pulsar).

Michael Lumsford’s redesign of the original five X-Men.

The new official logo for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

Star Trek Cake: The Enterprise vs. The Borg Cube.

Ghostbusters by Shaun Lynch.

Find a Ghostbusters slot machine near you. Just for the novelty factor.

Every Bat-Climb Window Cameo From Batman ’66 In One 13 Minute Video.

A clip from Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope.

Why are fantasy world accents British?

What happened to comic book ads?

A sequel to Twins—called Triplets—is in development, with the third in the trio to be played by Eddie Murphy. April Fool’s Day isn’t for another two days—so I don’t know if this is an early one or not.

Joss Whedon answers fan questions in an interview about The Cabin In the Woods.

Snow White’s Strange Cinematic History. I will always love Snow White: A Tale of Terror.

Twenty Must Read Retold Tales: An Introduction To The Genre.

The Best Movies Loosely Based On Fairy Tales You Probably Haven’t Seen. The Company Of Wolves is one that’s on my list to see someday, as well as Little Otik and Hanna.

Doctor Who Minimalist Posters

Whooligans—a Doctor Who documentary made by fans, for fans.

Firefly ‘Serenity Sake’ Shirt.

Banner revealed for Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows.

Atlanta photographer reimagines DC heroes and villains in new exhibit.

How many explosions, how much duct tape and how many myths have the Mythbusters busted so far?

The ships of Battlestar Galactica, immortalized in thousands of Lego bricks.

Stan Lee gives Ultimate Spider-Man his seal of approval.

The shortlist of directors for Captain American 2 is narrowing.

A piece of Big Trouble In Little China fan art.

The latest Junk Food Dinner podcast focuses on UHF, Chopping Mall, and Big Trouble In Little China.

The Film Sack podcast discusses Starcrash.
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Livejournal is doing a few new things—they’re adding special tags (a good thing) for spoiler cuts, discontinuing games like Sim Hospital, and will be removing Writer’s Block questions. I haven't found out if this will retroactively mess with anyone who answered questions, by breaking coding in the aforementioned entries. They’ve also changed the way that tokens work. I don’t know if this other bit in the FAQ regarding tokens was ever mentioned in their news posts, but I just stumbled across it when I was checking for more information on the change for tokens. I’m sticking the code for that into my post, to see if it actually shows up.

Watch the full trailer for Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows. Four different Youtube links this time, so if one vanishes, you might be able to catch one of the others. Dread Central also hosts it here, while io9 has it here.

You can buy your own Hobbit hole.

Watch a new trailer for The Ultimate Spider-Man.

Dimestore Dames spotlights Karen Page.

The due date for stories written for [ profile] dark_fest is March 30th.

The WWE and Lionsgate are teaming up to remake Leprechaun.

Jurassic Park will get a 3D re-release for it’s 20th anniversary in 2013.

Whedonesque rounds up all the interviews from SXSW that relate to The Cabin In The Woods.

Listen to Darth Vader wheezing for ten hours straight.

28 Things We Learned From ‘The Last Starfighter’ Commentary.

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My Yahoo e-mail is almost always open in one tab. I check it about every 15-30 minutes or so, I'd say. Unless I'm in an active thread, or a Doom Thread has become quite prolific at X-Journal, and then more often.

(ETA: The LJ Writer's Block question asked how often I checked my e-mail.)
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Last night I dreamed that Bruce Wayne had a psychotic break from reality...well, stranger than any he's previously had. Rather than swing around dressed as a bat...he stole Starfire's costume, and a short cloak that resembled Raven's. Alfred merely shook his head when Bruce climbed into the Batmobile like that, and went to mend the other suits--and, eventually, phone Dick.

My only excuse is I had a slight headache because it was about to rain.

It's that, or last week's dream inspired by the latest Priceline commercial. William Shatner gets into the bus that will go over the cliff--and sees James Spader (in character as whoever he played in Boston Legal) is sitting there waiting for him. As it begins to go over the edge a minute and a half later, (before taking off flying train from Back to the Future style) George Takei peers in and says "Oh, my!" In that way that only he can say it.

ETA: Okay, looks like the Writer's Block question of the day did not manage to make the transition when I imported. It was this: "Tell us your weirdest dream."
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Even when I was at my youngest, I never believed in Santa. I understood it was just parents doing something. I never set out plates of cookies or glasses of milk--I do recall putting out a paper plate with oyster crackers with powdered ranch dressing sprinkled on one Christmas, but that was a whole other reason. I knew Dad was going to eat it, so it was really just putting it out for him as a snack, for whenever he got home from work that night.

(You knew he was home by the choking sounds caused by the extremely strong flavor of Ranch after he ate it. It was strategic, so that I would also know by how much had melted outside that it was him, when he would then attempt to fool me into thinking tire tracks in the aforementioned snow were from a sled. He never won that attempt, even when I was 2. He still tried.)
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I would say my dream job would likely be as a librarian--or just working in a library.
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I'll say the original Fright Night, Mr. Boogedy, or the original Halloween.

Hey, the question didn't specify which holiday, so I'm picking one I actually enjoy.

For closer to the New Year, I'd say Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II. Two I've always enjoyed. What better way to ring in the New Year than by stopping Vigo, and walking the Statue of Liberty across a few cars?
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I've already posted my holiday wish list elsewhere in my LJ, thanks to that meme--it's mostly items I don't expect to receive, like tokens. (That gift card would be nice, though).
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Well, technically it's Christmas even though nobody in my family actually does anything to celebrate it. No gifts, or the like. We opted to cease any and all uses of Christmas trees that were not small miniatures and plastic, due to various disasters. There was never any room anyway.

You would find them disturbing, too, if they always fell (without being touched) on you, beginning at the age of 2 or 3 months, continuing on for several years. I was a tree magnet.

Given we do nothing, I'll say the holiday tradition for me is reading whatever story was written for me for [ profile] yuletide. The one tradition I've had since 2006.
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So many things that I know I'll leave something out. MSG, pollen, mold, all weeds, perfume, freshly mowed grass, scented soap of any kind. A certain type of detergent that I don't recall the name of right now. Scented candles. Hot dogs. Lace. Chocolate (except for a certain brownie ordered from HSN, without preservatives, or any fat, sold around January of each year) causes instant nausea and migraines, so that's a possibility--thankfully, I've always found it disgusting.

Allergies I discovered when they almost killed me: NSAIDS in any medication, since that causes my stomach to eat itself. Mango, pineapple, kiwi, and passion fruit--when these combine, one tiny sip of a drop or two causes my throat to close completely. Thankfully, this was discovered when I was already in the hospital and near death from severe anemia and double pneumonia. I assume I would insantly die if I tried them individually, so I steer clear. (So much guilt from the poor dietician that gave the tropical fruit drink to me, and said, "It's not like it'll kill you!" She kept apologizing every Sunday for a year, since we went to the same church.)

Oh, and what dentists use to numb an area causes my face to swell up--so they special order a specific type (not really Novocaine) that doesn't do that. Possibly latex, too, so they use special gloves.
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I pretty much hated most Disney related movies growing up, due to the happy endings and songs. I would put it on mute the second anyone started to sing. So I'm going to say my favorite Disney movie was one that was a tv movie, which they disavow all knowledge of: Mr. Boogedy, and its sequel Bride of Boogedy.

Return to Oz is up there, too, even if it was scarring when I was small.
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While it would be tempting to have that much money, I'm going to have to give this one a resounding no. I can't part with the internet.
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My favorite is a bit of a tie between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Batman Begins managed to get me back into a theater after 11 years of not watching movies. Second place would be a tie between X-Men, and X2: X-Men United, and X-Men: First Class in third place.

Least favorite? There have been a lot of duds (Catwoman. The 70's and early 90's Captain America. Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD with Hasselhoff. Superman 3 and 4.) over the years, but I would have to say Joel Schumacher's Batman And Robin holds a special place for atrocious. So...much...neon...
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Mostly, I end up dreading the noise of fireworks when I'm trying to sleep, since it always seems to start right when I go to bed. I put up with the noise from people getting ahead of themselves starting the 1st, and probably ending tomorrow.

I've never cared for the festivities, not even when I was little--thankfully, nobody in my family does either, so we've never done anything.

On the lighter side of it, at least I get a Firefly marathon out of the holiday today, courtesy of The Science Channel.
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The only things I can come up with are the Ghostbusters video game ($150 at the only toy store that had it) from Atari, and Teddy Ruxpin ($70-$90 at Service Merchandise). We couldn't afford most toys, and those two were outrageously marked up.
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The original Excalibur team. Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler. Appearance-wise, at least, Jessica Marais as Meggan. Tina Majorino might work as Kitty. I'm not sure who would work as Brian. Not sure of Rachel Summers, either--it also might take a movie just to explain her backstory to the audience, if they aren't familiar with the comics.
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I would pick the library. Because if I have to spend my eternity as a ghost anywhere, I'm going to spend my time reading each and every book in there. If the one I haunted burned down, flooded, or was destroyed in some other disaster, well, I would simply haunt the next nearest one. Continue that haunting pattern until the end of civilization.

So, basically, looks like I become the "Shhh" ghost from the beginning of Ghostbusters.

If I can't haunt a library, I will become the ghost that dwells within used bookstores across the land!
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When the world doesn't end, I'll be watching the newest episode of Doctor Who. Because that must always come first, whether people are ascending into the heavens or not. Priorities, people!

I do know of various people that are plotting to take a shirt, pants, and shoes and lay them out strategically to scare unsuspecting people into thinking someone was taken. With or without a little dry ice thrown in to make it smoke for the added drama.
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Dad thinks it was Kaboom, on Atari. That, or Missile Command. The only problem was, I liked it when the cities blew up with Missile Command, so I usually let the bombs strike the city.

I was only 2, it was all we had, so I didn't really love or hate either one. We couldn't afford any other video games, aside from Pong and some sort of math race car thing. Outside of the X-Men and Ninja Turtles arcade games and (I think) Street Fighter as an arcade game, those are really the only ones I've ever played.
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First step: I would probably call in every single person on my friends list that could provide a free cleansing of the house. Get a priest to bless the house. Grab someone from every religion and have the same thing done, just to be on the safe side. That's if I saw something myself.

Moving in? It all depends on if the spirit will provide upkeep, and not blow things up in an attempt to frighten me. Will they throw in Vigo's painting for free, just to see if the spirits can get along?

If it's just going to be all moans and haunting and recreating the slaughter with the killer via possession and assorted slayings with a portal to Hell thrown in for free, I'm probably not risking it. If it's something like Dennis from Angel, yes, I would happily move in.

If it gets to the point that there's a monster in the fridge, and I have feelings of dread that culminate in me being dragged away screaming by something evil and demonic, no. Not going anywhere near the place.
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I would likely pick the Green Lantern ring, hoping I wouldn't be defeated by a badly timed squirt of mustard. If the yellow flaw has been fixed lately, I would then hope that Black Lanterns weren't roaming the world, because I really don't feel like battling the resurrected corpses of various people.

If Sinestro wandered through, I'd be doomed.

In other news, the tv in my room chose today to die. It rattled quite a bit, and kept turning itself off every 5 seconds for the first time ever. Just to tell you how old it is, it's small and has a built in VCR. Luckily, Dad had its twin in the garage gathering dust--so my new tv is the exact same as the old one in every single way.
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I'm one of those rare people that just doesn't like pancakes. If I did eat one for some reason, it wouldn't have anything on it, and would be half of one, single pancake. That's probably all I could stand. No syrup, no butter, nothing, since I can't handle anything sweet or rich.
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I don't believe I had a favorite toy. I preferred to read books and comics starting when I was 2. Any toy I had is currently up in the attic in the garage. Given the heat up there over the decades, everything has likely melted.

Due to my penchant for removing heads or removing their limbs and switching them around, we stuck with 99 Cent Store doll knock-offs, rather than Barbie dolls, the rare times I wanted something like that.

And on a fannish note for anyone that hasn't heard about it: Each morning, a special song is picked by the families of the astronauts on Space Shuttle Discovery, for them to wake up to. This time, for the final mission, instead of playing a song—William Shatner spoke to the crew as Captain Kirk.

He said this: “These have been the voyages of the space shuttle Discovery. Her 30-year mission: to seek out new science, to build new outposts, to bring nations together in the final frontier, to boldly go and do what no spacecraft has done before.” I love that he did that. And here is the footage of this taking place.
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I've been on LJ since November of 2003, but I believe it wasn't really until early 2004 that I'd say I started using this journal that often.

Major changes? It's been almost 7 years. How about both major and minor? In the depths of my journal I have written of: Near death from anemia and double pnemonia since that was right before I registered here, near death from the ulcer that covered 50% of my stomach, the ice storm, my cat dying, many tornadoes, Greatestjournal going under, Insanejournal springing up, becoming interested in Doctor Who and various other British shows, writing essays for [ profile] idol_reflection and [ profile] ship_manifesto, discovering RPG's, and probably many other things that I can't really come up with right now.

Oh, and somewhere along the way I changed my username from faith_of_borg to this one.
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Far enough back that I could still do what I liked without ripping the time stream asunder. Not so far back that I would be forced to deal with a lack of indoor plumbing and forced into wearing a corset.

If this question means in my own personal history, on the other hand, I haven't a clue. Maybe somewhere in the 1980's.

Adrienne Palicki will play Wonder Woman in David E. Kelley’s series. I’ve apparently only seen her in an episode of Smallville a while back, so I don’t know if she’s right for the role or not.

PETA has offered to save the Edgar Allan Poe house if they advertise for them.

And I’m continuing this meme:
Comment here and I'll pick 5 of your icons for you to write about.

[profile] magikfanfic picked these five for me:

They’re beneath the cut, just to cut the length down a bit. )
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First, I would put a portion of it away into savings after paying all those taxes on it, for whenever it's desperately needed. Hire a financial advisor. Donate a portion of it to helping keep the library afloat or do renovations for them--whichever it is they need.

After all that, I would probably start buying massive quantities of books, along with building a couple of extra rooms to put those books in, since I would actually be able to afford it.

In other news, we’re getting 2-4 inches of snow right now, while just barely south of us is getting 3-5 inches. It's not the heavy, wet snow of day before yesterday, so it's not as bad. We'll find out the actual numbers this evening. For the people that go to church on Wednesdays, our church is closed. Or, as the scrolling message said for WPSD's Snowman Six—“clseode.” They spelled it “Batsit” instead of “Baptist.” They just can’t spell, can they?

They also didn’t correct it until approximately an hour and a half had passed.
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I am a Metal Rooster, according to the various sites I've checked. I don't know if that suits me or not.
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I have changed it once already, so probably not. I can't think of anything else that would work. My username was originally faith_of_borg when I started out on LJ. At the time, I was still heavily into Buffy and Star Trek, and didn't have any better ideas for a username. As I drifted away from both in various ways, I wanted a username that wasn't focused on a particular fandom. One I wouldn't get tired of.

Calliopes_Pen was the result. Calliope comes from Greek mythology and was one of the Muses. I've loved mythology since I was 2. I don't see myself getting sick of that. I like writing for RPG's and fanfic--and a few years ago, I also used to write various essays in various fandoms--so the pen bit was tacked on. I think it works.

I also have two icons with that username, one in the Buffy fandom, one in Doctor Who (one of which I'm using for this post). Someday, I'll see if I can get one in Ghostbusters or Back to the Future since those two fandom loves will never die.
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There were quite a few I loved, but X-Men: TAS was probably my favorite. Their adaptation of The Dark Phoenix Saga still holds up rather well in spots.

I've been an X-Men fan since the very early 80's, when I started reading the comics at the age of 2.

It's practically a tie between X-Men, and Real Ghostbusters--the early years, before it primarily focused on Slimer. Back when JMS wrote for the show, when it still had some darker moments.
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It was probably Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, by Alvin Schwartz--along with the two sequels. That, and the Fear Street books by R.L. Stine--specifically, the series of books that dealt with an evil spirit killing cheerleaders in various ways. I vividly remember one death by hot shower.

Another favorite was The Last Vampire series of novels by Christopher Pike, as well as quite a few Choose Your Own Adventure books. I normally ended up possessed or dead in my endings, though. Or turned into a vampire. Those were my favorite endings.

Some kids liked Cinderella, I liked The Hearse Song. What can I say?


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