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Casting The New Mutants

Maisie Williams has been cast as Rahne Sinclair for the New Mutants film, while Anya Taylor-Joy will be Illyana Rasputin. This went around at least once before as a rumor. It’s being officially confirmed this time.

While I have no interest whatsoever in Game of Thrones, I have seen Maisie Williams in Doctor Who. She can act. However, I’m not entirely sure how good of a fit she would be for Rahne. I have seen Anya Taylor-Joy in Split (2016); from all I've read, she's far better as Thomasin in The Witch (2015). I have yet to see it, so I wouldn't know.

In order to make any sort of sense, they’ll probably have to scrap Illyana’s origin story of Limbo and Belasco. Then again, Warlock is supposed to be in the film, too. Karma is being left out. It would have been nice to see her in a New Mutants film.

I don’t know what current actress could work as Dani Moonstar.
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I have hopes for Maisie Williams as Rahne, she definitely has the right look. I've also only seen here in Doctor Who though. Rahne is a tricky character and it's going to take some definite acting chops to do right by her.

I have never seen Anya Taylor-Joy in anything, so I'm really not sure about her as Illyana. She looks the part, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. (See January Jones as Emma Frost for actresses who looked right but were totally unsuitable for the character.)

I'm kind of hopelessly invested in them getting this film right. The New Mutants are my team. They were the first team of characters I ever fell madly in love with, and the whole reason I started reading comics again was because of the most recent New Mutants series featuring the original characters.

I especially love Dani and Sam, both of whom can be stereotypes so easily, so I'm pretty nervous.
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Having seen GOT, trust me, she has the acting chops. That's a difficult role to pull off. She's basically playing a girl who decides to become an assassin in GoT.
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Ooh, this could work, for both characters. I'm looking forward to hearing what happens with the rest.
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Maisie Williams is perfect as Rahne Sinclair -- I've watched GoT and the role she plays in it is a assassin wolf girl with a lot of anger issues.

Don't know the others.

And YAY! More X-Men movies!!!
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Anya Taylor-Joy was brilliant in both The Witch (which is excellent) and Morgan (which... isn't). Personally I'm not too happy with the trend of every promising actor being swallowed up by superhero franchises, but that's just me, so good for her.
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I did not know they were making a New Mutants movie! I have all the comics! I am excited for this -- I hope they don't mess it up too badly.
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Would Illyana be Illyana at all without her origin story? Either way, I'm really worried how this'll turn out. It's so much easier when they adapt characters I don't care about. *g*