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Fannish Items of Interest

Joel Goldsmith has passed away at the age of 54. He was perhaps best known as the musical composer for the Stargate franchise, as well as Star Trek: First Contact and Laserblast. May he rest in peace.

UK ISPs must censor The Pirate Bay, High Court rules.

Discovery Channel Crashes A Boeing 747 For Science Documentary.

Australian Billionaire To Build Full-Sized Replica Of The Titanic. I’ll just be over here, thinking of Voyage of the Damned.

New Bill Banning Employer Facebook Snooping Introduced In Congress.

18+ Avengers unlikely to show up in the movie.

New 3-Minute Trailer For Prometheus.

Another Prometheus Featurette Arrives: Creations.

For one day only, get a $10 ticket to Re-Animator The Musical’s opening weekend.

Several short interviews with the cast and crew of the Dark Shadows film were just released, so here’s a round-up. Seth Grahame-Smith. Tim Burton. Michelle Pfeiffer. Bella Heathcoate. Johnny Lee Miller. Chloe Moretz. Johnny Depp. Jackie Earle Haley. Eva Green. Helena Bonham Carter.

Looking back at Disney’s The Black Hole.

New shots of rare Extreme Ghostbusters prototypes.

Small Screen, Big Impact.

Mista-M’s Kid Flash redesign.

56 Episodes of Star Trek At The Same Time.

Super Best Friends Forever: Short #3, with Supergirl.

Lara Pulver talks about her role in Sherlock.

The Highlander Chronicles: 20 Years Later Challengesign-ups end June 3rd. It’s been 20 years since the first episode of Highlander: The Series aired. I started watching with the final episode of season 5.

From Cracked: 6 Disturbing Unanswered Questions From Children’s Movies.

Mattel Reveals Death, Tiny Titans, DC Polly Pocket, and Masters of the Universe SDCC Exclusives.

The Daily Telegraph lists 99 Things You Didn’t Know About Superheroes. A lot of these I already knew.

Diamond Selects Announces More Universal Monster Toys.
This is a link to an example website

Watch a preview for an upcoming horror documentary called That $#!% Will Rot Your Brain: How The Monster Kids Transformed Popular Culture.

Comics Alliance Reviews Superman III, Part One.
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New Bill Banning Employer Facebook Snooping Introduced In Congress.

When I read that title, I thought "Huh? How are they going to stop people reading your public Facebook page, that doesn't make sense."
Then I read the actual article, and discovered that "Facebook Snooping" was shorthand for "extortion and identity theft" - because that's what it boils down to, if you demand someone's password. That's outrageous! Appalling!
I'm glad that some of the US politicians actually do care about privacy. It's kind of sad that a specific bill has to be introduced to cover this, though.