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Oct. 20th, 2017 12:00 am
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I am not a vidder but I love vids, and I often wish I could write the way people vid. A lot of ideas I come up with would work better as audiovisual and not text, I think.

If I were a vidder, I would totally vid snide queer Irish socialist Steve Rogers through the ages to Func Anseo/Uptown Funk in Irish. Just saying. And end it on a leather jacket renegade Nomad note. Belligerent Steve, whether he's tiny or the size of a prize pig, with all this anger and flushed cheeks as the decades roll by.

If I were a vidder, I'd also be keen on a tongue-in-cheek but also seriously sentimental fanvid of Black Widow and Winter Soldier through the ages set to something like Katyusha, because why not and I cannot believe it hasn't been done. "She came out onto the lofty river bank and started to sing about a grey steppe eagle whom she loved and whose letters she treasured", come on. There is so much 20th century trivia to be vidded, assuming Natalya has the widow infinity serum and she and Bucky witnessed all the stuff. (And while we are on the subject of humour and cliches, I cannot believe there is no much ado about punching action vid of Bucky's fight scenes and Winter Soldier quotidien set to Kalinka, either.)

b&w updates

Oct. 19th, 2017 09:14 pm
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Since I was complaining a few posts ago about the lack of James Maxwell in Subway in the Sky, I should say:

a) That paid off - [personal profile] swordznsorcery pointed me to this Design for Loving campaign sheet from eBay, which has a large pic of Mr Maxwell, plus a synopsis and cast list, and then [personal profile] liadtbunny pointed out that it is up on the BFIplayer here (although only for rental, and I'd have to watch it online and not keep it and rip it and cap it, but still; if lack of JM overcomes me anytime, I could do that). Plus, bonus pic!* (It was 1962, though. I can't remember why I had 1958 in my head. I should know by now there is no 1950s JM, however much I want to make that not be true.)

And b) my other film, The Third Secret, which I will have to talk about properly sometime (it was very pretty and complicated) coughed up a satisfactory cameo. Cut for pictorial proof )

* I don't know why James Maxwell looks like he's in a threesome there, though. Don't these people know that he only ever makes worshipful love to people's hands and would be tragically in the way?

Wednesday Reading Meme

Oct. 19th, 2017 11:02 pm
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Wednesday reads on a Thursday, here we go.

What I've just finished reading

Some of the sententiae Publilius Syrus, which remind me a bit of Seneca. (Unsuprisingly, since Seneca was a fan of Publilius.) "How unhappy is he who cannot forgive himself." "Look to be treated by others as you have treated others."

I love that Publilius was in the Mimes act, so if we try to envision it in a contemporary way, he was essentially a Syrian burlesque artist with freestyle poetry and talk ranging from satire to philosophy on the human condition. He pursued this career because his master was awed by how smart he was, and was like, have a splendid education! have a manumission! you are awesome! So as a freedman, he travelled all over Italy and Caesar eventually thought he was cool, too. Caesar was right; Publilius' surviving works show that he was pretty damn cool. It must have been like a mix of Lady Gaga and Noam Chomsky.

"Bitter for a free man is the bondage of debt."

I also read Robert Louis Stevenson's essay On Falling in Love, which is delightful, as Stevenson's essays are. His writing is so smooth! And oh, his adorable ridicule, and wonder at anyone falling in love with a man, ever. The only men worthy of inspiring love, in his opinion, are Leonardo da Vinci and Goethe - but only when the latter was young! (This gave me a craving for a Captain Flint (of Black Sails) story about falling in love in just this style and from this perspective. Any recommendations of good Flint fanfic about mature emotions?)

What I'm reading right now

Still Cinderella in the South by Cripps. I am moving at a pace of roughly one story per week now.

What I plan to read next

Probably some extracts from The Nibelungenlied, to get in the mood for something epic (for writing purposes). Murder! Revenge! There are so many characters and so many murders in this 12th century epic I can hardly remember who is avenging what. No matter; I can just pick whatever passage, then.

Much nonfiction

Oct. 19th, 2017 04:22 pm
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Jennifer Wright, Get Well Soon: History’s Worst PlaguesRead more... )
Arkady Ostrovsky, The Invention of Russia: From Gorbachev to Putin: How things went wrong in Russia, with the failure of democratic reformers to put in a structure that could survive the transfer of power. Very few heroes here.

Hillary Clinton, What HappenedCue gross sobbing )
Neil Strauss, Emergency: This Book Will Save Your LifeRead more... )

Richard V. Reeves, Dream Hoarders: How the American Upper Middle Class Is Leaving Everyone Else in the Dust, Why That Is a Problem, and What To Do About ItIt me )

Brooke Erin Duffy, (Not) Getting Paid To Do What You Love: Gender, Social Media, and Aspirational Workfans who want to be pros )

Jesse Eisinger, The Chickenshit ClubRead more... )

Brittney Cooper, Eloquent RageEmbracing rage )
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So, I think someone high up in management at my institution got hacked last year or something, since in the past year we have developed some serious paranoia regarding data security. Not to say that data security isn’t important or that I dislike the changes, I think they are for the most part sensible, but we went from like, zero to Steranko-System-in-Leverage in the course of a month or two. 

The latest development is a mysterious edict that we all have to leave our computers at work but logged out tonight so that they can “encrypt” our computers somehow – I assume it’s some kind of software they’re going to install, but there’s been a dearth of information over what exactly this Encryption Of Computers entails. Furthermore, I was told that my computer is incompatible with encryption (loose lips sink ships, laptop!) so it will have to be wiped completely and upgraded. Which I’m fine with, all my work is on a network drive anyway and I just had to remember to move a few files. 

But my laptop apparently heard them and knows it’s being wiped. Yesterday the flash stopped working and today my Outlook has decided to neither send nor receive any email. Additionally, a retail clothing website just broke Firefox so hard it no longer allows me to log into anything. 

What I’m saying is that this laptop is going down swinging, and I kind of admire its fighting spirit, but goddamn, could it not have waited until the end of the workday so I wouldn’t have to use Microsoft Webmail to do the last two hours of business today. 

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2zlNMYG
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Title: Graceful
Artist: [personal profile] goss
Rating: G
Fandom: Avatar: Legend of Korra
Characters/Pairings: Korra
Content Notes: Created for Inktober - Day 17, word prompt: Graceful. This is my very first attempt at using India Ink with a paintbrush. I found the following video on YouTube to be particularly helpful: How to Draw and Paint Animals with Water: Ink Drip Technique.

The ink drip technique is SO COOL! I only have black ink right now, but would love to get my hands on other colours. So in addition to the original piece, I've also included a digital blue-tinted version below, which I rather like. :)


Click here for entire artwork )

My long-delayed trip

Oct. 19th, 2017 11:12 am
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Two years ago, I meant to go to Japan in November. And then I had the most horrible two years of my entire life, and the trip was shelved.

I'm going to Japan in November! I'll be there for two weeks, divided between Tokyo, Kyoto, and Fukuoka. The last is a city further south than I've been before, with some very pretty day trips.

I'm going to use AirBnb, which I also haven't used before, but it looks pretty great. I have two lovely apartments all to myself for cheaper than a hotel room would be, and one room in a house with a lady who cooks breakfast, has a friendly toy poodle named Piccolo, and says understatedly, "I am a former hotelier who worked in the five star hotel. I think I can assist you well during your stay."

Any of you done anything fun in Japan?

The Merry Monk

Oct. 19th, 2017 11:19 am
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They say there are few things that lighten the heart so much as the laughter of Christopher Lee. Well, I'm sure someone says that. I say that, at least as far as 1966's Rasputin the Mad Monk is concerned. After seeing him in other Hammer horror films as a dour edifice playing Dracula or the Mummy it's refreshing seeing him in this hairy, gregarious role, booming with mirth and dancing with a barmaid. The movie someone resembles the real story of the historical Rasputin but in an effort to avoid political awkwardness, and to make a villain of a man best known for having been murdered, Hammer made Rasputin into an evil wizard, something that never quite ties in sensibly with the rest of his personality. But Lee sells the character and the usual Hammer atmosphere works well.

We learn that Rasputin (Lee) makes regular appearances in a rural village where no-one knows his name or where he comes from. He just shows up at a tavern, drinks an impossible amount of alcohol, makes merry, and vanishes--there are several scenes where the man effortlessly drinks other men under the table.

This is how he gains his key ally, Boris (Richard Pasco), when he comes to St. Petersburg. He's forced to flee the monastery after he heals the wife of an innkeeper but then kills a man for attacking him while he makes out with the innkeeper's daughter. The makeout session was consensual but it's implied it might not have been after the attacker was killed. Still, it's a little unclear why the rural innkeeper is suddenly angry at the man who brought his wife back from certain death.

In St. Petersburg, Rasputin seduces a noblewoman, Sonia (Barbara Shelley), a lady in waiting to the Tsarina (Renee Asheroson), then uses hypnosis so that she'll "accidentally" injure the prince. He can then step in and use his miraculous healing powers to win the favour of the Tsarina who gives him a mansion in thanks.

Apart from the hypnosis and magic healing powers, the story's vaguely close to the real Rasputin who gained popularity as a mystic in the Zsar's court, particularly among women. Instead of the political intrigue that was the real cause of Rasputin's protracted demise, here he's once again beset by the jealous lover of the woman he seduced.

It's never really clear why a man before contented with drinking and love making suddenly became so ambitious. Lee makes it seem like Rasputin is totally amoral and considers the world and its people but trivial playthings. In this, he's effectively frightening, but it would've been kind of nice just to have a big hairy Christopher Lee who liked having a boisterous but perfectly innocent good time.

Twitter Sonnet #1045

In bulky webs the garment fell to rocks.
In craggy cuts, horizons pale the sky.
The healthy play with iron keys and locks.
A careful plan remakes a frozen pie.
In raisin clothes the chic's beneath the sun.
To stitch appointed tonsils tin's supplied.
Connected towels abridge what tans've done.
The autumn beach with fire now implied.
Triangle eyes assess potential burns.
In dancing lights a vision took the hills.
Conveyed in stone and twig the lizard learns.
The corn is ground beneath the scratching wheels.
A minty gasp precedes the ice and rain.
A portrait stared along the watching main.

New Edits

Oct. 19th, 2017 09:04 pm
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My newest edits (click to see in full size)... First one is McQueen from Space: Above And Beyond, and the second Deanna Troi from Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Also found the header of one of my old Star Trek site layouts, and thought I'd upload it too:

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Not entirely well yet, but couldn't wait to post these:

Excessive force: A judge has ruled in favor of children who were handcuffed in school.

For being at Standing Rock to cover what was happening, Amy Goodman was charged with "participating in a riot." The judge in the case has thrown it out for lack of probable cause.

Museum visitors who match the artwork.

Remember the case of the girl who was raped at 12, had the child, and then a judge was giving her rapist custody? The judge in the case has reversed his order and will not do it now. And there are apologies from the DA's office. Apparently nobody told the judge until afterward about the guy's two previous "sexual offense" trials, one of which resulted in jail time?


Tearing the fabric of patriarchy -- looking at Weinstein and others through the precise wording of law, not victim-blaming.

The power of shamanic art.

What is left of America as we knew it is disintegrating.

And, copied from Facebook:

From a friend's page:
Distracted by taking a knee, the imminent nuclear war with North Korea, the loss of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty with Iran, the elimination of federal civil rights for Trans people, and Russiagate?
The GOP has slipped in some new bills.
The following bills have been introduced (Sept-Oct):
1. HR 861 Terminate the Environmental Protection Agency...
2. HR 610 Vouchers for Public Education
3. HR 899 Terminate the Department of Education
4. HJR 69 Repeal Rule Protecting Wildlife
5. HR 370 Another attempt to Repeal Affordable Care Act
6. HR 354 Defund Planned Parenthood
7. HR 785 National Right to Work (this one is devastating to the working class ... it ALSO applies to Union members)
8. HR 83 Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Bill
9. HR 147 Criminalizing Abortion (“Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act”)
10. HR 808 Sanctions against Iran
Renew your resistance.
Contact your House Representative.
COPY. PASTE. SHARE. Don't let your guard down; the GOP is utterly without morals or simple human decency.

Our worst meal in Japan, 2015

Oct. 19th, 2017 05:33 pm
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Posted by Stephanie from Glamorous in Retrospect | http://wp.me/p5ldry-7l
(Finishing up a few remaining posts before we start our next trip.)

On my first visit to Japan, with a friend, we had the best meal of the trip and the worst meal of the trip within 24 hours of each other. We'd gone to Koya-san, the temple complex, and stayed in a temple for two nights and

Categories: #Japantrip2014-2015

Trying stuff out

Oct. 19th, 2017 10:54 am
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1) A quick rundown on new shows that I tried out: Great News and The Gifted: Read more... )

2) During my trip I read the first of Her Royal Spyness series by Rhys Bowen. I liked it well enough but am curious if anyone reading this has read more books in the series and whether they recommend them? Read more... )

3) We recently had another visit from the heron. It was strolling around our end of the lake.

Read more... )

4) A few more necklaces as well, Halloween and not Read more... )

5) Speaking of photos, it's interesting to see all the communities on LJ which clearly have absent moderators/owners because of all the dead Photobucket links in banners, backgrounds, etc. I wanted to ask if anyone knows of active Buffy communities here on DW that I might be able to post a promo to about Top 5's Classic Recs?

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Circa 1930s London: Katrine, the actor sister of a trio (journalist, actor, student) has her end-of-term show at Dramatic School.


* * *

The end-of-term shows at the Dramatic School were so funny that my nose began to bleed, and I had to grope my way out and yell it off in the cloak-rooms. But mother, shuddering with giggles, sat it all out so as to be able to say what there was to say to Katrine. Her roles included Polonius, and she'd just got to "costly thy habit" when her beard came half off and swung like a pendulum for the rest of the scene, and in The Professor's Love Story (Oh! what a bad play!) the gate stuck, and pinned that whimsical recluse to his own fence.

And later on, mother told me, one of the girls (as a farmer) had to fill a pipe and smoke it, and she stuffed the bowl so full that a man in the audience said "Christ" out loud, and of course it wouldn't draw, and the girl pulled nearly all of it out again, and mother said "The stage was knee-deep in shag. That girl ought to get on."

* * *

Reading it, I barked helplessly like a hoarse hound.

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The past few nights, I've been in bed by 10:15, so last night when I stayed up until 11 (which is my usual bedtime), I was like, "it's so late!"

It's getting darker earlier, which always makes it feel later than it is, but last night 11 pm felt like 2 am for some reason.

For some reason my DVR didn't pick up the season premiere of Star Wars Rebels on Monday (at any of the times it aired) but it did have the first half hour set to record last night, so I pressed record for the second episode as well (why does it do that? I do not understand!), even though I watched both live.

spoilers of Mandalore )


Dept. of Cat Purgatory.

Oct. 19th, 2017 08:36 am
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The Good News Is...

Phil's home, and with both external ears. I am amazed at the lack of communication that can occur over the phone; I specifically heard the other doctor say the external ear had been removed, and I specifically asked about that - and was told yes, the ear was taken. Apparently "external ear" means different things to cat owners and vets. No matter: that's good. 

What's making this an awful, bad, no good day for everyone is the medication regimen. We're supposed to give him an antibiotic once every twelve hours, and two painkillers: gabapentin, again, once every 12 hours, and hydromorphone, once every 6-8 hours. 

Since we got him home yesterday afternoon, we've gotten one gabapentin dose in him, and one antibiotic dose, and, we think, one hydromorphone dose. He is horrible about opening his mouth, and literally twists himself upside down to avoid doing so. We're supposed to keep up this regimen every day for five days (the hydromorphone) and 10 days (the antibiotic). This may or may not happen. He's gotten so stressed; at one point, losing control of his bowels. Poor little guy. Jesus ....

Also? He has to wear the cone of shame for 10 days, except when we take it off him to let him eat, drink, and - ha - take his medicine. The poor guy is running into walls and everything else, we've had to take the top off the catbox because he can't get in with it on, and he definitely can't get up or down to places he normally wants to go. 

He slept on me for much of last night, after I lifted him to the bed. I didn't get much sleep, nor did BB. I called in sick today, although I'll try to get at least a couple of things done; if the hydromorphone we think we got into him 15 minutes ago takes hold and he sleeps again, I'm going to catch a few wink. 

It's like having a baby again. Except one with claws, some teeth, a lot of stress, and stitches. 

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The water pipes in my apartment have abruptly started acting weird: very noisy and comes out sputtering. There seems to be air in the pipes. This started yesterday – first noticed when the toilet tank was refilling with cold water, checked the kitchen taps, and the cold water was doing it there, too. Then the hot water started doing that too, which has me more alarmed: that comes right out of my apartment's water heater tank, so there shouldn't be any opportunity for air to get in it, right?

I called the landlord yesterday, left a message about it. There's construction going on on the floor below me, but I asked one of the guys if they're working on the plumbing and he said no.

It's still doing it.

How worried should I be? What scenarios could be causing this?
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Last night, I bolted out of a dead sleep at a little after 11 because the landline was ringing. I run downstairs, but let it go to the answering machine, which is basically a reflex at this point. No message.

I then look at my phone, because grabbing that when I wake up in the middle of the night is absolutely a reflex (though the Pip sleeps much, much better these days!) . . . and it was me. The cell had someone dialed the landline. [*]

I post this story elsewhere, and literally seconds later, I get the punchline )

[*] On reflection, it wasn't that late, so I think I fell asleep with the phone still on in my hand and touched it enough to keep the screen awake, until eventually I randomly dialed home. I checked, I hadn't made any other outgoing calls, at least.

Horror october #18

Oct. 19th, 2017 12:54 pm
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(Somewhat belated due to AWESOME Nick Cave concert yesterday)

Another classic: Sleepaway Camp is one of those movies I have to rewatch regularly, because it's just so fucking weird. I'm still not sure if it's in a good way or a bad way.

I'm pretty sure you couldn't make this movie today, which is probably a good thing. The actual young teens (star Felissa Rose was 14) playing actual young teens in not-very-appropriate situations, the camp staff who openly lust after their charges without anyone raising an eyebrow, the wild overacting, the queerness that's so overt that everyone missed it in 1983, THAT twist at the end ... And at the same time, the twist works (maybe just once, but that one time it's brilliant), the kills are inventive, and the sheer oddness of it does create a pretty disturbing atmosphere.

There are a couple of sequels which actually aren't half-bad, starring Bruce Springsteen's little sister if you'll believe that. But the original ... it's something else entirely.

what a good dog

Oct. 19th, 2017 12:17 am
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A dog who wouldn't leave his flock of goats came safe and sound through the California wildfires, having managed to keep safe all the goats and, because this was not already impressive enough, several baby deer.

I will have a book log tomorrow, but

Oct. 18th, 2017 11:02 pm
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I need someone to give me a second opinion on this.

Sitting in traffic this evening, I spotted a vanity plate that read "RIKARD". 

So, that car is clearly the property of a Star Trek slasher, right?  


No Now available post today

Oct. 18th, 2017 07:47 pm
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Sorry, guys. I'm gearing up to a big writing seminar and just haven't had the time to gather links to the last two things I published.

Or, for that matter, gather links to all the things I'm putting up for preorder.

You see, I have a story a week until the end of the year (short story, novella, novel or collection) and they're all done. Covers, blurbs, all formatting for ebook and POD. And given that the last quarter of the year is always 110% insane for me, I decided to go ahead and get them all uploaded for preorder.

That way I can work on reformatting the Muirin stories and dealing with the silly season. There's a new SF novel coming, with a companion short story (short story is next week, novel the week after). I have several more Gods Above and Below short stories. A Muirin novel that I'm super-happy with. A lovely little Christmas novella with a lesbian romance between two mentally ill young women that I kind of fell in love with as I wrote. Plus several collections that I've put off publishing for oh, most of the year.

Lots of good stuff coming.

Even better, I've got two books done for next year, a couple of short stories, and I'm working on a new Drath romance novel right now that should come out in February.

So yeah, lots of good stuff coming. Just no links to it at the moment.

Once I get back home on the 30th I'll work on getting the links for everything up.

Have a great week, everyone!


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