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I've Been On Livejournal That Long?

Perhaps it’s due to the comments being screened, but I didn’t receive the notifications for the love meme. I happened to glance in, and just saw them. Thank you (each of you will see my thanks over there, too, when those comments are unscreened) so much for the kind words and hearts, [personal profile] alexseanchai, [personal profile] azurelunatic, and [personal profile] elistaire. They are truly greatly appreciated.

I was looking through the payment history tab on Livejournal to see just how long I’ve had my Permanent Account over there...and how long I’ve been on LJ as a whole. My account was created on November 10th, 2003, so I’ve been there for nearly 14 years. I obtained the Permanent Account in June of 2005. I renamed my journal in October of that same year.

Back then, my username was faith_of_borg; when I began to gradually move away from my interests in both Buffy and Star Trek, I wanted a username that I wouldn’t really drift away from liking. I didn’t want one that focused on one particular fandom, just in case I jumped ship. I always enjoyed mythology, and eventually picked what I have these days.

As of right now, it’s looking like I will definitely be bringing [ profile] big_damn_quests over to Dreamwidth. 8 votes in favor, 0 against. I remember what it was like when Greatestjournal disappeared before I could think to save a lot of fannish history in groups I enjoyed. Hence my whole ‘do it while there’s still time’ mentality for archiving.

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[personal profile] phoenixfire12 2017-04-09 03:10 pm (UTC)(link)
It has been a while for me on LiveJournal, too. I created my account on 23 August 2006, so they say. I probably have posts back dated before that though. At one time I wanted all of my written journals to be posted online. In some ways I still do. I can upload links to favorite videos or websites when necessary. On the flip side of that coin I like the paper version of a journal because I can draw in it as well as write. Another benefit is that you can see the personality of the writer through their handwriting.
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It's definitely because of the comment screening. I can't remember whether notifs are supposed to go out to anyone but the journal owner and commenter when comments are screened, but I make a habit of replying to previously-screened lovememe comments just so the text of the loving comments ends up in my inbox where I can refer back at will.


(Sorry I didn't words, you definitely deserve words, I just, my words keep going fiction places right now and sputtering out when I try to go other places.)
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I remember when you were faith_of_borg... I started my journal in 2005 but was lurking/commenting without an account a while before that. It seems like it can't be possible that that much time has passed and things have changed so much, but I guess here it is!
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I'd been on LJ since 2002, my username has been the same from day one. Making the decision to move made me think about how much time and enjoyment lj gave me.