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Found via [personal profile] donutsweeper: The writers of Eureka dealt with ransom notes when it came to a missing puzzle piece. Read the hysterical saga here. Seriously, they need to have something like this for one of their episodes.

Thanks to Io9, you can see some Ghostbusters related artwork. My favorite is #5, with #6 a very close second.

Over at [profile] whedonsque, Joss Whedon posts his interview of Jed Whedon.

The “That’s My Favorite” Meme. It’s a fanfiction praise meme, where you comment with your username and fandoms--people tell you their favorite thing (specific story, characters, or lines) about something you’ve written. My comment is here.

Here’s a clip from Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. While David Tennant’s American accent is awful, I believe I’ve heard worse.

Azazel will be joining X-Men: First Class—Jason Flemyng will play him.

[community profile] heroines_fest accepts prompts until the 27th.

And thanks to [community profile] ontdcreepy, I found out that The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon has a short sequel. If you haven’t seen The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon, watch it here. The sequel—Spoon Vs. Spoon—is here.
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While Green Lantern is still in production, a scriptwriter has already been hired to work on the sequel.

You can watch an interview with Stephen Moffat about Sherlock on BBC Breakfast here or here. No spoilers, as they try to remain vague for anyone that hasn’t seen the third episode. Moffat seems to be saying there will be a second season.

There may be a Quantum Leap movie—but the Sam and Al we know may only be in a cameo role. They might have a new person playing Sam. Supposedly, Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell are considered too old for their original roles now.

[community profile] heroines_fest is open and accepting prompts (both DC and Marvel related) here.

Some good news--as of the last time I checked on Toby this morning, he was fine. Nobody made any attempts to hurt him or dump anything in his yard during the night. He’s wiggling and happy, and...making enormous holes in the ground through his digging, like always.

Even if the temperature is hitting 110 today, I'm sending Dad over periodically.
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Here’s the footage of Blue Beetle transforming that debuted at Comic-Con. It looks more like something that should be on Power Rangers or Big Bad Beetleborgs. I think I read somewhere that it’s for a transformation sequence in Smallville. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle will be in the final season, but it will be Jaime, not Ted.

Io9 lists The Best Cosplay of Comic-Con. Some of those costumes are great. My favorites are the guy dressed as Lobo in #21, Bender in #33—same one who was in the protests, Cloak and Dagger in #38, (well, mostly Cloak with a mannequin of Dagger attached at the hip) and Mystique in #47.

Topless Robot lists 11 Bad Draculas. The list includes Morgan Freeman in The Electric Company, along with the version of Dracula that appeared on Buffy. I liked Love at First Bite and Dracula Dead And Loving It, and they’re on the list.

Found via [profile] blognewsarama: Fake Stan Lee visits Comic Con back in 2009. It’s funny.
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10 Things Io9 Discovered About The Green Lantern Movie At Comic Con. One thing in particular--apparently 10 years ago when they were first looking into getting a movie into production, studio executives asked if Green Lantern could fight villains without the ring, since they didn’t like it.

Blogtor Who has pictures from the Doctor Who Proms. So far, this is the best version when it comes to footage of what happened there, even if it’s a little hard to hear what Matt Smith is saying at times.

The Five Best Moments From J.J. Abram and Joss Whedon’s Visionaries Panel. They answered some interesting and funny questions. In the comments over at Io9, someone mentions that when they think of Visionaries, they think of the 80’s cartoon. Same for me, actually.

For anyone that may have heard about a stabbing (in the eye) in Hall H at Comic Con, here’s what really happened. There were conflicting reports, according to various posts on my friends list. Geeks of Doom and Slashfilm were there when it happened, and the former gave their account.
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Runaways is expected to begin filming in January.

Remember when Improv Everywhere did a Ghostbusters skit in the New York Public Library? This time, it was a Star Wars skit on the subway. I loved the reaction of the guy sitting next to Leia. Someone needs to do a Doctor Who related skit.

It looks like there’s yet another Bruce Banner casting rumor—I’ve mentioned the one of Joaquin Phoenix. This time, it’s David Tennant. And Nathan Fillion. And Adrien Brody. [profile] whedonesque discusses all this here.

10 Reasons Why 1984 Was A Great Year For Geek Movies. Ghostbusters and Star Trek III: The Search For Spock are listed.

The 20 Greatest Exclusives at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.

The cover of Entertainment Weekly shows how Ryan Reynolds looks as Green Lantern. Something about it is off around the chest. Possibly the ribbing.
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William Shatner stole Leonard Nimoy’s bicycle.

The 12 Greatest Sci-Fi And Fantasy Speeches. [profile] whedonesque discusses the list here. Bill Pullman’s speech in Independence Day is mentioned. Also mentioned are Buffy’s speech to Dawn in The Gift, Jonathan giving Buffy her Class Protector award in The Prom, and The Doctor in The Christmas Invasion—there’s another Doctor mention from the original series, back when he considered wiping out the Daleks.

Topless Robot asks everyone what their biggest nerd regret is. It's worth reading the comments.

For me, a Nerd Regret might be my 11 year break (1994-2005) from watching movies entirely. I could have been in the theater on opening day for X-Men, X-Men 2, Spider-Man, and Spider-Man 2. Instead, due to the 11 year gap, I eventually ended up there on opening day for Spider-Man 3 and X-Men 3. I apologized to Dad for dragging him to those two.

On the flip side of the above, the 11 year gap spared me from enduring Batman and Robin and Batman Forever, so there’s that.

Oh, and because I was still reluctant to go to another movie once I did start going again despite loving Batman Begins, I ended up going to see Serenity long after it was first released in the theaters—maybe 2 weeks before someone on my friends list convinced me that I needed to see it. I could have been there opening day, to see if any other Firefly fans were in the area. I’ve heard tales of people singing the theme song.

Some others that I can think of:

*Never been to a convention. I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford it.
*Also? If we're going with posters? Then how about buying a baseball player poster at a poster store the week before it went out of business. When I had the choice between that and a Thundercats poster--there might have also been at least one X-Men related poster there, but I'm not sure anymore. It was during my one week of interest in baseball, before I realized I didn't care about it after all. It’s still on my wall, because it looks oddly bare without it. For the curious, it’s a poster of someone named Jack Clark.
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8 Obscure Yet Great British Shows.

The 12 Greatest Moments From Justice League Unlimited. All the moments I could think of managed to make the list.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Daleks. While I’ve linked to this before, this is an edited version—there’s a different voice narrating and he sounds much more like the late Peter Jones.

From Cracked: 6 Insane True Stories Behind The Stage Names of Celebrities.

The Top 10 Doctor Who Cliffhangers. Utopia and Bad Wolf are, thankfully, mentioned.

David Tennant singing the Modern Major General.

Over at The Nerdy Bird, someone’s going to have a Back to the Future themed 30th birthday party. A stretch limo that looks like the DeLorean is part of this.

Weep for humanity--behold Tent City. I'm not interested in following Twilight, but I had to stop and stare when I saw this. Follow the link to the post at [community profile] ohnotheydidnt for more pictures. I think the Twilight fans managed to beat all other fandoms for level of obsession. Mostly because I believe they were camped out far longer than people camped out for The Phantom Menace.

And if I understand right, this was only to see the stars of the movie walk by? And the signs. The horribly spelled signs. I’ve also seen the pictures of people under Twilight-themed blankets while waiting. Besides any other comment I could possibly make, isn’t it too hot outside? It’s hit 110 degrees this week where I am, but I don’t know about L.A.
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A BBC radio advert for The Big Bang—the season finale of Doctor Who. It’s not really anything new, though. It sounds as though it’s just the final few seconds or so of The Pandorica Opens. You can watch Matt Smith’s introduction of the episode here. No need to worry about spoilers, since he remains vague about what’s in store.

The 10 Best And Most Memorable 80’s Cartoon Themes.

The TARDIS (Ninth Doctor era) is up for auction. It’s expected to bring in around $18,000.

Imogen Poots is in the remake of Fright Night. Going by how they say she’s Charlie’s popular girlfriend that didn’t know Charlie used to be a geek? I’d say they’re going as far from the original as they possibly can, but they were already doing that when they made Peter Vincent a Las Vegas magician.
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Starz is going to make and air season 4 of Torchwood. It will be ten episodes, including Eve Myles and John Barrowman—and the production staff include RTD and Julie Gardner. It should be in summer 2011. I’m really not interested after Children of Earth. (Plus, we don’t have Starz, and Comcast won’t give it to us, but that’s a whole other issue.)

Moffat is interviewed by his son.

The 8 Most Depressing MST3K Episodes. #2 is Manos—I would have put that at #1.

[profile] noscans_daily is hosting The Comics Fandom Love Meme. Express your love for anyone in the comic book industry.

The TV Tropes Meme. You post your username, and people say what TV Trope fits you. Feel free to blame me if you get trapped in TV Tropes for the rest of the day. My thread is here.

Requesting prompt ideas for the Finish-A-Thon over here—for some reason, I accidentally friends locked it. It’s unlocked now. If anyone's not sure what the Finish-A-Thon is, follow the tags. It should explain things.
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There’s a new video in the I’m A Marvel, I’m A DC series. Iron Man, Batman, and pretty much everyone other hero that ItsJustSomeRandomGuy has used for his movie parodies—all singing about how Marvel movies have better continuity. It’s funny.

More news on the Being Human American remake can be found here. George is now named Josh, and Mitchell is now a Jewish vampire. Blood isn't kosher, is it? Syfy wants to make the show funnier than the original version. I don’t see this ending well at all.

The Amityville House is up for sale.

Four new clips from the next episode of Doctor Who have been released.

Tesla coils are used to do a lightning filled recreation of the Doctor Who theme song. The guy doing it kind of looks like a Power Rangers villain to me.

And on the bathroom sink exploding front: I do believe we got the fastest plumbers on the planet. Within 30 minutes of Dad phoning and begging for some help, they were here. It only took them a little over an hour. Part of that hour was them heading out to buy a new shut off valve, and figuring out how to get it just right. While they were here, they also fixed the kitchen sink—nothing extra for that, since it turned out to be only a couple screws loose rather than anything big. That’s fixed—all we need to do now is air out the carpet, or get new carpet in there, depending on how bad it is.

Mom’s currently wringing out and washing every towel and rag in the house. Since we used everything.
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Three clips from the next episode of Doctor Who—The Beast Below—have been released, along with a short introduction of the episode from Moffat. You can watch them all here, at Blogtor Who. From that, I think I’m starting to like Amy just a little bit more.

This is Fandom Appreciation Week.

Io9 lists the biggest tearjerkers in sci-fi. They’ve left out The Body, A Hole In The World, and quite a few others. A lot of the ones that should be there are listed in the comments. [profile] whedonesque discusses the list here.

There has been an episode of a cartoon or a special that I have been trying to remember for over 20 years. The only things I could remember about it were that a lunchroom scene was involved, and a bully put taffy in a sandwich. This is so vague a memory that not even [profile] whatwasthatone could help when I posted something about it a long time ago.

Today, I was digging through the Wikipedia page for The Nostalgia Critic, and saw that an upcoming review will be The Care Bears Movie. So I just randomly started looking through episodes, and saw one was called Braces. Well, that’s what I remember. And a clip from the scene in question is here, the part I remember finishing within the first 21 seconds. The episode was aired in September of 1985 (so I was 4, as I thought) and I probably only saw it once. Can’t stand the show now that I’m older, but at least I know what I saw now.
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You can watch an extended trailer for the new season of Doctor Who here. Before, the music was too loud for me to understand what the Doctor was saying. Now, it’s not as loud, and you can understand everyone. A few extra moments are in there, too.

A new clip—1 minute, 35 seconds long—from Vampires in Venice has been released. You can watch it here. After watching that, I think Matt Smith will do fine. I like him, at the very least. Also released, an opening clip from The Eleventh Hour—you can watch it here, at Blogtor Who, and here on Youtube.

The Support Stacie bidding is currently at $20 for me. Thank you, [personal profile] wiggiemomsi! ETA: Correction: I went back and looked one more time right after posting, and it’s $30 now. So when the auction’s over, whether or not you win me, [personal profile] katherine_b, I owe you a drabble for getting to that amount. Thank you!

For my own use, to keep things straight, here's what I owe so far:
-One drabble to [personal profile] katherine_b for hitting $30: Ten, Donna, and a Pear.
-One drabble to [personal profile] juliet316 for hitting $40.
-A second drabble to [personal profile] juliet316 for hitting $50.
-One drabble to [personal profile] wiggiemomsi for hitting $60.
-Another drabble to [personal profile] wiggiemomsi for hitting $75.
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Captain America has been castChris Evans will play the role. I gave it a few days before I posted it just in case it changed, due to all the rumors I’ve seen floating around. I’ve never seen him in anything, so I don’t know if this is good news or bad news. I avoided the Fantastic Four movies with him, because I don’t care for Jessica Alba. That, and I’m not really a Fantastic Four fan.

Matt Smith discusses how he sees the TARDIS.

The Support Stacie Auction is tomorrow--I’ll post a reminder and link to the thread then, as well as everything I’m willing to write.

On the subject of Revenant--I’m having a huge amount of fun when it comes to writing Selene possessed Meggan. I’ve also learned that the stranger ideas (little things, actually) apparently strike at midnight, while I’m sound asleep, during a thunderstorm. Nice way to set the mood, I guess. Hey, at least I can remember them until morning. *looks at icon I'm using* Never has my icon seemed quite so appropriate to the situation.

And now, an RPG related meme, taken from a few on my Insanejournal friends list:

What sort of character traits/types do you associate with me, and what sort of characters would you challenge me to play?
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BBC America has a new promo for Doctor Who—you can watch it here. It’s not the same one as the other I linked to.

SFX lists the top 25 science fiction shows. Angel, Being Human, Firefly, Torchwood, and Buffy are all listed. As is Doctor Who, at #1. For some reason, they think Buffy was an influence on Xena—if anything, it was the other way around. [profile] whedonesque discusses the list here.

From Cracked: 6 Baffling Mistakes Criminals Apparently Make All The Time. And also from Cracked, there’s The 5 Creepiest Unsolved Crimes Nobody Can Explain.

Topless Robot lists The 21 Greatest Episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series.

You can watch the entirety of The Curse of the Fatal Death over here on Youtube, if you never have before. Apparently, you can upload things more than 10 minutes now? Unfortunately, you get at least one ad in the middle.

I just got my prompt from the person that won me at [profile] help_chile, so I’ll get started on that soon. They want Martha/Jack, set post-Last of the Time Lords, with the Doctor realizing (too late) exactly what he threw away, rather than acknowledge.

And lastly, a meme, taken from a few people on my friends list:

Ask me a question about one of my stories, or about my writing in general. Ask about my plans for future parts of a current series if you want to, or progress on something in-progress I've mentioned. It can be absolutely anything in any fic, and I will answer you as honestly as I possibly can. Don’t hold back.
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Wolverine’s 10 Most Mortifying Moments. The strange Australian accent he was given in Pryde of the X-Men gets a mention.

The Monster Squad is getting a remake. Michael Bay is involved in this, too. I haven’t seen the original version of that movie since I was in elementary school—apparently extremely edited to remove all foul language.

A Wrinkle In Time is going to be made into a movie. I’ve never read the series, but I remember others liked them.

There’s a new 30-second trailer for the new season of Doctor Who. It’s not the 30 second clip from The Eleventh Hour that I posted yesterday, it’s a trailer. The music’s a little loud at one point, so I had trouble understanding what the Doctor was saying. It's better than the one I found on Digital Spy, though--couldn't hear anything except the music over there.
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The Hobbit will start filming in June.

Unfortunately, it appears as though Nicholas Brendon was tasered (twice) and arrested. While drunk, he destroyed property, and tried to hit a cop. As of the last thing I read, he was being held on felony vandalism.

Google Street View randomly found a bunch of people dressed as superheroes hanging out near a restaurant in the UK. They include Captain America, The Flash, and Robin. Nobody knows the reason they were all together, but I think it’s funny.

You can watch a short interview with Matt Smith, as well as a 30 second clip of The Eleventh Hour, over here. Blogtor Who has the same clip here.
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10 Nerd Actors Who Ventured Into Music…And Shouldn’t Have. Am I the only one that actually liked The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins? Not because it was good, just because of the weirdness of it all.

A woman sold two “souls” inside blue-tinted holy water. The price? $1983. The comments are great. If you can’t see them all, scroll to the bottom and hit Show All Discussions, and Expand All Replies.

There’s news on the remake of La Femme Nikita. Apparently, Maggie Q will not be in the starring role after all. The new Nikita is going to be played by Lyndsy Fonseca—the girl from How I Met Your Mother and a season of Desperate Housewives. If you click the link, beware of the Doctor Who spoilers.

Riverworld will debut in a four-hour block on April 18th. The only reason I might be interested in watching this is for Peter Wingfield. With the one made back in 2003, the only reason I watched even a little of it was for the late Kevin Smith.

By the way, I’m about to go over and order Chicks Dig Time Lords from Who North America. While I’m at the site, are there any Ninth or Tenth Doctor books people would recommend? I already have Only Human, Peacemaker, and The Doctor Trap--that last one I haven’t read. I was also going to get A Writer’s Tale while I was there, but they don’t have the reprint with the extra chapter. Is Forever Autumn worth getting? Which of the ones with Donna or Martha in them are good?
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Found via [community profile] doctorwho: A skit filmed at Gallifrey One Masquerade, starring the Brigadier. The Unsung Hero. I loved it.

If anyone is interested, AfterElton has pictures of John Barrowman on the set of Desperate Housewives. Not even Barrowman can get me to watch that show again.

Over at [community profile] ontdcreepy, they’re discussing the cartoons that scared them as children. Anyone else remember the Bunyip from Dot and the Kangaroo—that’s linked to in the main post? As of the last time I looked, they were up to three pages in the comments. There’s also a discussion of regular live action movies that scared them.

Blogtor Who has a 10 minute clip of Sidekick Stories, which discusses the Doctor’s companions.

From Den of Geek, there’s Classic Geek Cartoons Revisited: The Real Ghostbusters.

From Mental Floss: 10 Stars Who Started On Nickelodeon. Jewel Staite isn’t mentioned—she started out on Space Cases and at least one episode of Are You Afraid Of The Dark. Melissa Joan Hart isn’t listed. I’m glad they listed Ryan Reynolds—he started out on Fifteen (also called Hillside). In the comments, there’s a lot of reminiscing. [profile] whedonesque discusses the list here.

[profile] slashfilm pointed out that Vigo’s portrait can be spotted in the background in a scene in The Cove.

The bidding for the [profile] help_chile auction ends at 11 AM CST—at least if the site I converted from GMT was right. As of this moment, bidding is at $12. My thread is here.
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For those at [community profile] x_journal: Yesterday, I was digging through a Carey Mulligan site, and I spotted a couple pictures that could probably be how Meggan will be looking, once Selene’s completely controlling her. Either this or this. Probably the second one, and slightly scarier. Poor thing will have very short hair once she’s back to normal, because of her--possibly stuck dark for a long while, before it looks like this.

Found via [profile] monanothlisa: Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer from White Collar did a webchat--it’s funny, and you can watch it here.

This keeps being posted elsewhere in Doctor Who groups, but I don’t believe I’ve linked to it yet. Chameleon Circuit: An Awful Lot of Running. The music will be stuck in your head for a while.

The auction at [profile] help_chile continues until the 10th—my thread is here.

Den of Geek lists the films that gave them childhood nightmares. I had never seen Who Framed Roger Rabbit until recently, so that one’s not on my own list. I didn’t care for the Star Wars trilogy as a child, because it bored me--still does. I have never seen Willy Wonka or Watership Down. Never seen Labyrinth, didn’t see much of Willow. Went to the theater to see Beauty and the Beast, and it never bothered me. However, I definitely agree with their picks of Return to Oz and The Witches.

Felicia Day will be in an adaptation of Red Riding Hood for Syfy. And, apparently, Amanda Seyfried will be in another version of it. Between the two, I probably want to see the Felicia Day version.
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10 Completely Insane Foreign Knock-Off Films.

Io9 interviewed the people that created TV Tropes.

The 9 Greatest Sleazy Characters From 80’s Movies. Walter Peck makes the list, along with Biff Tannen.

Found via [profile] wisteria_, and I told [personal profile] seandc I would post the links for him: The Norwegian Alpine Ski Team performed Beat It. As a dance-off, the French team then performed Thriller. Followed by the Norwegian team dancing to Smooth Criminal.

You can now claim prompts for the Doctor/Jack ficathon over at [profile] wintercompanion. You can claim spoiler-filled prompts here, and spoiler-free prompts here.

The list of people on Dancing With The Stars has been revealed. I don’t think I really care for anyone there—and I just keep seeing Shannen Doherty going insane and killing them all when she gets stressed.

In other news, I was considering doing a sequel to the story I posted yesterday. If I do write it, it will just have to wait a little bit until I finish the stories for [community profile] dark_fest and [community profile] help_haiti.
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Blogtor Who asked who the scariest monsters have been on Doctor Who—you can see their top 10 here. For me, it’s either the Weeping Angels or the Midnight creature. The gas mask kid isn’t nearly as scary when you first see him on the Sci-Fi Channel. Tons of commercials ruin most of the suspense. As I haven’t seen much of old Who yet, I didn’t know about Eldrad, Scaroth, or a couple others.

Over at [ profile] beinghuman_fans, they’re discussing who they would want to see cast for the US remake. I love the suggestion of Felicia Day as Annie.

16 Bizarre Sci-Fi Episodes of Classic Sitcoms. Of those listed, the only ones I’ve seen are the episode of Dick Van Dyke, and Wings. I loved both of them—especially the former, when it was on Nick at Nite back in the 80’s.

If anyone’s interested—thanks to this [ profile] whedonesque post, I managed to find the unaired pilot for Space Cases. You can find part 1 here. Radu’s ears were horrible. Catalina’s hair? Almost better than it was in the series itself.

Also, I have managed to obtain a handful of Big Finish Audios. I’ve never listened to any of the audio adventures before—which would people recommend that I listen to first?

[Poll #1529661]
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Signed up for the Walk Into A Bar Ficathon a few minutes ago. I’ll be writing the Tenth Doctor going into a bar—and depending on who the mods select for me, he’ll meet someone from Ghostbusters, Dark Shadows, Merlin, or Highlander: The Series.

And for [ profile] dark_fest, I’ve managed to narrow it down to these four prompts, and started a poll. However, because there was too much text for it to handle, I’ve just numbered them. Beneath the cut, you’ll find the prompts.

Click here for the prompts before the poll. )

[Poll #1528057]

You can watch the new Doctor Who trailer here, over on Youtube. Or here, at Blogtor Who.
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Christopher Lloyd will guest star on Chuck.

See what almost was in The End of Time Part 2—The Master…flirting with the Master in a dress.

John Barrowman sings The Doctor And I.

[community profile] dark_fest is still taking prompts until the 14th. Haven’t seen very many Highlander prompts yet.

Supposedly the villain for Ghostbusters III has been revealed. So far, I haven’t believed any of the rumors because it’s the same thing over and over, but this one is interesting. Of course, it's probably only slightly amusing for Highlander fans.

Beware the Snow Dalek. With all that snow the East Coast has been getting, I’m not surprised people could make one that well. It’s probably just a matter of time before we get Snow Cybermen or Snow Masters.

I seem to have lost interest in Being Human--I stopped around episode 2 of this season. Not sure if I’ll download the rest of the season.

Meanwhile, I apparently like White Collar now. Just for Peter and Neal, since I don’t know who anyone else is. And for the first time ever, I actually think Tiffani Amber-Thiessen is good in something.
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The 20 Nerd Commandments.

This one probably isn’t good—La Femme Nikita is being remade for The CW. I never watched the series (the Peta Wilson version) the first time around, but I did eventually download the first episode. It just didn’t seem interesting enough for me to stick with—part of that is because I don’t really care for Peta Wilson as an actress.

Weekend at Bernie’s is also likely to get a remake.

For anyone interested, The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theater has made a spoof of The End of Time Parts 1 and 2—which has been divided into three short chunks. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Very funny.

The second Lightning Round begins today for the [community profile] help_haiti auction, and you can sign up here. As I’m currently working on a fanfic for the person who won me for the regular auction, I’ll either sit this round out, or offer to write a drabble in the Doctor Who fandom. I’ll decide on that later.

Here’s a detailed explanation on what’s currently going on with the status of Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. NBC has not passed on the pilot as of yet, despite all the rumors going around.

Jim Cantore—apparently that guy from The Weather Channel—will not be showing up in Paducah this year. He doesn’t believe it will be as bad as last year. He’s the one I’ve mentioned that if he shows up, you’re going to die or just barely survive a post-apocalyptic scenario. The front page of The Paducah Sun said in big letters “Santore Is NOT Coming--We’re Okay!” They also interviewed him, and he thinks the worst of this year’s ice storm will be in Tennessee. On WKYQ, they made up a song to the tune of The Brady Bunch, using the words “Jim Cantore, You Can’t Come Back.”

They’ve updated the snow prediction. It is now likely to be 4-7 inches of total snow accumulation for us. There is a chance of sleet, but only tonight. Once you hit Tennessee, they’ll get 7-10 inches. Dyersburg will get 4-7 inches of snow and sleet.
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Zelda Rubinstein passed away yesterday, at the age of 76. She is likely best remembered as the psychic Tangina in the Poltergeist movies. As I have never seen those movies, I know her as Madame Serena in the cult classic Teen Witch. She was also the narrator of The Scariest Places On Earth—her voice set the mood perfectly. May she rest in peace. Io9 has a couple clips of her from Poltergeist. For anyone interested, you can watch the entirety of Teen Witch here, in nine parts.

According to IMDB trivia, she had a part in Casper where she was shot from a chimney, and screamed, “Don’t go into the light!”—but it was, sadly, cut.
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For anyone interested, you can watch the trailer for the version of Sherlock Holmes that has Gareth David-Lloyd as Watson here. Together, Holmes and Watson fight dinosaurs…and something that resembles one of the Cybermen. And hot air balloons. I actually want to watch this.

There’s a spoof of the “Shh! Spanners!” scene during the metacrisis from Journey’s End over here.

From Wired: 100 Quotes Every Geek Should Know.

Syfy will begin airing season 2 of Merlin, beginning April 2nd. They’ll have an encore presentation of season 1 at some point in March. I have to wonder just how much they’ll chop it up.

According to the local news, we should be getting 3-6 inches of snow Friday evening--originally, it was supposed to hit Thursday. A chance of it being over 6 inches of snow. They say there’s a slight chance of ice. According to The Weather Channel, it should be exactly the amount of ice as last year. We have food that doesn’t require a fridge, water, tons of warm clothes and blankets, and the little heater that doesn’t require electricity, just in case the power does go out. If the power doesn’t go out, but the internet does, then I have DVD’s, and a few things downloaded to the computer.

Send warm thoughts!
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Looks like David Tennant won’t be in Burke and Hare after all—he bowed out of that, and Andy Serkis will be replacing him. It would have been an interesting role for him.

Both David Tennant and Doctor Who won at the National TV Awards in the UK. And since I’ve managed to find the clips via Youtube, I’m linking them for anyone else that hasn’t seen them. David Tennant presenting an award at the NTA’s. David Tennant wins an award, and gives a cute speech. Doctor Who winning for Best Drama—and Tennant gets Cribbins (who says “what bloody cheek!”) to give the speech, in a cute moment. And [personal profile] magicallaw has a great picture of Cribbins and Tennant goofing off—presumably before the awards ceremony.

So far, the [community profile] help_haiti auction has raised—in just the Audio and Food posts, as they haven’t totaled the rest yet—over $7600. [personal profile] sykira? Once you’ve donated your bidding, just let me know the prompt or scenario you want me to write via PM or e-mail, and I’ll get started on it. Your wish is my command.
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Over at Topless Robot, they’re doing a Casting Call, similar to what Wizard Magazine used to do. Of course, this time it’s basically a free-for-all of casting anything and everything in the comments. Fables, X-Men, He-Man, Batman, the JLI, Spider-Man, etc… Some of the suggestions are great, and others are just out there and funny.

Someone made a hysterical spoof of The End of Time Part 1. You can watch it here. They’ve managed to do a spot on impression of Tennant. And the spoof for The End of Time Part 2 is here.

The “My Soundtrack” Meme. My thread is here—basically, you just tell what song reminds you of the person posting.

The Support Stacie Auction is already taking sign-ups for the auction in April. I’m working on the sign-up form, and I’ll offer Doctor Who as one fandom. For the second fandom, I can’t decide between offering Ghostbusters or Merlin—so you get a poll, since I only want to offer two fandoms.

[Poll #1512792]
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Here’s a funny little spoof: the BBC apologizes for going a single hour without mentioning David Tennant or Doctor Who.

The Worst Moments From 2009’s Science Fiction and Fantasy. I disagree with the Doctor Who one—slightly. I thought the one for Torchwood was a good cheesy moment.

From FearNet: 4 Reasons To Get Excited For Burton and Depp’s Dark Shadows.

From Cracked: 13 Overlooked Deaths of 2009.

Power Rangers ended after 17 years and 700 episodes, it would seem. I watched that show in middle school, and the very beginning of high school. Going by Wikipedia, I probably quit watching shortly after they turned into ninjas. So around the time of the first movie, I guess? I remember Billy heading for a planet made of water.

I have to recommend this great Doctor Who fanfic I just read. It’s set after Waters of Mars, and the title pretty much says it all. How the Doctor Ended the World by Changing the Fixed Point in Time that is Firefly’s Cancellation.

This might be old, but I hadn’t seen it before. Tom Wilson (aka Biff) answers questions he’s frequently asked about Back to the Future—via song.

My auction post for the vampire bit of the Support Stacie Auction is located here. The auction doesn’t start until January 15th—I’ll post a reminder of this, and probably a mention of anything that was left out, closer to the date.
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There’s an exclusive clip from The End of Time Part 2—from the radio. You can listen to it here. And if you want to listen to the entire radio interview (58 minutes—David Tennant interviews RTD about their roles in the series) you can listen to it here. The scene from The End of Time Part 2 is around the 13 minute mark.

ETA: Okay, here we go--you can watch a clip with most of the scene here. The radio bit seems to have a tiny bit more than what you see here.

Harold Ramis wants Ghostbusters III to shoot in 2010, and be released in 2011. For all anyone really knows, this might just be another rumor making the rounds. It really has been too long since the second movie, so I really don’t see it working if it does get made.

16 Incredibly Impractical Superhero Costumes.

We’re expected to get a bit of ice and snow tonight, but they stress that it won’t be much, and should dissipate quickly. The people in charge of salting the roads aren’t taking any chances after the bad ice storm earlier in the year—they’re doing roads, stopping and getting out and salting sidewalks, too. Even our road, which has a tendency to be one of the last to get done.


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