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My Response To Livejournal’s Latest Drama

In regards to Livejournal not allowing people onto the site (or even allowing cross-posting until you agree--so yeah, I agreed so I could do that) unless they agree to the new terms and conditions: If you don’t want to remain on Livejournal, and are reading this from there, you can always find me on Dreamwidth under this same username.

Feel free to add me if you're only just going over to the Dreamwidth side, if you haven’t already. I know there are people that still prefer commenting on the Livejournal side, so I will continue to cross-post for now.

I choose not to panic. I will not delete my journal.

I respect the decision to get out of there and delete your journal, if you’ve made that one. I also understand why some don’t want to go. If things get even sketchier, or particular restrictions go into effect that don't allow particular topics over there, then I might do only Dreamwidth posting at that point. I will warn everyone in advance should that time come.

There are far too many things I might need again that are located on Livejournal at this moment, like access to particular groups that are locked, the LJ Memories, and their Scrapbook.

Everything I have posted to my Livejournal is backed up on Dreamwidth as a result of cross-posting and importing. All of my icons are backed up on Dreamwidth--I have more on Dreamwidth than I do on the Livejournal side. Thanks to the import function, almost all (well, I’m about to do yet another import, so that’ll be all shortly) comments from over there are backed up on Dreamwidth. And thanks to that function, my fanfic and cross-posting thereof is backed up on Dreamwidth (and Ao3, and wherever else).

I have the old stuff from the 2009 ice storm and a few other things (like at least one image of one of my late cats that I stumbled across in there, which I have yet to move) currently hosted on Livejournal’s Scrapbook that I might try to save elsewhere.

So in summary: This is basically the same thing I said back in December, really. At least I'm consistent?

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[personal profile] werepuppyblack 2017-04-04 07:11 pm (UTC)(link)
I did delete my journal, but it was honestly something I had been preparing to happen for some time. At least this way, I still have my old entries. And I've been using DW a lot more consistently lately.

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I'm going to keep going in both...

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I'm not panicked, but I didn't have anything backed up, so that's a big reason for my decision to go ahead and move. I'm not going to delete my LJ or anything unless something crazy happens, and I intend to keep checking my flist/commenting over here on LJ, but new posts are going to be on DW now. It's easier for me to post to just one place, and while I'd rather stay here (I have posts going back to 2003), it's finally reaching a tipping point, I guess.

The odds of random entries that somehow meet disapproval being removed just skyrocketed. Until now, everything's been US based, legally speaking, and I'm side-eying Russian stuff kinda hard these days. I suppose really all I'm doing is prepping for the worst, which I *doubt* is going to happen, but I would really be kicking myself if I didn't go ahead and take steps to keep my stuff from being lost forever. Those steps just make it functionally easier for me to shift over to DW.
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I have read most and skimmed over other parts of the users agreement and it appears that little to nothing except the name of the hosting site has changed since I first started this account 11 years ago. I'm not panicking and I really have no intentions of leaving LJ at this time. I think a lot of people are just panicking because of all the news/fake news flooding social media these days. I MIGHT think about it if Dreamwidth can enable its users to upload pictures directly from their computer instead of having to use links to photo hosting sites like photobucket.

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That recently became a new feature.

Really? Wow. I haven't been on DW for a while now. I think I'll take the next couple of days and see what I can do over there now.

I have read the instructions on how to import content from LJ to DW. What I'd like to know is does my computer have to be on or can I just shut it down after starting the import?
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