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All of the prompts for this year’s Yuletide can be found here.

Penguin settles e-book suit with DoJ; Apple, Macmillan lone holdouts

Stan Lee’s Rants: Refrigerator Lights.

Talkin’ Rifftrax: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

New Oz: The Great And Powerful Poster.

Hammer launches visitor attraction.

DC Histories: The Creeper.

Shelly Bond Promoted To Executive Editor of Vertigo.

Trailers From Hell: David DeCoteau on Mansion of the Doomed.

The Long, Twisted History of Marvel Comics: A Talk With Sean Howe.

CR Holiday Interview—Scott Snyder.

New TARDIS Interior Revealed.

Doctor Who: The Snowmen—A clip of The Doctor and Strax.

Doctor Who Monsters: Your Scariest Moments.

Dave McKean Reveals Artwork For Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean At The End of the Lane.

Gollum-Smeagol Bookends.

What Frodo would have looked like as Gollum.

Star Trek Flapjacks.

Mr. Stay Puft Store Could Quite Possibly Destroy You.

Uncanny X-Men #141 and its homages.

James Callis Joins Arrow.

Superman Is Weirdly Jealous Of Gasoline In Bizarre 1946 Ads.

Roger Corman Remaking Several Edgar Allan Poe Stories.

That Time They Bound Stephen King’s Firestarter in Asbestos.

Bryan Singer Reviving The Twilight Zone For CBS

Totoro Snowman.

Bizarro Back Issues: The Man Who Murdered Santa Claus (1974)

Best and Worst Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies of 2012.

BBC America Orders Up More Nerdist.

Geeky Holiday Gift Guide.

TV Legends Revealed: Were Disney’s Last Written Words ‘Kurt Russell?’

Comic Issues #97: Holiday Trailers.

Now Playing Podcast: Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation (1990).
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RIAA Hammers Google With DMCA Takedowns In Six Strikes Prelude.

MTV Geek’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The Avengers Fan.

MTV Geek’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The Game of Thrones Fan.

What Would You Buy For People Who Read Books?: A Gift Guide.

Science Fiction and Fantasy DVD Sets That Make Amazing Gifts.

Gift Ideas For The 8 Major Species of Science Fiction Fan.

CBLDF Announces New Officers and Board of Directors Member.

Comic Gallery: Spider-Man, Batman and Captain America Couldn’t Save Hostess.

Big Ol’ MST3K Sale At Shout.

Santa Cthulhu Brings Holiday Cheer

Our Favorite Horror Sidekicks—Fright Night’s Evil Ed.

Gary Frank Confirms Batman: Earth One Volume 2 For 2013.

Details For Young Justice: Invasion—Destiny Calling DVD Bonus Episodes.

Artist Christopher Jones Breaks Down Designing Brainiac For Young Justice Comic.

Ten great sitcom time travel episodes. Blackadder’s Christmas Carol tends to be shown around Christmas on BBC America. It’s the only episode of Blackadder I have ever seen.

Conspiracy theories and urban legends in the movies.

Monday Mix-Up: ESPN does The Princess Bride.

Originals vs. Remakes: 'House on Haunted Hill' (1959) vs. 'House on Haunted Hill' (1999)

Horror Education of the Week: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Anna Chlumsky joins Hannibal for a guest starring role.

First Look At Norma And Norman Bates In Bates Motel.

Earliest Hitchcock Film Now Streaming.

Warner Bros. Posts Fleischer Superman Cartoons Online.

Young Sherlock Holmes Remake Will Probably Be Written By Evan Spiliotopoulos.

Statement from Peter Jackson and the producers of The Hobbit about animal mistreatment allegations.

Tolkien estate unleashes legal Uruk-hai on LOTR slot machines.

Dark Shadows 2013 Cruise Information.


Someone please make this Pac-Man/Labyrinth mash-up game a reality.

A teaser trailer for the next season of Lost Girl.

Choose Your Captain T-Shirt.

The puppeteers and design team from Gremlins.

Fantastic Fangirls Q&A #180: What is your catch phrase?

Marvel’s Delayed Phase One Boxset Out April 2nd, Will Now Include Phase Two Tease.

Best Movie Ever?: Addams Family Values.

Interview: Horror Legend Richard Corben Talks Adapting Poe’s Conqueror Worm.

Stan Lee’s Rants: Turkey Day.

The Evil Dead Teaser Poster.

First look at Joe Quesada’s Amazing Spider-Man #700 variant cover.

Nerdist Podcast: Jimmy Kimmel.

The Shut Up And Watch This Podcast, Episode 64: Highlander (1986) Commentary.

We Hate Movies Podcast, Episode 85: Madhouse (1990).
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My thoughts go out to everyone being affected by Hurricane Sandy. Everyone still dealing with it and the aftermath of it on my friends list, please do whatever you can to try to stay safe.

Hurricane Sandy Topples New York Data Center, Gawker, Gizmodo. Io9 was hosted there as well.

The altered Livejournal friends page is now in beta testing. To say nobody is happy with this development would be an understatement.

Insanejournal has a problem with delayed notifications right now (and graphic porn in their ads, which Squeaky is working on correcting).

31 Days of Horror: Trick ‘r Treat / Terror Train / The Funhouse.

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness—80’s Rerun: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

Ain’t It Scary Reviews #30 of 31: Dario Argento’s Deep Red.

Longbox of the Damned: Blackest Night.

Rare Halloween Videos: 1982: Trick Or Treats.

10 Childhood Halloween Specials No Longer On TV.

This Year’s Halloween Discovery: Grave of the Vampire.

You Don’t Know Poe: 10 Weird Things About Edgar Allan Poe.

When the TV stars of 1979 saved Halloween with a little kitsch.

13 Ghosts of Halloween: Day 11.

Real Ghostbusters art from Kizer Stone.

Props from Ghostbusters Universal Studios Spooktacular Show now on eBay.

Comic Con to stay in San Diego through 2016.

The Wolverine to be released in 3D.

The first official poster for The Wolverine.

P:R Approved: Alex Mitchell’s Jidaigeki X-Men.

Phil Jimenez Jumps From Fairy Tales To Scary Tales.

Top 5 DC Villains Without Powers (Who Aren’t The Joker or Lex Luthor).

Frank Grillo to play Crossbones in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Tales From The Code: Whatever Happened To The Amazing Amazon—Wonder Woman Bound By Censorship.

The entirety of Mockingbird Lane can be viewed on NBC’s website.

Scandal and The Neighbors Receive Full Seasons From ABC.

Save the bridge! A behind the scenes look at the project to restore the Enterprise D bridge.

Author L.J. Smith on writing and losing the Vampire Diaries series.

The Teaser Poster For Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters.

Monkeybrain Comics donating November profits to Hero Initiative.

Fantastic Fangirls Q&A #177: It’s Halloween! Which comics character do you want to celebrate with?

Doctor Who News: BBC Announces A Host of Books For 2013.

8 Surprising Details About The Hellish Production Of The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

New Community Starts On November 9th…In Canada.

We Hate Movies Podcast, Episode 82: Bless The Child (2000)

The Two True Freaks Podcast’s Halloween Special: The Haunted Mansion

I finally managed to locate season 1 (season 2 is easily found on the WB’s website) of Pushing Daisies, and rewatched large chunks to refresh my memory. So I can place the series back into my fandom offerings for Yuletide.

So after the last of the reshuffling, the fandoms I’m offering (unless I trade out The Mummy for Indiana Jones again) are: Fright Night (1985), Back to the Future, The Mummy series, Ghostbusters, Pushing Daisies, Addams Family (1991). And the Bucket List includes: Van Helsing (2004), Mockingbird Lane, Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, Anno Dracula Series—Kim Newman, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: 1996, A Study In Emerald—Neil Gaiman, Mannequin, Soapdish (1991), Addams Family (tv 1964).

Just received word from Donna that we’ve hit the end of the road with Nellie and her pancreatic cancer. She’s in the hospital now, having refused hospice at home. Hospice is apparently (didn’t realize they did that in the hospital) just across the hall from her current room in the hospital, so they plan to move her over there.

Finally heard from Phillip (Mom’s brother)—where he’s at, Sandy didn’t dump too much. He’s currently just outside the zone where it would be, so he only received high winds. Meanwhile, all family in Louisiana are fine as of the last anyone heard, since it didn’t go there.
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BPI Asks UK ISPs To Block More Major Torrent Sites.

31 Days of Horror: A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors/Jacob’s Ladder.

31 Days of Horror: The House of the Devil/Suspiria.

MTV Geek’s Frightful Faves: The Haunting (1963).

Ghosts From A to Z. I’d say it’s very thorough, as Mr. Boogedy actually made the list. The Ghostbusters focused entries are great, especially the ones for Gozer and Vigo.

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness: From Beyond (1986)

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness—80’s Rerun: Mystics In Bali.

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness: Fright Night Part 2

Ain’t It Scary Reviews #22: Night of the Living Dead (1990).

Ain’t It Scary Reviews #23: The Pit And The Pendulum (1961)

Longbox of the Damned: MonsterMen (And Other Scary Stories).

Rare Halloween Videos: 1991: Miss Switch Mystery Special

Gift Guide: A Nightmare On Elm Street Slasher Soap.

Monster In My Pocket Trading Cards Review—Part 2.

Evil Dead trailer premieres Wednesday; Teaser for Trailer online.

13 Ghosts of Halloween: Day 4.

Toys: Ghostbusters 31% off on—On October 31st Only.

Megan Lara’s Doctor Who Bad Wolf T-Shirt Featuring Rose. Some lovely artwork on that one.

Tigger’s TARDIS T-Shirt.

Full trailer for Iron Man 3.

Watch two clips from Mockingbird Lane.

From Think Geek: Bleeding Skull Candle.

When We First Met—Gotham Police Department Debuts.

Cosplay: Gotham Overrun With Leather, Latex, And Itchy Plants.

12 Alternate Prometheus Posters.

United Cutlery Staff of Gandalf the Grey and Orcrist

Rumor Behind Cartoon Network/DC Nation Fiasco May Be True.

The 10 Best Episodes Of The 1980s Twilight Zone TV Series.

World’s Geekiest Bar Now Open In Paris.

Here’s a scarily life-like sculpture of Sigourney Weaver as Ripley.

Fantastic Fangirls Q&A #176: Create a recipe based on a favorite comic book character.

Mark Waid Explores The Grey Area Of Green Hornet.

DC Reveals Cliff Chiang’s Concept Art For Orion.

P:R Approved: Héctor Barros’ Angel.

Marching band turns into a giant DeLorean for their Back to the Future half-time show. They do the Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show immediately before that.

The Thing from The Fantastic Four made out of pumpkins is sort of genius.

Why Didn’t HBO or NBC Want The Walking Dead?

15 Best Alternate Endings To Famous Movies. Army of Darkness’ original ending makes the list, along with Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, Clue, Star Trek: Generations, and the 80’s version of Little Shop of Horrors.

Original Dark Shadows Script Pages.

NYCC’s Final Photo Parade.

Memories of Comic Book Gimmicks Resurface.

Bizarro Back Issues: Dracula Fights The Silver Surfer Because of Reasons (1976)

Clark Kent Quits Daily Planet To Become Blogger.

CBS picks up full seasons of Vegas and Elementary.

Stan Lee’s Rants: Backwards Hats.

Rifftrax VOD Sample: Nightmare At Noon.

Vote for what Junk Food Dinner will review for their 400th movie.

Horror Etc Podcast, Episode 271: ‘Sploitation.

We Hate Movies Podcast, Episode 81: Bordello of Blood (1996)

Gweek 072: A History of Halloween.
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Yuletide Update and Clarifications, Part II.

Copyright Scofflaws Beware: ISPs to Begin Monitoring Illicit File Sharing.

The Quiet Death of the Canadian Internet Surveillance Bill.

Court rules book scanning is fair use, suggesting Google Books victory.

TV Tango has updated their list to Halloween On TV: 269 Halloween-Themed Movie Marathons, Episodes & Specials on TV In October 2012.

31 Days of Horror: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre/House of 1000 Corpses.

31 Days of Horror: The Fog/The Mist.

MTV Geek’s Frightful Faves: The Gate (1987)

Rare Halloween Videos: Grampa Munster’s Silly Scaries (1988), More Silly Scaries (1989).

Cinemassacre’s Monster Madness: 80’s Rerun: Poltergeist

NBC To Air Mockingbird Lane As A Halloween Special. I’ll have to remember to watch that one.

The Best Horror Movies To Watch On Youtube For Free.

10 Thrift Store Friendly Comic Book Halloween Costume Ideas.

The Wolverine: First Glimpse of Silver Samurai.

Comixology adding a submission site.

The official trailer for Hitchcock.

How Red Dwarf blends sitcom with sci-fi in just 10 smegging episodes.

Expectation of Endings.

Storylines Lost.

Artist Kris Anka and Writer Sam Humphries On Uncanny X-Force Fashions.

500+ 90’s X-Men Animation Cels Hit The Auction Block December 1st.

How Grant Morrison’s 7-Year Batman Epic Is Becoming The Ultimate Definition of Batman.

Molly Shannon joins the cast of Hannibal.

Shailene Woodley In Talks To Play Mary Jane Watson In The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels To Cheer You The Frak Up.

10 ‘Grim and Gritty’ Superhero Makeovers.

Walter Koenig interview: Star Trek, Babylon 5, J.J. Abrams’ reboot, and graphic novels.

Captain Robert April, You’re Doing It Wrong: Objectivism, Climate Control and Diane Carey’s Final Frontier.

Ian McShane joins American Horror Story: Asylum.

Bryan Hitch Confirms Existence of Scott Snyder’s Man of Steel.

This Batcave made of 20,000 Lego bricks is fit for Bruce Wayne.

Nightwing Cosplay.

NYCC 2012: Jim Lee Unveils A Batman Inspired Car.

Robot Chicken: That’s Bane.

Robot Chicken: Two-Face.

The Strangest Real-Life Graves In The World.

The Weird, Weird History Of TLC.

Do You Listen To DVD Commentaries?

Scott Allie and artist Juan Ferreyra collaborated on a drawing of Hellboy hanging out with Edgar Allan Poe at a bar.

2012 Top 100 Comic Book Runs #90-86.

How It Should Have Ended: The Zombie Song (Extended Version).

Dynamite Acquires License For NBC’s Grimm.

Dan Slott Reveals That Spider-Man And Mary Jane Will Get Back Together - But Peter Parker Is NOT Spider-Man.

Alien Queen Barbie Mash-up.

Spooky Delicious Pizza.

Horror Poster Redux: Mondo’s Beautiful Take on John Carpenter’s Halloween.

Tales From The Crypt Pinball Machine.

The Line It Is Drawn #110—Comic Book Characters, Batman: The Animated Series Style.

Frantic as a cardiograph scratching out the lines, Day 285: X-Men Annual #6.

The New Evil Dead Logo Springs Forth.

‘New’ JRR Tolkien epic due out next year.

Arrow Lifts CW Ratings, Most Viewed Show On The Network In Three Years.

30 Dynamic Duos of Daytime Soaps (25-21). Barnabas and Julia (from Dark Shadows), and Vivian and Ivan (from Days of Our Lives) make the list.

How Tor Would Cast A Live Action Peanuts Movie.

Comic Issues Podcast #87: A Few of the Geekiest Things Part 2.

Dr. Action Podcast: Masters of the Universe (1987) Commentary.

The F This Movie Podcast: Friday The 13th Part 3 (1982) Commentary.

Junk Food Dinner Podcast #130: Gothic (1986), Frankenstein Conquers The World (1965), and Frankenhooker (1990).

Mission Log Podcast #10: Episode 10: Dagger of the Mind.
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San Diego Comic Con, Tragedy, and the Family of Fans: A Handful of Thoughts. Warner Bros. Will Donate Portion of Dark Knight Rises Proceeds To Aurora Shooting Victims.

DC Comics Postpones Batman Incorporated #3 For A Month Over ‘Content That May Be Perceived As Insensitive.’

The Dark Knight Rises Opens To $249 Million Worldwide.

The Dark Knight Rises: bringing Batman full circle. As this article discusses all three films in their entirety, there are massive spoilers.

Christopher Nolan’s goodbye to the Batman franchise, as can be read in the foreword to The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Warning: Serious Rootkit Virus Spreading In LJ Comments. I’ve been getting a lot of those in long-unused RPG related journals, as well as ancient posts in a few dead LJ groups. I just report the bot, and never click.

CCI: Fringe Stars And Producer Thank Fans In Their Final Panel.

Official: Jena Malone Is Johanna Mason In The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

The Hobbit Production Video #8.

Second Look At Anthony Hopkins In Character As Hitchcock.

Nerdist Specials On BBC America This Saturday.

Watch a 60 Second TV Spot From The Possession.

From Cracked: The Horrible Truth Batman’s ‘Secret’ Identity. Have the sound turned up to catch the little “Wheeee!” from Bruce in the background. Don’t read the comments until you’ve see The Dark Knight Rises, due to a short rant about the film.

Blakes 7 Reboot On The Cards.

Spider-Man’s Amazingly Bizarre Media History, Part 2.

Watch the full length trailer for Man of Steel, so far only spotted at Comic Con. It could be removed any minute by an annoyed Warner Bros., so watch while you can.

Stan Lee’s Rants: Gwen Stacy vs. Mary Jane.

Dark Horse’s Scott Allie talks Buffy books, possible Firefly comics.

First look at Japanese Dark Shadows Blu-Ray set.

Laurence Fishburne To Become Agent In Hannibal Series.

Total Recall Action Featurette.

An interview with Dave Sim.

An interview with Grant Morrison. The biggest news would be that he reveals his time on Action Comics comes to an end with issue #13, and his departure from Batman Incorporated with issue #12.

Sir Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter Interviewed.

Superheroes With Top Hats.

Anthropology Panel At ReaderCon.

7 Great Morally Dubious Characters of Sci Fi TV.

10 Civilizations That Disappeared Under Mysterious Circumstances.

How do you feel about retcons in comics?

Cast photos for season 2 of Grimm.

New batch of set photos for Once Upon A Time.

The Blu-Ray For The Raven Is Loaded With Features.

The Ten Sweetest Moments Of Comic Con 2012.

Elvira For President.

New Images of Gemma Arterton, Saoirse Ronan In Byzantium.

We Hate Movies Podcast, Episode 68: Reign of Fire (2002)

Two True Freaks Podcast, Episode 274: Something Wicked This Way Comes Commentary

Now Playing Podcast: The Dark Knight Rises (2012). In the first few minutes, they mention that the podcast is dedicated to the victims in Aurora. The editor of the podcast’s fiance’s friend was killed in the theater.
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Judge rules an IP address doesn’t identify a person or BitTorrent pirate.

BitTorrent Set To Rebrand Itself As Gyre?

White House Says President Obama Will Definitely Veto CISPA.

Back to the Future Marty McFly Hat Prop Replica.

Doctor Who Shoe Designs. If only they were normal shoes.

The Classiest Doctor Who Scarf Ever.

San Diego Comic Con 2012: Twilight Zone Exclusives.

NPR interviewed Steven Moffat—listen to it here.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Steven Moffat share secrets of Sherlock season 2 with Io9.

After Lost Girl fans complain, Syfy explains scene cuts.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro: The Unknown Master—Part Two.

Amber Heard is in talks to join the cast of Machete Kills.

Look who’s related: Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku.

Tim Burton offers updates on Beetlejuice, Big Eyes, and more.

Weekend Discussion Thread: MST3K-Inspired Creative Projects.

Q&A Interview with Fringe Executive Producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman.

A funny round table discussion with the cast of The Avengers, as it premieres in the U.S. All of them hope they won’t be recast. According to RDJ: “To be recast is to die in the Marvel universe.” Whedonesque discusses it here.

The Avengers makes $80.5 million its opening day in the U.S.

Avengers Friending Meme.

Seth Green directs a parody ad involving two female Jedis and a Wookie.

The World’s Loudest Bike Horn Is More Deafening Than A 747 Taking Off.

Your Guide To Attending (and Surviving) Mid-Week Midnight Premieres.

The Beautiful Illustrations That Made Poe’s Stories Terrifying In 1919.

Bad Movie Fiends Podcast 123: Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Schlock Treatment 76: Staying Alive.

The Greatest Movie Ever Podcast talks about The Big Alligator River (1980), aka The Great Alligator, aka Il Fiume del grande caimano, aka Alligator.
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Found via [personal profile] meret: Pet Food Alerts And Recalls.

[personal profile] ephemere is hosting a Love Meme.

Dimestore Dames spotlights Kate Spencer/Manhunter VI.

Mozilla Slams CISPA.

Apple Is Rejecting Apps That Use Dropbox Functionality.

Pirate Bay Enjoys 12 Million Traffic Boost, Shares Unblocking Tips.

Virgin Media Starts Pirate Bay Blockade.

Sony Put Video Service On Hold Due To Comcast Data Caps.

From Cracked: 5 Ridiculous Origins of Famous Urban Legends.

An Optical Illusion That Explains The Origins of Imaginary Monsters.

Disneyland Paris is getting a Star Wars Land.

New tv spot for Snow White And The Huntsman.

You Don’t Know Poe: 10 Weird Thing About Edgar Allan Poe.

ComicsAlliance Guide To The Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2012.

Reverse Parthenogenesis—a short film starring Amber Benson and Adam Busch—is now online.

New trailer for Tron: Uprising.

Bizarro Back Issues: Robin, Batgirl, and the Devil-Worshipping Ghost of Benedict Arnold.

Andy MacDonald’s X-Men Redesign.

Creepy Prometheus Viral Audio Reveals Scene.

Give your home a Brood infestation with DST’s latest wave of Minimates.

Handmade TARDIS Ipad Case.

From Pajiba: 10 Shows That Are Better When Viewed In One Long Lazy Marathon.

Inspector Spacetime T-Shirt.

Texting In Movies: What Life Might Be Like.

Gollum Lord of the Rings Cake.

Hungry for power? Make a Game of Thrones cake.

10 Insanely Awkward Superhero Romantic Subplots.

Superhero Finger Costumes.

New Dark Shadows Featurette Looks at a Strange Family.

In The Salem Branch, by Lara Parker, apparently you’ll get to read all about David and Barnabas eating pot brownies, and Angelique getting spanked (but not by those two).

The Hunger Games’ Gary Ross might make one of those half-dozen Houdini movies.

Make a comic book t-shirt with Neil Gaiman and Threadless.

Bruce Campbell chats about the Evil Dead remake and Burn Notice.

Behind the scenes photos from the Adam West Batman series.

When cancellation is the best thing that can happen to a tv series.

Top 10 Literary Works In The Comic Book Medium.

Three clips from Men In Black 3.

Two new images from Pixar’s Brave.

Ask Slashdot: Which Comic Books To Start My 3-Year Old With?

What’s the most underrated show of the 80’s? Vulture says it’s the 80’s version of The Twilight Zone.

Episode Guide: The MST3K Scrapbook.

New photos of The Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man.

Doctor Who: Ace Adventures Exclusive Featurette.

Stan Lee on Marvel movie history, his favorite cameos, and Michael Jackson as Spider-Man.

Never-Before-Seen Concept Art From David Cronenberg’s Total Recall.

What The World Needs Now: A Little Shop Of Horrors Remake.

Gateways To Geekery: Exploring Steven Moffat’s work on Sherlock, Doctor Who, Coupling and beyond.

Snuffed Out: TV Series That Were Gone Too Soon. Good to know I’m not the only one that remembers The Five Mrs. Buchanans. I would also add Women of the House, starring Delta Burke, which almost nobody remembers.

Nerdist Writers Panel #37: Jane Espenson and Douglas Petrie.

According to a couple people Mom just checked with in our area, the Comcast issue isn’t just us. And it’s being done in such a way that everyone affected will believe it’s something wrong on their end, rather than Comcast’s. Another thing I plan to point out when (and if—they said if they don’t bother, we can get a $20 credit, which doesn’t help) they arrive on Saturday.
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House Passes CISPA. Obama Administration Issues Threat To Veto CISPA As-Is. From here, it goes to the Senate. Some of those in the House that voted against it only did so because they didn’t think it went far enough.

The Non-Geek’s Guide To CISPA.

FTC Hires Ace Prosecutor For Google Antitrust Case.

Dimestore Dames spotlights Snowbird.

New viral images of Spider-Man’s web-shooters from The Amazing Spider-Man.

Star Wars MST3K Reviews Firefly T-Shirt.

Avengers pre-sales numbers smash all other Marvel movies combined.

Chris Roberson, marketing, and the Silver Age.

MTV Sets Premiere Date For Teen Wolf Season 2.

Fringe has been renewed for a fifth, final season of 13 episodes. Whedonesque discusses the news here.

What fandom did for Doctor Who.

Director James McTeigue Talks The Raven.

10 Comic Book Characters That Didn’t Debut In Comic Books.

Explore Vampire History In A New Dark Shadows Featurette.

20 New Images From Dark Shadows Are Here.

The Wolverine To Shoot In Japan.

Is there really a New Mutants movie in the works? Will it be announced at Comic Con? While I doubt it, that would be wonderful to see. Even if everything with Illyana would take multiple movies to cover.

Joe Dante on The Haunted Palace.

The Ringu Ghost Throws A Mean Curve.

New international poster for The Amazing Spider-Man.

An Imperial CAT-AT, for Jedi kitties only.

The Japanese trailer for Snow White And The Huntsman.

New spot for Brave, due to air during the NFL Draft.

Comic Book Legends Revealed #364.

John Romita Jr. will try to draw for 50 hours straight for charity.

Polymer clay skull ring.

Ray Stantz Costume To Be On Display At Museum Of Natural History. The exhibit will also include the leather jacket worn by Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, and the whip used in Raiders of the Lost Ark, the tunic and sash worn by William Shatner as Kirk in Mirror Mirror, and numerous other items.

Buffy vs. Aliens For Free Comic Book Day?

Film Sack Podcast: Cherry 2000.
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MPI Home Video Comments On Jonathan Frid’s Passing. Dread Central remembers him here.

That time Dick Clark mistook Batman and Robin for a singing duo. Seriously, that man never aged.

Rapidshare Publishes Anti-Piracy Manifesto For Cyberlockers.

ISPs have to identify alleged pirates, EU court rules.

LJ has reverted to the previous format for LJ cuts—meaning the scissors are gone.

The AV Club reviews The Moth Diaries—it gets a D+.

First look at Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock.

The sonic screwdriver is now real.

Night of the Living Dead to get CG motion capture makeover.

Parting Shot: Unusually Realistic Dinosaurs Dressed As The Avengers.

Classic Paintings, Comic Book Style.

Mondo Posters For The Avengers.

Nominations are open over for the Not Prime Time Ficathon.

Four new clips and a featurette for The Raven.

An exclusive clip from With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story.

A sneak peek of the cover and plot for Dark Shadows #10.

The UK Poster For Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Remember when Spider-Man, Superman, and Batman teamed up to fight an alien wizard in India?

DC Comics Women—The Shadow Of Their Past.

J.M. DeMatteis shares a movie treatment he did of Daredevil, back in the 90’s.

American Horror Story Season 2 Setting Confirmed, More Season 1 Actors Coming Back.

10 Marvel Supervillains Who Became Superheroes.

Chris Roberson Quits DC Comics.

Where’s Jason?

New Iron Man and Thor spots for The Avengers.

Experience the eldritch horrors of H.P. Lovecraft’s relationship advice.

A promo image for Brave.

The Game of Thrones drinking game.

The Wolverine to film in Sydney, Australia.

What It Means To Be A Geek.

Sci-Fi Villains Raise Money For Women’s Charity—The Daleks Race.
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Canadian Media Companies Target CBC’s Free Music Site.

Two new posters for The Amazing Spider-Man.

New Dark Shadows comic book collection.

Nine more images from Dark Shadows.

The Great Alan Moore Reread: The Batman Stories.

Wizard signs The Situation to create a superhero. A horrible idea.

Another clip from The Avengers—this time, a scene featuring Nick Fury and a caged Loki. Clip #5: Thor vs. Iron Man. With each clip, I’m actually interested in this movie. Even though I cannot stand a single actor involved, and plan to wait until it airs on something like Encore.

Colin Ferguson: Eureka’s final season will be “as dark as we’ve ever gone.”

Interview with Chelsea Quinn Yarbro: The Unknown Master, Part One.

Everything You Missed From The Cabin In The Woods. Massive spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the film you might want to save this one for later.

Julianne Moore could play Carrie’s mother.

The story behind that Girl In The Fireplace cosplay at PAX East.

The Nerdist interviews Brea Grant.

All five Star Trek captains are due to attend Destination Star Trek London in October.

Sixteen Alex Ross Original Sketch Covers For The Shadow #1.

The tie-in novel for The Dark Knight Rises will be released the same day as the movie.

Brian Azzarello talks Before Watchmen, after the controversy.

Ted Naifeh teases upcoming ‘Ame-Comi Girls’ artwork with early sketches.

The Post-Superhero Era: The Protagonist As Celebrity Or Consultant.

New photo from the set of Star Trek 2.

The first photo of Aaron Eckhart in I, Frankenstein.

New international poster for The Raven.

International Prometheus Trailer.

Nathan Fillion and Robert Downey Jr. do an Avengers/Castle promo.

The teaser for Night Of The Living Dead—Live.

Was 1982 the best ever year for fantasy and and sci-fi movies?

$37,000 for a jewel-encrusted magic mushroom flash drive?

First trailer for Dorothy of Oz shows what happened after the tornado.

The secret lives of avalanche rescue cats.

Check that bought Superman rights sells for $160,000.

Image at 20: The Marvel Exodus, From Marvel’s Perspective.

Titanic 3D pushes the lifetime gross of the film past $2 billion.

TARDIS Lockers At Gallifrey High.

A Dapper TARDIS Suit With Top Hat.

The Greatest Movie Ever Podcast: The Perfect Weapon (1991).

Terror Transmission: Episode 66: Hellraiser.
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CISPA Bill Lets ISPs Spy On and Report Pirating Subscribers.

From Think Geek: Ninja Fighting Chopsticks. I can just see Meggan giving this to Korvus or Wade, over at [ profile] x_project.

Superman cufflinks.

Viking Batman.

Book trailer for Darth Vader And Son.

Boomerang plans a 14 hour Captain Planet marathon for Earth Day.

New clip from The Raven.

DC Comics will revive National Comics to spotlight dormant characters.

As expected, The Dark Knight Rises will be PG-13.

Darwyn Cooke on why he initially said no to Before Watchmen.

Senior Editor Bobbie Chase has been promoted to Executive Editor over at DC Comics, while previous Executive Editor Eddie Berganza has been moved to a different position. Congratulations to her.

Grant Imahara, in front of the TARDIS, dressed like the Tenth Doctor and wielding a sonic screwdriver in one hand…and a puppy in the other.

There will be an 11-hour Veronica Mars marathon on SoapNet on April 15th.

Cliff Chiang draws Joss Whedon for GQ magazine.

Days of Our Lives changes head writers (again). Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell will serve as the new head writers, effective immediately. So that recent reboot may be jettisoned for another reboot?

Maleficent will be coming to theaters March 14th, 2014.

Ben Kingsley is in final talks to play a villain in Iron Man 3.

Cinematic Titanic will be returning to the Family Arena in St. Charles on Saturday, November 17th, for those that are in that area.

Snow White And The Huntsman: Behind The Costume Design.
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Nicol Williamson passed away on December 16th, at the age of 75, following a two-year struggle with esophageal cancer. May he rest in peace. Sherlock Holmes fans will remember him in the lead role from The Seven Per-Cent Solution. He was also the Nome King/Dr. Worley in Return to Oz, Merlin in 1981’s Excalibur, Cogliostro in Spawn, and Father Morning in The Exorcist III. Despite Return to Oz scarring me when I was little, I catch it whenever it’s on Flix. The Seven Per-Cent Solution is one of my favorite Holmes movies.

Official White House petition to veto SOPA First link goes to the article, second to the actual petition—over 51,000 signatures as of the last time I checked. There’s also a petition to end ACTA.

6 Made Up Words That Made It To Common Usage, and 8 That Should.

Layman and McCrea relaunch Mars Attacks.

10 Most Undignified Deaths In Science Fiction And Fantasy.

Lily Collins will not be in the remake in the remake of The Evil Dead after all, due to a scheduling conflict.

Prompt submissions are open, over at [ profile] dark_fest. Banners for spreading the word are located here.

New poster for The Raven. It almost looks like Edgar Allan Poe just became the new host for the Phoenix Force.

Dimestore Dames spotlights Sylvia Danvers.

An official synopsis for The Amazing Spider-Man.

ABC ordered a Beauty and the Beast pilot. Not to be confused with the one the CW just picked up.

The strange or ill-advised movie sequels that never were. Check out the insanity the Gladiator sequel would have been.

Adapting Sherlock: Series 2. This is a lovely article on the canon of the season, so if you haven’t watched the season yet, beware the spoilers.

Stan Lee reflects on 70 years in comics.

Another notification of a journal purging came through. This time, for [ profile] kinross_shewolf. I only used that one briefly for a game that died, but I never posted in the journal. So I’m fine with that one being swallowed by Frank the Goat. (The username originated for me on Greatestjournal for a different game, before I moved stuff over to Insanejournal—just happened to use it once more here on LJ.)
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Far enough back that I could still do what I liked without ripping the time stream asunder. Not so far back that I would be forced to deal with a lack of indoor plumbing and forced into wearing a corset.

If this question means in my own personal history, on the other hand, I haven't a clue. Maybe somewhere in the 1980's.

Adrienne Palicki will play Wonder Woman in David E. Kelley’s series. I’ve apparently only seen her in an episode of Smallville a while back, so I don’t know if she’s right for the role or not.

PETA has offered to save the Edgar Allan Poe house if they advertise for them.

And I’m continuing this meme:
Comment here and I'll pick 5 of your icons for you to write about.

[profile] magikfanfic picked these five for me:

They’re beneath the cut, just to cut the length down a bit. )
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She-Ra turns 25 years old.

From Sci Fi Wire: William Shatner And Seven Others Recite Poe’s The Raven. The others include Stan Lee, Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, John Astin, James Earl Jones, Christopher Walken, and The Simpsons. Vincent Price will always be my favorite.

On the side of news that isn’t really news: Supposedly Dan Ackroyd will be writing Ghostbusters 3.

WKYQ has their (constantly updated from what I can tell) list of local haunted houses up. Tonight, I’ll be going to a haunted house—The Haunted Barn. I tried to go last year, but couldn’t find it. So Dad and I drove out where it was supposed to be this year, and figured out why. We turned right last year, when we should have turned left. Due to that, we missed it entirely and were one street off.

On the 30th, I’ll go to the Zombie Walk, and try not to run over any trick-or-treaters or zombies. As of now, there’s no word on if Maiden Alley Cinema will be showing horror movies this year.


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