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June Foray has passed away at the age of 99, just two months before what would have been her 100th birthday. May she rest in peace. She is likely best known as the voice of Rocky The Flying Squirrel and Natasha on The Rocky And Bullwinkle Show. I think Nickelodeon played that quite a bit back in the 80’s.

After I looked through her IMDB filmography, I saw that she basically did voice work on a lot of the shows of my childhood. She was the voice of various characters in Denver The Last Dinosaur, The Smurfs, The Incredible Hulk (the 1982 cartoon, narrated by Stan Lee), and The Real Ghostbusters. She was the voice of Aunt May in Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends. Mrs. Featherby in both the Ducktales series, as well as Ducktales The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp (1990).

She was the voice of the Talky Tina doll in an episode of The Twilight Zone.

She was in Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (1975) as the voices of Nagaina the Cobra, Wife of Nag; Teddy's Mother; and Darzee's Wife. I think that, and The Cricket In Times Square (1973) were on Nickelodeon a lot, too. She was the voice of the Hag in Faeries (1981), which I watched when I was likely only a year old--2 at the most...however old I was, a moment where a shadow is stabbed and starts bleeding left an impression, for I searched for it for decades before finding the title.

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Lois Lilienstein has passed away at the age of 78, after a battle with cancer. May she rest in peace. She may be most known for Sharon, Lois & Bram’s Elephant Show, which I watched and loved when it aired on Nickelodeon in the very early 80’s.

According to IMDB, the show started in 1984, so I would have been 3. I mostly remember Bram’s beard (perhaps it scared me, I don't know. I was 3)--the strange elephant, and a bit of the Skinnamarink song.
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Here’s what an actual Six Strikes copyright alert looks like. Comcast Punishes BitTorrent Pirates With Browser Hijack.

Are Cable Companies Hoping Usage-Based Internet Access Will Help Thwart Netflix?

Time Warner Cable says there's no consumer demand for gigabit internet

High Court Orders UK ISPs to Block, H33T and Fenopy

San Diego Comic Con hotels sold out in about 2 minutes.

New Short From Rifftrax: Ten Long Minutes

For the curious, the Rifftrax Kickstarter page has reached $174,410, with 26 days to go. Here’s their recent video with their plea.

Showcase Renews Lost Girl For Season 4; Syfy will air it, too.

Off My Mind: Consequences of Batman Incorporated #8.

Help Wanted: 10 Applicants For The New Robin.

A poster for The Dark Knight, drawn by Daniel Nash

Image of the Day: Awkward 1950′s and 1960′s Batman Moments #4

Deadman: Where Do I Start?

Top 10 Things That Make Stan Lee Awesome.

Stunning Glow-In-The Dark Steampunk Iron Man Cake

Great Moments in Comics History: What If? #19

Image Relaunches Joe’s Comics Imprint With Help From Straczynski, Templesmith, and Sienkiewicz

11 Most Controversial Comic Books.

Defining the Doctor: The Tomb of the Cybermen

Weeping Angel Doll

Cult moves to Fridays on the CW.

Doctor Gash's Top 10 Greatest Horror Movies Ever #1 - The Exorcist

Movie Legends Revealed: Was There Really an Octopus in The Goonies?

Star Wars X-Wing Bed.

Snow Yoda.

What Movies Look Like Before Special Effects.

Sherlock’s E-Card.

Oz: The Great And Powerful cover for Entertainment Weekly.

8 Great Mythological Creatures That Desperately Need to Be in More Movies

Ninja Turtles Moves to June 2014

21 Surprising Facts About Your Favorite Childhood TV Shows.

The BBC’s Zombie PSA – Keep Calm And Avoid The Undead

The Hobbit Re-Read: Chapter 14, Fire and Water.

CBS Announces Start Of Production On Under the Dome

You can watch the two-minute international trailer for the first season of Hannibal here.

Titanium ring conceals saw and handcuff opener

Bad Movie Fiends Podcast #166—Live Stream.

Saturday B Movie Reel #100: End of the World.

Film Bin Super-List Special: ‘Cartoon Villains’, Part 1

Film Bin Super-List Special: ‘Cartoon Villains’, Part 2

Mission Log #30—Episode 30—Amok Time.
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Stan Lee sends video message to teen injured in school shooting.

The Line It Is Drawn #122—Classic Marvel Moments From The Silver Age.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #402.

Adam West in Batman: Turn Off The Dark?

‘This Is Gotham After All’: Discovering Harley Quinn.

DC’s Superman Free Comic Book Day Release Revealed.

Men In Black III’s villain could have looked a lot more horrific.

Changes at Image: Ron Richards in, Martinez and Delaine out

The fading wonder of video rental shops.

15 Reasons Why Toys In The 90’s Were Just Plain Better.

X-Treme X-Men and Age of Apocalypse end in April.

Ifanboy’s Weekly Sketch-Up—January 18th. There’s a nice one of Colossus and Shadowcat.

Best Art Ever (This Week): January 18th.

Ask Chris #137: Aquaman Is Basically Terrible.

First Look At The Poster For The Frankenstein Theory.

NBC’s Dracula Series Finds Its Mina Murray--Jessica de Gouw.

Ray Liotta, Juno Temple and Jeremy Piven Join Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

‘The Haunted Refrain’: New Dark Shadows Release From Big Finish.

Premiere Date Set For Power Rangers Megaforce.

Burnham Busts Up New ‘Ghostbusters’ Ongoing Series

10 Facts About The New Evil Dead.

A Skull Ice Mold Chills Your Drinks To The Bone.

Goodbye, Fringe—J.H. Wyman looks back at 5 mind-bending years.

With Great Power Extended Interviews: Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg

Smodcast: Kyle Higgins, on Dick Grayson, Part 1.

The Collinsport Historical Society Podcast, Episode 4: P.N. Elrod and Nancy Kersey.

Movie Issues Podcast: The Three Musketeers (2011)

Nerdist Podcast: Amber Benson.

Retroist Podcast—Episode 128—Cloak & Dagger (1984).
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Artist Josh Medors has passed away, at the age of 36, following a long battle with spinal cancer. May he rest in peace.

Spain Rodriguez has passed away, at the age of 72, after a long battle with cancer. May he rest in peace.

Six Strikes Anti-Piracy Plan Delayed Until 2013.

Fandom Stocking has moved to Dreamwidth—you can find the Stocking Submission Post here.

This is the only hint as to what the next Rifftrax Live Christmas special will be.

You can watch 2009’s Rifftrax Live: Christmas Shorts-Stravaganza on Hulu.

Neil Gaiman mystery project with Anthony Stewart Head revealed.

Neil Gaiman Penning Pilot Presentation For American Gods.

Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, Superman: Brainiac Attacks Blu-Rays Announced.

Christopher Nolan Discusses The Open-Ended Nature of The Dark Knight Rises.

Batman Pint Glass Box Set.

Watch This Behind The Scenes Clip Of The Dark Knight’s Bat.

Dark Knight art appears to rip the floor out of an Australian mall.

Scott Snyder On Death Of The Family: It’s A Love Letter To Batman From The Joker.

The Original 1966 Batmobile Going Up For Auction.

P:R Redesign: Ha Huy Hoang’s Batman Collection

DC Nation Animated Short: New Teen Titans—Groundhog Minute.

New Man of Steel Licensing Artwork Revealed.

Hugh Jackman In Talks To Join X-Men: Days of Future Past.

An interview with Jenna-Louise Coleman.

The complete series of In Search Of is on DVD.

The Secret World of Alex Mack Retrospective: Larisa Oleynik And More On The Origins, Hats, And A Remake.

The Great Stephen King Re-Read: The Stand.

Stephen King’s Under The Dome Coming To TV Next Summer.

Secret Identity Crisis: 10 Superheroes In Disguise.

Robot Chicken creates PlayStation All-Stars ad.

USA Today tells how to write a comic book.

Great Moments In Comics: The New Teen Titans #4.

The Line It Is Drawn #117—A Fond Farewell To Hostess. I love the nod to the Super Dictionary.

King Kong is banging on the Spider-Man musical’s door.

6 Filmmaking Tips From Akira Kurosawa.

How It Should Have Ended: Looper. Doc, and the Tenth Doctor pop up, along with a certain other creature from the latter series.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman in the Justice League Movie (Parody from It’s Just Some Random Guy)

The Cinefiles—Digital vs. Film.

Disney names Jennifer Lee co-director of Frozen.

The Hobbit Re-Read: Chapter 3, ‘A Short Rest.’

Clive Barker Relaunches Hellraiser Comics With The Dark Watch.

9+ Cartoons, TV Shows and Movies That Infuriatingly Aren’t On DVD Yet.

Curiosity finds Daleks on Mars.

Disney In Depth: 20 Aladdin Fun Facts You May Not Have Known.

Alan Rickman joins StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Junk Food Dinner #137: Transformers: The Movie (1986) Audio Commentary.

Weinberg’s House of Horrors Episode 12: The Best and Worst Horror Films of 2012.

JoBlo Movie Podcast: They Live Commentary.

Mission Log Podcast #17: Episode 17—The Squire of Gothos.
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Download a free unpublished Halloween short story written and read by Neil Gaiman, and raise money for education and literacy.

31 Days of Horror: Rosemary’s Baby/Don’t Look Now.

MTV Geek’s Frightful Faves: Tales From The Crypt 5.01: ‘Death of Some Salesman.’

This Terrifying Zombie Sculpture Is Made Out Of Pumpkins.

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness: Pumpkinhead (1988).

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness—80’s Rerun: An American Werewolf In London.

Longbox of the Damned: Hack/Slash Omnibus Volume 1.

Ain’t It Scary Reviews #27: Planet of the Vampires.

TeenNick’s Halloween Schedule.

Classic Monster and Psycho—Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolf Man, Mummy.

Monsters Under The Bed: Horror Stories For Children.

From Cracked: 5 Reasons The Scariest Thing Ever Written Is A Kids’ Book. It’s the Scariest Stories To Tell In The Dark series.

Rare Halloween Videos: 1971: Funky Phantom—Headless Horseman.

Twenty-Five Terrifyingly Awesome And Horrifyingly Awful VHS Horror Covers.

BBC America promo for The Secret of Crickley Hall.

From WatchMojo: The History of Halloween.

13 Ghosts of Halloween: Day 8.

Ghostbusters: Time Scare.

Grade Mockingbird Lane.

Mockingbird Lane ratings help Grimm.

Ethan Embry joins the cast of Once Upon A Time.

5 Fabulous, Oft-Forgotten Lady Villains Who Make Great Halloween Costumes.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey TV Spot #2.

Best Art Ever (This Week)—October 26th.

Which Justice League Should Be In The New Movie? Steven Smith Will Tell You.

TR Contest Special: The Best/Worst Moments Of Blade Runner 2

Weekend Discussion Thread: Stock Footage.

Awesome Art Picks: Spider-Man, Loki, Joker and More.

An Infamous Blurb For The Wizard Of Oz, And More Words From The Man Who Wrote It.

Matt Smith Would Wear Tom Baker’s Scarf If He Could: Highlights From The Doctor Who London Comic Con Spotlight.

How Will You Defeat Frankenstorm?

Shock Waves Podcast: Horror Sequels That Don’t Suck.

The Shut Up And Watch This Podcast, Episode 58: Brain Dead/Dead Alive (1992) Commentary.

The Shut Up And Watch This Podcast, Episode 59: Phantoms (1998).

Cross The Streams Radio Show: Episode 28.

Schlock Treatment 99: Creepshow 2 (1987)

Since I enjoyed Mockingbird Lane, I’m adding it to the list of fandoms I’ll be offering for Yuletide. Also, once sign-ups close, I’ll start a poll with all the fandoms (after all the edits) I’ve offered, just like I did last year, so I can find a beta reader in that fandom without revealing anything.
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CleanIT Act Makes SOPA And PIPA Look Tame In Comparison.

Yuletide nominations close today, at 8 PM CST. I’m crossing my fingers, hoping that the Super Dictionary or Ghostbusters pop up before the deadline.

Yuletide, the internet’s biggest Secret Santa fanfiction exchange, turns 10. Plus an interview with Elynross.

Stan Lee’s Rants: Ugly Babies.

Cocktails With Stan Lee, Episode 9 Season 2: Keahu Kahuanui.

Superhero Origins: Hellboy.

Take a peek at the Dracula restoration for the Universal Classic Monsters Set.

The women of the DC Universe, by Peter Nguyen.

Amanda Visell crafts wood idols of Wonder Woman, Thor and more.

First teaser trailer for The Lone Ranger.

Mike Vogel and Nestor Carbonell join the cast of Bates Motel.

Top 10 Star Trek: Voyager Episodes.

Dark Horse Editor Scott Allie Interviews Author Christopher Golden.

Marvel vs. DC At The U.S. Box Office

It’s down to five actresses for the female lead in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Schwartz’ Scary Stories.

Nickelodeon’s TMNT Animated Series Picked Up For Second Season.

Revolution gets a full season pick-up.

The First Look At Deadshot In Arrow.

The AV Club interviews Richard Jenkins.

Inflatable Slimer Lawn Decoration.

Alan Moore, America’s Most Challenged.

Grace Randolph’s Stacktastic: Young Justice Season 2.

Five Reasons To Stop Worrying And Look Forward To Red Dwarf X.

Now Playing Podcast: Octopussy (1983).

Comic Issues Podcast #86: Geek Love.

The Forgotten Flix Podcast: The People Under The Stairs (1991)
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Michael O’Hare has passed away, at the age of 60, following a heart attack that led to a coma. May he rest in peace. He is likely best known for his role as Jeffrey Sinclair in Babylon 5.

Stan Lee is recuperating following surgery to implant a pacemaker. Best wishes to him for a speedy recovery.

Inside NZ Police Megaupload files: US investigation began in 2010.

Vortexx Adds Sonic X Starting October 6th.

Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield will return for the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man.

The Silence Plush Doll.

10 Most Depressing Departures of Doctor Who’s Companions.

Let The Right One In is headed for the stage.

Awesome Art Picks: Batwoman, Spider-Man, Daredevil and more.

AMC To Livestream Walking Dead Premiere For Dish Customers.

A Fascinating Look Inside The Great Nickelodeon Time Capsule of 1992.

Barry Bostwick will guest star in an episode (the two hour musical episode, to be exact) of Psych.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey reveals a new character scroll.

The Nerdist interviews Anna Torv.

Where To Start With Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Weekend Discussion Thread: MSTed Movies That Should Be Re-Riffed.

From Cracked: 4 Fictional Works People Insist Are Real.

Firefly And Lessons In Contract Law.

Boomerang’s Halloween programming.

For the Halloween season, BBC America will be showing an encore run of Hex, a season 2 premiere of Bedlam, and The Secret of Crickley Hall.

Bad Movie Fiends Podcast, Episode 144: Savage Beach (1989)
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GoDaddy outage was caused by router snafu, not DDOS attack.

Yuletide 2012. At that link, you can find this year’s calendar and guidelines, along with a link to the nominations tutorial. By the way, with the poll I made I forgot to say when I’ll close it--feel free to vote until 8:30 AM CST Wednesday morning. I’ve also added a link there to a Youtube channel that has Mr. Boogedy (and Bride of Boogedy) in its entirety. For those that may not know what it is, given its obscurity.

The Great Alan Moore Reread: Tom Strong, Part 3.

Best Cosplay Ever (This Week) September 10th.

An interview with Romola Garai.

Xenites Unite For The Xena Movie Campaign.

Scott Lobdell’s plans for Superman.

Looking back at Demolition Man.

Stan Lee’s Rants: Insults.

Keith Giffen discusses the DC Comics He-Man And The Masters of the Universe miniseries that he’s working on.

Fantastic Fangirls Q&A #170: What real-world city should be the new headquarters for a superhero team?

Filming begins for Captain America: The Winter Soldier March 2013.

DVD News for Are You Afraid Of The Dark: Announcement for Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Independence Day’s two sequels have been named, and will likely be in 3D.

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation: Volume 1: Lacks Power, But Worth A Spin.

The trailer for HBO’s Hitchcock film The Girl. This is the one with Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren.

New teaser for Arrow.

A large skull, made from 497 VHS tapes.

New cast photos for season 4 of The Vampire Diaries.

Walter Koenig Receives His Star.

Live-Action Akira Film’s Opening Storyboards Posted.

34 Things We Learned From The Exorcist Commentary.

We Hate Movies Podcast, Episode 75: Perfect Stranger (2007)
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Jake Eberts has passed away, at the age of 71, following a brief illness. May he rest in peace.

Anti-Piracy Outfits Think Megaupload, Demonoid, and BTjunkie Are Still Alive.

Botnet master gets 30-month prison term for renting out infected PCs.

Mother Puss Bucket T-Shirt. It’s Mr. Stay Puft’s angry head being roasted over a fire.

Ghostbusters mod for Doom 2: Gozer battle.

Cocktails With Stan Lee: Seth Green.

Weird Secrets Of The Avengers That You’d Never Have Guessed.

Robot Chicken DC Comics Special Review. You can watch a recently released clip here.

Man of Steel: 10 Mistakes From Superman Returns The Reboot Must Avoid.

The AV Club Q&A: Confused By Our Commitment.

Syfy Acquires British Series Sinbad, Will Premiere April 2013.

Top 50 alternate movie endings. The list includes X-Men: The Last Stand, Army of Darkness, Dawn of the Dead, The Birds, Brazil, Clue, and many others.

The Eleventh Doctor’s 11 Best (and 7 Worst) Episodes.

Another clip from Doctor Who: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship.

Star Trek TNG: Season Two Blu-Ray Out On December 4th.

On Star Trek’s 46th Anniversary, Google Celebrates With Interactive Doodle.

New Wonder Woman Series In Development For The CW.

Wonder Woman On TV: A Brief History.

Writer Victor Gischler Gets To Know The Shadow.

Game of Thrones Cake.

New VOD Title From Rifftrax: The Bermuda Triangle.

Trailers From Hell: David DeCoteau on Tourist Trap.

Exploring Lost Worlds: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Professor Challenger.

Jim Starlin talks Thanos, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more.

The 15 Greatest Classic Nickelodeon Shows. I would add Are You Afraid Of The Dark, and Salute Your Shorts.

1950s Rockabilly Batman came to life at Dragon Con.

Remember when Robin fought Batman while he was taking a shower?

G4, 2002-2013.

Donkey Jones T-Shirt.

Unattended Children Will Be Given To The Goblin King.

Best Art Ever (This Week)—September 7th.

Why is William Shatner making a documentary about Xena?

Comic Book Legends Revealed #383.

Nosferatu At 90: Florence Stoker, Vampire Hunter.

Final Breakdown Of Special Features For They Live Special Edition.

Mission Log Podcast #5: Episode 5: The Naked Time.

Movie Issues Podcast: Mannequin (1987)
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Steven Franken has passed away, at the age of 80, as a result of cancer. May he rest in peace. If he’s who I’m thinking of, he played a warlock who was henpecked by his mother, and had a crush on Samantha on Bewitched. Where he also played five other characters. He was also in an episode of the Adam West version of Batman as a valet, and was the voice of someone in Batman: The Animated Series. His best remembered role would be as the rich and snobby Chatsworth Osborne Jr. on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, and for MST3K fans he ended up in Stranded In Space.

In Praise Of The Doomsday Machine (and William Windom).

U.S. Returns Seized Domains To Streaming Links Site (After 18 Months).

Own e-books? Publishers to pay back millions over price fixing charges.

Oracle knew about currently exploited Java vulnerabilities for months, researcher says.

How It Should Have Ended: The Dark Knight Rises—Bane Bonus.

Read a preview of Detective Comics #0.

Talking Rifftrax: Ghosthouse.

Pond Life: Part 4.

Doctor Who Episode Posters Released.

8 Female Candidates Who Could Theoretically Play The 12th Doctor In Doctor Who.

Jorge Garcia guest stars in Once Upon A Time.

The Evil Cat’s Out Of The Bag In This Grimm Clip.

The Many Kisses of Superman and Wonder Woman.

The Justice League/Transformers Comic That Never Was.

Warner Bros. must be kicking themselves that they let Joss Whedon get away.

Michael Keaton Replaces Hugh Laurie In Robocop.

The Line It Is Drawn #104—Superheroes Get New Jobs.

More of the Hero Complex interview with Neal Adams.

New Diamond Select Trek Toys On The Way.

Geek Gear: Monty Python/Dark Knight Rises ‘The Black Knight Rises’ Shirt.

Marvel Tease The Return Of Dark Phoenix.

Stan Lee’s Bloggerin’ Time.

The Weekly Geek: Dragon Con.

Make your own Barnabas Collins costume.

Has Dark Shadows outgrown Victoria Winters?

310 TV Series And Movie Marathons And Events For Labor Day Weekend 2012. Logo will be having a Buffy marathon, BBC America will have a Doctor Who marathon, and Encore will have a Superheroes Labor Day marathon which includes Darkman, Spawn, The Shadow, Flash Gordon, Hulk, The Green Hornet, Superman 1-4, and Batman Returns. Those that have Chiller TV have a Buffy marathon there, too.

Dr. Horrible sequel to hopefully be in production ‘within the next year.’

Neil Gaiman on a trampoline.

The Law Office of Lando Calrissian.

The secret allure of the spoiler.

The 5 Coolest (And 5 Strangest) Marvel Comics Foodstuffs.

Psylocke Redesign By Bryan Lee O’Malley.

The inspiration for Comic Sans gives his verdict on this ‘awful’ font.

From Cracked: 6 Ironic Coincidences Behind the Scenes of Famous Movies.

Premiere Date For Red Dwarf X.

P:R Regulars: Yasmin Liang’s Art.

Sherlock Re-Imagined in New Paradigm’s Watson and Sherlock.

Comics Aren’t Just For Eyes Anymore.

Burger King Stormtrooper.

Watch a fake ad for the Back to the Future Hoverboard.

Grand Theft Auto: Hill Valley, Back To The Future Version.

10 Things We Know About The Psycho Prequel TV Pilot Bates Motel.

Katie Longua Imagines Superheroes As Pokemon Trainers.

Fringe Season 5 Promo #2.

Not The Droids You’re Look For T-Shirt. Crossing over with MST3K.

Watch The Avengers In Theaters This Labor Day Weekend. Whedonesque discusses the news here.

Comic Book Club Podcast: J.K. Woodward.

Hey Kids Comics Podcast, Season 1 Episode 7: Transmetropolitan.

Mission Log Podcast #4, Episode 4: Where No Man Has Gone Before.

And now, a meme, taken from a few on my friends list:

Name a fictional character and I'll tell you three reasons I wouldn't want to date them.
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Karl Kesel Sells Silver Age Collection For His Son’s Medical Bills.

The Mile High Comics sale to help the victims of the Aurora shooting ends Monday.

Yahoo Sued For Password Breach.

Youtube altered their coding again, so the userscript for Firefox to add an x to videos ceased to work. However, if you reinstall the Youtube Tweak script, you should have it restored.

The Livejournal glitch of being unable to select an icon other than your default icon when posting a comment should be fixed. I had been having that issue for a few days.

Vote against CISPA, SOPA, and PIPA in 2012.

Amber Benson: From Buffy To Books- Part Three.

Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines, Day 215: X-Men #65.

How Does Chris Claremont’s 1984 Kitty Pryde And Wolverine Hold Up Today?

FearNet’s Funhouse.

Classic Figure It Out, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Family Double Dare on Teen Nick This Weekend.

Sunbathing Batmen.

Christopher Nolan’s history of Batman.

Beach Batman. No word as to how long that sand Batman took to make.

For those interested, you can download the shooting script for The Dark Knight Rises.

10 Outlandish Dark Knight Rises Rumors That Didn’t Come True. You can expect to see spoilers littered throughout the article.

What would Nightwing have looked like in The Dark Knight Rises? There are some mild spoilers for the film.

The Dark Knight Reads: Fifteen Essential Batman Graphic Novels

Elvira’s Movie Macabre: 16-Episode Collection is Coming to DVD in the '24 Hour Movie Marathon' Set.

Terrible favorites from childhood.

Irreconcilable Differences: Marvel Marriages Gone Wrong.

Joining The Deadpool D-List.

Jennifer Ehle joins Robocop.

Literally The Worst Word On The Planet.

The 6 Most Terrifying Things That Literally Came Out Of TV Screens.

Chris McCoy has been hired to rewrite the Guardians of the Galaxy script.

The Full Length Trailer For Merlin Series 5.

Grumpy Old Fan: The place is the thing.

The Last of Marvel’s Hardcover Liquidation.

Thought Bubble #3: Whither Genre Comics?

Have Severed Robot Head, Will Travel: 5 Ways A Prometheus Sequel Could Work.

Nerdy Oakleaf Cakes.

Australian Billionaire Rumored To Be Creating A Real Jurassic Park.

Neil Gaiman Announces New Book On Twitter.

Infographic: Which 90’s Nickelodeon Character Are You?

The Cinefiles—Cronenberg, Part 3.

Cocktails With Stan Lee, Episode 13: Adam Baldwin.

Firestorm Coming To The CW’s Arrow?

Superhero Squirrels.

The Library of Congress welcomes our new galactic overlords.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #378.

2012 London Olympics: Parade of Fictional Nationals.

Ten essential MST3K episodes.

10 Greatest Unintentionally Hilarious Lines From Science Fiction And Fantasy.

Bad Movie Fiends Podcast, Episode 136: Drive (1997).

Retroist Podcast #118: Rambo: First Blood.
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Nearly half a million Yahoo passwords leaked following hack. If you want to see if you were on the list, you can go here and check for your e-mail—I’m safe, from the looks of it.

Kristen Chenoweth was injured on the set of The Good Wife after being hit on the head by a falling piece of lighting equipment. As a result of which, she had a seizure and was hospitalized—so best wishes to her on a speedy recovery.

First Clip From Total Recall. The international poster.

Alex Ross To Paint All Of Chris Roberson’s Masks, With The Shadow, Green Hornet And Zorro.

The Dark Knight Rises VHS Cover.

TNT Renews Falling Skies For 10 Episode Third Season.

Nickelodeon Orders Second Season Of The Legend Of Korra.

Drew Goddard Rewriting The End of World War Z. Whedonesque reacts to the news here.

A New Space Adventure Show From Buffy’s Steven DeKnight? Starz also announces a new Dracula show by J. Michael Straczynski.

Model for Max Fleischer’s Superman found to be a 1950s pro wrestler.

Face To Face With The Hobbit Trolls—The Shrounds Have Come Off Weta’s Wonderful Creations.

The Hobbit at Comic Con: Peter Jackson’s San Diego plan.

The AV Club interviews Darwyn Cooke.

Dark Shadows Movies (House of Dark Shadows and Night of Dark Shadows) Blu-Ray Covers Revealed. Very nice.

Looking back at Batman Begins.

Fall 2012 Complete Schedule For ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, And NBC With Trailers Of New Series.

Which new TV show will be your crack? Our First Impressions.

Get Under The Cloak Of Arrow.

J. Michael Straczynski Creates Studio JMS.

Science Aims To Misbehave With Firefly-Focused Browncoats Unite Special This Fall.

Fox Gung Ho On Fantastic Four Reboot, Lock Josh Trank As Director. Meanwhile, if Fox doesn’t find a new director for Daredevil soon, the rights revert back to Marvel/Disney.

The Line It Is Drawn #97: Comic Book Characters And Star Trek Characters.

First Look At Guy Gardner On Green Lantern Animated Series.

P:R Redesign: Daniel Irizarri’s Superboy.

Pajiba recasts Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Whedonesque discusses it here. I disagree with most of the choices.

Why Did You Join Twitter? At this point in time, I have not.

Famous science fiction movies, depicted as 16th century Ottoman paintings.

The Art of Frankenweenie Exhibition Photo Gallery.

NECA Show Off Prometheus Action Figures.

Two new clips from The Dark Knight Rises.

Could We Build Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise.

Plush Spock.

First image of Skyfall’s Q.

20 Facts About Life of Brian That Might Make You Feel Like Whistling A Cheery Tune.

Digitally created portrait of Merida from Brave.

Stephanie Brown Dropped From Smallville In Favor Of Barbara Gordon?

Nerdist Writers Panel #46: Len Wein, Ed Brubaker, and Jackson Publick.
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Cyberlocker Offered To Help Prosecute Userse To Settle $34.8m Copyright Suit.

Here’s Why Your Geek Squad Appointment Has Been Delayed Until Half Past Never.

Gateways To Geekery: Spider-Man Comics.

Spider-Man 101: The Tangled Web of His Loves, Powers, And More.

Superhero Economics: A Comparison Between Spider-Man And Batman.

The Line It Is Drawn #97: Comic Book Characters, Noir Style.

John Layman To Take Over Detective Comics.

Seth Meyers enters final test to fill the Regis Philbin-shaped hole on morning television. I hope he doesn’t become the new co-host.

$3.99 Stays Put, Hickman Is The New Bendis And Other Marvel Relaunch News.

New Charles Vess Drawings For Neil Gaiman’s Stardust.

SDCC 2012: The Must-See Comic Book Panels—Your Complete Schedule.

Getting Ready For Nerd HQ: What Do You Need To Know?

Eileen Davidson Returning To Days Of Our Lives. Her first air date is in October.

The Walkthrough: The Adventures of Pete And Pete comes to an unexpected end (Part 4 of 4).

DC Comics $20 million + payout for Superman—rejected.

Doctor Who/Sherlock Wedding Bouquet.

Once Upon A Time casts Sarah Bolger as Princess Aurora/Sleeping Beauty, while Jamie Chung will reportedly be Mulan.

Remender and Cassaday’s Uncanny Avengers #1 cover surfaces.

Mondo Kicks Off Lord of the Rings Poster Series.

Trailers From Hell: Dan Ireland on Mommie Dearest

Original Showbiz Pizza commercial, from 1982.

Sinbad: Exclusive Clip From The First Episode.

Sailor Moon Manga Gets New Anime Series In Summer 2013.

For Dark Shadows “Dead” Is Relative.

Fraggle Rock Spin-Off The Doozers In The Works.

Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles premiere date set.

The 10 Most Awesome Moments From Season 2 of Game of Thrones.

Jena Malone Offered Role In The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Secrets Behind The X-Men: Why Phoenix Had To Die.

Go Behind The Scenes Of The DC Offices

Is Disney Developing A Hocus Pocus 2? I hope this isn't true.

Learn How To Be A Bad Guy In The Supervillain Handbook.

Digital Spy interviews Nathan Fillion.

The Hobbit wraps principal photography.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #374.

Sideshow Collectibles Is Giving Away A New Catwoman Legendary Scale Figure.

Forbidden Planet New York Moves Four Doors Down.

Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control.

JoBlo Podcast: The Teen Wolf Commentary

Retroist Podcast, Episode 115: Meatballs.

Bad Movie Fiends Podcast #132: In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007)
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Scott Henson passed away on June 26th, at the age of 52, after a lengthy battle with heart disease. May he rest in peace.

Eric Sykes has passed away at the age of 89. May he rest in peace. While some may remember him from Harry Potter—I remember him as Horace Harker in The Six Napoleons (the Jeremy Brett version of Sherlock Holmes). According to IMDB, he was in Theatre of Blood, as well—which I’ll be tracking down shortly.

ACTA Is DEAD After European Parliament Vote. For now.

Google Killing Off Mini, Video, and iGoogle.

The Amazing Spider-Man Scores Record Tuesday Opening With $35 Million

Phoenix Eternal: 6 Reasons Why It’s Time For Jean Grey To Return.

Exploring The Adventures Of Pete And Pete’s genesis and highlights (part 2 of 4).

Looking back at Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Geek Gear: Mystery Science Theater 3000 ‘Silver Screen Silhouettes’ Shirt.

Once Upon A Time Comic Con Poster.

SDCC 2012: IDW Announces Convention Exclusives.

Ghost Trap Cake. Spectacular job there. It even has a working light to tell when the trap is full.

From Cracked: 6 Utterly Insane Innovations History Was Sure Were Coming.

Linkara takes A Quick Look At…The Amityville Horror and Amityville II: The Possession.

Stan Lee’s Alphabet.

Teaser Trailer For Turtle Power.

Here’s the poster for Oz: The Great And Powerful.

Paleontologists now say all dinosaurs probably had feathers.

Film Sack Podcast #122: Barb Wire (1996).

Greatest Movie Ever Podcast: Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance.

Commentary Track Stars: Ghostbusters Commentary.

Just a reminder for interested parties: Encore Action is having a Superman marathon for the 4th of July. The Science Channel is showing Firefly. Encore was showing the Blu-Ray version of Ghostbusters earlier, while the second movie is tonight.


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