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calliopes_pen ([personal profile] calliopes_pen) wrote2017-04-16 09:39 am

Librarian_Films Has Almost Made The Journey

All journal entries have been successfully imported for [community profile] librarian_films as of a few minutes ago. It doesn't look like anything accidentally appeared multiple times. Once the comments have made the journey, then I’ll delete the group on Livejournal, as promised.

Edit: As of a moment ago, the same status holds true for [community profile] relation_ships as well.
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[personal profile] seandc 2017-04-16 03:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Librarian Films, you say...

Well, there is one tale that springs instantly to mind... (I hope this works, I had to use Google to get around Pinterest)

(look who's in her hand to complete the inverted-homage, and the tale is called Moving Pictures, so I think it counts :D )