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calliopes_pen ([personal profile] calliopes_pen) wrote2017-05-04 03:22 pm
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Working on Hidden Passages' Layout

Going through all of the layout themes, Elementary Smoke is almost perfect (aside from the Sherlock Holmes silhouette, which is not quite right for this scenario) for a community dedicated to gothic horror. I just quickly previewed it with my regular journal to see how it handles text. It looks like it would stretch out the text of every post, so I’ll keep working on finding a good option.

Winterborn, Lavender with the base style of Basic Boxes (for purple prose, as the icon I'm using points out), or Touch in Dusty Foot’s style might work better.
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[personal profile] sallymn 2017-05-06 01:51 am (UTC)(link)
Sounds like a lot of work, I hope you get what you want!

Mine on both journals hasn't changed in years.... partly ennui, I confess.